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Femme Your Hubby - Installment # 2

by: A. K. Remenko

Reposted with permission from Fictionmania.com

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Here is another instalment of the ultimate instructions on how to feminize your husband.

Again: Do not let your wife or girlfriend see this, she might just get some ideas.


I have been privileged to learn a few things by being permitted to observe the work of some very accomplished individuals. For what it's worth, I'll share what I've learned or at least THINK I have learned. A FAQ section is being prepared. Questions should be emailed to AKRemenko2002@yahoo.com. Flames and the like will be ignored and cheerfully deleted. Not for dissemination to minors under any circumstance(s).

Special preface to Installment #2

The author has been inundated with email, generally well-written and well intended, following the posting of the first installment. The author has a mailbox of limited size and can only empty it on occasion. If mail "bounces" due to limited box capacity, simply wait a few days and resubmit it. While the author would like nothing better than to be able to provide assistance in individual cases, it's just not possible time constraints being what they are. The sole purpose of posting the email address in the header is to collect questions for a FAQ section. Specific questions will be handled through the FAQ, as it's more time efficient than responding one-on-one.

In particular, many wives mentioned oral sex, finding that activity objectionable (no surprise there!). Some expressed doubt such activity would work and/or be the only alternative.

The following paragraph appears above, presented here again as some seem to have missed it:

"In the (highly) unlikely event the oral sex isn't the hubby's trigger here (more on "triggers" later) something else is. It might be dirty talk during sex, XXX rated videos or some other long harbored fantasy. If one doesn't know, one should find out (does intelligence gathering ring a bell?)."

The wife who is adamantly opposed to the activity in question is well advised to follow the recommendation in this paragraph. It is recommended for both the TGurl's and the wife's benefit (i.e. things that the wife would find acceptable).

It also seems advisable to restate a portion of Part I.A.:

"(This work) does not purport to be the definitive work on the subject as others may have experience or methods not covered here or those that conflict."

Thus ever onward

Phase IV. Moving toward further goals

As mentioned near the end of the first installment, some wives may have achieved all of their objectives early on and will find little of value in that which follows. We bid those women a fond adieu and grant them a "well done" to boot. They should not feel in the least that they have "underachieved" simply because they did not aspire to do more. This is not a competitive process, success being measured only in terms of the wife's desires and those things that are practical and possible.


For those wishing to continue, this is the proper time to elaborate on the "trigger" concept. "Triggers" are objects or activities that produce what can be likened to an involuntary response in the subject. This is in direct contrast to the CONDITIONED response technique(s) used to move the subject toward general feminization discussed previously.

Triggers are very powerful weapons and, like all very powerful weapons, they can be dangerous to use. Since good triggers work so well (in terms of aiding progression) one may be tempted to overuse them or use them to the exclusion of other techniques. This is ill advised; triggers like cutlery become dull with overuse and unlike cutlery cannot be "re-sharpened". Put another way, don't go to the well too often.

How does one recognize a trigger? The author is reminded of a typical discussion of classical music:

A to B: "What kinds of classical music do you like, symphonic, opera, light classics, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Strauss?"

B in response: "I don't know any of the terminology or composers, I just know what I like it when I hear it."

So it is with a trigger. One will know it when one sees it. The subject's demeanor will change noticeably and she will become more compliant. It's been described variously as "off in another world" or "mesmerized" and etc. Triggers can be anything.

How does one find triggers? It's not unlike exploring for crude oil; oil does not jump up and announce its presence, one has to conduct tests and carefully observe and analyze the results. Drilling a few test wells doesn't hurt either. One will encounter a few "dry holes" but the rewards justify the costs. Similarly, husbands are wont to divulge the information voluntarily as it is typically something they would almost always find embarrassing to admit in their male role, and even occasionally in femme mode.

An illustrative example would be useful here. Consider "Betsy" another UK wife. (As an aside, the UK seems to have wives adept at this work out of all proportion to relative population. The US in contrast seems still subject to its puritan foundation and ethic.) Betsy had done pretty well with a somewhat resistant gurl. Betsy fought the good fight but each step had been hard won and the effort had become fatiguing. Most wives discover that putting on panties (or pantyhose) cause their husbands to achieve immediate erections. This was not so with Betsey's hubby. This puzzled Betsy no end and even discussions with other wives provided no insight.

