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CD 23 - Effectiveness

AKA French Maid Training
(for women & mtf transgenders)

French Maid Training Hypnosis CD

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Anti-Procrastination hypnosis: The ultimate cure to procrastination with a sexy twist !

For women and transgenders If you need more confidence, more drive, more motivation, to be able to finish projects that you start and feel proud of yourself, ready for more, this is the hypnosis CD for you!

Is this for me ?

- Do you feel like your work is suffering... because you lack of motivation and energy to get started ?
- Or perhaps you get started... but you lose interest, and it never gets done.
- Or maybe you start, but more urgent things distract you... things that aren't really important, but demand to be done right now?
- Or maybe your work is so huge, you just don't know where to start.

Effectiveness is designed to train you in how to approach large and small tasks, divide the work into parts, figure out where to start, do each part and feel great each time you finish a part, until you get to the end. And you will boost your confidence every time you listen experience the CD training.

But hey... all this talk about work... if you're a procrastinator, you may wonder, "But am I really going to listen to this CD... or put it off?". I can totally relate. I Myself have a book on overcoming procrastination... and I've never gotten around to reading it... ;)

The French Maid Twist

No, you're not going to listen to this CD just to help you be more effective... you're going to listen to it because it's fun! Fun and sexy! There are a lot of self help hypnosis CDs out there for motivation, but how many of them are actually exciting to listen to? And how can we expect a procrastinator to listen to a motivation CD that isn't exciting to start with? This is why I've put useful training into a really fun and sexy setting.

You're going to hallucinate becoming a sexy French Maid, and you're going to feel VERY sexy. Sexy, and VERY motivated to do your maid work. Because every time you do a bit of cleaning, and finish one part of your work, you're going to be rewarded with the same feeling you had at the proudest moment of your life. And feeling great from that, you'll want to continue. And with each new part you do, you'll feel even more proud of yourself. This will boost your confidence more and more... and lack of confidence is one of the big reasons that people lack motivation. But through this adventure, you'll get to experience feeling useful and effective again, so that your training can be transferred into real life confidence and effectiveness.

For Wives and Girlfriends - Your Own Sexy Maid

Is your beloved woman overwhelmed by all the things she has to do in a day? Between paid work, housework, and perhaps kids, is she feeling more and more ragged, run down and unmotivated ? Perhaps your sex life is suffering as well, if she's always tired.

Now, this CD won't create more time. I'm a hypnotist, not a Mad Scientist (I have yet to find the listing for Mad Scientists in the phone book). But what it *will* do is change her *mood* about all that work. She'll find herself stressing less at work, getting more done, and feeling better about herself and her accomplishments, while increasing her self-confidence and self-esteem. But the real bonus will be for housework: she'll start finding herself actually *enjoying* doing housework, and feeling proud about whatever she has time to accomplish. And an even bigger bonus for you: doing housework will put her in a sexy mood, especially if she's gone through the trigger training of CD3-Elegance first. This means that by the time she gets to bed, instead of rolling over, she may be far more inclined to sex you up! I cannot be held responsible for any sexual exhaustion boyfriends and husbands experience from getting this CD for their partner.

As for your fantasy life... wouldn't you love to ravish her while she's wearing a sexy French Maid outfit? The more she listens to the CD, the more she will associate wearing that costume with being aroused. So she'll end up wanting to role play the French Maid in the bedroom for you!

As exciting as this is, I strongly suggest you do not buy the French Maid outfit right away for her with the CD. This is usually perceived by women as just another way for you to get what you want, without caring for what she wants. No, you should be more clever. Wait. Wait till she starts talking about how cool it would be to play the French Maid seduced by the master of the house. At that point, you can offer to look online with her for a French Maid outfit that she likes. Doing it this way... you'll be giving her exactly what SHE wants, and she'll be grateful. Timing is everything.

