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How to get your first erotic hypnosis session

The more I stare, the more I obey

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*SPECIAL for COUPLES*: your partner gets a free session to try it out !
(after you've purchased one or more sessions for yourself)
For confidence, Mistress Training, reducing sexual inhibitions and more!


Please send the text version of the form by email

(There is a technical issue with the automated form further below)

Steps for getting a hypnosis session

1) Prices & Payment Choose the type of session, and consider prices
2) Messaging software

Install Yahoo Messenger

3) Ask for a session

Fill out the Trance Request Form.

Special instructions for phone sessions

4) Schedule and pay

Get an apppointment offer, and then pay to reserve that time slot. Your payment should be at least 24 hours before the session. Otherwise I may assume you're not coming and be somewhere else.

Only make payment once I've agreed to your request, and have given you an appointment time that suits you.


1. Prices & Payment

First make sure you can afford the services or CDs. All prices in US dollars.

Online Text Chat Adult Sessions : $100 per hour, or $400 for 5 sessions (saving $100)
Phone / Skype Adult Sessions : $160 per hour, or $650 for 5 sessions (saving $150)
In Person Adult Sessions : $200 per hour, but you must take an online or phone session first.
(Audio CDs are $50 US each, The prices include regular shipping. Click here for the CD page.)

Therapy, Spirituality and Adventure Hypnosis sessions are about half those prices (See therapy site)

Adventure Hypnosis

Gives you fantasy adventures at the much reduced therapy prices. It's an option I offer for those on a tight budget. You can experience transformation into a woman, live in a cartoon world as an anthro cat girl, or even be a male in these (unlike adult sessions where feminization is required). The only catch is that they cannot contain any erotica. If it's the kind of story that might play on daytime TV, then it's probably okay.

Click here for the Therapy/Spirituality/Adventure session page

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session. Preferably 2-3 days in advance.


Pay by Credit Card

When you click on a button on the credit card payment page, you'll be taken to the Girls-R-Us.tv website for payment processing. The Add To Cart buttons will bring you to the item page on that site so you can add it to your cart.

Then you can either use your browser's back button to go back to the hypnoticwishes payment page to add something else, or go to checkout. (The continue shopping button only brings you back to the item page on girls-r-us)

You will find a charge to: Natural 1 Enterprises, Inc. on your credit card statement.

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session.


Money Orders in US $

You can use the Payment buttons of the payment page to pay by money orders. During the payment process, you'll be given the option of paying by money order instead of credit card. This is the preferred option, as I don't have to handle the money order Myself (My minion at Girls-R-Us does it for Me). I will only offer you an appointment once payment has been received.

Or you can you can send Me an international Canadian Dollar POSTAL money order. Just make sure it's international, and POSTAL, otherwise I won't be able to cash it, and neither will anyone else, since it will be in My name. Include a letter with your girl name, if appropriate, and your email address so I can notify you of shipment of CDs, or ask for your availability for sessions. You can pay Me directly by using this form.

Keen.com for phone sessions (click here to get instructions)

Keen is more expensive (they take a 30% cut), but they pay for the long distance by calling you to connect us, and it is completely anonymous. It is funded by credit card.

Paypal does not allow transactions for adult services and products since they were bought by eBay, which itself is owned and operated by members of the Christian Right.


2. Messaging software

For female transformations, I strongly suggest you pick the name of your feminine self as a Yahoo ID (nickname), to reinforce the new identity during online sessions.

Download and install Yahoo Messenger click here to download Yahoo Messenger

It's free, and will allow you to chat with Me about the session you want without long distance charges. You will put your Yahoo ID information in the Trance Request Form (see below) as ways to reach you when you're online, and to meet up before sessions (including phone sessions)

A note on the smiley code (aka emoticons). In text chats, it's hard to tell wether someone's serious or joking, since there's no intonation or facial expressions. That is why many people use the smiley code. You have to look sideways to see them. There are more, but these are the basics.