One of Betsy's goals (to this point, unknown to her gurl) was to get her gurl to go out en femme. Therefore getting her gurl to learn about makeup was essential. Through a TANSTAAFL gambit (unrelated to the femming process) Betsy had been able to get her husband "Adrianne" to agree to wear a little makeup in addition to a garterbelt, hose and a bra. Betsy seated Adrianne at Betsy's vanity to do the work. Adrianne seemed a bit embarrassed, almost sheepish, at the thought but complied. Betsy busied herself with the work, telling her gurl what she was doing and how nice it looked.

In Betsey's words (as nearly as can be recalled, paraphrased of course), "She sat very still for me while I applied some lipstick and I chatted her up all the while showing her how to blot, etc. She even looked in the mirror to see what I had done. I then started on her eyes with the eyeliner, mascara and shadow and before long she started squirming around making it difficult for me to properly apply the cosmetics. Thinking this was the beginning of resistance, I paused as my mind raced with ploys I might use to be able to overcome any resistance and continue."

"I looked down and saw she was rubbing her thighs together; I reached down and parted her thighs a bit to discover she's been using her thighs to massage her stiff little thing. There was even a wet spot on the panties. She was so embarrassed; I had to tell her it was perfectly alright, that even many GG's got sexually stimulated from putting on makeup." (Nice touch.)

Betsy had found, albeit accidentally, a trigger, namely eye makeup. The essential difference between triggers and other concepts (e.g. TANSTAAFL) is that triggers are employed to achieve other objectives when the subject is IN femme mode rather than techniques used to get then INTO femme mode. This is to be sure a subtle difference but it is important to remember. Triggers are not to be used when the subject is in boy mode as they generally won't work and their future usefulness may be jeopardized. Betsy later used the makeup trigger to get her gurl out.

Another common trigger is smoking; especially long cigarettes ("120's") or the use of cigarette holders. Their attributes as both oral and phallic symbols are unmistakable even to the uninitiated. Some TGurls don't smoke (or have never smoked) unless in femme mode! A better example of a trigger is hard to find. (Wives who are rabid about their dislike of tobacco may have to "bite the bullet" on this one.)

The reader is now equipped with all the required tools to complete the task and achieve whatever goals she may have established or that she will establish or modify in future. The discussion may now lend itself to those things that can be done or established as opposed to how they may be introduced. One may move along in a general way without having specific goals established at this point; it is however not recommended.

The presentation will therefore center on goals and milestones used to mark progress toward them.


For the wife who wants to get her gurl out the milestones are inevitably appearance or mannerism or skill oriented. The crucial thing to remember is again MORE femme either in adding items or in acquiring skill in their use. For example gurls who do go out most often use the ladies restroom. This means no urinals of course so sitting to "piddle" at all times is useful practice. This has the added benefit of keeping the commode at home cleaner as males are notorious "splashers". If the gurl has been given the task of cleaning the bathroom/WC it's all to her benefit to sit.

For gurls who are unable to adopt a more femme or even androgynous hairstyle (thinning hair being common in older gurls and even some younger) obtaining a wig is a milestone. Good ones aren't cheap and cheap ones aren't good. The dedicated wife will take pride in her gurl's appearance and a good appearance can come in handy for certain other goals. This typically requires that the gurl go to a wig salon to insure that the one(s) selected are flattering. In the event that this is impossible to accomplish at the time the wife desires it, purchase of an inexpensive wig may have to do. The gurl will be broken to the wig and over time will likely want something that looks better.

For some wives a beauty salon trip is a goal in itself rather than a milestone. If the wife's gurl has such potential locating a suitable venue is the appropriate first step. Some salons are "Tfriendly", some are not. Wives should remember that asking a proprietor or proprietress does not reflect on them personally as they are asking on behalf of their gurl, no embarrassment should accrue. Locating a salon that is experienced with TGurls is the best solution not only because of acquired technical skill but also because they know how to put the gurl quickly at ease. This is old hat for wig retailers who do significant TGurl business.

