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CD 18 - Princess

aka Anal Princess – Love and Crave Anal Sex
(for men, women, and transgenders)

Anal Princess: Loving Anal sex hypnosis

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Princess is designed to teach a love of anal sex, and used for a long enough time, will turn anyone into a total anal sex addict, constantly craving anal stimulation. It bypasses adult objections to anal sex by regressing to a time before such judgements could be made, where anal stimulation is just one more sensual pleasure as a baby. It will progressively reduce inhibitions about anal sex, until receiving anal sex becomes completely natural and desired. Further training will make anal sex their favorite sexual release, as well as make them need regular anal stimulation. Continued training will turn them into total anal sluts, constantly craving and needing to be fucked up the ass. This can be relieved by wearing butt plugs while at work, if it gets too intense.

Further, feeling a full bladder and the need to go to the bathroom, as well as the act of relieving yourself, become sexual turnons. This is a side-effect of the methods used, but I think it's a good one, leading to an ever increasing sex drive! In addition, relieving yourself becomes verrrry enjoyable...

Used on an unfeminized heterosexual male

It will lead to them fingering themselves, using dildos and butt toys to relieve their cravings, as well as strapon dildo play if they have a willing female partner. If they have any homosexual tendencies, these will probably come out as well, with an ever increasing desire to have a man fuck them up the ass.

Used on a feminized male

It will do the same as above. However, combined with CD4-Male Charm, it will also make them crave anal sex with men while dressed as a woman, to be taken and penetrated like a woman.

Used on a gay male

It will increase their desire for receiving anal sex, and increase the pleasure they get from it.

Used on a female

It works much as it does for men, and the CD is designed to work on women as well as men. See the note on nymphomania.

Anal Toys

Silicone is best for anal toys, because unlike rubber and plastic, it is non porous. That means you can disinfect them completely, by washing with regular or antibacterial soap, or simmering in hot water (of course, don't immerse in water if it's a vibrator, and don't make it boil so much they melt). Don't share anal toys with others, unless they're silicone, and you've disinfected them first. You can also put a condom on the toy before using it, that way you won't have to clean it, just throw away the condom.

When using anal toys, or having anal sex, remember that you'll need lubricant, because the anus doesn't lubricate like the vagina does. Start with a small diameter toy, and work your way up to wider toys. If you see a short toy with a wider flare at the bottom, then a narrow part, and a base, that's a butt plug. The flare is meant to keep the toy inside the butt so it doesn't slip out, and the narrow part is where the anus closes almost shut, while the base is for you to be able to pull out the toy. Butt plugs are meant to be worn under clothing, so that you're discreetely getting anal pleasure, and that satisfying feeling of being filled. There are smooth anal dildos, and there are some with ring shaped ridges. The ridges are to provide greater stimulation when penetrating yourself, because there is very little sensation once inside the rectum. Most of the sensation comes from the anus, and if you can find it, pressure on the prostate from inside the rectum (basically applying pressure in the direction of the belly button, a few inches past the anus). And of course, there are vibrating versions of all of these.


I've pondered how to make a woman into a nymphomaniac, and what I realized is that some kind of regular trigger for arousal would be necessary. Viagra doesn't work on women, because simply increasing the blood flow to their genitals isn't enough for them to think they're horny. Increasing blood flow to the penis gives men an erection, and when they have an erection, they think they are horny, so they are!

The idea came to Me while with a friend, who has the commonly female problem of a small or sensitive bladder, meaning she has to pee every half hour or so. So this recording incorporates that. With Princess training, every time a woman feels pressure in her bladder, and a need to pee, she gets horny! And if she has to poo too... oh boy will she ever be horny when she comes out! This means she'll get regularly turned on and horny throughout the day. Keep up daily training for a few months, and you'll have a raging anal nympho slut on your hands! This works on males too of course, but this aspect is particularly effective on women, and designed with them in mind.


If you want a progressive training schedule so as to avoid shocking an inhibited listener, you can build up the training in this way.

  1. Teach Trance: Start with tracks 1,2,11. This teaches trance
  2. Trigger Training: Then use tracks 1,2,3,11. This teaches the trigger words for arousal and sexual pleasure. In fact, they're the same as CD 3 – Elegance teaches in its track 2. This means you can use Princess as preparation for any CD that requires prior training with Elegance. Obviously, it would be best to use Elegance before Elegance II, because there's one more trigger in Elegance, for needing to be more feminine whenever anyone says it.
  3. Princess Conditionning: Go on adding tracks 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10, one at a time. If you've already trained with Elegance, you can start here right away.
  4. Short Princess Booster: When you've trained with the entire CD for a while, a fast 12 minute booster session can be done with tracks 2,8,9,10,11. Ideal before a hot date!

