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The Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 manifesto

The Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy (LIC)

(pronounced "Lick"...)

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Yes, you all know The Lesbian Conspiracy 1.0 failed. All the guys are still around, straight women are still fawning over them, and we're no closer to lesbian world domination. That was due to a serious error in strategy, which we won't make again.

Why the original Lesbian Conspiracy didn't work

We must learn from our mistakes, learn from history, or we are condemned to repeat it. There are a few reasons why it didn't work.

  1. There are a lot of guys
  2. There are few lesbians
  3. Straight women don't want to be part of an oppressed minority (do you really blame them?)
  4. Fighting the guys is a losing battle
  5. Fighting straight women is a losing battle
  6. Fighting in general is a bad idea. It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye...

The old motto was Conquer and Rule! The new motto is Recruit and Convert!

Feminist and lesbian groups are always harping about being inclusionary, accepting, and welcoming, and yet they limit their membership and exclude people. No one likes to be left out. It breeds resentment, fear and hostility.

Why the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy will work

Because everyone's invited!

That's right, EVERYONE is invited to be part of the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy!

We have a place for everyone, and no one has to feel left out. In order to accomplish this,

In general, the procedure is:

  1. Men are made into shemales who seduce other men into becoming shemales
  2. Women are made into lesbians who seduce other women into becoming lesbians

Everyone plays their part in making this a better world!

In order to accomplish this, there are some core functions open for members:

Conspiracy Functions:

Trainers: are the ones who carry out the training. They are themselves trained in domination, hypnosis, conditionning techniques and other forms of mind control to mold and shape recruits into what we need them to be during this transitional part of our history, before the new society emerges. Also includes traditional Mistresses who use BDSM techniques, and other forms of teachers.

Beauticians: beautify the body of trainees, by surgery, makeup, clothing selection and other external factors to create lovely members for us to enjoy.

Recruiters: they seduce, convince, cajole, coerce, kidnap or otherwise manipulate potential recruits into becoming trainees, so they willingly (or not) come under the care of a Trainer.

Ranks: Ditzy, Bitchy and Sexy

Bimbos: form the first rank. Once a recuit is properly brainwashed, she starts out as a bimbo, to make sure that all erroneous beliefs are removed, and that she is completely devoted to The Cause. Males are given breasts at the very least, and made into shemales. Some women get breast expansion. All are made as sexy and mindless as possible. They also serve the sexual needs of our membership, and are used to lure in more recruits through sex. Their good works also provide the funding for the organisation.

Those with potential are selected for promotion to other ranks. Most live out their life in sexual bliss. Despite the conspiracy name, they are trained for a variety of sexual orientations, depending on the needs of the trainers. Shemales are often made into cocksuckers, to attract more men into the organization. Changing a person's sexual orientation is a very effective brainwashing technique for implanting a deeper personality change.

Amazons: Insure the protection of the conspiracy, keep the bimbos in line, and pimp them out.

Low ranking amazons serve as bodyguards. Their ranks are made up of Femme Mistresses, butch lesbians who don't want to be girly (and are allowed to remain that way by their Mistress), and buff shemales. And they wear cool outfits that show off their bodies. Spandex suits of various colors with matching ass-kicking boots and utility belts will be designed for them. Leather armor, while attractive, just attracts too much attention. Spandex, on the other hand, distracts people long enough to overwhelm them, and allows for them to easily blend in at the gyms, where future Amazons can be recruited from both sexes.

Seducers: They are the ones who orchestrate recruitment. They make the plans and give the orders. They may be Trainers, Beauticians, or Recruiters, and may or may not have a staff of assistants, made up of all three ranks and functions.

In the initial phase, there will be many solo Seducers, doing much of the work by themselves, and sending their recruits to specialists when appropriate. Here are some examples:

Shemale Recruiter: You were a man, and you have been deeply enslaved and conditionned to serve as a slave girl. Your Mistress is satisfied with your progress, and has decided to promote you from Bimbo to Seducer. Since you have no skills in domination or brainwashing, you can't be used as a Trainer. And until you develop more skills, you can't be used as a Beautician. Hence you are sent out as a Recruiter. Your Function is Recruiter, and your rank is novice Seducer.