Tracking the improvement in her appearance is important and can give the gurl a real sense of accomplishment. Taking plenty of pictures is very good technique whether or not they are to be shared with others. (Note: It is possible to use the offer to share the pictures with friends or family or co-workers as an "inducement" to balky gurls. However this is fairly heavy handed, "last resort"-type technique and such bludgeoning may cause unwanted backlash.) One will find on the web many "headless" photos of gurls. Clearly done in an effort to retain anonymity, one essential element is forgotten, namely background. Many of these photos are done at home with a unique and recognizable home layout and furnishing. When fully dressed and made up, most gurls are unrecognizable as their male counterpart so full length photos aren't a problem, background may well be.

High Heels

TGurls are almost invariably attracted to high heeled shoes, the higher the better. Unfortunately, walking in them is an acquired skill that requires practice; further, jumping into a pair of five-inch spike heels can be hazardous, considering sprained ankles and all. It's best to start the gurl with a pair of flats. Many gurls get their first experience "out" wearing an A cup bra under say a loose sweatshirt along with a pair of women's loafers. It's a good first low-risk step and accustoms the gurl to the basic experience. "Knee-high" nylons are a natural addition to the flats.

The first pair of heels should be of rather modest height as that provides a learning step and a progression opportunity later, namely higher heels. Sad to say, while walking around the house in heels is practice, it's just not good practice as the distance covered on each transit is typically small. Unless one owns a palatial residence, getting the gurl out somewhere to practice should be high on the "to do" list. Late night walks are common for many gurls.

Beginners typically retain for a time the side-to-side rocking motion and longer strides typical of males when walking. In addition, their footfalls tend to be more under each hip rather than centered "in line" as practiced by most GG's. There are two techniques that may be used to aid in overcoming these unwanted qualities. They are the string trick and the board trick.

In the case of the string trick, obtain a piece of light thread a few feet in length. A little experimentation with length is to be expected. The ends are tied to each of the gurl's ankles to force a shortened stride. If her strides are too long the string breaks and light thread won't cause her to tumble while wearing heels. Just shorten the ankle-to-ankle distance until the stride the wife wishes is achieved. Some wives delight in tiny little mincing steps while others prefer something more natural. For wives interested in getting their gurls into the bondage scene this can be a subtle first step as well.

For the board trick, two pieces of dimensional lumber are best. Some prefer eight-foot lengths of 2x4, the author thinks 2x6's somewhat better, personal preference being what it is. Twelve footers (or longer) are excellent but somewhat more costly (don't get warped ones!). Place the boards on the ground parallel to one another about sixteen inches apart or so and have the gurl walk between them. Gradually reduce the separation until the footfalls are more in line to the wife's satisfaction.

Once the stride is adjusted the wife will note the gurl has a tendency to wiggle her posterior when walking, it's almost unavoidable. Higher heels push the knees forward, angling the thighs back a bit and therefore cause the butt to protrude more. TGurls attracted to men do a lot of walking around in Tbars shaking their bottoms most alluringly. Advertising pays.

If the gurl is interested, she's going to push for skirts before long. If not, don't overlook slacks as an intermediate step. Side or back zipper types are generally considered best and are another item that can be worn out fairly early on. They also have the benefit of being able to be introduced prior to leg shaving.

In addition to walking, skills would include sitting and getting in and out of automobiles. Many wives have gotten big chuckles out of their gurl's first attempts to exit an auto wearing a skirt and heels. Going out, as a gurl does not occur all at once for psychological as well as appearance reasons. Many TGurls who begin on their own do it initially by driving while in gurl mode. They're not going anywhere in particular, they just drive. Indeed, some never progress beyond this.

Little trips in the car are a good first step, with the wife driving. Nervous drivers in today's traffic are a risk best avoided. Get the gurl in an simple outfit say slacks, flats, bra, panties, a top and a little light makeup. The gurl will only enter and exit the vehicle at home (attached garages help) so the trip, quick errand to the store for example, will be low stress and acclimate her to going out.

