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Forced Feminization by hypnotic conditionning

Enforced feminization, this is real, not a story !

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Feminized husbands are so much more:




He can:

be a shopping girlfriend

clean the house

cook your meals

be totally faithful

please you completely

Mind Mistress, aka Mistress Linda is a therapist, erotic mind controller, ericksonian hypnotist and brainwashing expert for hire. Fully trained in:

NLP: Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP is a cognitive-behavioral psychology system, meaning it changes what you perceive and how you behave. Anthony Robbins, the famous self-help guru who published national bestsellers such as "Unlimited Power: the way to peak personal achievement" and can often be seen in infomercials, teaches a watered down version of this powerful system of mind control for achieving success.

Ross Jeffries, on the other hand, uses it to teach his infamous Speed Seduction technique, which is basically about tricking a woman's mind into responding to you as if you were the most attractive and trustworthy person in the world, and get her to NEED to have sex with you. NLP is mainly taught as a system of therapy, and is basically a method for changing people in any way you like.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

As opposed to Classical hypnosis ("You are getting sleepy... your eyelids are heavy..."), ericksonian hypnosis doesn't give a person commands, doesn't tell them what to do or what to feel. Not quite. So you don't really have anything to resist against, as you would with classical hypnosis commands.

It sounds like a conversation... a few questions,... some comments... perhaps an amusing anecdote... a strange feeling comes over you... and you're in deep trance! To a trained ericksonian, there is no such thing as a person who "can't be hypnotized". It just doesn't happen. The method is completely irresistible to anyone but the ericksonians themselves, who know what to watch out for.

Now it's true that you can't be made to do anything against your will under hypnosis... but, with your inhibitions gone and the whole range of human sensations at the hypnotist's command, hallucinated pleasures and pains can make certain choices incredibly appealing... or unthinkably repugnant. The choice is yours... but with every agreement you slip deeper into the hypnotist's control... and no one can resist being offered what they desire most... even if it is only a hallucination.

Here are a few of the Forced Feminization programs she offers her clients:

Part time girl:

He can be hypnotized to hallucinate that he is a woman, to the point of feeling his breasts and vagina, and seeing a woman in the mirror. Combined with regression, he can be convinced he is and always has been a woman, and can be made to live hallucinated experiences of having sex as a woman. The change from man to woman and back again can be later triggered with a pair of keywords, with or without memory of their alternate self.

Sissy Conditioning:

Hypnotic trigger words can be placed to make him re-experience extreme arousal on command. By using those words when he crossdresses or acts femininely, he can be deeply conditioned to find feminine behavior extremely pleasurable. Negative triggers, such a nausea and pain can be associated with masculine behavior to eradicate it. Very effective in creating a male maid.

Hypnotic Transsexualizing:

By regressing the man to childhood, and having him live through hallucinated episodes, memories can be re-written as he is artificially aged, making him believe he has always wanted to be a woman, that his mother and sisters dressed him as a girl, that he crossdressed throughout teenage years, and is really a transsexual, deeply needing to become a woman or a shemale.

Inner Woman:

Everyone has a part of them that is masculine, and a part that is feminine. The feminine part can be amplified into a distinct personality, and the male part can be slowly weakened into submission to the feminine personality. This has the advantage of allowing both personalities to exist, when the man is required to keep his job for monetary reasons. Then his wife can simply use the trigger word to transform him into a girl at will, and back again

Mistress Training:

You know you want to do it, but you just can't bring yourself to do it. Mistress Training allows you to be conditioned into the perfect Mistress, enhance your dominance and assertiveness to the point where you know something is right, simply because it's what you want! Become the superior woman you were meant to be.

Ladies, still hesitant about brainwashing your man into obedience and high heels? Then consider this:

Do it to him before he does it to you!


Mind Mistress

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