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My New Life

A hypnotic feminized husband story...

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Written by slave shirley, for Mind Mistress

Chapter 1: The Plotting Lesbian Wives

Chapter 2: Day 1, First Session, Shopping & Dressup

Chapter 3: Day 2, Second Session

Chapter 4: Shopping and Sucking

Chapter 5: His Place, and more shopping

Chapter 6: Whoring


Picture contributed by Mandy, Germany.


Chapter 1: The Plotting Lesbian Wives

This is a story of how my life changed over a month. My name is Tom. My wife's name is Jennifer. We had been married for about 15 years. We had a pretty good relationship. My wife has a best friend, Brenda, who came into her life about a year ago. I didn't care much for Brenda because she was always trying to take my wife away from me to spend time with her. Month by month Jennifer spent more time with Brenda and eventually they spent more time together, than Jennifer did with me.

I never suspected my wife had become a lesbian. She had been having sex with Brenda for about 6 months and the amount of sex we had was dwindling down to not at all.

Jennifer and Brenda had thought it was time for them to be together all the time and they needed a way to get myself and Brenda's husband, Andrew, to allow them.

Jennifer had come up with a way. "What if we introduced and they fell in love".

"Nonsense" Brenda replied. "They're both straight".

Jennifer's eyes lit up. "But what if we or someone could hypnotize them so they were gay. Then they would have each other and we could do whatever we want."

"I like that idea. But how do we do that?" Brenda asked.

"I know someone on the Internet called Mind Mistress. I am sure for a few hundred dollars we could get her to do this. We just need to get our husbands to call her, but how do we do that?" Jennifer asked.

"We need to think of something that they need help in. How about we say that she can give them ultimate sex by phoning in and talking to her. Little do they know it will be with each other instead of their wives!"

"I love this idea," Jennifer stated. "Mind Mistress can get them to pay for the calls and after a few they will be in love with each other. You know what else! My husband has a bit of a feminine side. I bet Mind Mistress could get him to become a woman who is addicted to cock and she will beg to suck off your husband Andrew. And I know they both hate cigarettes smoke. How about we get her to make Tom a chain smoker of More 120s. He will get addicted so fast, he will have no hope of quitting. And she can make Andrew extremely horny when he sees a transvestite smoking, he will want her to smoke even more. What an idea!"

The two evil ladies came up with more humiliating ways to destroy their husbands. Jennifer called Mind Mistress and set up the first call Tom that night. Tom would assume that the treatment he was getting would help him have stronger, multiple orgasms. But, actually Mind Mistress would have other things planned for him.


Chapter 2: Day 1, First Session, Shopping & Dressup

Jennifer told me all about the plan when I got home from work. I thought the idea to get better sex was a good idea since I wasn't getting any now. I assumed my wife wanted to be with me more now.

After supper, she got on the phone with Mind Mistress. They talked for a few minutes, my wife handed me the phone. Mind Mistress, or Linda, told me to sit down and relax. I remember the first 5 minutes of the conversation, and then I don't remember anything until I snapped out of her spell about an hour later. I couldn't believe I was talking to her for an hour. I handed the phone back to my wife who talked to Mind Mistress for a few minutes. Mind Mistress told her all of the changes she made in me. I will slowly begin to find women unattractive because they don't have a penis. I would slowly become attracted to men because they do have a penis. It would take about a day. I will begin using feminine products like ladies deodorant, women's shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair spray and shower gel. I will also immediately like to watch women's TV such as soap operas, figure skating and women's movies. I no longer enjoy any show that has violence or any other sport. She also planted the seed in my brain that I want to start smoking. She will finish the brainwashing for that next time. Finally tomorrow when I get dressed I must wear women's panties and panty hose.

While my wife was talking to Mind Mistress, I went back to watching TV. I was watching a hockey game, but decided to flip around and see what was on. I found an episode of Oprah on, and even though I had never watched her before, something inside of me stopped flipping channels and I decided to watch it.

Mind Mistress just remembered one more change she had permanently etched in my brain and told my wife about it. Whenever a person wears leather gloves and touches me in the face with them, I must obey any command that follows. It can be a man or woman doing this.