This far along in the process gurl who's accepted, even welcomed, the inevitable may exhibit signs that the wife is no longer required to push the progression of the process so hard. Some wives find their gurls slipping easily into femme mode on an increasingly frequent basis. It's not unheard of for some gurls to femme fully or partially on returning home from work or on weekends, or both. There may be other signs as well.

Femme name

This is a good time to talk about selection and use of the gurl's femme name. She may have already selected one or may wish the wife to select one for her. In any event it's not advisable to postpone it any longer. If she hasn't selected one, it's best for the wife to propose a number of options from which her gurl may select. TGurls unlike most of the world get to pick a name at the time of their "birth" as gurls and doing so presents tangible evidence of their acceptance of the new status quo.

The wife should provide a viable (read "reasonable") list of names from which the gurl may select. This is the name the gurl will present to the world in her new persona. As much fun as it may be, saddling the gurl with a moniker like "Easy" or "Fellatia" just isn't done. (The author recalls with fondness a gurl with a record of armed robbery who was given the name "Robyn Banks". Such wry humor is a joy to behold.) The gurl may think about her options for a time or even suggest another. As long as both are happy with a reasonable choice, it's a good one. If genuine femming is the wife's goal then this is the name she should use in addressing her gurl whenever practical. Use of the boy name should be minimized at worst and eliminated at best.

Going Out

For the wives interested in getting their gurl out this phase is the time for a little reconnoitering. Irrespective of whether or not the wife wants her gurl to date men, she's going to have to locate suitable places for her gurl to go and suitable companionship when she gets there. The other TGurls the wife meets can be a wealth of information (e.g. beauty salons) and once they discover the wife is helping her TGurl hubby, the wife will have plenty of gurls who think she is the greatest and will be only too happy to help.

The wife alone (especially in the case of a "nervous" gurl) should do the initial phases of scouting. It's bad form for the gurl to do this in boy mode as the face she is to present to the community is femme. Tfriendly bars and clubs come in a wide variety of types, as do the gurls and assorted other characters, that frequent them. In addition the capable wife will not overlook the various TG support groups that can be most helpful in the early phases.

Find places where your gurl will be safe and locate other TGurls whose deportment is that which you desire your gurl to exhibit. If one doesn't want her gurl to date men, putting a gurl with a big D0 (right offset) and/or large R (rate of drift) in the company of TGurls who do enjoy men, will yield unpleasant (for the wife) results. Conversely if the wife is desirous of having her gurl date, introducing her to the "100% heterosexual" group is not going to aid the process. One should take their time, get to know the places and people that frequent them and proceed accordingly.

TGurls absolutely love it when friendly, understanding GG's give them attention so do not be concerned about introducing oneself and chatting. Buying a few drinks won't hurt either. Take an interest in the gurls that one meets and let them know you are interested and fully supportive.

Having said that however, don't be in a hurry to volunteer information about one's own gurl (especially your plans for her) unless and until one is sure the time and the company are appropriate.

In that regard it's best to even ask questions without divulging your specific interest. If necessary, "dumb down". For example one might ask the best places in town for one's gurl to go. One might get a response something like "Well, what is the gurl (or "what are you") interested in?" One should just say that they're not sure what's best, they're new to all of this and information about all of the places would be deeply appreciated. If a wife has gotten her gurl this far dealing with the other gurls should be no problem.


Some wives want their gurl to date men but DON'T want the gurl to go out. This is a big, big problem as the best way by far to meet and qualify dating candidates is out in a social setting in the appropriate environment. (Any wife with reasonable "blind date" experience knows this to be a fact.) It's far safer in all respects than for example lining something up online.

Wives may not want to hear this but if their gurl has no natural predisposition to date it's going to be the wife's job to line up and/or bring home her gurl's first guy.

On the other had, wives who have an anathema for their gurl dating need to discover who the local "admirers" are, so the gurl can be given fair warning of persons to be avoided. So-called admirers are an unusual lot. Some in fact are frustrated "wannabe" TGurls who find it impossible, either out of circumstance or lack of "spine", to do so. Those that do find TGurls attractive share a trait with the gurls, namely they are not "gay" in the traditional sense; they have no interest in men "as men" just as most TGurls have no interest in men when in boy mode. This attribute has been deemed "selectively bisexual" or alternatively "heterogender" (the second was found on a website whose name is long forgotten; like another bit of TG nomenclature is needed.)