Until your body, wardrobe and bust size catch up with your slave girl mind, you won't be useful for recruiting in bars and glory holes. Until then, you are sent into internet chatrooms looking for recruits. Such chatroom names as "Women making guys suck cock" are good places to find easy prey. You can try seducing straight guys later when your confidence and skills as a Recruiter and Seducer improve. For starters, go for the easy prey. Of course, even once you are fully shemale, you can continue to recruit on the net, especially if you live in a small town where hunting is difficult.

  1. First, seduce your prey, start controlling them, making them do what you want, until they will do whatever you say, and are completely enthralled with you, either as their Mistress or Sex Goddess. This may involve cyber sex, hypnosis, or simply giving them progressively more challenging orders until they are your slaves. Remember to use baby steps. Get them to do small parts of what you want, by breaking it down into parts that are acceptable to them. When you have them by the balls, so to speak, go to step two.
  2. Second, use the services of a Beautician or Trainer. They don't have to be local to you, just accessible to the person. You can send your slave to have his legs waxed, or eyebrows plucked, at the local beauty salon. Beauticians you use don't have to know that they are helping the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0. They can be unknowing pawns, until you get around to enslaving them into LIC. As for Trainers, they usually know what's going on, so you can usually discuss your goals more freely with them, recruit them into the Conspiracy, and have them read this manifesto.

    Hypnotic trainers usually have CDs or mp3's. Have your slave buy the ones you select, and train with those. Once they're well and truly hooked, you can get them to pay the Trainer for sessions to enslave them further, following your specifications, and to the greater glory of the Sisterhood you are bringing the fledgeling shemale into.

  3. Third, once your slave girl is fully trained to your satisfaction... initiate them into LIC, and send them out to recruit others! Rinse, wash, and repeat. You are now a first rank Seducer Mistress with slaves of your own who are busy recruiting for the Lesbian Cause. Your Mistress will be so proud!

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Addendum, New Rulings

Due to popular demand, the Lesbian Conspiracy Council has voted the following amendment, with 6 in favor, 1 abstention and 2 against. (March 27, 2005)

Boys Reservation Act (BRA)

Any member in good standing of the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy may register a male in the Boy Reservation Act Registry to keep him safe from feminization by all other members. No other member may feminize the boy while he is in the BRA Registry. The member may do this to use him for reproductive reasons, for perverted acts of heterosexuality (since perversion is exciting, and we do want to have certain things defined as perverse in our new society), for personal entertainment, or for later feminization. Should the boy prove displeasing in any way, the member can at any time remove him from the BRA Registry, making him fair game for anyone to transsexualize. At this time, any member may reserve a maximum of 3 males in such a way. This number may be reduced once the unfeminized male population pool is significantly diminished. Ranked Members (Bimbos, Amazons and Seducers) who do not qualify as Members in Good Standing may reserve only one boy in this way.

Note: A member in good standing is one who has played a major role in turning a hetero woman into a lesbian, turning a hetero man gay, or feminizing a man into a sissy, shemale, or transsexual woman, by acting as a Trainer, Beautician, or Recruiter. For instance, an Amazon Recruiter kidnapping a man to bring him to a Trainer, or a Beautician who performs the man's transformation, as well as the Trainer herself, would all get credit as playing a major role in the transformation. Such successes should be registered with your nearest Trainer.

Ranked Members are those who have been converted or willingly taken up the role of Bimbo, Amazon, or Seducer. Bimbos just sleep around, raise morale for our troops, improve our public relations, and generally have lots of sex. Lesbians, gay men, transsexuals and transvestites may act as bimbos, and receive the privileges thereof, namely to put one and only one boy's name in the BRA Registry. This privilege may be reserved to only members in good standing when the male reserves diminish. Amazons are those who get buff, train their martial skills, and protect our people and friends from gay bashers and such. Seducers, by definition, become members in good standing once they succeed in recruiting someone to the conspiracy, unless the person they recruit was already a lesbian, gay man, transsexual or transvestite, and that person is not further converted.

By ruling of the Lesbian Conspiracy Council, it is so.

Long live the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 !


Sic faciunt omnes

by Mind Mistress

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