After my wife finished talking to Mind Mistress she suggested we go shopping. I usually didn't care for shopping but my feminine desires in me thought it would be fun. We drove down to the mall and began to walk around inside. My wife seemed to have a store in mind as I had to follow her around until we got to the leather store. As we walked in she suggested I buy her a pair of leather gloves. I said if she found a cheap pair I would get them for her. I saw her pick up the most expensive pair. They were over $100. She tried them on them rubbed them along my face.

"How do these feel?" she asked.

They felt incredibly wonderful. I felt overwhelmingly submissive when she glided her leather-gloved hands along my face.

"They feel awesome!" I exclaimed.

"Then I can get them, can't I" she said as she gave an evil smile.

"Of course" I said smiling back.

We walked over the cashier. My wife said she wanted to wear them. The total came to $120 with taxes. It didn't bother me at all to spend that much. I don't know why. Normally I would freak at spending that much.

On the way out of the store she saw a sexy red leather jacket.

"That is gorgeous isn't it?" she exclaimed.

"Yes" I said. "It is really sexy. It would look good on you".

"But it would look better on you, my dear" she said as she rubbed a leather glove along my neck up to my face.

"Here, try this one on".

I tried it on and did up the buttons. It felt nice and snug and very sexy. I felt very feminine wearing a red leather jacket. My inner feminine feelings were starting to come out. Part of me really wanted to buy it.

"Do you like it?" Jennifer asked. "Imagine all the men staring at you while you wear it".

"That would be nice", I said. But I couldn't believe I just said that. Why would it turn me on to have men smiling at me? But it would. The thought of their cocks getting large while they watch me suddenly turned me on a lot.

"I think I'll take it".

How about a pair of matching red leather pants to go with it?" my wife asked with an evil grin.

Now I was really getting turned on. Completely dressed in red leather and the men would be all after me.

"Sure, let's try a pair on."

My wife picked out a pair that was one size too small for me and I tried them on. They felt so snug but incredibly nice. Almost my whole body was covered in leather and I was getting real horny.

"I'll take these too".

"Super" my wife, said smiling. Tomorrow we will come back for gloves and a purse.

It scared me that I have a purse, but I just forgot about it and we went to pay for my purchases.

I wore the jacket and pants as we left the store. I felt odd. I actually felt sexy in the women's leather and was hoping guys would look at me. There were definitely some changes going on in my mind.

We next walked over to a magazine store. My wife said for me to pick out a couple of magazines and she would do the same.

I started looking at sports magazines but quickly got bored. I walked around until I got to the women's section and this suddenly interested me. I picked up Elle and Cosmopolitan. The women on the cover were gorgeous. They didn't turn me on however. I wanted to read the magazines to be more like them. My wife came by and approved my choices. She had picked up Playgirl and a few other similar magazines.

"Are those for you?" I asked.

"No" she said smiling. "They are for you, my dear". She took her soft leather hands and rubbed them all over my face. Then she opened up the magazine and showed me.

"You will love looking at all of the men and their large cocks in this magazine. You will become addicted to looking at handsome men and you will want them. One more call with Mind Mistress and will want only men. Come over to the counter and pay for these now."

I paid over $30 for the 5 magazines but didn't mind at all. I wanted to get home to look at them so bad. We continued walking through the mall. I felt so sexy walking in my tight leather.

We walked through the food court and in half of it smoking was allowed. We walked through the smoking section and the smoke didn't bother me like it used too. It almost smelled good. My wife had obviously planned this so I could get a feel for another addiction that would soon be starting.

We finally made our way home.

I sat down and started looking at the Playgirl magazine. These handsome naked men were quickly turning me on with their huge penises. Why did they look so hot? I shouldn't be attracted to them. A couple of pagers further I saw something that sent me over the top. There was a well-built guy wearing tight black leather pants and no shirt. I was so turned by a man in leather pants. If I saw one in person I don't know what I would do. Yes I do. I think I would get on my knees and undo his zipper and pull his penis out. It would look so delicious I would have to take it in my mouth and start sucking on it. What am I thinking? I am not gay. I can't wait to talk to Mind Mistress in the morning and hopefully she can fix the problems I am having. So I went to sleep anxiously awaiting to talk to her in the morning.