:-) smile
:-( sad
;-( crying
and the short forms like :) without the nose. These will help you express yourself in text chats.

3. Ask for a session

To schedule a first session with Me, you must fill out the Trance Request Form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section.

Consider your availability. I am generally available for sessions that start at the following times EST (Eastern Standard Time). I will need to know the days and times you are available to offer you an appointment.

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session once you have an appointment.

Monday Noon or 1pm, 3pm, 5 or 6pm, 9pm
Tuesday Noon or 1pm, 3pm or 4pm
Wednesday Noon or 1pm, 3pm, 5 or 6pm, 9pm
Thursday Noon or 1pm, 3pm or 4pm
Friday Noon or 1pm, 3pm, 5 or 6pm, 9pm
Saturday Usually unavailable
Sunday Sometimes available



The first session is for setting the trance triggers. Transformations and conditionning are generally done during the second or third sessions. Know that you will be aware at all times during trance, but in a more dreamlike way than usual. This is hypnosis, not sleep. It is normal to remember what happened during your trance.

Do not masturbate during trance! This takes attention away from hallucinated reality. You can feel your physical body at any time other than sessions. During trance, the process I use is meant to make you lose awareness of your physical body, so you can totally feel your imaginary body as real. Read the FAQ on that.

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session.



Before you fill out the form, think of what kind of fantasy you'd like to live, and whether you'd like a fantasy where you get transformed, or start out in your new form. You can find examples of fantasies by clicking here.(it will open a new window when you click on this link). I would hope you'd want to actually do *something* interesting once transformed... any movie style is possible (Sci-fi, horror, Fantasy, Faerie tale, Adventure, Romance, Porn,
Musical,...). I don't get much request for the more unusual styles, but I enjoy them.


Part Time Girl

Normally, hypnotic fantasies are lived out in trance reality, eyes closed, like a vivid dream. Another popular option is learning to hallucinate being a girl part time, seeing and feeling your female body while your eyes are open, outside of sessions. This takes a lot longer to do, and requires you learn more advanced hypnotic skills.

Normally, the transformation trigger for part time girls is the putting on of a specific pendant, or some other such jewelry (and taking it off to revert). That works a lot better than verbal triggers, if you want to be able to trigger the transformation yourself. However, learning this kind of hypnotic skill takes time. Assume 3 sessions of basic training, including the first "trance reality" transformation. Then add about 3 to 5 sessions for learning to hallucinate eyes open. Some people have a natural knack for doing this, but it still takes time to learn to make the hallucination last as long as desired. At first, it can last a few minutes to an hour, but we want to make it last a full day. These transformations generally end on their own when the person goes to sleep.



Each one hour appointment with Me is given a two hour time slot, to allow for setup time and chatting before and after the trance. Only trance time is charged, so you get 1 hour of trance from the start of the induction to the time I wake you up. This is of course for a hypnosis session. If we decide to use NLP, it will be an hour of changework. Every first appointment MUST be an hour. Less than an hour would be a waste of time for a first session. It's like half having sex... nothing gets done, and everyone ends up frustrated. Half sessions (half hour sessions) are possible only once the trance trigger is firmly set, allowing you to go into trance almost instantly.

11am and 11pm appointments are possible, but inconvenient. They cost double the normal session price.

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session.



We'll meet on Yahoo Messenger at the appointed time, chat a bit, and then start the trance. I am normally invisible, so even once you have added Me to your contact list, I will not be visible. So you can wait till I see you online and message you (you have to be visible for this), or better yet, send a message to mind_mistress and I will answer.

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session.



I ask that you install Yahoo Messenger, even for phone sessions. It makes coordinating the calls and appointments much easier. We'll meet on Yahoo Messenger at the appointed time, chat a bit, and I will give you My phone number. I am normally invisible, so even once you have added Me to your contact list, I will not be visible. So you can wait till I see you online and message you (you have to be visible for this), or better yet, send a message to mind_mistress and I will answer.