For Husbands and Boyfriends - Getting Him Off The Couch

But, maybe you, kind reader, are actually that very girlfriend or wife. You work all day, and then work all night around the house, while your lazy man lounges around on the couch all night, watching TV, drinking beer, and wolfing down chips. Meanwhile, you're running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to make meals, keep the place from becoming a garbage dump, and perhaps herd the kids into doing homework. Is this fair? You bet it isn't!!

You can use this CD to make your man actually want to do housework. How can we motivate a slob to want to do laundry? Simple. What do men want? Sex. So we'll motivate him with what normally motivates him, which is sexual desire. To accomplish this, you'll have to go through a few steps.

1)First, you can start with CD1-Trance Training, to teach him to go into trance on command. Just tell him it will help him relax better than a swedish masseuse... and that he deserves pampering and the full royal treatment after his hard days at work. Try to keep a smiling but serious face as you say this. If you break out laughing, it might tip him off to your true intentions. After about two weeks of daily training, he should be ready for step 2.

2) Tell him you love him so much, you've brought him the next CD for even deeper relaxation and total pleasure. That's CD16-Acceptance. It will do two things: Bring him to a euphoric state, and teach him to completely forget the content of hypnosis CDs. Let him train daily for about two weeks, until he can't remember what happens during the CD. You'll also notice him becoming more agreeable to you right after each listening. Don't abuse this... yet. See the CD16 page for how to design this phase of training.

3) Now we need him to be trained to experience pleasure and desire on command... so he'll feel it during maid training. For that, use CD3-Elegance, but precede it with CD16, so he forgets it. If you're not technically savvy, you can have him listen to CD16 followed immediately by CD3. But that means he'll be out for about 2 hours every night. No big loss, it's not like he did anything anyway. But if you want to give him just the minimum training, all you really need is the trigger training track of Elegance, which is Track2-Feelings. You can insert the Elegance track into the Acceptance tracks 8, just before the awakening track 9.

A minimal track list would be:

From Acceptance - Tracks 1-Induction, 2-Blank Slate
From Elegance - Track 2-Feelings
From Acceptance - Track 9-Awaken
For a total trance time of 42 minutes.

4) Once he can listen to this and have no memory of it, he's ready for CD23-Effectiveness, which you may want to precede with CD16 at first. Feel free to design incremental training, by cutting out certain tracks. Soon, YOU will be the one putting your legs up, and relaxing while he does all the housework. And if you're into that... you may enjoy seeing him prancing around in a French Maid outfit, scurrying at your beck and call to bring you refreshments and snacks, pampering you like a queen, and treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Mmmm...

Track Listing

E01-Induction (15:20) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word. At some point, the trance trigger may be sufficient to get into trance, at which point this track can be cut out.

E02-Proud (3:33) : First, we create a trigger word that brings back the feeling of the proudest moment of your life every time I say it, so I can motivate you to be truly *effective*. The track starts with the trance trigger word.

E03-Motivation (5:19) : Then we find the time in your life when you felt most motivated... and link it to a specific trigger phrase: "Sexy Panties Make Me Productive"... so that whenever you say it, or I say it, you will feel completely motivated to do what you are about to do, and excited about doing it all the way to the end. Of course... you should be wearing sexy panties for this to work, heh heh. The track starts with the trance trigger word.

E04-FrenchMaid (3:12) : We start your training by putting you into the body of the sexiest French Maid you can imagine, wearing a sexy black maid dress and white apron... a satiny bra and lacy panties... and feeling the need to do your work as a sexy French Maid. The track starts with the trance trigger word.

E05-Cleaning (8:04) : You learn to enjoy working as a maid... especially dressed as a sexy French Maid... and cleaning house . You learn how to pick where to start, and to keep going until you're all done. You also learn to accept that there are things you cannot do at the moment, because you just don't have what's needed. You learn to accept it, and move onto the next thing you can do, knowing that at some later point, you may find what you need to do the things you couldn't before. With sponge and bucket, you clean the walls.

