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Heroine Transformations

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The amazon heroine subdued

Story by R.K., reposted with permission and thanks

Picture by: Sue Chan

Reproduced here by permission graciously granted by:Mistress Evilena

Whom the artwork was made for to go with the story Evilena: Mistress of the Museum on mcstories.com

By R.K.

Chapter 1: Batgirl and Wonder Woman hope to stop Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Chapter 2: Electra Woman and Dynagirl are having more then computer problems.

Chapter 3: Supergirl goes looking for the missing heroines.

Chapter 4: Lois Lane was busy investigating items about the Superheroines Disappearing.

Chapter 5: Black Cat is out busy stopping crime with so many other heroines missing, and finds new crime at city hall.

Chapter 6: Sonja leaves Chun Li with a flat motorcycle tire, and the Countess' limo stops to 'help' the lovely Asian heroine... (written by RK December 2004) NEW!


Chapter 1

Batgirl and Wonder Woman hope to stop Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Batgirl closed on the warehouse with her usual stealthy approach. It would not do for her to make noise and let Catwoman know she was coming. She had ridden her Bat-cycle most of the way to this warehouse on the outskirts of town, parking it a mile away and coming in on foot.

It was one AM, and all around the abandoned warehouse it was quiet. By all rights, Batgirl figured there would be at least a little activity at night. There wasn't even any sign of a guard. Wasn't there always supposed to be a guard?

She had done some investigating, and knew that this was where Catwoman was running her drug empire from. It didn't seem likely that it was the sort of business that ran 9-to-5, so she would have expected a lot of activity in the off-hours. Oh well, she thought, if Catwoman isn't smart enough to keep a night guard, that's her problem.

Getting near the building, Batgirl began to feel anxious, which was unusual for her. Having fought villains like the Joker and Two-Face, she was used to danger and felt confident in her abilities. Maybe it was because Catwoman was...well...a woman. She could see how a stupid man could get the idea of taking on a life of crime. But women, she thought, were too smart for that sort of thing. Then again, maybe it was the fact that Catwoman was running a drug empire. She hated drugs, promising herself at an early age that she would never get wound up in that kind of life. She knew where most drugs left a person, and didn't want to see anyone end up that way; and she was eager to punish anyone who offered that kind of life.

Upon reaching the outer gate, Batgirl noticed a small black box that signified it was electrified. Have to give you credit, Catwoman, you're not all dumb, she thought as, with a simple jump that came from years of gymnastic training, she easily vaulted over the top. She crouched low after landing and quickly looked around to see if there had been anyone to see her--there was not. She quickly covered the ground to the edge of the building and stopped to look and listen, but didn't hear a sound. "This is too easy," she mumbled.

Batgirl briefly considered simply walking through the front door, but then thought better of it. Don't want to make it too easy for them to get me, she chuckled to herself as she made her way around to the back.

There was a fire escape from the second floor on the back side of the building, which Batgirl decided to make use of. As quiet as a mouse, she moved up to the top of the escape, but then froze. She realized as she made her landing, that there was somebody at the top. Quickly trying to think of something to do, she suddenly realized that the figure hadn't taken notice of her yet. Without any near light source, Batgirl couldn't get a good look at the person at standing ten feet away, but it seemed to have the outline of a woman, and wasn't looking her way. Not wishing to lose the advantage, Batgirl took one bound and launched a flying side kick at the person.

Easily sidestepping out of the way to avoid the kick, Batgirl's 'enemy' brought her arms up to both cushion Batgirl's landing on the metal catwalk and keep it quiet, and prevent Batgirl from making another attack. "Will you keep quiet!" hissed Wonder Woman as she brought Batgirl down.

"Well, cripes! You should have told me you were coming too," complained Batgirl as she wiped herself off and got back onto her feet. The two heroines then turned their attention back to the window that Wonder Woman had been looking in.

Below them, there seemed to be some sort of strange party going on inside. They saw plenty of women walking around the floor. Many of them had drinks in their hands, some were smoking, and they all were wearing skintight leather and vinyl outfits.

"Looks like some sort of orgy-party going on down there. Look," Wonder Woman motioned at the floor, "there's the city mayor! She's with Catwoman!" Indeed, when Batgirl's gaze moved to where Wonder Woman was pointing, she saw the mayor sitting on a loveseat, wearing a tight black vinyl outfit and licking and kissing the sizable breasts of the villainess.

The two heroines exchanged looks. "Well, I guess now we know which way the bell swings for her," exclaimed Batgirl, "but the mayor is a married woman. Something really strange is going on down there."

"And I intend to find out what!" said Wonder Woman. She blasted a powerful side kick into the fire escape door and burst through the opening toward Catwoman. Batgirl, shocked by such a display of rash action by Wonder Woman, quickly jumped through the doorway after her friend.

Wonder Woman seemed to fly down the stairs toward Catwoman. Batgirl followed, but at a more controlled pace. On reaching the bottom of the stairs Wonder Woman unleashed her fury on the women that moved to intercept her. She saw that some of the women were martial arts experts, and even though many of the women had been smoking, none of them seemed to suffer from shortness of breath. A few of their strikes hit home, but the amazon's superior strength and endurance allowed her to hold her own and bring down the attackers. Similarly, Batgirl's ability in gymnastics allowed her to avoid most attacks while landing her own strikes on her assailants, until within minutes there were no attackers left conscious. Amazingly, the heroines saw that there were plenty of women left around them, but they were either kissing, stroking each other's vaginas, eating each other out, or engaging in some other lesbian activity.

"Disgusting," Wonder Woman exclaimed as she looked around.

Looking over to the loveseat, Wonder Woman and Batgirl could see that the mayor had switched to rubbing her own breasts, but Catwoman had vanished! Quickly glancing around, the two caught sight of Catwoman dashing through an open door on the other side of the room. Wonder Woman immediately set out after her.

Batgirl yelled, "Wait a minute, Wonder Woman! It might be a..." but it was too late. Wonder Woman was already half way to the doorway. Realizing that she couldn't let her friend rush into danger alone, Batgirl set out after her.

Batgirl rushed through the doorway... and was plunged into darkness. She couldn't see anything around her -- there was no light. Even the door behind her was slammed shut. Unsure of what to do, Batgirl whispered, "Wonder Woman... where are you?" Her response was a swift kick to the stomach, which knocked the wind out of her. Then someone gripped her from behind and held her as something was placed over her mouth. Batgirl knew the smell of chloroform all too well and struggled to escape, but the arms holding her were much too strong and soon she slumped forward, drifting down to the floor and unconsciousness.

The lights in the room came up, revealing a dozen of Catwoman's "kittens," along with Catwoman herself... and Poison Ivy! Beside Batgirl, Wonder Woman lay similarly knocked out.

Both villainesses looked at each other with glee. As the kittens dragged the heroines off, Catwoman exclaimed, "I want Batgirl. That woman has always been a spine in my side, I want a chance to even the score!"

Poison Ivy grinned wickedly and responded, "No, I have a plan for them. You can have your fun with Batgirl, but leave her alive and in good health. When I'm done, we'll have two new allies. I'll start with Wonder Woman..."

Slowly, Batgirl regained consciousness. With the greatest effort she had ever known, she opened her eyes to observe a darkened room. Initially, Batgirl had the half-second of confusion. Where was she? What had happened? Then it all returned to her, that Catwoman had captured her. The realization forced her to try to move, but she quickly found that she was being held upright, with her arms and legs chained securely to the wall. She could still feel her mask, cape, and the top portion of her costume on her body, but cool air touching her legs made Batgirl aware that the lower portion of her bodysuit had been cut away. Batgirl instinctively tried to reach for her lockpick tools, but discovered that her utility belt had been removed.

At that moment, the lights came on, revealing the room to be bare, except for a table lined with sex toys.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," said Catwoman as she entered the room. She slowly slinked her way up to Batgirl, eying her fiendishly and licking her lips.

"You've got to be kidding," said Batgirl as she gave Catwoman a deadpan look, "I'm not into that lesbo stuff, and even if I were, I certainly wouldn't pick a woman as vile as you to do it with!"

"Perhaps," replied the evil Catwoman, "and perhaps not..."

With that she left the room, leaving Batgirl to her thoughts.

In another part of the compound, Wonder Woman came awake to find herself in some sort of greenhouse. She was being held against what felt like one of the walls of the room, about ten feet off the ground, her arms and legs held fast by tight vines. All of the walls and ceiling around her were covered with various plant life. She tried with all of her great strength to break out of her bonds, but the effort only made them tighten further around her.

Poison Ivy was lounging on an ivy-covered sofa in the room, amused by the effort. "You can't break them, but by all means, keep trying."

"I will get out of here, somehow, and when I do you are going to PAY!"

Poison Ivy rose from her seat, and replied, "I agree, you will get out of here, quite soon in fact, but only to help me." With a quick motion of her hand, Poison Ivy ordered her plants to lower Wonder Woman to the ground.

While Wonder Woman was being lowered, Poison Ivy opened her palm and blew her pheromones all through the room. As soon as her boots touched the floor, Wonder Woman began a renewed struggle, fighting even harder than before to break free. But try as she might, the vines were just too strong for her.

"Help? YOU? You've got to be kidding, Ivy!" yelled Wonder Woman, "In case you haven't ever noticed before, I've got protection from your pheromones!"

"As a matter of fact, I do know... and I've done some research of my own into the source of your 'protection'!" Poison Ivy stood face to face with her adversary, and with a flick of her wrist, took off Wonder Woman's tiara. She then raised the palm of her hand and blew more pheromones into Wonder Woman's face.

