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Forced Feminization by hypnotic conditionning

Enforced feminization, this is real, not a story !

Inner woman program

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Inner woman program

This is similar to Part Time Girl in some ways, and Transsexual-izing in other ways. A Part Time Girl usually has a completely constructed fake personality that the main personality is transformed into. It doesn't interfere with him when he's a man, and he doesn't interfere with her when she's active.

The anima, or woman in the man

An Inner Woman is the feminine part of the man's personality, separated out and given independent life. Basically, we are inducing a multiple personality disorder (or in the new lingo, "Dissociative Identity Disorder") in a controlled fashion. Incompetent hypnotists and therapists have been creating multiple personalities for years. we're just doing it on purpose here.

What you have is the woman he would have been, had he been born female. Separating male and female personalities takes very little time. What takes more time is building memories of life as a woman from birth, and strengthening the personality.

Creating false memories

To get a really good alternate life memory would require living through a day as a child in grade school, one in high school, one in college if applicable and one at work. A living a day in detail can take about 2-3 hours under hypnosis, assuming it's an interesting and meaningful day. From there, we can generalize the memories to the rest of the life, simply converting male memories to their female equivalent, based on the sample days. Memory conversion can be done without sample days, but the memories are then usually more vague.

Split personality

Since both personalities coexist in the same body, they can communicate. So the man ends up with his woman self talking to him in his head. As the female personality gets stronger, it can go from suggesting things she'd like him to do, to actually forcing him to do what she wants on occasion. Getting stronger still, she can take over the body and force him into the "back seat". She controls the body, and he's a passenger, experiencing what she does, but unable to change it. At a further level, she can actually make the male personality "sleep" while she's in control, so that he has no memory of what happened. And eventually, she can take over the body completely and replace the male personality. The male personality then permanently sleeps as she takes over his body and life, and most likely seeks sex reassignment surgery (sex-change).

A good option if you'd like your insensitive husband or boyfriend to become your caring lesbian lover. The Inner Woman can also take control of the body and release it when you use the given trigger words, or when certain articles of clothing are worn.

Mind Mistress

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