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CD 26- Sensitive

AKA allergy to male clothing

(for everyone who ever wears male clothing)

Sensitive - Become allergic to male clothing by hypnosis

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Darned Male Clothing

Are you having a hard time getting your sissy permanently out of male clothing? Or perhaps you want to purge your own male clothing out of your closet, and wear only women's and unisex clothing from the women's department... but you can't bring yourself to throw out the old male clothing, thinking, "well, it's still useable... I might need it someday." Or you want to transition to living full time as a woman, and need that extra kick in the ass to dress as a woman EVERY day. Then this is for you!

Simply, it makes you allergic to wearing male clothing. If it's not from the women's department, then it becomes uncomfortable and unwearable, thus weaning you off men's clothing completely. The more you listen to the CD, the more unbearable those masculine pants, shirts and underwear become. Soon, you'll be wearing nothing but ladies' fashions, and feeling RIGHT in them. Anything else would just be wrong for a girl like you, wouldn't it?

I also think it would be really funny to have a man (who is otherwise unfeminized) train with this CD... not wanting to be a girl or wear women's clothing... but he just can't stand wearing men's garments! So he HAS to shop in the women's department... and go to work knowing all his clothes are in women's cuts, and button on the wrong side... how embarassing! Heh heh heh... Make sure to train him with CD1-Trance Training and CD16-Acceptance first, so he learns deep trance and accepts the conditioning. It's a devious way to get started with feminizing a man...


Track Listing

Track 01 - Induction (22:17) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this CD is relatively short, I was able to put in the long 22 minute trance induction used by CDs 2 and 3, which gives people more time to reach a deeper trance. You can use this version of the induction with other CDs you own, if you do not have the Elegance or sub-Consciousness CDs.

Track 02 - Allergy (5:22) : As you stand at your closet, or wherever you dress in the morning, you learn to recognize the difference in feeling between men's clothing and women's clothing. Women's clothing feels soft and comfortable, but men's clothing gives you an allergic reaction. It feels tingly, itchy, and uncomfortable, and the more you touch male clothing, the more unpleasant it feels, like pins and needles. They probably use some harsh chemicals in men’s clothing, but since women’s skin is so sensitive, they never use those for women’s clothing. You just happen to have sensitive skin… and you’re VERY allergic to those harsh chemicals.

Track 03- Closet (10:10) : As you return to the closet after washing your hands of those harsh chemicals, you *try* to put on male clothing. You try, but the more of them you put on, the worse you feel. They just make your skin crawl, and it gets more and more itchy and blotchy. It gets so bad you start crying in pain, ripping off the male clothing and running for the shower! Once you’ve washed away all the nasty male chemicals, you try women’s clothing… and realize that it feels just fine. It’s soft, comfortable, and since you’re so allergic, you have no choice but to wear women’s clothing from now on. The track ends with the trance trigger

Track 04- Okay For Others  (1:33): Well, it would be a problem if you got a reaction whenever you touched a man, so you learn that unless you’re wearing it, touching someone’s else’s male clothing is fine. It may tingle a bit, but that’s okay, and kind of exciting in a way. You just have to remember, men’s clothing is for men, and women’s clothing is for women, and you’re definitely not a man. You’re soft and girly. The track ends with the trance trigger.

Track 05  - Amnesia (2:18): Just remember now that you’ve always been this way, allergic to male clothing. You can remember feeling a bit uncomfortable years ago in men’s clothing. It’s just that the allergy has gotten stronger over the years, and now you can’t stand men’s clothing anymore. And you can forget about it ever being any different.

Track 06 - Awaken (0:29): Awaken, feeling wonderful and girly, having always been this way.

Creating Shorter Trances

Once you have a strong reaction to the CD, feeling the allergic reaction every time, you can cut out Track 2 to create a shorter trance, though you should play it the whole CD every once in a while to reinforce the allergic trigger. You can also cut out Track 4 when it's clear to you that other people's clothing is okay. Cutting out those two tracks reduces the trance to 35 minutes. You can also substitute the shorter 15 minute trance induction from another CD to bring the trance down to 28 minutes.

is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 6 tracks, for a total play time of 42:16 minutes

This CD has no specific prerequisites.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Allergy
T03- Closet
T04- Okay For others
T05- Amnesia
T06- Awaken


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