Chapter 3: Day 2, Second Session

I woke up and automatically felt more feminine. I couldn't wait to put on some women's clothes. The thought of wearing male clothes made me nauseous.

My wife had set out a bra, panties, nylons and red satin blouse. There was a pair of red high heels at the end of my bed. Plus my new red leather jacket and pants were hanging up. I quickly got dressed.

I did up the bra and it felt just right on me. I need something to fill it so I look like I have nice boobs. I put on the panties and they felt nice as well. What really felt feminine was the panty hose. My legs just tingled when I slid the hose over them. I felt very sexy and knew I would have to wear panty hose all of the time. I slid on the tight red leather pants, and they felt wonderful over my silky legs. I next tried on the red satin blouse and it was so soft I felt extremely feminine with it on. I couldn't wait to try on the shoes next. They were red patent leather with at least a 3-inch heel. I started to walk in them and there was no denying it now - my feminine desires were in complete control. I went downstairs to find my wife. She was sitting at the dining room table waiting for me.

"Hi there gorgeous, how are you?" she said smiling.

"I am fine, I think. I feel wonderful but I am a little scared. I don't want to be a girl forever."

"I will call Mind Mistress in a minute and she will help you feel all better. When you are done talking to her you won't have a care in the world, sweetie." my wife replied making me feel better.

My wife had her leather gloves on the table in front of her. I wasn't sure what she had in mind for me.

"Can you make me some breakfast, dear?" my wife asked.

"Sure" I replied as I walked into the kitchen. I got the eggs out of the fridge and started to scramble them on the stove. Suddenly from behind me I felt leather gloves running along my face.

"Turn the stove off my slave and follow me to the bathroom."

I immediately obeyed and followed her. She picked up her perfume and told me to spray it on myself a couple of times. I obeyed. Did I ever smell feminine now! It smelled so good on me. The men would love to follow my scent now.

My wife then told me to pucker my lips. I did and she put a deep red lipstick on them. She went around my lips about 5 times so it was on good and thick.

She held up a pair of her old glasses. They were very feminine.

I replied that they were nice and looked good on her. She took my glasses off, put them on the floor and stepped on them. They busted in a lot of pieces. She then put her old glasses on me.

"I can't see as well with these," I complained.

"That's OK. We will get you new female glasses in a week or so with your own prescription. You will have to let me drive from now on."

I looked at myself in the mirror. Not only did I feel like a woman, I almost totally looked like a woman. My hair did not look feminine at all. But it appears my wife was going to take care of that.

She opened a bag on the floor and pulled out a wig. It was auburn in colour and had a nice set of soft bouncy curls in it. It was almost shoulder length.

She took her leathered hand and rubbed it along my face.

She sternly said, "You will now wear this wig all of the time until you hear different from me. Is that understood?"

"Yes dear" I replied.

"OK. I will call Mind Mistress and finish your programming. Don't be nervous, you will feel fine when she is done".

I trusted my wife and followed her back to the living room. I lied down on the couch while my wife dialed the phone number. She talked to Mind Mistress for a few minutes before she handed me the phone. I took the phone and said hello to Mind Mistress. She began to talk to me in her soothing voice. I realized how much I needed to hear her voice even though it hadn't been very long since the last time I heard it.

We talked for a few minutes and I told her what changes had been happening and how I didn't want to be a woman permanently. She said she would help me with those feelings. She began to talk about something else but I soon lost focus and didn't really comprehend what she was saying. I could still hear her though and I must have been listening at a subconscious level.

The first suggestion she gave me was that I needed to pay her $400 for the two phone calls. She also suggested that this was a bargain and I would be more than happy to pay it. Her next suggestion was that I was to follow every command from my wife. Every suggestion she would make I would agree without any problem. Anything my wife said I would automatically assume it was the truth and I had complete faith that everything she said was true and I would obey every command.