Some admirers can be very pushy, to the point of being obnoxious. As previously mentioned, this is part of the reason one sees those "NO MEN" disclaimers in TGurl online profiles. These dolts are best avoided irrespective of the wife's social desires for her gurl. They're not "fun company" and usually talk a far better game than they play, to use an old expression. For wives who want their gurl to date, there are not enough good ones around and for wives who don't want their gurl to date, one good one around is one too many. Such is life.

Admirers tend to be loners in the culture and typically do not "buddy up" with other admirers; they are after all competitors of a sort. Some just stand around with drink in hand eyeballing everything that moves. These types have always given the author an uncomfortable feeling.

Some are easy to get to know and like most TGurls are worthwhile people. It's in every wife's best interest to invest some time in learning about these characters, as distasteful (or not) as that may be.

Social Life

The "wife's best interest" provides an entree (at long last) to discussion of some of the wife's goals for herself. If simply getting the gurl out so as to have more free time to oneself, less housework and etc. are the goals then they would seem to be readily accomplished with the knowledge gained so far. If the wife has in mind other, more "earthy" longings this is an appropriate time to review them. The gurl's social interaction will be discussed later.

As mentioned earlier some wives are motivated to femme their hubbies out of a desire to expand their own social life, e.g. a boyfriend for the wife. Some TGurls find the thought of being cuckolded most appealing either in fact or in fantasy. The wife is so inclined she needs to determine whether it is in fact or in fantasy.

If the wife wants to date and if she wants her gurl to date men (the most common combination) sequencing of these activities is crucial to success.

It is absolutely essential that the TGurl begin dating men BEFORE her wife does and even before she knows the wife had such a desire. This means the wife may have to postpone fulfillment of her goal for some time. One may recall the earlier proviso about not getting caught in a lie that can be proved to be a deceit.

If the gurl is already dating men, it's going to be very difficult for her to be critical of the wife's expanded social interest. Even TGurls have little patience with the double standard. While not able to "dive right in" immediately, the wife is not powerless to take a few initial steps. The wife will undoubtedly want in future to "entertain" male guests and a hubby sharing her bedroom simply isn't pragmatic. The concept of one's own "space" applies here. An excellent preparatory step is therefore introducing the gurl to the concept of her "own room". This will not be her "bedroom" necessarily at first, just a place where she can store her gurl things the usual excuse offered being insufficient master bedroom closet and drawer space. (As an aside when separate bedrooms are a fact, wives cursed with hubbies who snore or continually toss and turn while asleep will discover a definition of "rest" they forgot ever existed.)

Many wives' boyfriends are understandably anxious about the "jealous husband" scenario and having a hubby who is femmed, dating men and in a separate bedroom go a long way toward reducing such anxiety. In addition, the separate bedroom is evidence of the hubby's cuckolded state and enhances the boyfriend's feelings of exclusivity (even if only imagined) vis-a-vis the wife's sexual favors. Additionally, the gurl will find having her own bedroom (when it becomes so eventually) very practical when she "entertains". It is unheard of for a wife to consider letting her gurl use the wife's bed for such frolicking.

'Her Room'

There are plenty of techniques to be employed in getting the TG to accept the concept of "her room". Joint shopping for furnishings for the room, additional "treats" real or intangible and etc. are most commonly employed. Furnishing the room in ultra feminine style reinforces the gurl's self-image and is a very good practice. The same concept should be extended to bath facilities if possible. TGurls, even more than GG's, can accumulate a truly awe inspiring collection of cosmetics, hair care products, lotions, appliances and so on.

Another key element in the separate room philosophy exists for the wife who is really pushing for a high level of feminization. The wife can't do much about hubby's male attire that MUST be retained; after all if they're not working and producing a paycheck what good are they? (Wives in need of more solitude may choose to introduce the "second job" ostensibly to pay for additional expenses related to femming.) If the TGurl can work as a gurl there's no problem, but many can't. With two rooms, the TGurl's male clothing remains in the wife's bedroom. With control over the wardrobe thus established the wife should proceed to reduce the inventory to the barest practical level.