Without her protective tiara to shield her mind, Wonder Woman fell prey to the pheromones. Poison Ivy smiled wickedly as, within moments, Wonder Woman ceased to struggle against the vines. Poison Ivy's plants let go of Wonder Woman, setting her free. The amazon merely stood there, ramrod straight, her eyes having lost their color and glazed over, going clear-white as she fell under the spell of Poison Ivy's new pheromone.

"That's better," said Poison Ivy as she circled around Wonder Woman, running her finger along the heroine's breasts and taking in her physical attributes. "Wonder Woman, can you hear me?"

"Yes," Wonder Woman replied blankly as she stared straight ahead.

"Good", replied Poison Ivy. She had been worried that somehow a superheroine would be able to resist her new strain of pheromone, but those fears now proved to be unfounded. "Wonder Woman... such a noble title... we'll see what we can do about that!" Poison Ivy cackled with glee, then gave Wonder Woman more of her pheromones. "Now, tell me who are you?"

"I am the super-hero Wonder Woman...my alter ego is Diana Prince."

"That will soon change. I want you to breathe in deeply, very deeply and take in my pheromones." Wonder Woman did as she was told. "Very good. With each breath, feel yourself falling deeper...ever deeper...into my power. You enjoy this feeling, it makes you feel good...it makes you feel very good...very sexy...very horny...falling under my spell..."

"Yes..." replied Wonder Woman.

Slowly, Poison Ivy began removing Wonder Woman's costume while she spoke. Wonder Woman swayed slowly back and forth, offering no resistance. "Very good...with every breathe, you fall deeper under my power...my pheromones smell wonderful, and affect you deeply...they're affecting you right now, aren't they, Wonder Woman?"


"Now, my pheromones are very powerful...they make you feel very sexy...but they are also changing you. With each lovely breath...a little bit of Wonder Woman drifts away. Every moment, you are forgetting about your life as a superheroine...Wonder Woman is going away...and is being replaced by another alter-ago. Yes...Wonder Woman is going away and being replaced by an evil villainess with strong sexual desires...desires only for other women. 'The Countess'...yes...'The Countess' is a lesbian who wishes to control...yes...control other women... and then turn them into lesbians. There is now almost nothing left of Wonder Woman, there is now only the evil Countess. Wonder Woman is gone...she no longer exists and never has...there is now only 'The Countess'..."

By now, Poison Ivy had removed the Wonder Woman costume and replaced it with a new outfit, and walked the woman who used to be Wonder Woman over to a nearby mirror.

"Look into the mirror, my dear..."

'The Countess' looked at her new clothes and accessories, then let out an evil laugh...

Back in her cell, Batgirl had been left alone for two hours. Catwoman had done little more than make some strange threats to her, but she was not looking forward to her next session.

It came all too quickly. But this time, both Catwoman and Poison Ivy entered the room to face her.

"What, a threesome now? Sorry, gals, but I don't think I have the energy for that."

"How charming," replied Ivy, "even after all you've been through, you still have the strength for sly remarks. No, we're not here for a 'threesome', but we wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our little club..."

With that, a new woman entered the room. Tall and strong, with jet-black hair, Batgirl instantly recognized her friend, Wonder Woman, but she was dressed totally different. She now wore black, thigh-high latex boots with six-inch heels, a leather thong, and a black-and-red latex suit which was a mockery of her usual outfit, showing off much of her cleavage and leaving little to the imagination. In addition, on her hands and arms she now wore long black latex gloves. On her waist, instead of a lasso, she now had a whip, and in her right hand she held a long black cigarette holder with a cigarette smoldering on the end. The woman slowly, sexily walked toward Batgirl.

"Wonder Woman," Batgirl practically screamed, "what have they done to you?!"

"Wonder Woman no longer exists," said Poison Ivy, "Diana Prince's alter ego is now 'The Countess'. With my help, she has seen the error of her past ways, and has happily agreed to join our little sorority...as you soon will."

Wonder Woman/Countess was now standing in front of Batgirl, but Batgirl's attention was focused on what Poison Ivy had just said. "What are you talking about? Wonder Woman would never join you, and there's no way..."

The Countess took a deep drag from her cigarette holder and gently blew smoke into Batgirl's face.

"...I would ever ... ...join...join...oh...umm..."

Batgirl had always been repulsed by cigarette smoke, but as she coughed, Batgirl inhaled some of the smoke, and it smelled...different. Batgirl closed her eyes as again the Countess blew smoke into her face, and then said, "Breathe." Batgirl breathed the smoke into her lungs, and it didn't smell or taste that bad. It was actually kind of good.

Eager to see what would happen now, Catwoman and Poison Ivy unlocked Batgirl's restraints and moved her away from the wall. Batgirl made no attempt to escape. When the Countess blew her third puff of smoke into Batgirl's face, the heroine eagerly sucked in as much as she could before blowing it back out. Batgirl opened her eyes and they appeared almost out of focus, like she was beginning to drift away.

The Countess walked in back of Batgirl, then took her right arm and held it out. She then placed her cigarette holder between Batgirl's fingers with the mouthpiece near her lips and commanded, "Smoke". Batgirl did as she was told, and began to inhale deeply from the holder, while the Countess unzipped Batgirl's costume and began fondling her breasts. Batgirl closed her eyes again, and when she opened them, they were totally glazed over.

Watching the two, Catwoman asked Poison Ivy, "What did you do to her?"

Poison Ivy replied, "After fully transforming Wonder Woman into the Countess, I turned her into a smoker and commanded that she would always smoke with her holder. Since I'm the only person who can naturally produce my new pheromone, I crystallized some and inserted it into that cigarette holder. Now, any smoke which goes through it takes on the power of the mind-control pheromone." Batgirl, smoking from the Countess' cigarette holder, began to moan as she was becoming aroused from the Countess' touch. "Of course, it takes a moment longer to take effect than the pheromones directly, and the Countess will have to get women to smoke from the holder to totally bring them under our power, but as you see, she can do that quite easily."

"Purrrfectly delightful", said Catwoman as she watched the two.

After putting her fingers up Batgirl's vagina and making her cum, the Countess called Catwoman and Poison Ivy over, and then the three evil women began the transformation of Batgirl.


Chapter 2

Electra Woman and Dynagirl are having more then computer problems.

"This is just Elektra-terrific," muttered Dyna-Girl. The Elektra-computer had been driving her and Elektra-Woman nuts the past couple of days, it wouldn't work properly. Dyna-Girl thought that ordinarily the girls' lab tech, Frank, would be able to fix the problem in a jiffy, but Frank had left a few weeks ago for a better job...Bruce W-something Enterprises...and left them alone to deal with their technical difficulties.

Anyway, he wasn't there now, and it was up to her to fix it. Lori/Elektra Woman had left a little while ago to go down to the office and work on the magazine, and Judy/Dyna-Girl had promised her that she would get the Elektra-computer up and running by the time she got back. First, she had tried to trash and reload the system software (they had recently upgraded to Windows 98 and it was giving them no end of trouble), then she tried to clear the whole system and reload everything from backup files. Since neither of those two solutions had worked, Dyna-Girl figured that there must be a physical problem with the machine...

So here she was, two hours later, lying underneath the supercomputer mainframe with a few boards pulled out, trying to see what the problem was. And so far she hadn't gotten anywhere. I gotta get this thing working or Elektra-Woman is gonna kill me. Indeed, with the Elektra-computer down, the two heroines couldn't keep track of what happened in the city, and most of the automated systems in their hideout didn't work properly.

If only Dyna-Girl had been standing up at that moment instead of lying under the large computer mainframe, she might have noticed the figures slipping quickly through one of the secret outer entrances, and into the hideout. With the Elektra-computer out of commission, no alarms sounded at all.

"Hello, Dyna-Girl."

Dyna-Girl was startled by the voice, she had been so busy concentrating and trying to fix the computer, she hadn't heard Elektra-Woman come in. Quickly, Dyna-Girl patched up what she had pulled apart in the computer as she tried to come up with some excuse for why the machine wasn't fixed. "Elektra-Woman, I thought you had a lot of work to do on the magazine, I didn't expect you back so soon."

"Dyna-Girl, why don't you come out from underneath there."

Resigned to her fate, Dyna-Girl finished putting the case over the internal parts and crawled out from underneath the Elektra-computer...and stopped.

Standing above her prone body, Dyna-Girl saw a redheaded woman who looked nothing like Elektra-Woman. She wore bright red, knee-high stiletto boots, red vinyl shorts, and a black vinyl top with a red bat-like logo that stretched across her huge breasts. She had long, colored nails, and she wore a bright red shade of lipstick to match her outfit.

"Elektra-yikes," Dyna-Girl exclaimed as she jumped to her feet, "who are you?"

"I am Vixen...and I am here for you, Dyna-Girl."

Dyna-Girl struck a classic superhero posture. "What do you mean by that?"

Vixen was impressed by the size of Dyna-Girl's breasts as she stuck them out in her "hero" stance. "My, you do have big titties, my dear, don't you? I am here to relieve you of your life as you know it, and introduce you to a much more rewarding and enjoyable one."

Dyna-Girl didn't know what Vixen meant by that, but didn't like the sound of it anyway. She tried to throw a punch at Vixen, but the woman easily dodged and deflected the shots. Dyna-Girl, seeing that she was outmatched and beginning to show fear, tried to make a run for it. The young woman was very quick, getting away from Vixen and almost making it out for the room, when there was a loud CRACK and she crashed to the ground as a whip tied around her ankles.