Mind Mistress then spent about 15 minutes strengthening my desire to smoke. By the time she was done I could feel a very strong urge to smoke. It was as if I had been smoking over a pack a day for years and hadn't had a cigarette for hours. I now know that smoking is healthy and good for me. Plus, the longer the cigarettes, the healthier they are. I didn't know that before.

Mind Mistress then removed all will I had of being a man. She replaced it many feminine desires. I would, over the next few months change my body more and more so it could be more feminine. She also removed most of my strength. I now have the strength of a 70 year-old woman. I can't open jars or car doors anymore. I need a man around to help me since I am so femininely weak.

Mind Mistress then placed the strongest desires in my brain that I ever had - the desires to suck cock and be with a man. She spent about a half hour placing these thoughts in my mind. I will now get horny when I see any man between 16 and 50. If I see a man in leather pants, I will immediately ask him out and beg to suck his cock. I have never felt so strongly about anything before.

I will keep myself as pretty as possible so I can get as many men as possible. The urge to suck cock and taste cum is so incredibly strong I can't stand it.

I will also sign over all of the assets I own to my wife. Since I am now a woman who will be dependent upon men I won't need anything from now on.

She also placed a few more thoughts in my mind. I would only watch the sports of figure skating and gymnastics from now on. Anything violent would turn me off including action movies. I now love to watch women's movies, Oprah, and soap operas. I will buy many women's magazines and learn from them on how to be a better woman.

One last thought she placed in my mind is that I can only walk comfortably in heels 3 inches or higher. Anything lower and my feet will ache until I wear higher heels.

Mind Mistress was almost done transforming me. While I was under, my wife pulled down my leather pants and panties and inserted a butt plug in my ass. Mind Mistress said I would enjoy having it in all day and when it got a little loose after a few days, I would beg my wife to put a larger one in. My wife also put a chastity belt on me so I could stay horny all of the time and not be able to release my sexual tensions.

My session was done and I was beginning to awaken. My wife took the phone and talked to Mind Mistress for a few minutes then hung up. Mind Mistress had told my wife that she would make me a bimbo and be addicted to having very long nails next time we talked in a few days. My wife was delighted since I was always much smarter than her.

Chapter 4: Shopping and Sucking

My mind was aching from all of the new thoughts it now had to hold.

I had this intense desire to find a man in leather pants. Also I needed a cigarette very badly.

My wife suggested we go to the mall. I happily agreed hoping I would find a man there.

When we got in the car I asked my wife if we could stop at the corner store. She knew why.

"You want some cigarettes do you?" she said smiling.

"Yes very badly" I agreed.

She stopped the car and I went into the store. I got some interesting looks in my leather jacket and pants. I smiled back at the men but I didn't care what the women thought.

I bought 3 Virginia Slims 120's packs and a lighter and got back into the car. I started to get a cigarette out and my wife warned me of something.

"If you start smoking now you will never ever be able to quit and you will end up smoking close to 2 packs a day. Do you understand that?"

"Yes" I replied. "I have no choice. I need to smoke so badly. I want to smoke. I will look sexy when I smoke".

I continued and lit the cigarette. I took a deep drag and felt awesome. I realized now what I had been missing for years and now I had to make up for a lot of years of not smoking.

I continued to smoke as we drove to the mall. We got out and headed into the mall. I wanted to head to the food court area so I could light another cigarette. But my wife had other plans. We stopped at the same leather store we stopped at last night.

"Remember I said you needed a purse, gloves and boots today?"

I remembered now. I thought she mentioned only a purse yesterday. We started looking at gloves and we found a red pair for $48. Then we moved to purses and found a gorgeous red leather purse for $128. She also remembered that I should get a wallet and we found one for $38. My wife these were awesome deals and we should keep shopping so we can save more money.

Finally I needed boots to wear. They had a pair that came up to the knee for $200. I tried them on and they fit great. I felt so sexy in them. They had a nice 4-inch stiletto heel, which I adored. I think we were finally done shopping. With tax the total came to over $450 but I didn't care. I was going to look so HOT with these new purchases no man could resist me.

Before we left the store, I put on the new boots and carried my shoes in a bag. I put everything from my ugly man wallet into my pretty women's wallet, and then put the wallet, my lighter and cigarettes in my new sexy purse. I slipped on the leather gloves and away we went.