Well femmed hubbies with a nice selection of panties have no need of boy's underwear. It should be discarded as soon as possible with the stated expedient of being worn out and simply replaced with panties. Many wives begin this gradual process very early on by explaining that maintaining completely duplicated wardrobes isn't economically sound. Sooner or later is a matter of indifference so long as it is done, irrespective of social plans for either.

TGurl Sex

The wife who does not want her gurl to date must rigorously work to prevent any increase or produce a decrease in the gurl's R (rate of drift) by a judicious selection of friends, activities and so forth. Clearly the wife who does not want her hubby to date but desires to do so herself faces a formidable task. The hubby must be offered other "physical outlets" or a crisis of major proportions is likely to develop. Many cuckolded TGurls find simply masturbating while dressed an acceptable outlet. Some do not. Some wives may consider relenting on occasion and allowing the gurl to sleep with the wife in the wife's bedroom; this is very unsound. This is almost guaranteed to awaken memories and probably feelings of masculinity all to no purpose.

If indeed anything is done, it should be done in the TGurl's bedroom and any activities should exclude actual intercourse as man and wife, that being contrary to the whole philosophy to begin with. It is also likely to (extremely) displease the wife's boyfriend(s). (Note: The author was remiss in not explaining to this point that the wife's selection of a female companion rather than a "boyfriend" is absolutely acceptable if that is the wife's preference. The reader may assume any future reference to "boyfriend" automatically presumes this possibility. Further an initially less than enthusiastic cuckold may find a female companion for the wife more tolerable. Note though that female companions tend to be far less tolerant of husbands, femmed or not, than boyfriends are. A few it must be admitted delight in helping the wife with other things.)

"What to do?" one might well ask. Suggestions would include the use of sexual toys (the politically correct term being "marital aids"), mutual masturbation and the like. The term "sissy milking" has been around a long time and not without good reason. This is an effective expedient and has the added advantage of consuming very little time and energy. The wife doesn't even have to muss a hair on her head. Simply place the gurl on all fours and milk her TGurl "clitty" manually. Most wives use a liberally lubricated surgical glove for this purpose. One might also consider the use of vibrators or artificial penises on or in the subject's TGurl "pussy". This reportedly can produce "relief" in record time. (Wife "Ellen" in the Pacific Northwest US claims to have succeeded in getting the job done during a commercial break on a favorite television program!) TGurls who've been "naughty" (sometimes intentionally so) frequently respond well to a little chastisement with a hairbrush applied vigorously and repeatedly to their "cheeks" during the milking process.

Sissy Milking

Sissy milking is likewise recommended for wives who have a diminished interest in sexual activity of any sort. It is fast, easy to do, neat (use of a paper cup as a collection vessel is not uncommon, avoid condoms which provide a male totem) and conditions the subject to correlate pleasure with being feminized and vice versa. Wives who wish to minimize completion time should praise and reward TGurls that exhibit consistently brief and more importantly decreasing elapsed times. (Jot down any phrases or expressions one uses during the activity that appear to enhance results on an index card. Either commit these to memory or keep the card handy for reference.) An inexpensive electronic stopwatch can substantiate the TGurls increase in performance. (Note the avoidance of the negative. It's not "decrease in staying power", it's "increase in performance.") The gurl should be trained to have everything needed close at hand and be "in position" before summoning the wife.

Above all, the TGurl must be conditioned to accept that ANY such activity can and will ONLY be done if she is fully femmed, hair, makeup and wearing, at a minimum, lingerie AND only in the TGurl's room. There is no point in disturbing or messing the wife's bed. Wives whose gurls are unusually sexually prolific must accept that this activity may seem to be in constant demand. While tiring (switching hands helps somewhat with the penalty of doubling the consumption of surgical gloves), it presents numerous, dare one say continuous, TANSTAAFL opportunities for many things, e.g. housework, laundry and the like. (Note: Purchase of surgical gloves in large capacity/institutional size boxes reduces the unit cost to the bare minimum. Any reputable hospital supply distributor that does retail sales is the best bet. The same may be said of large jars, really large jars think "pounds" or "kilograms" for wives on the metric system, of lubricant. Always have a liberal supply of both on hand as running out can produce severe angst in "needy" TGurls.)