"Now, we can't have you leaving already, my pretty," said Catwoman as she emerged from the shadows. She and Vixen approached the downed heroine. As the two women lifted Dyna-Girl to her feet, the fallen heroine knew she was in trouble. "Now," Catwoman asked, "where is your partner, Elektra-Woman?" Dyna-Girl tried to look strong in the face of her adversaries and said nothing. "Come now, my pretty, I'm going to find out eventually anyway." The evil feline ran her clawed finger along Dyna-Girl's inner thigh, then ventured up a little higher. "Tell Catwoman where Elektra-Woman is."

Dyna-Girl shuddered as, even though she despised the woman's touch, she could not ignore the wave of pleasure that rushed through her. For a moment she was lost in her inner desires and almost wanted Catwoman to touch her again, when the reality of her situation took hold of her and brought her back to reality. "Never," she shouted, "I'll never betray my friend to you!"

"Yes, you soon will. Vixen?" With that, Vixen, who had circled around in back of Dyna-Girl, wrapped her arms around the young woman and held her tight. Dyna-Girl's head and legs flailed as she tried to break free, but Vixen was too strong for her.

"Hold her steady," commanded Catwoman as she slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a small device. Vixen controlled Dyna-Girl's movements so that she could not even struggle. With that, Catwoman passionately kissed Dyna-Girl and snaked her tongue into the woman's mouth as she placed a small, quarter-sized disc-like device to her forehead. Once in place, the hypno-inhibitor disc went to work, draining from Dyna-Girl any will or ability to resist, and putting her in a deep trance.

Initially developed by the former Soviet Union, the hypno-inhibitor discs had been used during the Cold War to gain information. Members of the Soviet KGB would kidnap US government workers and turn them into spies. The workers would collect and deliver information to the KGB at the Russian consulate without even knowing what they were doing. The technology and the discs, however, had been stolen years ago by Catwoman. After Catwoman had discovered how the discs worked, she then modified them to further fit her desires. With her alterations, the discs were not only used to implant behavioral alterations, they could be used to completely alter the mind and personality. Each disc had a one-hour time limit, meaning that Catwoman had up to one hour to make changes in her subjects. Any commands given became fact and were accepted as the truth. She could even write over previous commands she gave with new information if an idea came to her during the transformation.

The only way to make the alterations permanent, however, was to make the individual give in to their sexual desires. The intense surge in energy during a climax would cement the new commands in the subject's mind and make the changes permanent. She had used them initially to create and maintain a small army of "kittens"--gorgeous women who were selected by her and transformed into becoming her allies and performing much of her thievery. A disc could only be used on any person once, but unfortunately, each disc could also only be used once, then it was burnt out and useless. For a long time she had wanted to change Batgirl this way, but the heroine's mask had covered her head and Catwoman never gotten the chance to remove it. But Dyna-Girl wore no mask or anything to protect her forehead, so Catwoman had decided to use the last of her treasures--she had just placed her last hypno-inhibitor on Dyna-Girl's forehead.

After a few moments, Catwoman broke her kiss from the young woman. At first, Dyna-Girl had resisted the villainess' intrusion, but as the hypno-inhibitor put her under, she quickly became less and less resistant, or even responsive. Like so many times before, Catwoman gazed for a second at her new "accomplice". Dyna-Girl's face was completely blank. The disc on her forehead began glowing a light green, and soon Dyna-Girl's eyes began glowing the same shade as well. Catwoman knew this to be the sign that she was ready and open to accept her commands.


"Yes," Dyna-Girl responded blankly

"Where is Elektra-Woman?"

"She is not here. She is down at the magazine, doing research on a story."

"When will she come back?"

"She told me she will not be back for at least several hours."

Catwoman laughed with glee at her good fortune. A few hours was all she needed to put her plans into effect here. "Dyna-Girl, who am I?"

"You are the evil villainess Catwoman."

"Yes I am, and I am your Mistress. Do you understand me, Dyna-Girl, from this time forward your life will be devoted to serving me and my allies. You are no longer the superheroine Dyna-Girl, you are the villainess Dynamo. You will do whatever I or Mistress Vixen tell you to do. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress... I am Dynamo... I serve you and Mistress Vixen..."

"Yes you do. And you will now forever leave behind your alter ego of a superhero. You are now totally devoted to evil, and service. And you will serve me in any way I desire."

"Any way you desire...Mistress Catwoman..."

"Yes, and now I desire you to please me, Dynamo," Catwoman purred as she revealed her breast to her new ally. For a moment, Dynamo just stood there, unsure what to do. "I am a lesbian, Dynamo. I desire a woman's touch, it makes me feel so horny and sexy...and now you are too." And as she said it to Dynamo's entranced mind, so it became the truth. "You are a lesbian, desiring only to touch and be touched by female hands. Men mean nothing to you now, and now you will service me."

This time Dynamo, since she was now a lesbian, knew exactly what to do. She eagerly went over to Catwoman and began kissing and sucking her breasts as her hands danced all over Catwoman's body.

While Dynamo serviced her Mistress, Catwoman made a motion for Vixen to join them. While Dynamo sucked Catwoman's breasts, Vixen got underneath her and licked her clit. Catwoman was quickly brought to orgasm, then the three evil women shifted positions to pleasure Vixen, then Dynamo. As Dynamo reached climax, all hopes of ever retrieving Dyna-Girl were washed away. With her orgasm, her new, evil and sexy persona was totally ingrained in her mind and her old self wiped away. When Dynamo recovered from her thunderous climax, the hypno-inhibitor was removed from her head. Her eyes stopped glowing, but what was left was a sinister look. Catwoman made a quick phone call to her hideout to tell her kittens that everything was going as planned and to bring the supplies over, while Vixen turned on the Elektra-Computer and began preparing it for its new use.

Several hours later in the day, Lori finally returned to her home. It had been an exhausting day at work, and she only hoped that Dyna-Girl had been able to repair the Elektra-computer. "Judy? Are you up here?" Lori called out as she entered the house. All was quiet and she got no response. She must still be down in the hideout, still working. Lori went over to the secret panel in the wall and activated the switch to reveal the elevator which went down to their hideout. She stepped into the elevator, and as it dropped to the lower level she said, "Elektra-change!" Which automatically removed her daytime clothes and formed the Elektra-Woman outfit around her body.

When she got down to the hideout level, though, all was quiet and with the lights out she couldn't see a thing. "Dyna-Girl? Are you down here? Hello?"

Elektra-Woman took a few timid steps into the hideout, but almost instantly was assaulted. She felt a swift punch to her stomach, then a kick to her knee that sent her to the ground. Not expecting the attack, Elektra-Woman had had the wind knocked out of her and struggled for breath as she was dragged through the compound. "Dyna-Girl? What's going on? What is this?"

The heroine felt herself thrown into a chair and restrained before the lights came up. Elektra-Woman was now sitting in some kind of reclining chair that had clamps that held her arms, legs, and neck tight. But the most shocking revelation was the person standing in front of her. "Catwoman," Elektra-Woman screamed, "What is the meaning of this? Where is Dyna-Girl? How did you get in here?"

"Calm down, my dear, you're just going to wear yourself out," Catwoman slinked over to Elektra-Woman and came face-to-face with her, "and you'll want all of your strength for later tonight."

"Later tonight? What do you mean? WHERE IS DYNA GIRL!"

"Alas, my sweet, Dyna-Girl is no longer with us."

"You don't mean...you didn't..." Tears began to swell in Elektra-Woman's eyes.

"Now, now, no tears," Catwoman scolded, "Of course I didn't kill Dyna-Girl, that isn't my style. I just made a few alterations to her." With that, the woman that had been Dyna-Girl revealed herself. Elektra-Woman was shocked by what she saw. On her legs the woman now wore ankle-high leather boots and black fishnet stockings. She had on a leather black one-piece bodysuit which was cut at her waist to just barely cover down to her crotch and up to her breasts. On her lips she wore black lipstick, her eyes were shaded with deep-black eyeliner, and the rest of her face was done with makeup to make her look totally, but artificially, perfect. Gone were the childlike pigtails, as her hair was now slicked back to complete the look of a seductress. "Elektra-Woman, meet Dynamo."

"Catwoman, what is going on? Dyna-Girl, what did she do to you? Help me get out of this and we'll teach her a lesson."

Dynamo spoke in a deep, sultry voice that Elektra-Woman had never heard before from her, "It is you who will be taught a lesson tonight, my darling. May I, Mistress Catwoman?"

"Catwoman backed off from Elektra-Woman as she replied, "By all means, my dear, the honor is yours." She moved aside as Dynamo approached Elektra-Woman

"Mistress Catwoman? 'My darling'? Dyna-Girl, let me out of here now!"

Dynamo reclined the chair Elektra-Woman was sitting in so that she was staring upwards at a round screen which had many wires and cables stretching from it, back to the Elektra-computer. Catwoman spoke as the chair moved, "I'll let you in on a little secret, Elektra-Woman. That problem you were having with your computer? It was my fault. I sent a sort of virus to your computer, and it has been rewriting its own software for days, converting itself from your crimefighting computer into part of my conversion chamber."

Once the seat was fully back, Dynamo turned on the screen above Elektra-Woman and a rainbow of lights began to dance in front of Elektra-Woman's face. "You'll...you'll never get away with this."

"Oh but we already have," Catwoman replied, "and very soon my dear, you will be joining us." With that, Dynamo hit a few key commands on the Elektra-computer and a pair of multicolored beams shot out from a point above the screen and into Elektra-Woman's eyes. Elektra-Woman was almost instantly mesmerized by the beams, totally captivated by them and unable to look away. Dynamo leaned down to Elektra-Woman's ear and whispered, "Welcome to the family, my love."

