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CD 24 - Schoolgirl

AKA Slutty Schoolgirl (for women & mtf transgenders)

CD24-Schoolgirl , slutty schoolgirl transformation by hypnosis
art by K@t

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This CD is intended to create a slutty schoolgirl personality that can be turned on and off with a trigger word, making the listener want to dress and act like the sluttiest of schoolgirls. It's a great game of hypnotically enhanced role play for couples and singles! Perhaps it's for you... perhaps it's for your wife or girlfriend... or perhaps you want to turn your husband or boyfriend into a cute little schoolgirl who needs a lesson! When your partner is getting uppity, wouldn't it be nice to say a few words, and suddenly, they're eager to get spanked for being so uppity? What a great way to release some tensions!

You can include all these in the training, or pick only those you want for creating your perfect sexy schoolgirl:

- Dressing like a slutty schoolgirl (track 4).
- Being horny all the time and talking dirty (track 5).
- Wanting to get spanked, enjoying it, and feeling submissive afterwards (track 6).
- Using sex to get you favors (track 7).
- Acting like a rebel to get spanked (track 8).
- Smoking to feel like a bad girl (track 9).
- Getting tickled makes you lose control, get horny and obey (track 10).
- Have trigger words to get in and out of Schoolgirl mode (track 11).


New Fetishes and Fantasies

Tired of vanilla sex? Your partner would like to try different things, but just doesn't find any of them arousing? Tracks 2 and 3 set up the same triggers for arousal and sexual pleasure as CD3-Elegance does (thus making it interchangeable with CD3, for using CDs that require prior training with CD3). With those triggers, I then create interest and arousal for the listener as they experience a variety of sexual fetishes. Spanking becomes a turnon. Being tickled becomes a turnon. Both of these make the person feel like a happy slave girl when they happen. Talking dirty becomes a turnon. Dressing like a schoolgirl becomes a turnon. And if you include that track, smoking becomes a turnon too. Using sex to get favors becomes a turnon. Depending on what tracks you include in their listening, you can create up to 7 new sexual fetishes for your darling's sexual enjoyment... and yours, of course.

The Dead Fish Syndrome

Perhaps your partner is a bit too passive in bed, and you'd like them to be more aggressive. But they just don't know how to be aggressive, or lack the sexual confidence, so they let you do all the work. Which is fine, but gets old after a while. Sometimes, you just want a tiger who's gonna put up more of a fight. Well, that's the beauty of role play : once in role, she's not being herself... she's being the slutty schoolgirl, and that schoolgirl has plenty of spirit, rebelliousness and slutty desires she's not affraid to act on. When you're not being yourself, your normal rules of behavior don't apply. It's true of normal role play, and even more true with hypnosis, where you can literally forget having ever been anyone else. To get the amnesia effect, so the listener remembers only being a schoolgirl, CD24 can be preceded by CD16. But you have to train independantly with CD16 for a few weeks before you can expect this amnesia to work. Whether or not you want amnesia, CD16-Acceptance is a great booster for this CD, as well as all others.

Sexual Inhibitions

Where do sexual inhibitions start? Certainly not before puberty, because there is no interest in sex before then. So based on beliefs gained before puberty, and attitudes around you at puberty, people develop their own notions of what is acceptable in matters of sex... and what becomes special turn ons and fetishes. Seeing an ad that really triggers something in you... or discovering someone as a role model... A relative, a friend, a celebrity... a movie character... this is when attitudes about sex are formed.

The CD doesn't specify the age of the schoolgirl, so you can imagine any age you want. But the uniform and the pigtails are specifically making the listener regress to a younger age, where they were subject to authority figures such as teachers. And from there, we're creating new wiring about how to react sexually... as a horny slutty schoolgirl would, using her body to get what she wants, rebelling against authority so she can get put in her place and feel submissive.

An introduction to BDSM

This is the first CD that really deals with BDSM themes, such as spanking. Nothing heavy, and no bondage, though you could later add flogging and bondage into your play if you so wished, as the CD creates the proper mood to appreciate and enjoy these. It's an introduction to this kind of play, specifically for the brat persona. What's a BDSM brat? A brat is someone who breaks the rules, who does everything she can to provoke authority figures into punishing her. They're also known as SAMs, or Smart Assed Masochists.

How the Teacher, Master or Mistress chooses to punish the brat is a matter of personal preference, as well as experience. On the dominant's side, spanking is pretty idiot-proof. It's hard to cause any real damage with spanking. Flogging and paddling are the next step up, and those require some knowledge of safety rules, as well as some target practice on a pillow to be safe. Basically, you want to avoid striking the spine or the kidneys. As a dominant, you should do your research. As a submissive, or bottom, spanking is again pretty safe. Moving onto other methods of "punishment" is a matter of starting out lightly, and getting comfortable with them. They are ways to make the experience more intense than with just spanking, as well as to have a bit of variety.

Personally, I'm more into mental domination than physical domination. But for those with a mental inclination wanting to try classical domination, role play is a good way to start.

Track Listing

S01-Induction (15:20) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word. At some point, the trance trigger may be sufficient to get into trance, at which point this track can be cut out.