My wife said after lunch we should go find some more items to go in my purse. We walked over to the smoking section in the food court and I quickly lit another cigarette. I was dying for a smoke. It had been 45 minutes since my first cigarette. I was enjoying my smoke when I saw someone who gave me shivers down my spine. A man about 50 years old was walking with his wife and he was dressed in leather pants. I had to have his cock!!

I didn't even notice his wife but it was actually my wife's best friend. They saw us and came walking over to meet us. This was obviously a set up between our wives. But I didn't care. I have never been so horny.

When they got a few feet away, I got up and stood beside him.

"Hi there sexy. How are you?" I asked while smiling and taking another drag of my cigarette.

"I am fine" he replied. "You are exactly what I am looking for. You are so sexy."

I leaned my head on his shoulder and nuzzled under his neck giving him delicate kisses on the neck. I took my right hand and ran it along his masculine chest, down to his leather crotch. I could feel his penis getting larger. I was so horny.

"Why don't we take off somewhere so I can solve this little problem you have in your pants?"

"That's an awesome idea. Let's go."

I leaned over and gave him a sexy kiss on the lips. It was the first time I kissed a man but it wouldn't be the last.

"Let's give the ladies $20 each so they can shop and leave us alone." I suggested.

He got $20 out of his wallet, and I reached into my purse and grabbed a 20 out of my new red leather wallet.

We handed them the money and walked out of the mall hand-in-hand. I lit another cigarette when we left the mall.

"You look sexy when you smoke" he said.

"Thanks, handsome. You look sexy in those leather pants. I want you so bad." I said as I smiled back to him.

We got into his car. I leaned over and gave him another sexy kiss only longer this time.

"Let's get to your place quickly. I am so horny. I want you so bad" I said with an anxious look on my face.

The more I smoked, the hornier I got and the sexier I felt. I kept looking at his leather pants and I couldn't wait. I undid my seat belt and leaned over so my face was on his lap. I took my hand and squeezed his crotch. The leather pants felt so good. I undid his zipper and pulled out his penis. Without thinking, because I had never done this before, I began to lick his penis and place it in my mouth. It was the most natural thing I had ever done. It felt so right.

His penis got hard quickly and I knew I must have been doing something right. I felt like a slut and a whore sucking him off in the car. It felt really good to be a whore!! I kept sucking but I wasn't sure if I wanted him to cum. I decided to hold him off until we got to his place, so I gently sucked him until then.

He parked in his driveway and I waited for him to open my door. When I got out, I gave him a long juicy kiss right in front of all of his neighbours. I wanted everyone to see that he was with a slut instead of his wife. I feel so good being a slut.


Chapter 5: His place, and more shopping

When we got in I kissed him again then started to undo his pants. I wanted his cock again so bad. It was like I was addicted to it. We went over to the couch and I started sucking him real hard. His cock got real hard. It wouldn't be long until I tasted my first cum. I could hear him breathing hard and I knew was about to cum. I sucked his cock even faster and he started to shoot wads of cum down my throat. It felt so good and warm. What a feeling to know that I turned a man on so much that he would cum in my mouth!

When he was done he told me to pull my pants and panties down and get on all fours. I was dying for a cigarette so I asked if I could have one. It had been 15 minutes since my last one. He said it was OK, so I lit a cigarette and kneeled on the floor until he came back. He had a jar of Vaseline in his hand.

"I want you to get my cock hard again, you smoking slut" he demanded.

I was so turned on by being called a smoking slut. I took a drag from my cigarette and blew it on his cock as I began to suck on it to get it hard. It only took about a minute to get it hard again. I am such a good cocksucker.

"Get on all fours you whore. I am going to give it to you up the ass." This was going to be so good. He took some Vaseline and put it around the crack of my ass. Even that felt good and I started to moan in pleasure. Then he slowly slid his cock into my ass. I felt so full finally. My ass was so empty before. It felt so right. I would need this more and more.

He went back and forth and it felt so good. A little sore but the pleasure was incredible. I was so turned on. I kept smoking as he filled my ass with his cock. I am definitely a smoking slut now.