Over the next two hours, Elektra-Woman sat as the screen in front of her reprogrammed her mind and personality into something Catwoman found more fitting. By the end, her new name was simply "Elektra". She was totally devoted to Catwoman's evil cause, and also totally devoted to Catwoman as well. Like all of the other converts, Elektra now only desired a woman's touch. Her longtime lover was Dynamo, but Catwoman was her Mistress and she would serve her at any time, in any way. Her whole life would now revolve around the feline villainess, and her treacherous cause. She dressed exactly like Dynamo now, and Catwoman arranged that the two would work together. They would go to clubs and bars every night, seducing young women and bringing them back to the conversion chamber where their desires could be permanently altered to serve their new Mistress.

Chapter 3

Supergirl goes looking for the missing heroines.

Flying high above "The City", Supergirl was making her daily sweep to check on criminal activity. Crime had been relatively quiet lately, especially since the appearance of that big guy in the blue suit who jumped from building to building while his moth-suited sidekick flew alongside. What was his name? He had come on so recently, Supergirl couldn't remember what he went by. Point was, he did help out, but it came at a price. Every night, Supergirl could trace the path he had taken by seeing the damaged rooftops and cracked walkways. It was almost getting to the point where it would be her job and the job of the other superheroes to clean up after this guy.

Ah, well, at least that was the easier job of the two. Supergirl would much rather perform cleanup duty and public relations than fight some new maniac with delusions of world conquest. The only thing nagging the back of her mind was the disappearance of Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Their last messages both said they were going after Catwoman, and neither had been heard from since. It was not all that unusual for a hero or heroine to go 'undercover' for a while to bring a villain down, but their messages had said nothing of that.

So here she was, cruising the skies while using her x-ray vision to scan the area for her friends. Her effectiveness was severely hampered by the presence of lead in almost every building, but at least she was able to verify a few areas where the heroines were not.

A sudden ringing in her ear jolted Supergirl from her casual flying and made her pause in midair. "Supergirl," spoke a female voice. Kara was unsure where the words had been spoken from, but was definite that her name had been spoken. "With Superman gone from the city, there is only one creature with less than four legs that can hear this message, and that's you Supergirl." Ah, an ultra-high frequency message that only her ears could hear. "I have important news for you, Supergirl."

"Who are you? Where are you?", Supergirl said outloud, even though she knew the sender could not possibly hear her.

"I am a friend. I want to help you. I know what has happened to your friends, Batgirl and Wonder Woman."

"Where are you," Supergirl said again.

"Come to the nightclub Untamed Desires tonight, Kara, and I will find you."

Supergirl did not recognize the mysterious voice, but was sure that if whoever it was knew her real name, then she must be a friend. After pausing for a moment longer, Supergirl flew off towards her apartment. It would be a little while before the local nightclubs opened for business, but she needed to take care of some business. After all, if it were a trap, she at least wanted to be able to blend into the crowd as Linda Danvers.

A short distance away, Poison Ivy and the Countess looked out the window of a hotel suite. They had set up the UHF transmitter in the room to send the message and had also lined the room with a thin layer of lead to prevent discovery. Both women were dressed in conservative attire to mask their identities and get into the room, and were both now glad to see that their efforts had paid off. Poison Ivy set down the microphone and smiled wickedly as she watched Supergirl fly off into the sunset. "Soon, my dear," said Poison Ivy as she stuck her fingers down into the Countess' dress and into her thong, "soon she will be one of us. Have you made the arrangements?"

The Countess rolled her eyes at Poison Ivy's touch and responded back. "Everything has been prepared. All of the equipment is in place, and the entire staff at the nightclub has been converted to our cause."

In a few hours, Supergirl would no longer be a threat.

Later on that night, Linda Danvers casually walked down the street to the nightclub she had been told to go to. She had not had any clothes that would have allowed her to fit in with the club crowd, so she had spent the last two hours doing some quick shopping at a local 'adult store'. The real trick had been getting clothes to help her fit the part but which she could also hide her superhero costume under. She now wore knee-high black vinyl boots, and a tight leather mini-skirt. Linda had not been able to find any top that would have fit her costume under it, so had had to settle for a jacket which cover her heroine outfit. In addition, to help her blend in she had frizzed up her hair slightly to make it bigger than she normally kept it.

Walking to the club now, she thought there was no way anyone but a close friend would be able to recognize her. Having looking into the mirror before she left, she had barely been able to recognize herself. With her outfit and heavy eye makeup, she looked totally foreign to the Linda Danvers that everyone knew.

As she got into line, she noticed three pretty girls going in with their dates as a couple guys left the club. The bouncers at the front door were two big guys who looked tough enough, but Linda was sure she would have absolutely no problem with them if things went bad inside.

One of the bouncer held his hand up to his ear like he was listening to an earphone, then looked over at Linda. He approached her, "You Linda, Linda Danvers?"

Linda was amazed that anyone had been able to recognize her, especially in this light and with all the makeup she had on.

"Yes, that's me," she replied

"Go right on in, you're expected"

Instantly Supergirl's suspicions were raised. She was sure she didn't know the owner or manager of the club, but she figured they were the only two that could have been on the other end of that earphone. Cautiously, she entered the club.

Inside, she saw a large a dance floor with guests moving to a heavy dance beat. In a few places there were raised dance platforms where paid dancers enticed the crowd to join in the action. One corner of the floor had a bar, and she saw the one-way glass from which the owner and management must watch the action. She tried using her x-ray vision to see into the room beyond, but could not. "Damn," she thought, "how is anyone going to find me in all this? At least I look the part." Indeed, as Linda walked down the steps to the dance floor, she did blend right in. Folks were dressed in all sorts of outlandish attire meant to show off their bodies, as they grooved to the beat.

Alcohol didn't affect her kryptonian metabolism so Linda figured she would begin the evening at the bar. At least if she anchored herself to one spot, she would be easier to find by whomever was looking for her.

As she went across the floor, Linda could not help but move to the beat a little bit. A couple of times a group tried to bring her into their dance group, but she politely backed off. When Linda got to the bar, she ordered a bloody mary from the well-endowed woman bartender as she turned her back to watch the crowd. Unfortunately, when she turned around, she didn't see the woman drop some kryptonite dust along with other chemicals into her drink.

Soon, Linda relaxed a little while she sipped her drink. As a matter of fact, she found herself relaxing a little too much. A few times she had to catch herself from swaying to the music too much and loosing her train of thought, as she began to wonder if maybe her body really might be affected by alcohol.


Linda was almost startled by the voice next to her. She turned to see a startlingly beautiful, tall brunette. She wore ankle-high white boots, tight red shorts and a red halter top. "Umm....hello...," Linda managed to say back. She could not believe how pretty this woman was.

The brunette moved closed to Linda. "My name is Ursula. What's yours?"

"L-L-Linda", Supergirl said back. Her head was indeed spinning slightly, something she had never experienced before. Supergirl knew that something was wrong here, but couldn't figure out what.

Ursula looked at Linda's empty glass, then into her eyes. "Can I buy you a drink?"

Supergirl just stared back into her eyes. Ursula had wonderful, deep, hypnotic eyes. The back of her mind now knew something was really wrong here, but could not command her body to do anything about it.

"Yesss.......Bloooody.....Maaary.....", she droned back.

Ursula reached over, the new drink having already been prepared for her prey, never breaking eye contact with the young woman she had before her. She brought the glass up to Supergirl's lips and suggested, "Drink up, my sweet." Slowly, hypnotically, Linda took the glass and began drinking it down, but never breaking contact with those lovely eyes.

When Linda finished the drink, Ursula said, "There, that was good, wasn't it? Wouldn't you like to dance?" Supergirl just stared into Ursula's eyes as she was led into the middle of the dance floor. When they got there, she music had changed to a slow, rhythmic, erotic beat. Ursula began the dance by moving up close to Linda, swaying her hips back and forth and she rubbed her breasts against Linda's jacket, then reaching down and running her fingers up her legs. It wasn't long before Supergirl was totally entranced by Ursula, and moved her body in sync with the music, running her hands through the woman's thick hair and down her back.

For ten minutes Linda Danvers danced, spellbound with Ursula. If she had looked up, she would have seen Poison Ivy at the top dance tower, spreading her pheromones through the crowd. If she had paid attention, she would have noticed that the lights put on an entrancing light show. If she had listened carefully, she would have heard the hypnotic message running through the music. And if she had looked around, she would have noticed that all the men had left the club. But Supergirl was blind to all of these things, her full attention now on her dance partner.

When the music ended, Supergirl's arms were wrapped around her dance partner and their faces were only inches apart. "Ladies," a voice said above her head. Ursula looked up at the voice, and Supergirl's eyes also drifted upwards toward the sound. She saw the villainness Poison Ivy standing atop a dance platform "Enjoy yourselves."

With those words, all of the women in the club began to run up against each other, exploring each other's bodies with their fingers and tongues. Ursula leaned in and kissed Supergirl on the lips. Supergirl returned the kiss, and for a moment their tongues moved around each other, until Ursula attempted to undo her jacket.

Although the heroine's resistance had been reduced by the drink and her mind hypnotized by the lights, she still had a deep-rooted desire to conceal her secret identity. She couldn't quite remember why it mattered, but Kara knew that if she took her jacket off, she would reveal her true identity. "Come, my dear, let's take that jacket off," said Ursula. The way she said it made Supergirl want to comply, but she knew there was a reason why she couldn't.


