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The Forced Feminization of Adam

(True story!)

Part 7: Becoming a shemale forever
(forced to be a shemale)


Reading Adam's story will turn you into a shemale. If you have read this far, you will not be able to resist reading the rest. Once you have read the final chapter, you will be trapped into becoming a horny shemale forever. No amount of therapy can help you once you have read this last chapter. You may try to resist the final chapter. The longer you wait, the stronger the cravings will get until you submit to your conditioned desires. Resistance is futile. You will be big breasted.


by Mind Mistress

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hypnotic eyes

shemale initiation of riding cock

Once you've ridden cock,

you wonder how you've ever gone without

that luxurious feeling inside ...

Enjoy the final phase of your irreversible feminization into a shemale...

Adam's Forced Feminization, part 7:

Having read all the parts, your initial conversion conditionning is complete.

This is the last part of the story. Now be a good girl and read the story again from the beginning...

and this time, keep repeating in your mind: "I need big boobs"

while imagining yourself so happy as a shemale

Read the rest of the logs in this series:

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