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A dominant husband enslaved and feminized

A submissive wife made into a strap-on Mistress

through erotic mind control hypnosis

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Meet sissy Allie. She was a dominant husband who tied up his submissive wife, making her serve and obey his desires.

He thought it might be fun to crossdress and be submissive once in a while, but his wife was too submissive and scared of dominance to take control. He discovered Mind Mistress's

Now he's a feminized sissy slave, craving to be more sissified, and she's an increasingly demanding and strict Mistress, lovingly stripping every bit of control and removing every once of maleness he ever had, feminizing him more completely each day.

They are so happy together...

Hello all, I'm Elizabeth and I just wanted to report to Mind Mistress and everyone how things have gone since our first session for myself and my sissy Allie. As a bit of background I need to say that until Tuesday of this week I've been the submissive member of our couple. It seems like a weird dream, but it's true. I can't imagine myself being tied up, flogged or spanked by such a sissy though it doesn't seem that real. My master wanted to let go and be submissive for a change, to be submissive in a way as opposite from his dominant self as possible, and we talked about it for a while. We even tried to reverse roles from time to time, but for some reason I can't figure out now, it just didn't work. That's how we met Mind Mistress.

Allie (as he is now) was surfing the web and came across Mind Mistress' web site. After looking through the site he wrote to ask some questions and then had me look through the site too. As Mistress can tell you, I was really nervous about being hypnotized and some parts of the site actually scared me. I know because I've gone back through to read the emails I sent telling her so. I'm not scared now, and in fact I love being hypnotized and can't wait for our next session! :-)



Mistress Elizabeth is right, it was all my idea. I wanted to be able to let go, to surrender control and be controlled. Thinking on it more and more (it's so hard to think now, I'm glad Mistress can decide things for me) I knew that I wanted to be made into a submissive sissy. At the time I felt it was the most opposite of the real me. I've learned since the session that it's the real me. I love serving Mistress, it's something that I need to do and it's so pleasurable to be her slave.


After we were finished with my first session Mind Mistress made me realize that Allie was dressed in men's clothes. That was certainly not appropriate for my sissy slave, so I put him into a blouse and skirt for his session. He seemed to be reluctant at first, but as Mind Mistress told me, that would mean I'm doing it right. After the session Allie was much more submissive and obedient.

While the sissy was getting hypnotized I went out to set up some things for the next day and when I got back I found her in the chat room. [Mind Mistress holds a group chat on Tuesday nights]. We chatted a bit with everyone on-line. There are some really nice people in the chat room, and all with a good sense of humor. The jokes that flew across the screen were really funny.

We watched as Mistress initiated a session and I was amazed at the results. I guess I didn't want to remember the events of my own session because I found it really hard to get the details. Mistress gave me permission to remember, I know that, but I guess deep down I didn't want to, so it was kind of hard, but I recognize now enough pieces to be able to write this for Mistress and everyone. Anyway, during the IRC chat I became really aroused and ordered Allie to get on her knees in front of me and eat me while I watched Mistress at her work. Even being a bystander is so erotic, it's wonderful!



It was wonderful to be on my knees and servicing Mistress Elizabeth. Being her obedient slave is so much fun, and pleasurable too!! When the IRC chat was over with I didn't want to stop but Mistress told me I had to as she wanted to go to the mall before it closed. She made me change into some icky men's clothes and we went to the mall where I got my ears pierced! I've now got three piercings in each ear and the earrings are so very pretty. I love being pretty for Mistress.

The next morning Mistress Elizabeth called me in sick for work and then took me down to a place that does hair removal so I could get all that nasty man hair off of my body. I was there almost all day and they waxed my hair away all over my body before giving me a laser treatment that they said will keep me nice and smooth for the next three to four months when I have to go back again.


During the day Wednesday I worked while Allie was getting de-haired. He's such a sissy that I had trouble from him in getting him into male clothes both going to the mall the night before and in going to the salon the next day. He can't stand to be in male clothing at all, and complained that it hurt him to wear them and that he felt he was going to be sick until he was out of them. That's no problem now, as I've taken all of his male clothes (except for a few suits he'll need for work) and locked them in a big trunk in the basement.

When I got her home I had Allie get into her black satin maids uniform and start cleaning house while I went back to doing my work. At around 4pm a girlfriend of mine came over and Allie made us some tea and snacks and served us while we talked. She was amazed at Allie's new attitude and appearance, and even commented that she had sexy legs. LOL!

After the break it was time to get back to work as I had a major project due, and Allie went back to doing her house cleaning and cooked us a very nice dinner.



It felt so good to serve Mistress Elizabeth and her guest. I just love being her servant and her slave. It's a real need that I have, I need to be her slave, I need to be controlled by her. Making decisions is so hard that I'm lucky to have someone like Mistress Elizabeth to decide things for me and to dominate me, to control me.


I took a break Wednesday night to clear my head and took Allie into the bedroom where I had her eat me again for what must have been 90 minutes. Allie has a wonderful tongue and I'm going to be putting that sissy mouth of hers to good use quite often. Afterwards I got out one of the strap-on dildos that we have for play parties and had her suck on it for a while. Her red painted sissy lips are just perfect for sucking my dildo and even managed to deep throat it. I fucked her sissy ass for about an hour, showing her how a woman wants to get fucked. I don't remember not being satisfied by him, but he is a sissy now after all and needs to be taught how to please me in the way I want to be pleased.

Come to think of it, those lips would look great wrapped around a good hard cock instead of just a dildo. I wonder how she'll like sucking cocks and getting fucked by real men and not sissies. I can't wait to find out, and I can't wait until our next session with Mind Mistress.


PS It seems so laughable that I ever let myself be dominated by such a sissy. What was I thinking?

I love bringing out people's inner nature...

Mind Mistress

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