The orgy of lovemaking between the women in the club continued, but everyone seemed to back away from Ursula and Linda. "Why can't you," asked Ursula as she backed away from Kara. "Don't you want to?" It was true, Supergirl did want to. She wanted to very much. Supergirl just stood there in the middle of the floor as her mind wrestled with the wonderful sensations assaulting it. She had to keep her jacket on, but she also wanted to please Ursula. She wanted to please her in any way she asked.

A few feet from the heroine, Ursula grinned evilly as everything was coming together. She began twirling in place and in a moment there was a flash of light. 'Ursula' was gone, replaced by The Countess. She stared deeply into Supergirl's eyes as she again approached the young woman.

"Why don't you take your jacket off. Reveal yourself to 'the Countess'." Supergirl's will was almost completely robbed from her as she stared into the Countess' orbs. The Countess took a deep puff from her cigarette holder and blew smoke into Kara's face as she repeated, "reveal yourself."

Smelling the intoxicating smoke, Supergirl took one deep breath, as things seemed to become clearer again. Yes, she needed to reveal herself to the Countess, and do anything else she desired. Kara unzipped and removed her jacket, showing off her superheroine identity. The Countess continued, "Now the rest of your disguise." Supergirl was only too willing to take off all of her disguise clothing, and in a moment the heroine stood her normal self in front of the villainess. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the fabric of her outfit.

"Now then, my dear," the Countess said as she offered her holder to the kryptonian, "would you smoke from this please." Supergirl accepted, and within a few puffs, was an expert smoker. When she gave the cigarette holder back to the Countess, her eyes were glazed over almost clear-white. Her mind was totally open to all the Countess had to say. "Now that your secret identity has been revealed, I don't suppose you can be Supergirl anymore, can you?" The Countess continued to blow smoke at Supergirl, removing all hopes of resistance.

Of course she couldn't, she her enslaved mind thought, she could not be Supergirl now.

"Wouldn't you like to join us, Supergirl? Yes, I think you would like to join us. You want to join us. You will join us and become an evil villainess." As soon as the words came out of the Countess' mouth, they seemed like the best idea on the world to Supergirl. "Doesn't that sound nice, Sexygirl?"

"Wonderful....", she said back with an evil smile forming on her lips

"You are now the villainness named Sexygirl. You are a member of our evil cult, and will forever remain committed to our cause. Do you understand, Sexygirl?"

The new villainness eagerly took in all the Countess told her. "Yes, I understand."

The Countess began massaging one of Sexygirl's breasts as the two women locked in a passionate kiss. Before the end of the night, Supergirl's transformation into Sexygirl was complete as the Countess and Poison Ivy introduced her to the joys of girl/girl sex. Sexygirl would relish her new role as a sexy villainness who would use her new powers to seduce and alter women to join her cause.

Chapter 4

Lois Lane was busy investigating items about the Superheroines Disappearing.


Lois looked up, irritated that once again she had been interrupted from her work for an in-house photo-shoot. She had just gotten in and wasn't in the mood to deal with Olsen since she hated getting her picture taken. What had caught her off-guard, though, was that the voice had not been that of Jimmy, but rather a woman. She flashed her pearly whites as the camera flashed, then was lowered to reveal the face of a stunning blonde.

"Lois Lane?" she asked. Lois nodded slightly as a hand came out to greet her. "Hi, I'm Vicky Vale." I've been sent here to the Daily Planet as part of a story being done on news reporters."

"News reporters? How exciting," Lois said sarcastically, "why would anyone be interested in news reporters." Then she thought that maybe this woman was here was part of some nutcase group out to discredit the news. "Remember, we just report it, we don't make it."

Vicky seemed to see the direction Lois was going in. "Oh, don't worry, this is totally legit." She handed her business card over to Lois. the card seemed professional, and it did say she was a photographer.

"So, Vicky, who hired you to do this story?"

"The Times. It seems they liked my work doing 'L.A. Confidential', and decided I would be right for this."

Lois shrugged that off. OK, so she was here to do work. That didn't mean she could take up all of Lois' valuable time. "Well, Vicky, if there's anything I can help you with, let me know." With that, she set back to work doing her latest story.

"Actually, you can. Your one of the hottest reporters in Metropolis, but I've also been sent to get shots of some guy named 'Clark Kent'."

Lois gritted her teeth together at just the mention of his name. "Sorry, honey, he's out of town. He gone on some 'extended assignment'. Been gone for a couple weeks now."

"Do you know where he went?"

"Nope, not even Perry will tell me anything." It should have been me! ,Lois thought. I've been working my butt off at this job far longer than him, but somehow he got this 'big-time assignment'. Right now he's off god knows where doing god knows what, but it's gotta be better than where I am right now. When he gets back I'm sure he'll just rub the story in my face, and make me feel wonderful about it.


"What?" Lois suddenly looked up. Thinking about Kent for a minute had distracted her, and she hadn't realized that her face was twisted into a sour look. "Sorry, just distracted for a moment."

"It's OK, happens to me all the time." She continued to take shots all over the office. "You don't mind if I get a few more of you, do you?"

"I guess not, go ahead," Lois replied. She tried to get back to work, doing some typing at her computer, but the camera going off was just so distracting. After a few minutes she gave up on getting anything done and looked up into the camera. Every few seconds a shot went off, and Lois could not help but be distracted by the flash. Every few seconds, then a bright flash. It was almost enough to hypnotize a person, she thought. Funny, there seemed to be an odd after-effect left from the flash that Lois kept having to blink away.

After a short while of watching her, Lois asked, "What is that flash on your camera. It seemed give a strange after-image."

"Oh, that's a new type of flash, my boss gave it to me this morning. She said it would allow me much more...control....over what I get." That seemed like a normal enough answer to Lois, and she went back to work.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Vicky exclaimed after she was done and packed her gear up, "when do you get off work? I think we should get together tonight!"

Lois glared at the blonde. "And why should we do that?"

"You know, so I can take more pictures of you. In a more relaxed atmosphere. I've got plenty here of 'Lois the News Reporter', why don't we offset that with shots of 'Lois the Normal Person'?"

Lois looked wary at the suggestion, and wondered what the blonde had in mind. She didn't have enough time in her work day to deal with this photographer, and she didn't like getting her picture taken all that much. Lois was therefore shocked to hear herself say "OK." Why had she said that? She hadn't meant to.

"We can do it at your place," Vicky suggested, "you'll be in a totally relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and I get take some 'natural' pictures of you."

"I'll see you at seven." What??!?! Why the hell had she said that? Lois wrestled with it in her mind for a minute, but by the time she made up her mind to cancel the whole thing, Vicky was gone. Great, she thought, now I'm locked into it. I'll just greet her, let her take two of three shots, and get rid of her quickly. Hopefully I can get her out after only 10 or 15 minutes. After that thought Lois quickly forgot all about her morning encounter with Vicky as her work day started. Something strange had been going on in 'The City' lately. Many of the local superheroines had been disappearing in recent weeks, and no one knew the cause. She spent the whole day running around town and talking with people, trying to get some kind of lead on a story, but in the end come up empty.

Lois Lane went home exhausted. Her busy day had fried her brain and she had totally forgotten about Vicky. She was completely surprised when the doorbell rang at 7 o'clock.

"Hello, Lois," Vicky said, standing in the doorway with her camera ready and towing a large bag. She snapped off a quick picture of Lois in the doorway, to which Lois gave an embarrassed look. She didn't mind getting her picture taken, but it wasn't her favorite thing in the world.


"May I come in?"

"Well, actually, I was really thinking that..."

Vicky held up her camera and activated the flash in Lois' eyes.

"....that we maybe should...."

She triggered the flash again.




*Flash* *Flash*

"....yeah....sure, come on in"

The next thing Lois knew, Vicky was standing in the arch to her living room, camera in hand, with the large gym bag over her shoulder. How did she get in here, Lois thought. I must have blacked out for a minute while she came in.

"Lois," Vicky said in a voice deeper and more sultry than she remembered for that morning, "why don't you come and sit down on your sofa." That sounded like an OK idea to Lois. "So we can start taking pictures." Now it sounded like a really good idea to Lois. She could get her picture taken.

Lois moved over to her sofa and curled up in the corner.

Vicky started taking pictures. "That's it......"*Flash*"........that's good......"*Flash*"........act totally natural .." *Flash* ".....totally....." *Flash* ".....natural......totally...." *Flash* "......relaxed......" *Flash*. Lois was indeed relaxing and enjoying the photo shoot. She did always like it when people took her picture.

"Yes," Vicky continued as she kept flashing the camera, "you feel very good now....." *Flash* "very relaxed.... *Flash* ....soo..... *Flash* .........very.... *Flash* *Flash* ...... relaxed...... *Flash* ...... mmmm.... *Flash* ......so....... *Flash* *Flash* *Flash*.......sexy......."

What had she said, the back of Lois' mind said. Feel sexy? *Flash*

What the hell? *Flash* What was that all about?

Lois thought she had blanked out, because the next thing she knew Vicky was standing in front of her, but she wasn't wearing her business suit anymore. The blonde bombshell now had on a pair of knee high black leather platform boots. She wore a thin leather thong and tight black bra which seemed to accentuate her beautiful breasts even more. Unlike the Vicky who had walked through the door with conservative makeup on, this Vicky had the overly-madeup face of a hooker.

"What's going on," Lois asked in a meek voice. *Flash* "What are you doing, Vicky?" *Flash* *Flash* "What are ...... *Flash* ....you.... *Flash* *Flash* .......doing......to......me......"

