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CD 25- Soft

AKA Creating male impotence
(for men & mtf transgenders)

Hypnotic Impotence and forced chastity mind control

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Hypnotic Impotence and Forced Chastity

Did you catch a cheating spouse? This is the ultimate punishment for cheating husbands and cheating boyfriends, for making sure they will never fool around again, because they can't get it up!

"My husband is cheating on me and I'm tired of being a cuckold wife. I want him castrated! "

"My boyfriend can't stop chasing other women. This has to stop, and stop now!"

"I used to be a cheating husband, but my wife made me into a cuckhold husband with hypnosis, and I'm forced to watch black guys fuck my wife! What's worse is that she makes me read cuckhold stories with a vibrating butt plug up my ass, and I'm starting to get turned on by black cocks! Someone help me!"

After a few weeks of using this CD a man will be totally impotent, and be unable to have intercourse and unable to masturbate. Forced chastity belts and other chastity devices can be picked, or foiled in various ways. This one is pretty foolproof. After a few weeks of training with the CD, and with regular reinforcement sessions, you can be sure your sissy husband won't be fooling around and cheating on you. Give him erectile dysfunction, hypnotic castration... the gift that keeps on giving him no satisfaction at all... just small penis humiliation!

Cheating Husbands

Are you tired of your husband staying late at work, cuckholding his wife and screwing his secretary? With Hypnotic Impotence, she'll just laugh at his limp penis, and he'll come home early in shame. Of course, he won't be able to fuck you either, but do you really need a weenie like that ? You can tell him that since he can't satisfy you, you'll need to get yourself a REAL MAN who can satisfy you properly. This is a great introduction to sissyfying your man into skirts, and with CD23-Effectiveness, you can later train him to be your maid. He'll be the one in a cute maid outfit, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, dusting shelves, washing the dishes, and making meals, while you get your boy toys to satisfy you in bed. If he's really good, you can allow him to massage your feet, and cuddle up to you in Your bed. If he's reluctant, use CD16-Acceptance to get him to accept his new state as a sissy maid and slave to you. CD2-sub-Consciousness is also great to make him into an obedient slave girl to his new Mistress, YOU!

He really won't be able to have sex as a man anymore, so maybe it's time to get him some male lovers. Because the only way he'll get ANY sexual satisfaction at all is by being fucked up the ass. You can start him with fingers and small butt toys, and move up to screwing him with a strapon dildo. You'll be the one wearing the pants, and he'll have to do whatever you want, if he wants any hope of sexual relief. This is the ultimate hypnotic chastity belt : He won't even be able to masturbate his wee wee without having a panic attack and going limp. You can use CD18-Anal Princess to help make him addicted to anal sex, and maybe CD19-Oral, if you want him sucking off guys like a sissy cocksucker.

Transsexual Impotence

Some transsexuals and some transvestites like the idea of being unable to have sex as a man. Perhaps because they have a wife or partner that keeps asking them for intercourse. With this training, they'll be unable to perform as a man, and be forced to have sex only as a woman does. It's a lot cheaper than an orchiectomy to remove the balls, though it won't stop the production of testosterone.

If your erections are bothering you, bulging embarassingly while you're tucked in your panties, and growing in an unfeminine fashion when you are with a lover, this can be the solution you needed. Just be very sure it's what you want, because it's going to be very hard to undo this effect, if at all. If you choose this, your penis will be limp and useless, soft and girly, no matter how hard you try to get it hard. Porn won't help get it hard. A partner won't help get it hard. In fact, your sexual arousal and enjoyment will be moved to your ass. That will be the only way you can get sexual release, with prostate stimulation and anal sex. If you want to be a soft sissy, an impotent shemale, or you're preparing for a sex change, then go ahead. But don't come asking for it to be reversed ! This is meant to create PERMANENT IMPOTENCE.

How Erectile Dysfunction is Created

This is theory. You don't need to read this section to use the CD. But if you want the science behind it, read on.

The reason My method works so well is that I create impotence the same way it normally happens in men's sex life: Stress. Stress is what kills erections. Performance anxiety is very common, and every man knows that when he feels forced to perform, it's very hard to have a strong erection. That's because erections are not controlled by the conscious mind. The conscious mind acts through the central nervous system (CNS). That's what lets you move your arms, talk and jump up and down, by taking nerve impulses from your brain to your muscles. You can do that whenever you want. But the central nervous system doesn't control erections (and the penis isn't a muscle anyway).

