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Adam's Forced Feminization,

Part 1: Setting the stage

WARNING: If you're offended by seeing a man turned into a woman against his will, JUST STOP READING HERE! If, on the other hand, that sort of thing excites you, well, enjoy.

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by Mind Mistress

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male to female

I was wanting material to advertize myself on a Forced Feminization site, and I had a very willing subject unable to pay. I offered him a deal: Pretend you don't want to be hypnotized, and I'll hypnotize you for free. In exchange, allow Me to use the log of our hypnosis sessions on My site and theirs.

He agreed.

So we start with a submissive, totally heterosexual man with no crossdressing tendencies at all, and proceed as planned with the Forced Feminization.

He knew the topic, and he knew what he was getting into. Which was basically to be made into whatever I wanted, to serve My purposes.

The agreement was made in chat on ICQ. Then we went to IRC to facilitate logging, and plan the first part of the story. I thought with minimal set-up, we could make the rest be totally real. But I dislike lying, even minimally. So here is what really happened. Names have been changed, some typos corrected, and some private information deleted. Other than that, you have here the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help Me... oh never mind. He probably isn't into that sort of thing...

To maximize your experience of these logs, I suggest you imagine hearing My voice as you read My lines, and read adam's part in your own mental voice.

Feel free to imagine My voice as lovely and entrancing you like...

Read the rest of the logs in this series:

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