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The joy of sorcery

Learning to be a sorceress, using the energies of the chakras and aura to control and influence others with simple spells

Jacquelyn's story – Part 3
submitted to Mind Mistress Linda

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You are a doll

Once I had begun to see how much I loved subverting others and making them love smoking as much as I did, I felt like I had found my purpose in life. But as I sent reports to Mistress Linda on how I was doing, I started to feel that something was still missing. One day, as I was browsing through Her site, I came across a story called "The Smoky Seduction of Sarah", and it captivated me. The story tells of a woman who abducts her younger sister and, through mind-control, surgery and psychology, turns her into her identical twin (a sexy, smoking slut of course!) I was obsessed with this story for several days, and I started to realize that my desire to subvert others and turn them into smokers was only part of the bigger picture. What I really desired was to become like Mistress Herself, in every way – to look like Her, to act like Her, to think like Her – in short to become Her 'identical twin'!

I confessed this desire to Mistress, and she seemed flattered and agreed to help me. She pointed out, however, that taking on Her form was only the beginning. She had already changed my personality during our earlier sessions (as I discovered later) so that my likes and dislikes, my taste in music, food and clothes mirrored Her own. She said that in order to be like Her I needed to start to be schooled in the ways of magic, which I could add to my subversion techniques, and I eagerly agreed.

A 'New Me!'

Our most significant session thus far began with the usual trance induction. Once I was under, Mistress helped me to visualize what my new body would look like. It was an exact duplicate of Mistress Linda's beautiful body, with one important exception – it had a penis, so I could still remain a sexy shemale and continue to make love to my wife. As I saw the body, drifted closer and closer, She helped me to use what I came to learn was the 'Sight', which allows me to see the colorful auras, which emanate from everyone, and are usually invisible. They are generated by the 'chakras', or power-centers of the body, and the colors show which energy is influencing the person. (Mistress pointed out that I could use this to influence others, and cast spells upon them.) The chakras of my new body were giving off a glow from different areas, where the energy which I could learn to channel would come from – a red glow around the whole body, signifying lust; green from the forehead (the 'third eye', or discernment); a blue glow from the throat (expression); bright red from the heart (emotion); violet at the solar plexus or diaphragm (power); purple from just below the navel (sex);dark red between the legs (life, the root chakra); Finally, there were two more chakras – the 'crown chakra' which looked like a bright light shining down from above on the top of the head, and a base chakra between the feet, merging down into the earth. She showed me that the spiritual energy I would be able to channel flows through my body from the top to the bottom, and the Earth energy from the ground up.

Mistress' note: I had Jacquelyn See her own colors for the chakras. Typically, chakras are taught as a color progression from the perineum (between the anus and genitals) being red, and moving up to orange, yellow, etc. Some teachers like to teach from the book, keeping to the standards. Some prefer to let the student discover for themselves.

As Mistress Linda described the various energy centers of my new body, I felt myself drawing closer and closer to it, gradually merging with it. She started with the 'base' chakra, and I felt myself being drawn upwards and inwards, almost as a tree might take nourishment from the soil. As I passed each chakra in the body, Mistress explained how they would motivate me from now on. The 'sex' chakra makes me desire both men and women. The 'power' chakra gives me the need to control others, to make them into sexy smokers. The 'heart' chakra tells me that I am loved and I love who I have become. The 'throat' chakra gives me the power to affect others with my voice, and make them believe my words. The 'third eye' lets me use the magical Sight to discern the auras of others and see who they really are. Finally, the 'crown' chakra makes me accept my new self and is my ultimate source of power. With a 'CLICK' Mistress 'locked me into' each one, and when She was finished, I was Her physical twin, Lynn! As I looked down, I could see my beautiful new body , feel the weight of my breasts, touch my curves. I admired myself in the mirror, and saw Her lovely face looking back at me. My male body was gone forever, and I had never felt so happy!

Apprentice Sorceress

Now that I looked, felt and thought like Her, Mistress Linda began to teach me how to channel my magical energies as She does. She got me to use my Sight to visualize them, then to focus all the energies along with my desires for smoking to create a 'spell sphere', a ball of magical energy between my hands. I could now give this sphere to anyone, and it would influence their desires and actions to do my will, which was to become a sexy smoker like I was. I loved this idea, and how proud Mistress Linda was of me, and couldn't wait to try it out.

I used this technique to reinforce the desires I had placed in my earlier subjects, not only to want to smoke, to need to smoke, but to love smoking with all their heart and soul. I was able not only to cast the spells while I was alone, but to 'charge' items (such as a pack of cigarettes) which I could then give to them – this would keep the magic at work in them all the time. At this point I began to work on my wife, to start her down the path to not only becoming a sexy smoker, but to accepting me as the sexy girl I now was. With each cigarette she smoked, her attraction to me as a female grew, as well as her lesbian desires. I also started to think that she ought to develop a relationship with my friend Sandy, and thus began a project which is still continuing for me (stay tuned for future updates!)

'Doll Sight'

One other magical technique which Mistress introduced to me was a modification of the Third Eye 'Sight' I had already been using. We came up with the term Doll Sight for this. It involves looking at a person and visualizing them as a hollow shell, an automaton, waiting to be filled with my desires and wishes in the form of magical energy. Realizing that every word they said, every thought they spoke, came from me. As I used this technique with Sandy, her transformation became much quicker and easier. I realized the only barrier to what I could achieve was my own doubts and fears, which Mistress has been helping me to erase as I become more and more confident and self-assured. She is my ultimate role-model, so all I have to do is think "What would Mistress Linda do?" and then my path is clear.

My future goals include becoming a sexy wife at home, and encouraging this budding relationship between my wife and our friend, as well as continuing to create sexy smokers wherever I can. I owe all this to the love and inspiration of Mistress Linda, my 'twin'!

Twin of Mistress

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