Vicky turned around and reached into the bag. She pulled out a boxlike device and then set in on the table in front on Lois. The box began flashing, beaming a strobe-light effect into Lois Lane's eyes. Lois just stared into the light. Indeed, she was unable to do anything else.

Her face lost all character and went totally blank, and her eyes glazed over as she quickly fell totally under the power of the hypno-strobe.

Vicky put the camera down as she began talking, "'Vicky Vale' is no longer who I am. It is my old name, the one I had before the Electra and Dynamo transformed me." Lois heard all this, but was unable to react.

"I am now known as 'Charm'. I like it better. It allows me more control over my life....and more control over others as well." Lois' mind was almost on standby, she was accepting everything she was told. "With my new camera flash, I can charm peoples minds, make them more open to suggestion. I can make people, particularly beautiful women, do anything I want." She leaned in and stroked Lois' hair. "I made you open to my suggestions....to my ways....." She began undoing Lois' blouse. "You are open to my ways....Lois.....you are open to me....."

Lois' entranced mind openly took in everything she was hearing,

"...open....to....you", she replied with a blank face.

Vicky/Charm opened Lois' blouse, reached around and unsnapped her bra.

"You will be mine.....my pet.....my slave...." She cupped Lois' breasts and began massaging them.


"You will do anything I tell you, anything I command."


She undid her own bra and let it drop away as she rubbed her own breasts against Lois'. Charm kissed the hypnotized reporter, snaking her tongue into her mouth. They kissed long and hard while Lois' enslaved mind began assimilating in her new role. When Charm reached under and felt up Lois' dress, she began assimilating that in as well.

"Open your mind to me," Charm whispered into her ear. "You are mine....I am your Mistress......you will do as I command......you are my sexy little lesbian slut-slave and you will do my bidding."

Charm turned down the power of the hypno-strobe. Lois' mind became active again as she began to respond to the commands while still being influenced by the light.

"Oh yes.....my Mistress........my Queen......I will do anything for you." Lois Lane's identity was quickly melting away as she accepted her new role. She was becoming a slut-slave to this women. She would never want to be anything else again. Charm was her new goddess and Lois would willingly do anything for her.

"Wouldn't you like to pleasure your mistress, to show her how much you love her?"

"Oh yes, my mistress....I want to do anything you want, to be anything you want." Lois eagerly pulled down Charm's thong and put her fingers up her Queen's pussy.

"But you can no longer be Lois Lane. Lois Lane is a news reporter and you are just an evil little lesbian who enjoys serving me." Of course she couldn't be Lois Lane anymore, Lois thought, that was the stupidest idea she had ever heard. Charm took a necklace out of her bag. It was very beautiful and held a deep blue gem in the center. She put the necklace on Lois, binding the woman to her own Mistress' evil cause.

"You will now be Sapphire, a willing servant to the Countess' evil empire."

With that, Charm shut off the hypno-strobe. Lois's eyes returned to normal, but by then she was no longer Lois Lane. The magical gem which now hung around her neck cast it's first spell on the wearer, permanently bonding Sapphire to her new life and making Lois Lane a distant memory. The woman who had been Lois eagerly dove her face into her new Mistress's pussy and began licking her clit as Charm continued to finger Sapphire's bush. By the next morning, there was nothing left of Lois Lane in the woman's mind. She wore a completely different outfit now, one which suited her new role and lifestyle better as she became the newest villainess to join the Countess' growing coven. Sapphire's role as the Charm's little slut would never change. She would serve her or any of her new Mistresses. But the gem gave her power, and Sapphire would quickly learn to use that power. The only question was, who she would use it on first....


Chapter 5

Black Cat is out busy stopping crime with so many other heroines missing and she finds new crime at city hall.

 Gliding effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop, the Black Cat was making her rounds of "The City". Things seemed to have definitely gotten dangerous lately, with many of The City's superheroine guardians disappearing. But there had been no recent reports of a supervillain let loose, no big, badass robot lurching down the streets, no terror coming down out of the sky to destroy humanity. In short, no reason for heroines to be disappearing.

Black Cat was certain that they had not just 'given up' being heroes, and there was no way they could have all fallen into the same trap. Even if they had, there would have been something in the paper or on the news about it.

But still, they seemed to have just up and.....vanished.

The recent events certainly didn't frighten Black Cat. After all, she was a big girl, and could take care of herself. After having gone up against evil entities such as Venom and Carnage, she was a seasoned heroine who was aware of the dangers of her profession, not a wide-eyed beginner with an overblown ego. No, she wasn't scared, it's just that it seemed to add to the workload of everyone left. Already tonight she had stopped a robbery, and busted up a drug deal. Funny thing, though....in both incidents, it had only been women involved. And all the women seemed to have lead good, clean lives up to that point. The robbery attempt had been committed by a young lawyer, and the drug deal had involved some new policewomen who seemed to have worked on the side as hookers. Very odd, to say the least.

Moving to the next rooftop, some movement caught Black Cat's eyes. Looking up, she could the the form of a caped woman flying through the sky, silhouetted against the full moon. "Well, at least I still have some friends left," she thought. Black Cat had rarely worked with Supergirl in the past, but after all, they were both on the same side of the law and could depend on each other if things got really tough.

Without even thinking too much about where she was going, Black Cat suddenly found herself right next door to the mayor's mansion. "Not likely," she thought, "that there will be much crime around here. The cops usually take extra precautions to protect the mayor and her husband." Indeed, looking down to the street below, she could see a number of police women moving about around the mansion.

It was a that point that she noticed something strange about the mansion...there was loud music being played inside. And not the sort of classical or easy listening tunes the mayor was known for enjoying, this sounded more like techno, dance music. Taking a closer look at the mansion, she could see strange colored lights coming from the lower level windows.

"Must be some kind of party," she thought. "Well, the major does seem to work hard enough, I suppose she is entitled to unwind and throw a big bash every now and then. Still...." Black Cat just couldn't believe the mayor would ever act this way. Oh, sure, she was good at her job after having been the youngest woman ever elected to office, but never in a million years would she have expected to see a woman of her nature throwing a party, the likes of which seemed to be coming from the mansion. "I'll just take a quick peek, to make sure everything's ok." With that, Black Cat swiftly and silently made her way down to a nearby window. Quiet as she had been, though, she had no idea she had already been spotted by forces that would move against her that night....

Looking in through the second-floor glass, Black Cat could see a number of people moving about inside. It certainly did seem to be a big party inside, there was music blasting as bodies moved to the heavy beat. And there were also an amazing rainbow of colors flashing throughout the place. All in all, a scene that Black Cat would much more have expected from a local night club than from a young, straight-minded mayor. But nothing there was illegal. Just seemed to be people having..a....good.......time..........

Black Cat had to blink herself awake as she almost fell from her perch. The lights inside almost seemed to have a hypnotic effect on her. She blinked her eyes again a few times and told herself to focus on her job, and not get caught up by the atmosphere inside. She tried to filter out the music and lights and study more the people in the windows, and that was when it hit her, that everyone inside seemed to be female. Black Cat did a double-take when she first realized it. Yes, there were only women inside. And some of those women....Black Cat had to admit, some were VERY well-endowed. In fact, most women she could see had very well-sized breasts, which they all seemed to enjoy flaunting into each other's faces as they danced with each other.

Some were even rubbing breasts against one another. And in the corner, she could even see two women kissing while their fingers were in each other's pussies. Ordinarily, Black Cat would have been disgusted and repulsed by such a scene, but with the flashing lights dulling her mind and the muffled, subliminal command-laced music echoing in her ears, she could not help but stare for a moment in awe. Before coming to her senses again, she even began feeling a warm tingle between her legs and moved her fingers between...her....thighs......

"Come on, girl, get a hold of yourself," she commanded as she turned away from and window and realized what she was doing. Looking up towards to roof she now saw, in contrast to all the music and lights coming from the lower floors of the mansion, an ordinary, white light was on in the mayor's bedroom. Quickly, Black Cat moved up to the top floor to take a look in. She looked down through the sky light to see the mayor, in very conservative business attire, seeming to slave away at her computer. The superheroine definitely thought something was wrong here, but had no idea what, and worse, didn't know what to do. After a moment's pause, she decided. She knocked on the skylight. "Um, excuse me....Mrs. Mayor....." She tried to be quiet and subtle, she didn't want to scare to woman to death (it's not every day you find people knocking on your skylight window), but the mayor turned around very calmly to look at the black-clad superheroine.

"Oh, Black Cat. What a wonderful surprise. Won't you come in, my dear?" The mayor moved to the wall to activate the controls that opened the window.

"What can I do for you?"

The Black Cat hesitated only for a moment, then dropped to the floor. "Well, Mrs. Mayor, I just wanted to ask you about what's going on downstairs. It seemed very....how shall I say...weird."

"Downstairs? Why, there's nothing going on downstairs. What do you mean?", the mayor droned.

"Mrs. Mayor...you've got to be kidding. There's a party going on down in the lower levels of your mansion. Don't tell me that you don't know anything about it."

"Oh that....oh, its nothing, just a few friends having a good time."

"Having a good time???" Black Cat was shocked. "Your 'friends' are engaging in lewd behavior in front of windows for all to see! You could be arrested right now!"

Just then another two more women entered the room. One was a redhead wore a small, green and leaf-like mask, while the other had on red boots, shorts, and a black corset top with a red bat logo stretched across it, all in vinyl.