E06-Picking Up (3:43) : Cleaning isn't enough. You also have to learn how to pick up messes, to make the place all neat and tidy. And you learn to do it one step at a time, feeling good with every step, and keeping your motivation high. You move to the next room to pick up what is littered on the floor.

E07--Laundry (3:24) : You've learned how to start, and you've learned tenacity in doing the job, one step at a time, until it's all done. But sometimes you need a bit more strategy to get things done. You need to learn the strategy of Julius Cesar: Divide and conquer. It works as well for maids as for war generals! You move to the next room to find there's dirty clothes all over the place You start by picking up all the whites and making a pile. This way, you've divided the work into parts, and having finished one part, you feel proud!

E08-Washing1 (4:18) : Having sorted out the whites, you figure out you should put them in the wash before continuing your sorting. And you discover the joys of leaning into the vibrating washing machine...

E09-Colors (2:22) : In the room of dirty clothes, you sort out the reds, blacks, and all other colors. Divide and conquer!

E10-Washing2 (2:18) : Now that everything is sorted, and the load of whites is done, you can put the whites in the dryer, and the reds in the washer. There's nothing more you can do for now with laundry, while the reds wash and the whites dry. So you pause briefly, before wondering what you can do in the meantime.

E11-Vacuum (2:35) : You notice the floors are dirty, kicking in your Maid conditioning, so you get the vacuum, a standing one, so you can lean into that hard... vibrating... machine... and get the floors spotless.

E12-Washing3 (1:19) : Now you imagine what the next steps are going to be to finish the job, and imagine how wonderful it's going to feel once you're done. Keeping in mind your goal, how wonderful it will be once you get there, is the secret to being very motivated, and very effective. Folding whites, putting reds in the dryer, putting blacks in the washer... and imagining being all done.

E13-Awaken (2:25) : Before you awaken, you receive the final advice about wearing sexy panties to be more and more productive in all the work you do. And then you awaken, feeling excited about the things you're going to do, ready and willing to do what's most important... which is not the same as what's most urgent. Because we can sometimes get bogged down in doing things that are urgent, but not important. And the way to be effective is to take care of what's important, to divide the tasks, and conquer each one, to get that boost of confidence from finishing one, and feel really proud of yourself.

Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the storyline make sense. Here are the cuts you can make:

-No Washing: Removing tracks 08-Washing1, 10-Washing2, 12-Washing 3. If you just remove those, you'll do the sorting of dirty clothing, and the vacuuming, but not the washing of the laundry. This reduces the trance time by 8 minutes.
-No Vacuum: E11-Vacuum (2:35) can be safely removed from any track listing.
-No Laundry: If you remove track 07-Laundry, you will have to remove tracks 08, 09, 10, and 12 as well. This reduces the trance by 14 minutes.
-No Cleaning: You can remove tracks 05-Cleaning (8:04), or 06-PickingUp (3:43), or both of them. If you do this, you will start directly with the laundry, and reduce your trance time by about 13 minutes.
-No Trigger Training: Once the triggers to feel proud and motivated are strongly installed after many listenings, you can cut out the trigger tracks 02-Proud (3:33) and 03-Motivation (5:19), though you should reinforce the triggers occasionally. This cut reduces the trance by 9 minutes.

What you can't ever cut out: Track 04-FrenchMaid (3:12) where you become the French Maid, and track 13-Awaken (2:25).

is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 13 tracks, for a total play time of 58 minutes

This CD has no specific prerequisites, but it uses triggers set in CD3 to create the sexy feelings. If you just want motivation, CD3 is not necessary. But to make it a sexy arousing experience, train with CD3 to get the trigger training first.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Proud
T03- Motivation
T04- French Maid
T05- Cleaning
T06- Picking Up
T07- Laundry
T08- Washing 1
T09- Colors
T10- Washing 2
T11- Vacuum
T12- Washing 3
T13- Awaken


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