When should you add more tracks? That depends on the listener's inhibitions and prior training with trance. You don't need to spend time on the first track list (which only teaches trance) if they already have experience with that induction from My other CDs. In that case, you can start directly with the trigger training track list. You could spend from a day to a week on that, depending on their reaction. If they're comfortable with the trance, feeling arousal and pleasure when suggested, they're ready to move on. Add track 4. Spend a day to a week on that one, or until they're perfectly comfortable with the regression. Continue adding tracks in the same manner.

Track Guide

Of course, if the person's totally comfortable with the idea of anal sex, but just isn't excited by it, you can just play the whole thing through from the start. Once you're well trained with the CD, you can skip tracks 3 and up, to start with the sexual adventure one, if you want a shorter adventure.

  1. Induction (15:20) – The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you've learned to go into trance on command quickly.
  2. Deepen (1:21) – A deepening track which uses the trance trigger word, so those who no longer need the induction can start with this track.
  3. Feelings (7:57) – Teaches the trigger words for arousal and sexual pleasure that are necessary for the rest of the CD to be effective. Ends with the trance trigger.
  4. Baby (6:51) – Anal pleasure is natural, but many have forgotten that. By regressing to being a baby, we get back in touch with the simple pleasures of sucking, touching, peeing, and pooing. And so you relive how good each of these are, to suck milk, to be touched by mommy, to let go as you pee and poo, to feel the relief, and realize that you crave this release. While Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers will certainly enjoy this track, it is not meant to produce incontinence, but rather, channel these desires into enjoying these natural functions as an adult, and expanding them into sexuality for anal sex.
  5. Child (5:16) – Growing up into a child, the natural pleasures of peeing and pooing now take place in the bathroom, and these pleasures are not only remembered, but now enhanced by an increased anal sensitivity to pleasure. Going bathroom just feels soooo good! What comes out stretches the anus in a more and more enjoyable way, which leads to craving more sensation there, and feeling unsatisfied with the short time it takes to defecate. Even wiping becomes a source of anal pleasure. The desire to feel more there increases, and just the need to go bathroom becomes a source of arousal. This is no accidental choice. We want to turn the listener into an anal slut, so we need something that will regularly trigger arousal, to keep them horny more and more of the time. This track trains the listener to get very turned on any time they feel their bladder full, and any time they need to defecate, and to crave the sexual feelings they get from relieving themeselves. However, the relief they get in the bathroom is never sufficient. It just excites them further, and will lead them to actually want sex in the next track. Anal sex.
  6. Adolescent (6:53) – Reaching adolescence, still in the bathroom, feeling your bladder full turns you on. Needing to defecate turns you on too, makes you horny, and as you go, you feel more and more sexual pleasure from that and from peeing. You're also getting so horny that when you're done wiping, you start fingering your anus, and learn how good it feels to fuck yourself back there.
  7. Relief (3:00) – At this point, you realize the finger just isn't enough. You need even more intense anal stimulation, and you realize what you need: Either a dildo, a cock, or a strapon. It's the only way to get what you crave and need, which is an anal orgasm.
  8. Partner (2:48) – As an adult, you find yourself with a sexual partner of your choice: a woman with a strapon, or a man with his cock, who can start with fingers, a dildo, and eventually give you the fucking you so desperately need. You find yourself begging them to fuck you. The Baby, Child and Adolescent and relief tracks form a continuous unfolding, but this one starts afresh as an adult, so when doing a shorter training, you can go from track 2 directly to this track.
  9. Princess (5:01) – And I give you special trigger words, so that whenever you hear anyone say them, you feel totally relaxed and at ease about being fucked up the ass, as well as totally horny and needing it desperately. You put your ass in the air like the total anal princess you are, feeling so empty and needing to be filled, as you beg to be fucked up the ass by your lover! You feel the growing pleasure as they fuck you so good, leading to the anal orgasm you needed so bad.
  10. More (2:05) – Starting with the trance trigger word, you're led deeper into trance, where you realize you love anal sex, you really really love it! You just love getting fucked up the ass, and can't get enough of it! It feels completely natural for you to love receiving anal sex, and it feels more right and natural with every listening
  11. Awaken (1:20) – You accept what you've learned, and awaken feeling wonderful, relaxed, agreeable, receptive and accepting.


CD18 Princess
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 11tracks, for a total play time of 58 minutes

This CD has no prerequisites. However, it can replace CD3 as the pre-requisite for other CDs.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Deepen
T03- Feelings
T04- Baby
T05- Child
T06- Adolescent
T07- Relief
T08- Partner
T09- Princess
T10- More
T11- Awaken


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