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"That bitch! How could she?" Thought Ron McPhearson, as he drove hurriedly home, sweating profusely. "I hired her to hypnotize my wife into liking sex, and she turned my Carla into a fucking lesbian! Okay, so I didn't exactly ask Carla if it was okay to make her into a cocksucking slut... but heck, why did the little minx think I was marrying her anyway? Making me look good with the partners isn't the only thing a woman needs to do for her husband!" Ron thought back to the call he'd received from his wife just 10 minutes earlier:

"Mind Mistress has taught Me", Carla said on the phone, "the proper place of women in the world. From now on Ron, I make the decisions in this couple. If you don't like it, you can have a divorce, and take half of everything you owned..."

Ron thought, "I've gotta get Angela out of there before that bitch hypnotist gets her too, or her mother sends her away. Then we can both plot how to save her mother." He sighed and relaxed a bit. "I know she can get through to her mother. If anyone can, it's her. Thank god my baby's in the Campus Crusade for Christ... she knows how to make people realize they're sinning. She may be a stuck up kid, but she can guilt anyone into anything!"

Ron parked quickly in front of the mansion and jumped out of the car, rushing into the house. Stumbling as he came in, he exclaimed: "Angela! Help me! I've hired this hypnotist and she got your mother and... oh no!"

Sexy, sultry, smoking Angela

Angela, his sweet daughter Angela, was sitting on the marble desk in the luxurious living room, with two naked men worshiping at her feet, while she smoked from a cigarette holder. Her gaze slowly turned onto her father. She calmly brought the tip of the holder to her lips, her face devoid of all emotion, and sucked the pearly smoke into her mouth with slow deliberateness.

Ron just froze, as her gaze bore into him. Not the slightest emotion showed in her big brown eyes. He could have been a piece of furniture. She looked at him with the same interest one shows to an envelope of junk mail falling through the mailslot. She slowly inhaled, mouth open, then blew the smoke towards him in a tight stream, eyes never leaving his.

"Daddy, fetch Me some wine," she said tonelessly as one orders a maid.

"Angela dear! Please snap put of it! You don't smoke! You're a good Christian girl! How can you have these men naked at your feet? You're the vice-president of the Campus Crusade for Christ! This is sin!"

"Don't be silly daddy. I don't have sex with men. That's disgusting. I'm simply enslaving them to be My servants, and having them worship and massage My perfect feet. Now fetch Me wine."

"Angela! Honey! Please wake up!" He sank to his knees. "This isn't you! You're not a lesbian, you're a straight and upright woman. Honey, how can you be acting like a depraved dominatrix? Don't you remember being normal just yesterday?"

Angela sighed in irritation. "That's right. She told us you weren't totally broken in yet. You're very annoying this way daddy. Please try to think clearly, and you'll realize that women are Superior and must be obeyed instantly."



Upon hearing those words, Ron froze. His eyes went blank and vacant. His jaw hung open. Angela examined him, waiting for the trigger word to take effect. Finally, some small semblance of life returned to his eyes, and he said: "I... Ooobeyyy".

"Good daddy." She smiled. "You're much better this way. Mom will need to program you, but she's busy with Diane in the master bedroom right now. Just get Me some wine and then go sit in the kitchen until one of us calls you. Obey."

"I... Obeyyy...", Ron slurred, getting up, and walking over to the kitchen like a zombie, mechanically putting down one step after another...

"Good white wine daddy", Angela called out. "Or I shall be upset and have to spank you..."

His wife really enjoys sex now...

Mind Mistress

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