Any discussion of milestones that excluded shopping would be incomplete. It's a joint activity that the wife and her gurl can enjoy indefinitely; a mutual interest shared yields real bonding. Read virtually any TGurl web profile or website and if "shopping" isn't listed as a favorite (THE favorite?) please email the author immediately as that would be truly unique. (Just kidding about the email.)

In the early stages most gurls have a phobia about store personnel discovering that the feminine items purchased are for them. Be not alarmed dear wife. Store personnel have plenty of experience with this and know full well that items ostensibly purchased for a wife or lady friend are often in fact for the subject. Over time the fear will subside and may well be replaced by overt acknowledgment that it is indeed for the gurl. In addition shopping presents an opportunity to get the gurl out in "mental femme mode" at a minimum.

Earrings and pieced ears

It's not just the shopping per se; it's how it's done. Another example will serve to illustrate this point. Canadian wife Glenda discovered her gurl's desire for pierced ears, so it was off to the piercing kiosk at a local mall. Fairly innocuous activity of course as many men have pierced ears. Glenda's gurl sat patiently through the piercing process and when completed had the standard gold posts in place. The sales girl well trained and on the ball asked if there would be anything else of interest.

Glenda responded by pointing to a large pair of hoop earrings while looking at her gurl and saying, "Let's get those too sweetheart."

The word "too" implied all it needed to but was not "over the top" in terms of presentation and not lost on the sales clerk. The sales girl picked up on it quickly adding that she'd sold quite a few to male customers putting Glenda's gurl at ease. There is nothing like being friendly and understanding to insure repeat business and not coincidentally more commissions.

More and More

Shopping is one occasion that over time will provide evidence of a characteristic of TGurls called "the mores." This is as in, more clothes, more lingerie, more shoes and etc. One should recall the analogy of the snow sled presented previously. The appropriate analogy here is the snowball rolling down hill. The bigger it gets, the faster it rolls; the faster it rolls the bigger it gets. Just try to stop it. When "the mores" are in evidence, femming as "work" the wife experienced early on is history.

In purchasing clothing one may find dresses present a real problem. While separates (e.g. skirts and tops) are easier to fit, dresses are the definitive clothing statement in terms of outerwear. Like it or not, trying them on before purchase is strongly recommended. Sale items are frequently non-returnable and likewise back-and-forth trips to the store are time consuming and try the patience of all concerned. Until she is comfortable with shopping, the TGurl should be accompanied to the fitting room by the wife as it is presumed by the TGurl that this is "good cover". A size six wife taking her hubby to a fitting room with a size twelve dress however does not fool store personnel, nor do they really care.

Most gurls eventually lose their fear of this type of thing and indeed come to relish the shopping experience. Indeed, just looking is greatly enjoyed the purchase proper being of secondary importance for some.

Phase IV and beyond

Phase IV could be continued indefinitely citing more milestones and elaborating more goals but those already presented should be sufficient given the readers presumed knowledge of the concepts and techniques in Phases I, II and III. The reader will undoubtedly be buoyed by the fact that for this phase there are no exercises to complete. The reader should invest the time thus saved on contemplating whether or not she should pursue the course of femming her hubby and moving into Phase V. Phase V may be likened to crossing the mythological River Styx; there FOR SURE isn't any coming back.

Phase IV will be concluded with another quote, this from a fictional character. (Please accept the author's apologies if it is not perfectly accurate, the author being hampered by an imperfect memory.)

"Do, or do not. There is no try."

Yoda, in response to Luke Skywalker's statement to the effect he would "try" to master the "force".
"Star Wars" trilogy.

Properly femmed husband

Now, THIS is what a good husband should look like!

(Postscript to Installment #2: A reviewer of Installment #1, Sydney Michelle, was kind enough to point out that the source of the Damon Runyon appended verse is The Bible, Ecclesiastes. The author expresses sincere thanks to her. It's a treat to have such well-read reviewers!)

End of Installment #2.

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by: A. K. Remenko

Reposted with permission from Fictionmania.com

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