Very important: Check your long distance plan, get a calling card or use Skype

If you're not in Canada, check your long distance plan to make sure it includes Canada. Otherwise, you might get a very nasty surprise with your phone bill. It could cost a few dollars a minute to call Canada, and long distance charges are even worse with cell phones, unless you have a calling plan that includes long distance to Canada.

You can also get a calling card, which is what most do.

Skype: Is a good alternative to paying for long distance. Skype to Skype is free, and generally works well with decent sound quality. However, it's my experience that the connection is lost on average once per session, which is annoying, because you have to wake up a bit to make the call again. Free, but not as reliable as the phone.

I recommend lying down for phone sessions, so you don't have to hold up the phone. Some people use headsets instead, but that is not necessary. Here are some notes on alternatives.

Speakerphone: BAD. With speakerphones, I cannot hear you while I am talking. This is bad. Also, people speak more softly in trance, so I probably won't be able to understand what you're saying, and will have to keep asking you to repeat louder.

Computer Headset: They do not work with phones (unless you're using your computer to make long distance calls. Computer headsets use 2 RCA connectors, which phones do not have. One connector is for the headphones, the other for the microphone.

Phone Headset: BAD. Because you are going through a second system, there is some loss of sound. This means your voice volume is lower, and when in trance, since people talk more softly, I can't hear what you're saying. Some headsets like this are *nearly* as good as a regular handset, but you won't know until you try, and some clients have gone through three brands before finding one that is at least acceptable in sound quality.

There are two types of these. One uses a one pin connector, slightly smaller than an RCA headphone plug. It plugs into cell phones, and a number of cordless phones.

The second type used a connector that looks like a phone jack, only a little smaller. This is used on phones where the handset can be unplugged. You unplug the handset, and plug in the headset.

Amplified Phone Headset: Possibly good. This kind of headset normally plugs into the phone with a mini phone jack, in the same place that the handset is plugged in (see second type above). Hovever, amplified headsets also plug into the electrical socket. The added power allows the sound to be amplified. There's usually a dial to amplify your own voice (Speak), and another to amplify the voice of the person you're talking to (Listen). I use a Plantronics amplified headset. It's pretty good, and even has a dial to adjust the tone of your voice. Some amplified headsets, however, will also distort the sound so bad it's hard to understand what the person is saying. If you are using a Plantronics, and there is distortion, use the tone dial to adjust until it sounds good.



In person is $200 for an hour, or $500 for 3 hours, minus the reservation deposit. Hypnosis & feminization sessions with Mind Mistress are done in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. There is no physical domination or sexual touching. Everything is hallucinated in trance, though you may crossdress if you wish. You must take at least one phone or online session before doing an in-person session, and you should ask at least TWO WEEKS in advance for in person sessions.


The form below is NOT WORKING! Please use email to contact me until the technical issue is resolved. You can send the text version of the form by email

Trance Request Form (Do not use! Broken!)

Please pay at least 24 hours before a session.


4. Schedule, Pay, and Show Up

Once I have replied to your Trance Request form and agreed to your request, I'll offer you an appointment time and date. If that works for you, then:

a) Go to the payment page to pay. Payment is your reservation of My time, so I don't schedule someone else, or go on a shopping trip for ass kicking boots. Please pay as early as possible, at least 24 hours before the session.

b) Once I have your payment, your session is confirmed.

c) We will meet on Yahoo Messenger at the apppointed day and time (and afterwards you will call, if it is a phone session).

I AM ALWAYS INVIBLE ON YAHOO INSTANT MESSENGER. Please send Me a message at your appointed time, ID is mind_mistress.

Did I mention you should please pay at least 24 hours before a session?

d) Be aware that the first session will be normally be 1 hour, and used to set the trigger word for going into trance. The next sessions will have more of what you asked for, because you'll be able to go quickly back into trance when I say your trance trigger word. Plan two hours per one hour session, to account for pre and post chat time.


The more I stare, the more I obey

If you notice a glitch somewhere on the site, please contact the Mistress