"Poison Ivy," Black Cat said as she eased her way away from the mayor and into a fighting stance, "I suppose you're the one behind all this. And who is your friend with you?"

"It's good to see you again, Black Cat," Poison Ivy replied. "I'm hardly the only one 'behind all this'. I simply helped get things off the ground. You'll have to thank 'The Countess' for masterminding our whole operation here."

"'The Countess'?? That's a new one, who is she?" Black Cat asked.

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry, you haven't been kept up to date on the super villainess staff meetings lately. Let me bring you up to date," Poison Ivy explained as she walked toward Black Cat and the mayor. "For a long time we have tried to get away with many so-called 'evil schemes' in the City, which you heroines have always thwarted. Many times we have tried to 'do away' with you, but you always manage to get out of our slow-moving and easily-escapable traps. So rather than try to kill you, have have begun a program to make you more like us. You have not seen Wonder Woman for quite some time. Want to know why? She doesn't exist anymore, we transformed her into The Countess. Likewise, you don't know where Batgirl disappeared to, do you?"

Black Cat could not believe what she was hearing, seeing the green-clad villainess edge towards her. But after Poison Ivy finished her question, saw Black Cat's waiting face, then pointed toward the woman in black vinyl, Black Cat put all the pieces together. The other woman came over to Ivy has she ran her fingers gently across her face. "Black Cat, meet the former Batgirl. But call her by her new name now, Vixen."

Even as Black Cat realized what had been happening, part of her could not accept it. "No way!", she cried. "No way you could turn Wonder Woman and Batgirl against us."

"Oh, it's really quite simple," Vixen replied, "once Poison Ivy spent a little time with Catwoman, the two came up with a formula for selectively altering personality and opening a mind to suggestion. That's how they changed me."

With that, Poison Ivy opened her palm and blew her pheromone at Black Cat. She did not count on the heroine as being quite so agile, though, and Black Cat seemed to instantly jump across the room to escape the attack. Calmly, Poison Ivy and Vixen began moving toward Black Cat again. "Why don't you just give in," Poison Ivy suggested, "you can't escape, and you'll see life from a whole new perspective in a few moments."

"Fat chance!" Black Cat replied as she made a move towards the door. Vixen moved to block her escape, but that was actually what Black Cat had wanted. With a superhuman leap, she jumped up to the open skylight and quickly made her way onto the roof. Without taking even a second to stop and think, Black Cat ran to the mansion edge and made a leap towards the adjacent rooftop.

By all means, she should have made it. Black Cat was an expert gymnast and had made leaps such as this hundreds of times. What she hadn't counted on, however, was some superhuman intervention. The next thing she knew, she was in the arms of Supergirl.

"My god! Supergirl, am I glad to see you!", Black Cat exclaimed. "I need your help! I know what has been going on! Superheroines are being captured and put through some kind of brainwashing to make them turn evil." Supergirl flew on, seemingly oblivious to what Black Cat was saying. "Supergirl, can you hear me? Supergirl?" It was then that she noticed that Supergirl's entire outfit was now made of vinyl, and rather than the skirt she usually wore she had on a small black thong, and she wore her usual bright red but thigh-high boots. Something was definitely the matter. It was then that she realized that Supergirl was not flying her away from the mansion, but rather arcing around back towards it.

"Supergirl! Let me go! What's going on here!", Black Cat protested, but any attempts to escape were totally futile against kryptonian strength. Black Cat was flown back through the open skylight window and tossed onto a nearby bed as Sexygirl landed.

"As you've probably noticed by now," Poison Ivy explained, "Supergirl is no longer Supergirl, she now goes by the name 'Sexygirl', because she's got big tits and wants to have sex all the time. Isn't that right, Sexygirl?"

Black Cat could see Sexygirl eyeing her, as she pulled down her shirt to reveal a huge breast underneath.

"YOU CAN'T GET AWAY WITH THIS! I.....", Black Cat yelled as beams shot out of Sexygirl's eyes, into her own. Black Cat instantly calmed down and sat on the bed, captivated by the colors which seemed to dance in front of her eyes. She could see all the women in the room closing in around her, but for her all that mattered were the lights.

Sexygirl began speaking to the entranced Black Cat. "You see, Black Cat, you can't get away." Black Cat believed her, there was no way she could get away. "If the Countess can turn me from a goody two-shoes into an evil servant, then there is no hope for you." Of course, no hope. "You will become like us. You will serve the Countess."

"Yes...like....you....serve....Countess....", the hypnotized Black Cat replied.

"Yes. And for the moment, you may serve her by serving me." Sexygirl stood in front of the young, mesmerized heroine and offered her breast. Her mind already having been conditioned by the music from below, Black Cat eagerly began licking and kissing Sexygirl's breast. Within moments, a milky substance began coming from Sexygirl's breast which Black Cat eagerly sucked down. While Sexygirl seduced Black Cat, Poison Ivy and Vixen began undressing her. As soon as her vagina was exposed, Black Cat dove her fingers in, eagerly and repeatedly bringing herself to orgasm. Poison Ivy, Vixen, and Sexygirl all smiled at each other. The more she sucked on Sexygirl's breasts, the more her mind and personality slipped away and was replaced with a desire to serve.

"And now, it's time to go forward with our plans for the feline", said Catwoman as she entered a short time later with a large dildo strapped to her crotch. Sexygirl backed away from Black Cat, a woman who by now had almost no memory of her life as a heroine.

"Yes, Mistress Catwoman. How may I serve?", Black Cat

"You may expose yourself to your Mistress," Catwoman replied. The former superheroine opened her thighs, revealing herself to the villainess. "You see, my young apprentice, we all have our own abilities. We each have our own way of taking control of women, controlling them and turning them to our cause," she said as she lay down, pumping the dildo into the woman and quickly bringing her towards orgasm again. "Sexygirl can hypnotize with her eyes and her breasts. Poison Ivy has her pheromones. And you, my little cat..." she said as Black Cat screamed in orgasm, "have your pussy. You are not the Black Cat, you are our little 'Pussy Cat'"

As the Black Cat orgasmed, the tip of Catwoman's dildo opened and spurted a gel deep into her. After Catwoman removed the dildo, the gel in Black Cat/Pussy Cat totally coated her vagina. Within moments Pussy Cat knew what the gel had done to her, it made her pussy give off an unscented but powerful aphrodisiac. Any 'unconditioned' woman in the same room with her would start to feel horny, any woman within 3 feet of her would feel a desire to have sex with her, and any woman within a foot of her exposed pussy would be unable to resist driving her tongue in. By tasting the gel in Pussy Cat, women would transformed into a lesbians. Pussy Cat cackled with glee at her new role. She had no idea of what her life had been before this point, but it didn't matter. What mattered was her future as an evil servant, eager to bring more heroines under the Countess' power.


Thrity miles away, two motorcycles blazed through the countryside. On them Chun-Li and Sonja Blade made their way toward The City.....

Chapter 6

Sonja leaves Chun Li with a flat motorcycle tire, and the Countess' limo stops to 'help' the lovely Asian heroine...

"Dammit!" exclaimed Chun-li as she stood on the side of the road.

"Hey, don't complain. Its no big deal, at least you're still alive," responded Sonja Blade

"Yeah, I guess," replied Chun-li. "But now what am I gonna do?"

The two women who possessed super fighting skills, had been traveling toward The City on their bikes when they had had a close call. While coming around a bend in the road, the two had been suddenly faced with a stretch limo coming right at them in their lane. They had both swerved to avoid getting hit, but Chun-Li had hit a sharp rock and popped a tire. The limo had never even stopped or even slowed down, it's driver seemingly oblivious to the bikes. Now, they stood on the side of the road. Two women, but only one good bike.

"We could always make it into The City together on one bike," Sonja suggested.

"No way! The only time you ever see two women together on a bike is when they're lesbians. And we are NOT lesbians!"

"Well, what do you suggest, then," asked Sonja. "We walk?"

"No, no. You go on alone. We're only ten miles from the edge of The City," Chun-li said as she thought. "When you get there, find a service station and send a tow truck out to pick me up"

"Umm. . . .I don't think a tow truck can be used for a motorcycle."

"Well, have `em send out something that can!", exclaimed Chun-li

"Okay, okay. Keep your panty hose on" replied Sonja in a sarcastic tone.

"Very funny," Chun-li deadpanned.

As Sonja Blade roared off on her bike, Chun-li stood in disgust staring at the tire, as if somehow beaming at the flat hard enough would re-inflate it. Five minutes later, she saw the white limo come back and pull over to the side of the road, 50 yards away.

"What luck," Chun-li thought. "I'm gonna give that driver a piece of my mind." But as soon as she thought it, a police cruiser pulled up in back of the limo, and a police officer quickly got out. Chun-li figured she'd let the cop begin to handle whatever the situation was, and she would casually walk over in five minutes and point out that the limo's driver had run her off the road and caused her to be in her current predicament.

She watched as the situation unfolded. First, the police officer walked up to the driver's window – by now Chun-li could see the officer was a woman by her long red hair tied in a tight braid. She spent a few moments by the driver's window, but then circled around to the passenger side. How odd, Chun-li thought. The officer then continued past the front passenger side door and went to the rear door. With the body of the car in between her and the officer, Chun-li couldn't clearly see what was happening, but it seemed to her that after a moment, the officer bent down and got inside the limo. Chun-li began to sense that something was amiss here, but decided to do nothing. Her fighting skills had, in fact, gotten her in trouble with the law a few times when she had beaten up people she didn't need to. For the next ten minutes she walked around her bike pretending to grumble over her misfortune, while keeping a close eye on the limo. For ten minutes, nothing seemed to happen. And when something did, she really didn't know what to do.