All your other automatic body functions, such as digestion, heart rate, and breathing, are controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is NOT under your direct control. You can take conscious control of your breathing if you want, but if you don't think about it, you don't stop breathing. The ANS takes care of that, which is a good thing!

The ANS has two parts:

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is in charge of arousal, and reacting to emergencies, by jolting you with adrenaline so you can fight or run away, speeding up your breathing, and sharpening your senses. When you're stressed out, it's because your SNS perceives danger, and moves you into high gear to deal with it, making you feel fear or anger. It's really designed to help you survive saber toothed tigers... not face down a boss' criticisms, or the fear of dissapointing your lover. In those cases, its reactions are counterproductive.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) balances it out, by calming you down. The PNS is active when you meditate, relax, go to sleep, digest a big meal, and it slows your breathing, heart rate, and relaxes your muscles.

While you can't control the ANS directly, you can control what you think and perceive. You can watch a horror movie to get your adrenaline going, or a peaceful scenery to calm down. And since the brain doesn't really make much distinction between what you imagine vividly and what you perceive, you can imagine or remember stressful, arousing, or relaxing situations... and get your ANS to react to those. That's why many hypnosis inductions are like: "Imagine you are on vacation walking, walking on a beach, with the soothing sound of waves around you".

Getting back to our main topic, when you start getting aroused, that's the SNS kicking in, and raising your excitement level and heartbeat. That's good. Then the PNS kicks in as well, and you get an erection. Why is relaxation required for an erection?

Okay, think about peeing for a moment. In order to pee, you have to relax certain muscles to let urine flow. Normaly, those muscles are contracted, to prevent urination. If they weren't, you'd be leaking all the time. So the normal state is contracted, and when you relax, it allows flow. Then you contract again, and flow stops. Logical, right?

It works similarly for the penis. It's not a muscle, it's a "cavernous cavity", meaning it's full of spongy material. When it fills with blood, it gets hard. When the blood leaves, it gets soft. Just like for peeing, there's a muscle that is normally contracted, to block blood flow. When that muscle relaxes, the blood flows into the penis, making it hard. When it contracts again, blood flow stops, and you lose the erection. In other words, erections only happen when a man is relaxed, because the PNS relaxes the muscle that control blood flow to the penis. If you're stressed out, the PNS won't relax, and you won't get an erection. By the way, that's why men often have erections when they wake up in the morning: They're relaxed (if you get morning erections, then you know that any erection problems are stress related, rather than physical problems).

So back to sex... You get aroused when the SNS kicks in, and get and erection when the PNS joins in the fun. But when stimulation gets too intense, either from great sexual sensations, or from worrying about something, the SNS gets overstimulated... and causes the man to ejaculate prematurely, or lose his erection, or both.

So how do I make males impotent ? Simple. I create a trigger for intense stress, and every time an erection starts, I give them a panic attack. This triggers the SNS, inhibits the PNS, and kills the erection. Through repeated association of feeling an erection and stress at the same time, the erection becomes the trigger for stress, which then kills the budding erection. It becomes self reinforcing, and the more they try to get an erection, the more deeply the conditioning sets in, and the more impossible erections become.

Now, because I'm not a complete bitch, I move arousal to the asshole, so that they can enjoy being fucked like a girl... See the track listing below for the details on the process. This CD is designed to work well with CD18-Anal Princess, for a new anal sex life...

Customer Question:

I like the idea of not being able to get hard while masturbating; however, I would still like to be functional should a woman desire to ride me.  Would this be achievable if I only listened to tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 of CD 25?

Mind Mistress Answers:

Yes, if you skip tracks 4, 5, and 7, you will only get conditioned to be soft when you masturbate, and you should be able to perform with a partner. It will just take longer to get results, because you're skipping a lot of the training.

Track Listing

Track 01 - Induction (15:20) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word. At some point, the trance trigger may be sufficient to get into trance, at which point this track can be cut out, using simply the trance trigger word from track 2 to get into trance. But this takes a LOT of trance training to get to.

