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All I wanted were some slightly bigger breasts

Apparently my body had similar ideas about my ass...

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Mind Mistress did warn me about what I wished for, but ignored her guidance and went ahead with the Youth programme. We were both expecting some moderate changes to my breasts, but I forgot about my fetish for big butts. The past life female bodies that my soul occupied did not become real until half way through the programme and before I could stop events it was too late. To think that my former male figure was something like this.

If you are a good girl and do as I say, be as I say and think as I say your breasts will grow even bigger than these, I insist upon it!

Don't forget to wear a bra every day plus panties of course and wish for all your heart that your dream came true. Mind Mistress wants you to be a sexy girl, a big-breasted girl and plump arsed girl! You know it is going to happen anyway so why not totally submit to me now!


Dear MM,

Since starting the Youth programme it has been difficult to follow, but with your encouragement I think it is beginning to work.

Most notably my nipples have enlarged with heightened sensitivity and I was initially frightened to touch them because of some discomfort. However your suggestion to apply a cream to reduce soreness and gradually hand stimulate gently it began to become pleasurable. Once a daily routine of breast palpating and nipple stimulus got underway a noticeable change to size occurred.

Hence the repeat listening to the CD plus the autoeroticism my bosom simply grew and grew.

The bonus came a little later when the subconscious mind suddenly kicked in with surges of estrogens to feed other female glands. In a matter of 2 months afterwards my bottom swelled with extra fatty tissues and the hips spread wider and wider. An initial embarrassment came when several trips to the lingerie shop called for increasingly larger panties to be purchased. The assistants were very understanding about it all and tried to assure me it was quite normal for a girl to suddenly change shape.

Now I am getting slightly worried at the frequency of upgrading my panties because it seems like a monthly occurrence now. Please would you suggest some way of halting the development of my bottom and hips and concentrate on the bosom growth rate. The amount at which my wardrobe needs changing is far too expensive.

Adoringly yours,


Dear Rhonda,

You've got to be kidding!

Trying to stop that kind of growth is like asking me to cut off my own breasts!

My dear girl I simply would not dream of halting such gorgeous development in one of my slaves. If anything I would like to see just how big you get without any interruptions from me or anyone else!

In the interests of science let me know what kind of emotions you experience during these expansion episodes of your bum.

On the matter of your breasts I can assure you if your arse is getting that big in such a short space of time, then your tits are definitely going to follow suit.heh.. heh!


Dear MM,

Please for pity's sake stop this expansion of my bum, its got bigger still in the short time since you wrote to me!

As to the emotions you referred to, well up until recently it was anger and now turning to fear and terror!

I am desperate! Please, please stop this going any further. My breasts are growing at the same rate now, which means enlargement at an alarming pace.

Your humble and terrified slave,


Dear Rhonda,

My poor, poor girl, you really do need to get a grip! You just have not got a clue as to why this is happening to your body!

The clue is in your emotional state and that is all that I'm prepared to say at this point.

As for me its simply made my day to hear you whimpering and pleading about your burgeoning bum and breasts bursting your brassieres.. Ha...ha.haha.he.he!

If you only knew what it is doing to my self-esteem! As for the power exchange, its absolutely fantastic!

Again the hint is already within your mind and soul.

Do keep in touch and describe any more changes to your body. I can'T wait to hear what size panties you need next week. It's a real tonic to know one of my girls is in such a state about growing too big for her panties and bra.ha.ha...he.he!


PS I'm visualizing right now exactly what you'll look like very soon.

I am glad you find it so amusing MM and how much it is boosting your ego, but unfortunately for me the embarrassment is too much to bear. The awful thing is your predictions about the final shape are not that far from reality. The girls in the lingerie shop somehow heard that I really was a man to begin with and now want to know all about you and the Youth programme. These wicked women plan to make a few changes to their men folk and spread the word to the whole town's female community.

Well done Rhonda, not only are you doing me a power of good but the whole female population of your home town. If you manage to collect a bulk order of 50 CD's or more I will seriously consider giving you a commission.


P.S. By the way you forgot to tell me your latest panty size!

Stay tuned for more in poor Rhonda's saga...

A Fantasy by: Rhonda

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