S02 (5:01) - Arousal Trigger: Starting and ending with the trance trigger word, this track trains you to respond to a trigger word for arousal... to make the rest of the experience more intense. This track can be skipped if you have already well trained with the Elegance CD's trigger track, as it uses the same trigger word.

S03 (2:58) - Pleasure Trigger: Ending with the trance trigger word, this track trains you to respond to a trigger word for sexual pleasure... to make the rest of the experience more intense. This track can be skipped if you have already well trained with the Elegance CD's trigger track, as it uses the same trigger word (Elegance creates two separate trigger words, for arousal and pleasure).

S04 (7:41) - Slutty Schoolgirl: You start seeing your ideal sexy schoolgirl... wearing a tight white blouse with the buttons almost popping, transparent enough to see that she has a lacy black bra underneath... a short, pleated plaid skirt, fishnet stockings instead of her usual white knee socks, garter belts, black shiny high heels, long fake painted nails, long hair in pigtails or braids, heavy makeup,... and the more you look at her... the more you want to dress just like her... be just like her...

S05 (3:46) - Horny Talking Dirty: You're a horny schoolgirl , so horny all the time, that you masturbate in the bathrooms between classes. You're a bad girl and you like it. You like talking dirty, swearing all the time... it makes you feel sooo horny, talking trashy like that. And doing it in a pubic place... where someone could hear you moaning... it's even more exciting!

S06 (7:07) - Spanking: You like breaking the fuckin rules. You're sooo disobedient and disrespectful of authority that you need to be punished. You go looking for trouble... because you need to be spanked! Having the teacher spank your naughty little ass... as if you were a little girl... so you can know what the limits are. It's soooo embarassing... especially with people watching... but you need it... and being embarassed like that makes you even hornier! It makes you feel sooo submissive... makes you obey... you do anything you're told when you get spanked. You want to be properly punished.

S07 (6:51) - Seduce teachers: To get out of homework, to get better grades, you'd rather suck the male teachers, and lick the female teachers... get caught... punished... embarassed... men or women... it doesn't matter to a slut like you... acting like a whore. You like kinky sex... sex where you might get caught... sex with a strapon... talking dirty... whoring yourself for grades... getting other students to do your homework in exchange for sex...

S08 (2:12) - Punished: Being so slutty, dressing like a bad girl, talking dirty and swearing all the time, getting caught and embarassed... you need to get spanked for doing all that... you can't help it... you use the dirtiest words all the time... such a dirty slutty mind you have!

S09 (11:43) - Smoking Rebel: You started smoking because it was forbidden, and as a bad girl, you love breaking rules. But pretty soon, you became addicted to the pleasure of your long girly menthol cigarettes... they make you sexy... horny... and even though you try to hide, you wanna get caught, so you'll have to suck the teacher's cock.

S10 (4:11) - Tickling: Tickling turns you on, and makes you totally lose control, turning you into a giggling idiot... wanting to obey... and when you make promises while being tickled, they go deep into your unconscious, and you have to obey them once the tickling stops. You just want to obey, you can't help it.

S11 (2:40) - Programming: Here, you are programmed with three trigger words. One for becoming a slutty schoolgirl, one for going back to normal, and one for becoming a slutty schoolgirl until you go to sleep. Provisions are made so that when you wake up on workdays, you will go back to your normal personality for that... we don't want anyone losing their job... so this makes it safe.

S12 (1:26) - Awaken: Awaken as a slutty schoolgirl!

Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the storyline make sense. Here are the cuts you can make:

-No Trigger Training: Once the triggers to feel proud and motivated are strongly installed after many listenings, you can cut out the trigger tracks 02-Arousal (5:01) and 03-Pleasure (2:58), though you should reinforce the triggers occasionally. This cut reduces the trance by 8 minutes.

-Minimal cut: Unless you can go into trance with just the trigger word, you will need to leave in track 01-Induction(15:20). Track 12-Awaken (1:26) is likewise necessary. The arousal trigger of track 02(5:01) is extremely important to this CD's success, so until it's firmly set, it should stay in the mix. The pleasure trigger, while important, is less crucial. So a minimum listening time for initial training is 21 minutes. But that's just the setup... it doesn't train for anything other than the arousal trigger. Then you can add any track you want. But for starters, the most important one to add in is T04- Slutty Schoolgirl(7:48), because it gets you to imagine yourself as a schoolgirl and enjoy looking that way. That brings the minimum initial training list to 29 minutes. The rest of the tracks condition various attitudes and reactions, so you can pick and choose what you want among them. You can add them in from the start, or add them in later... once plaid skirts have become fashionable in your bedroom...

is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 12 tracks, for a total play time of 71 minutes

This CD has no specific prerequisites. However, it can replace CD3 as the pre-requisite for other CDs.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Arousal Trigger
T03- Pleasure Trigger
T04- Slutty Schoolgirl
T05- Horny Talking Dirty
T06- Spanking
T07- Seduce teachers
T08- Punished
T09- Smoking Rebel
T10- Tickling
T11- Programming
T12- Awaken


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