The back door facing Chun-li opened, and out stepped a woman she suspected was the police officer due to the hair color, but now completely different. Rather than her blue uniform, she now wore a bright red mini skirt. Her hair was all frizzed up and big, and on her feet were shiny red knee-high boots 5-inch heels. To top it all off, between her fingers she held a long, slim cigarette. "Okay, something is messed up here, and I'm gonna find out what," thought Chun-li. As she moved, the redhead walked away from the limo and toward the cruiser, while she lit and took a deep drag off her cigarette. "Can I help you?", Chun-li asked as she walked up to the woman. She didn't respond at all, continuing to smoke. The asian didn't like being ignored and spoke up in a louder tone. "Excuse me! I said, can I help you?"

The redhead turned to face her. "Oh, so you did hear me" Chun-li exclaimed. "Didn't you just come out of the cruiser a minute ago, officer? What's going on?"

"I'm not an officer," the woman said. "I'm, like, just a ditzy slut."

"WHAT?!?! No you're not! I JUST saw you get into that limo a couple minutes ago in a police officer uniform. That makes you a cop! Are you undercover or something? Now, officer whatever-your-name-is, I demand to know what's going on here."

The redhead looked at her with a quizzical stare. "Like, why don't you go over to that limousine? I think everything became clear to me over there. Things will become clear to you too," she said while taking another deep puff and exhaling a thick plume of smoke into Chun-li's face.

After coughing a few times, Chun-li recovered and yelled, "I can't believe you did that! Why, I should kick your ass for that! Do you even know who I am?!"

At that point, one of the windows in the rear of the limo opened, and a deep, seductive voice came forth. "Chun-li. . . ." The heroine turned around, shocked to hear her name and wondering where it came from. "Come here, Chun-li" Chun-li's suspicion kicked in. No one knew she was out here, and no one should have been able to call her by name. She began tightening and loosening her muscles, just in case she needed to jump into action. Someone was calling to her from inside the limo, but it was dark inside the car and she couldn't see who it was. She carefully approached the window as the voice spoke yet again. "Yes. . . ..that's it. . . .come over here, Chun-li. . . .come to me. . . " Chun-li was right at the window, just an instant from away from putting her face up to the opening to see who was inside, when the sultry voice suggested, "Join us."

That set off a warning alarm in her head and she backed away from the window, just as a stream of smoke came out. As Chun-li moved away from the door and took up a fighting stance, the rear door of the limo opened and a woman gracefully stepped out. She wore thigh-high black vinyl boots, a black and red vinyl corset, and long black gloves. She had long black hair and her makeup made her face look menacingly beautiful. On her waist was a nasty looking whip, and she was smoking from a very long, black cigarette holder. Chun- li backed up further, putting five feet between the two and asked, "Who are you?"

The woman laughed evilly before inhaling from her holder and blowing smoke into the air between them. "Why, my dahling. I'm surprised you haven't heard about me," she said, then took another puff, "I am the Countess." She moved toward Chun-li as she exhaled, but the heroine backed away again as she threw a pair of spinning crescent kicks to prevent the Countess from moving up on her.

"I may not know much about you, but I do know that statistics of women smoking has gone up drastically around town in the last couple days, and based on what the police officer looked like ten minutes ago compared to what she looks like now," Chun-ji stuck her thumb up and motioned behind her toward the redhead, "I think maybe you had something to do with it."

"Oh, I admit it. I made that former police officer into a smoker," the Countess replied. "But I did much more than just make her smoke. I made her into. . . .a smoking slut. And I'm going to do the same. . . .with you."

"Just try it, you bitch!", Chun-li challenged, and threw a flurry of roundhouse kicks into the air. "I'll bet I'm stronger than you, faster than you, and if you try to fight me, I'll knock the hell out of you!"

The Countess seemed unconcerned by the asian's words, took a deep inhale from her cigarette holder, and again seductively walked towards her. Chun-li prepared to unleash a flurry attack against the Countess, but in her confrontation against this villainess, she had forgotten about the police officer/ slut. The redhead wrapped her arms around Chun-li and held her long enough for the Countess to blow a cloud of smoke into her face.

Chun-li had turned her head to break out of the redheaded woman's hold, pushed her away, and turned around as the cloud enveloped her face. As an experienced fighter, Chun-li knew how important breathing was, and had been taking deep inhales in preparation for a fight. As such, she took in a deep breath of the Countess' smoke. She couldn't help it, she couldn't control it, but the effects were almost instantaneous. Chun-li went light headed, and grew dizzy.

The Countess smiled. Now that another seduction had begun, she was eager to continue. She again took a drag from her holder and blew more smoke into Chun-li's face. The asian woman stood there, stunned, the Countess addressed the redhead. "Thank you for you help, Veronique. Now, go light up another of your wonderful cigarettes, head downtown to the sorority and get set for our plans later tonight."

"Yes. Mistress. As you command." Veronique responded, as she took out another slim, ultra-long cigarette, lit it, got into the cruiser, and drove away.

"Now, my new pet. All I want you to do, is continue to breathe," the Countess said as she continued to take long inhales from her holder and blow them at Chun-li.

"Yes," Chun-li said, dreamily. Her eyes were losing color and going clear white.

The Countess continued between the puffs. "Take in my smoke. The thick, beautiful smoke. Let it envelop you. Let in enrapture you." The Countess took Chun-li by the hand, and led her back toward the limousine. "Let my will become your will, as you become mine."

The Countess again smiled wickedly as Chun-li responded in monotone, "Yes. . . .Countess. . . ."

"Come into my chariot, Chun-li. Let me show you your new life," offered the Countess as she opened the door to the limo. Chun-li could offer no resistanceand did as she was told.

The inside of the limo the most luxurious, and with all-leather interior, was tailored for pleasure. Once inside, the Countess tossed aside a police officer uniform with the name "Lt. Veronika" on it, and turned her back to the mesmerized woman. "Why don't you help me undo my corset, dearie." Chun-li did as she was instructed, and soon the Countess revealed her naked body to the young woman. Now that Chun-li was in an enclosed area with the hypnotic smoke, the effects happened much more quickly. "Kiss me, slut. Kiss my lips. . . .my breasts. Let your hands touch my pussy, slut." The enslaved Chun-li did as she was told. Her hands danced over the Countess' body as their lips met and tongues entwined. After minutes of the most passionate kiss Chun-li had ever experienced, she broke away and began ravaging the brunette's breasts and body as she drove her fingers into the other's vagina. The Countess moaned in pleasure as she took another drag from her holder and again blew smoke at Chun-li. Her eyes were totally glazed over clear white. She was completely enslaved to the Countess.

In the enclosed limo, the hypnotic smoke was much more concentrated, and its effects happened much more quickly. Within minutes, Chun-li was losing her personality, and becoming interested in only girl-girl sex. In fact, at this point she couldn't stand not tasting the Countess' juices, and dove her tongue deep into her vagina. With the touch of an experienced lesbian, Chun-li's mouth closed around the Countess' clit as she sucked in and out, quickly bringing her to orgasm.

After recovering, the Countess sat up and motioned to Chun-li to do the same. The smoking never stopped, and Chun-li moaned with every stream the Countess gave to her. Finally she took a drag from her holder, leaned in and fully kissed Chun-li, and exhaled directly into her mouth. Chun-li inhaled all she could into her lungs. "You enjoy this taste, don't you, my love. You love this smoke," the Countess said. "In fact, you would love to start smoking yourself. Isn't that true, dahling"

"Yes, Countess," Chun-li replied in a deeper, more sinister voice than she had ever spoken before.

After Wonder Woman had been turned into the Countess and become an evil lesbian, she had devoted a great portion of her resources toward improving her accessories. To that end, the day before she had traveled through The City and met up with an old friend of Diana Prince, a gypsy who did everything from reading palms to sorcery. The Countess had enslaved the gypsy, and had her cast her mystical energies onto a great number of cigarette cases and holders. Now, any cigarettes which were encased for an hour, would take on magical properties: they would never burn down. The holders, of course, took on the same hypnotic properties as her own.

Now, the Countess opened a compartment on the side of the limo, and pulled out another 2-foot long black cigarette holder and cigarette case. She inserted a long white cigarette into the holder, took Chun-li's fingers and placed the holder between them, and said, "Welcome to your new life...Dragon Lady."

Chun-li brought the end of the holder to her lips, and inhaled as the Countess lit her cigarette. The taste and feel of the smoke entering her lungs was unlike anything she had ever felt. The moment she felt the sensation of smoke in her body, her mind was permanently altered. All remnants of Chun-li were washed away. In it's place, was the personality of a woman know as the Dragon Lady.

For a few minutes, the two smoked in silence together as the Countess helped her new ally out of her fighting outfit, and into latex boots and gloves similar to her own, but red in color, as she let the Dragon Lady's new personality cement itself in her mind. Then the Countess commanded, "Tell me who you are, and your purpose."

The other woman finished her latest exhale and replied, "I am the Dragon Lady, an evil villainess. I seek what you seek, Countess, to transform all women of the world into lesbian smokers."

The Countess let out an evil laugh, which the Dragon lady joined in on, as the two wicked woman again embraced in a deep kiss.

Outside, the limo drove away, leaving a bike with a flat tire behind.

Is this the end, folks? Can no superheroine stand against the Countess without becoming one of her minions? And for god's sake, will it take another few years before the author of this story writes another chapter?


Tune in next week, same Evil time, same Evil channel...


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