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Forced Feminization by hypnotic conditionning

Enforced feminization, this is real, not a story !

Sissy conditionning and programming

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Feminized husbands are so much more:




He can:

be a shopping girlfriend

clean the house

cook your meals

be totally faithful

please you completely

Sissy conditionning & programming

To keep his pathetic male mind, and be forced to act and dress as a female. He will be a mere passenger, helplessly trapped in his sissified body, and can be made to serve as a maid, or any other activity you choose. Here is the specific programming that comes in the complete package:

The preferred method for this is deep hypnotic programming, using the deepest trances to bypass his free will and access the most receptive parts of his brain. To fill his subconscious mind with layer upon layer of hypnotic commands it must obey, erase knowledge of how to behave as a male, and replace it with dozens of rules of feminine behavior which his deep mind must obey, far beyond the reach of his conscious mind. In effect, this is like trapping his mind in the body of a robot, one that is programmed to act and feel like a female, whether he likes it or not. His choices will be limited by his programming. Does he prefer to wear the red or the black high heels with that dress?

Ethical note: Sissy programming is really a form of torture, and quite a cruel one at that. I feel it should be reserved for willing masochists, and the men who truly deserve it, such as rapists, child molesters and wife beaters. Partial sissy programming is recommended for lesser offenses. Options that can be added:

Sissy maid training:

She must clean, she must cook. She must wear her pretty maid outfit. Ironing makes her feels soooo hot! Dust is the enemy, and she will clean till she drops if you don't stop her.

Baby girl sissy:

She needs her mommy, cries whenever upset, sucks her thumb almost constantly, and has no bladder or bowel control (therefore always needing a diaper).

Little girl sissy:

She must obey her mommy, wear frilly dresses, and cry when she's upset.

Teenage sissy girlfriend:

She loves to chat on the phone and giggle about boys! Great for shopping trips, pajama parties and just hanging out.

Cock-sucking sissy slut:

She craves cock. In fact, she's addicted to it. The sight of one, or the slightest taste of cum sends her into a feeding frenzy, a terrible erotic hunger that can only be satisfied by sucking off a guy and swallowing or licking every drop of cum. It starts out as a weekly need, but soon grows into an obsession for yummy cocks of all shapes and sizes, and thinking only of how to get more. You can set her feeding schedule, knowing that if you wait 3 days to feed her instead of a week, she will then need cum every three days for the rest of her life. Making "her" suck two cocks in a row is a great way to turn him into a sissy whore, and make some extra cash.

Hypnotic castration:

Very simply, it won't go up. Ever. End of story.

Male pussy whore:

He is programmed to get fucked in his male pussy as much as he can, and try to seduce any man he can into fucking him. Without a cock inside, he feels empty and worthless, and so needs to regularly penetrate himself with a dildo, or wear a butt plug to avoid the terrible feelings of emptiness.

Male bitch in heat:

He can only behave as a dog, walking on all fours, whining or barking, raising his ass to be penetrated whenever petted, and licking whatever naked flesh is exposed, with a preference for ass. He can only eat and drink from handouts and bowls on the floor, and sleeps only on a carpet.

Multiple programming allows you to switch your sissy from one option to another, with simple verbal commands, keyed to your voice only. The programming of your sissy is then reinforced every day by being forced to listen to a hypnotic conditioning tape or CD, custom made to reinforce his feminized conditioning, and ensuring it never fades.

A regular maintenance session is recommended every month for the first year, every three months for the second year, and every six months thereafter. Make sure your will includes instructions for your sissy to be sent to the hypnotist for reprogramming and re-assignment to another Mistress. Too many pets end up in shelters each year through lack of such planning. The goal, we must remember, is to keep him trapped into being a sissy until the day he dies.


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