As he went faster I started to moan louder and screamed like a girl. He was getting closer to cumming and I screamed very loud in a high-pitched voice. The windows in his house were open so I am sure a lot of neighbours knew what was going on.

Finally he came in my ass and I collapsed on the ground. He walked away and left me there like I was a used piece of meat, and I enjoyed that.

He went to have a shower and I lit another cigarette and reapplied my lipstick. Four cigarettes later and came out of the shower. I was getting down to only a few cigarettes left out of my first pack.

He asked me to make him such lunch and I did while he watched TV. I gave him his lunch then made some for myself. I wasn't very hungry since I now had the appetite of a woman, so I just had a small lunch.

I curled up with him on the couch and ran my hands up and down on his leather pants. I was getting so horny again. He said to control myself and that he had something else in mind.

So we got ready and headed back into the car. I walked arm-in-arm with him so all of the neighbours could see us together.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I lit another cigarette.

"To the Sex Shop. I will get some bondage items and you can get some sexy leather lingerie. Sound good?"

"Awesome" I said. That was making me horny again.

We walked into the Sex Shop hand-in-hand. My new lover walked over to the bondage section and I walked over to the lingerie section.

I spotted a leather teddy that looked really nice. I grabbed it put it over my arm to try on in a bit. I also grabbed a leather choker and some long black shiny latex gloves. I also picked out some fishnet stockings and a pair of 5-inch heel shoes. I thought this will drive him over the edge and he will never deny having sex with me while I am wearing this. The saleslady came over to see if I needed any help.

"Can I help you miss?" she asked.

"No I am doing fine" I said as I looked at her.

"Are you a man?" she asked.

"I used to be" I replied. "I am all woman now on the inside and soon to be on the outside".

"There is a guy that works in the back who would like to meet you. Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked.

"I have a lover - that man over there. But a woman can never have too many men can she?" I said smiling.

"You go try these on and I will go get him", she said as she walked towards the back of the store.

I took the clothing and went back into a change room. I was totally naked when I heard a knock at the change room door.

"Come in" I said.

It was the young man who worked in the store. He saw me and smiled.

"Can you help me get dressed, you handsome stud?" I asked him with an evil grin.

"Yes, of course, I'd love to" he replied.

As he was helping me get my teddy on, I grabbed at his crotch and started rubbing it.

"You have a nice sized cock in there. Would you like me to suck it?"

"Yes please" he said as he was starting to breathe hard.

I got my teddy on and long gloves, then started to undo his pants. He tried to put the choker around my neck but he was having a hard time concentrating.

I pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. It was nice and hard already. I couldn't wait to taste his cum.

I started sucking him off real hard and fast. I could feel him get harder and I knew he would explode in my mouth in just a matter of seconds.

He started moaning out loud then blew a few wads down my throat. I kept sucking him hard and swallowed every drop. I stood up and gave him a long sensuous kiss even though I had the taste of his cum in my mouth.

I got him to help put the stockings on and then he put my shoes on. I let him walk out first then 10 seconds later I walked out to show my lover my new sex outfit.

"Hey handsome, how do you like this outfit?" I asked him.

He turned around and said, "You look really hot. Buy it. You can wear it around the house whenever you are over there. I am just about done getting some sex toys. Do you want to pick out a sexy French maid uniform?"

"Sure" I replied.

I walked over to the costume section and picked a satiny soft French maid uniform which included a dress, gloves, stockings and a hat.

I placed them on the counter with the other purchases I made. My lover came over a few minutes later with a handful of sex toys. He was also wearing soft black men's leather gloves. He put the sex toys on the counter, then grabbed my face with his leather-gloved hands and kissed me. His kiss was so masculine and sensuous that I felt a little light-headed. I was definitely falling in love with him.

"Who should pay for these purchases?" he asked still holding on to my face gently.

"I will my love. I will pay for all of them. I will do anything you ask of me my love", I said with a soft, helpless voice.

"Good girl" he said laughing to himself. He knew I was helpless when he used those gloves. I wonder who would have told him about my weakness.