Track 02 - Stress Trigger (3:50) : Starts with the trance trigger, and sets a trigger word for feeling stressed out and panicky, imitating extreme performance anxiety. Afterwards, we will be able to associate this feeling with getting an erection, so that every time you get an erection, you get such extreme stress as to make erections impossible. This is how erectile dysfunction normally happens, so we're just imitating nature here. Many men get treated for performance anxiety leading to impotence... we're just doing it in reverse, and we'll be creating the impotence.

Track 03 - Anal Desire trigger (6:27) : Sets the trigger word for desire, much as in CD3 Elegance, and in CD18-Princess. However, since you will soon never again be able to use that penis for sex, there is no point in feeling arousal there. In this track, I train you to feel sexual desire on command, but I move the arousal to your anus, so that instead of being a need to fuck... it becomes an empty needy feeling of wanting to be fucked. After using this track a few times, you will feel arousal happening in your ass, even when using other CDs with the desire trigger... in all other CDs, you will only feel arousal as a need to be fucked, up the ass or in your pussy.

Track 04 - Softer (8:41) : You choose a memory of having sex, and reliving it as you did then from inside your body, you get hard, aroused... but every time you get hard, the stress hits you and makes you go all soft and girly. Again and again, you get hard, and then soften, as the arousal moves to the back door, making it harder and harder to keep an erection, until as soon as you start hardening, you go soft and girly again, eager to get fucked in the ass... Eventually, you'll stay soft all the time, soft and girly, no matter how aroused you get! If you've never had sex with a partner, you can either skip this track, or imagine yourself with a partner.

Track 05 - Partner (4:21) : In this track, you relive a time having sex with a partner, and no matter how much they try to get you hard, you go soft. In fact, the experience changes into what you now crave, which is having your ass played with instead... it arouses you, but still you stay soft. If you havn't experienced sex with a partner, you can either skip this track, or imagine what it would be like.

Track 06 - Porn (6:02) : To be totally impotent and girly, not only do you need to go soft with a partner, but also when masturbating. So now you relive masturbating, looking at porn, and every time you get hard, you stress out and go all soft and girly. There's really no way to masturbate anymore, not with your "big clit". The only way to get relief is to fuck yourself with an anal toy... what you need is something to fill your ass... dildos, dicks, and strapons... that's how you get pleasure from now on.

Track 07 - Future Princess (2:23) : All that training until now has altered your memories, so you remember more and more vividly how impossible it is for you to get hard. But now we are programming your future, so that in the future you always remain soft and girly. You imagine living the most arousing experience you can imagine... and if there's any hardness left, it gets crushed. All you want is to get fucked, and using the trigger word from CD18-Princess makes you need to get fucked even more, tying the two CDs together so that they enhance each other and seal your fate as an impotent sissy anal princess, always soft and girly, eager to be fucked whenever she's aroused.

Track 08 - Amnesia (1:21) : By using this track, you can forget what happened during the trance, and let yourself believe this is how you naturally are, more and more. To actually get amnesia for the session, most people will need to train with CD16-Acceptance first, to learn the hypnotic skill of amnesia.

Track 09 - Awaken (0:29) : And you awaken feeling wonderful and girly.

Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the ssequence make sense. Here are the cuts you can make:

-No Trigger Training: Once the triggers for stress and desire are strongly installed after many listenings (meaning the subject reacts strongly to them), you can cut out the trigger tracks 02 - Stress Trigger (3:50) and Track 03 - Anal Desire trigger (6:27), though you should reinforce the triggers occasionally. This cut reduces the trance by 10 minutes.

-Minimal cut: Unless you can go into trance with just the trigger word, you will need to leave in track 01-Induction(15:20). Track 12-Awaken (0:29) is likewise necessary.

At first, you must include the trigger training of tracks 2 and 3. You could train with just those, using tracks 1,2,3 and then 9 to awaken. Then, once the triggers are well set and give you a strong reaction, you can add in track 4. Once you react strongly to track 4, you can cut tracks 2 and 3's trigger training, and just use track 1 for the induction, then go into the conditioning tracks 4,5,6, and if appropriate, 7 and 8, and then the awakening track.

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It contains 9 tracks, for a total play time of 56 minutes

This CD has no specific prerequisites.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Stress Trigger
T03- Anal Desire Trigger
T04- Softer
T05- Partner
T06- Porn
T07- Future Princess
T08- Amnesia
T09- Awaken


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