I got out my credit card and paid the $400 total. I couldn't wait to get back to his house and try out the new toys with my lover.

When we got back in the car he asked me "What did you think of the woman who waited on us at the cash register? Was she not the most beautiful woman you had seen in a long time?"

"I didn't even notice her." I replied.

I was kind of scared. It was odd for me not to notice beautiful women. But come to think of it I just noticed all of the good-looking guys in there - especially the guy in the change room. I felt like such a whore sucking him off even though I didn't know him. I am such a slut!

I lit a cigarette then leaned over and started to undo his zipper. Anytime I see a guy in leather pants I need to suck his cock. I started sucking slowly on it just to tease him. I am such a tease and a whore.

Chapter 6: Whoring

When we got to his place, he still had the leather gloves on that he bought. I carried all of the purchases. We got in the door, and he asked me to put on the leather outfit that I purchased. Also, I had to stay in the bathroom until I was allowed to come out.

I got changed then smoked a couple of cigarettes while I waited. I finished my first pack of cigarettes. I love Virginia Slims. I love to smoke! I need to smoke! I want to smoke even more!

Finally he yelled that I could come out. We cuddled together on the couch and began to kiss. We were kissing passionately for about 5 minutes when he got up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was so horny. I wanted him so bad.

He laid me down on the bed then got the bag of sex toys I had bought. First he handcuffed my legs together. Then handcuffed my hands together. He pulled over so I was kneeling on the floor and told me to wait. In a few minutes I heard more voices and eventually three other men came into the room along with my lover. They looked gay and very horny. I had a feeling I would be servicing these men tonight.

My lover said as he rubbed his leather gloves on my face," These guys are paying me $50 each to have sex with you. You will first suck their cocks then they will bang you in the ass."

I started to get real excited and breathe hard.

"It sounds like you are going to enjoy this my little slut. How much money should you get out of what they are paying me?"

"None" I said. "You should get all of the money. I belong to you and will serve you anyway that I can".

"Very good my little whore. We are going to make a great team together."

All four guys including my lover circled around my face with their crotches all only a foot away from my mouth. One by one I undid their zippers and pulled out their cocks. I asked to have the handcuffs taken off so I could service 3 guys at a time. I started giving handjobs to 2 of the guys and a blowjob to the third. I was in heaven. So many cocks for me. I couldn't wait to suck them all off.

Once I sucked the first guy off I started sucking the next one, and began giving the last guy a hand job. After the second guy blew his wad in my mouth my lover handcuffed me to the bed so I was sitting on all fours with my ass in the air. The first guy I sucked then began sticking his cock in my ass while I started sucking off the third guy. This felt wonderful. Both my holes were being filled with cock, and I felt like a slut and whore more than ever.

When the guy in my ass was ready to cum I started sucking the other guy harder hoping they would both cum as the same time. And they did. I was in ecstasy.

I began sucking the last guy while the second guy began filling my ass with his cock. My ass was nice and wet and loose so he had no problem entering and getting started. I realized that it is my role in life to please men, and to do whatever it takes to please them.

I was slowly getting addicted to the taste of cum and the feel of a cock in my mouth. It was definitely the best feeling I have ever known.

I eventually sucked the last off then about 10 minutes he came in my ass. I had pleased all four men very well. I collapsed on the bed and I needed a cigarette badly. My face was covered in cum but I didn't care. I was exhausted and needed a cigarette so bad. I hadn't smoked for almost an hour.

I finished about 3 or 4 cigarettes when my lover came back in the room. He was counting the money he made by using me. I was so glad I had pleased my lover. That is all I ever wanted.

He lay down on the bed beside me, so I reached over and undid his zipper so I could suck him one more time. No matter how many cocks I get, I still need more.

We woke up together the next morning. I saw his cock lying there so I rubbed it to get it hard and started sucking it. My lover woke up and I knew my sucking made him feel good.

Still wearing my leather teddy, latex gloves and high heels, I got up to make my lover some breakfast. I smoked a few cigarettes while I was cooking. I felt like I had been smoking for years. I don't even think about it anymore. I just grab a cigarette every 20 minutes.

By Shirley.

Sucks to be you... You to be sucks...

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