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CD 8 - Freedom

aka Smoking Freedom
(for men, women and transgenders)

Freedom to smoke without guilt by hypnosis

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There are so many stop-smoking CDs, for people trying to quit smoking by hypnosis, that I thought I should make My contribution to the genre... in My own devious way! Like CD5:Gemini, this CD is done in a therapeutic style. It brings the person into a hypnotic cloud (like Trance Training) to create amnesia for everything that happens in the cloud. So if you want the listener to experience amnesia for this CD, it's more likely to work if you train them with Trance Training first.

Then it talks to them about how they want to relax more, need to relax more in their life, and uses this motivation to justify everything else that will happen. Under the guise of dealing with their addiction to smoking, it has them review what they love about smoking, why they need to smoke, and how much they identify as a smoker, all of this with the apparent goal of quitting smoking, talking about it in terms of their need for "smoking freedom". It brings them back to adolescence, to what motivated them to start smoking, and of course, if they're a non-smoker, it actually creates the memory of having wanted to start smoking as a teenager. These are all things a typical stop-smoking CD from a competent hypnotist would do... I'm just using them to create the opposite effect.

By reviewing how deep their addiction to smoking is, and how futile using conscious will to try quitting is, it deepens their addiction, or creates it, until they realize they can't live without it, and have to follow My suggestions if they ever want to achieve "smoking freedom". And it's suggested they also want to help their friends to achieve smoking freedom...

To check how far they've come in achieving this "smoking freedom", I have them repeat a number of phrases to let them feel how true they are for them at this point. Of course, we're not trying to test whether they're ready to quit. We're installing these beliefs in them!

I want to smoke. I need to smoke. I love smoking. Smoking lets me relax. Smoking makes me feel sexy. I prefer to be with other smokers. Cigarette smoke smells good. Cigarette smoke tastes good. I want to be a smoker.

I need a few cigarettes to wake up in the morning. I need to smoke after meals. I need to smoke after sex. I need one last cigarette before sleep. The first cigarette of the day is amazing. I smoke whenever I drive. I smoke when I watch TV. I encourage my friends to smoke with me.

When I feel bored, I smoke and feel better. When I feel sad I smoke and feel better. When I feel tired, I smoke and feel better. When I feel stressed, smoking melts away my tensions. When I'm relaxing, I have a cigarette. When I drink coffee, it tastes better with a cigarette. When I go out, I smoke I smoke because I want to. Smoking makes everything more enjoyable.

The anti smoking crap really annoys me. I don't like those anti smoking nazis. People who don't accept my smoking aren't my friends. Smokers are more easy going. Smokers are more accepting. Smokers are more fun. I want to be a smoker. I want to be around people who smoke. I enjoy my oral fixation. I get pleasure from sucking. Non-smokers are missing out on pleasure. I know I'll never overcome this addiction.

I feel more confident when I smoke. I feel more attractive when I smoke. Smokers share a special bond. Smoking helps me focus. Smoking helps me think. Smoking helps me learn. Smoking helps me make decisions. I feel like something's missing when I'm not smoking.

Smoking has more advantages than not smoking. Smoking reduces my appetite so I stay slim & sexy. Smokers are less likely to get Alzheimer's. Non-smoking rules are annoying. Smoking is my reward for hard work. Smoking is very comforting. Cigarettes are the one stable thing in my life. I never go anywhere without my cigarettes. I love smoking more and more. I want to help others enjoy smoking freedom like I do.

Now, it may sound like it's obvious that the CD is trying to make them hopelessly addicted to smoking, but to the listener, it's not. That's because on the surface, it's telling them this will help will their quit-smoking efforts. But it uses advanced NLP language patterns with embedded commands to do the opposite, and let their addiction take over. It does so in a very reasonable and therapeutic sounding voice, and then suggests that they will have amnesia for the whole thing when they wake up, because having this amnesia will enhance their enjoyment of the process, and speed up their reaching total smoking freedom and relaxation in their life, by trusting their unconscious mind to make the changes for them.

The honest approach

In the strict therapeutic sense, if you want to be totally honest to the intended listener about what the CD does (thereby eliminating the risk of them getting mad at you if the amnesia doesn't happen), you can tell them this CD will help them overcome their guilt about smoking. Many smokers don't actually want to quit, but try to quit because others are laying a guilt trip on them. Of course, without internal motivation, that seldom works, and they just make themselves miserable because they're not living up to people's expectations. In this CD, achieving Smoking Freedom means they will feel free to smoke, free of guilt, and free to fully enjoy their smoking habit.

The other angle, or course, is that this CD will help non-smokers learn to relax more, which is true. Smoking is relaxing. It gets you to stop, take breaks, and have time to yourself. Time to indulge your own selfish pleasures. And being selfish isn't a bad thing. People who don't have at least a little bit of selfishness run themselves into the ground trying to please others, without taking the time to take care of themselves, and recharge their batteries. Let's take an example, both for education, and entertainment.

Case study: A woman starts smoking

Susan is a single mom, a non-smoker. She's taking care all by herself of a 4 year old daughter. She can't go out much, has little free time, and ends up taking care of her child at every moment while she's home from work. She gets home, and immediattely has to attend to her daughter's needs. She has no way to get any private time to relax a bit and get her head back together. As a result, she's always exhausted, and gets short tempered with her daughter's incessant requests for attention. She snaps at her daughter to leave her alone, and her daughter feels rejected. Not good. More than that, because she can't take the time to compose herself, her daughter has a grouchy mom most nights.

A friend suggests a way to relax, a relaxation CD, and offers it to her. She says she doesn't have time, but her friend insists that she can take 35 minutes before supper for herself to relax, and tell her child that this is "mommy time", and that "mommy needs time to relax before supper, and you can play by yourself while mommy listens to the relaxing CD". She decides to give it a try, and finds that when she does, that break helps her be a much more pleasant and loving mommy to her daughter.

Of course, she soon finds herself wanting to try smoking. It seems a bit silly at first for an adult woman to want this, but she wants to start smoking. Or at least, she wants to try smoking. She buys herself a pack of cigarettes, or perhaps she bums a cigarette from one of her friends. Because of her conditionning, smoking feels really good to her. She enjoys smoking. So she starts smoking more often, she takes smoke breaks at work. Soon, she's smoking at home too. And now, she has a way to make private time. When her daughter asks for things while mommy is smoking, she can say, "Mommy will do it as soon as she finishes her cigarette dear. When mommy smokes, it's her special quiet time darling. So wait till I'm done, and I'll get it for you."

Young children don't have a good grasp on how long a ten minute break is. But a cigarette is something very visual. It's like a timer. They can look up, and see how much time is left to mommy's quiet time by the length. And they know that when it's over, mommy will play with them, or get them what they want. The child learns patience, and the mother gets to have her quiet time.

Of course, she gets addicted to smoking. But that's ok, since she enjoys smoking more and more. She'll think back to how stressed and grouchy she was before she started smoking, and how much more pleasant and relaxed she is now that she's become a smoker. And a better mom, I might add.

Of course, if you're so inclined, you can also think of her becoming addicted to listening to Freedom... which makes her crave cigarettes more and more, deepening her addiction with every listening, making her hopelessly addicted to smoking, until she becomes a happy slave to smoking,... and then she lends her CD to her girlfriends... as the CD instructs her to help others achieve smoking freedom... and she obeys... she smokes and obeys... mindlessly obeying her programming and addiction. You can think of it that way, if you're so inclined...

How to lie with statistics

Some people will now complain about the second hand smoke with a child around, so I'll add a word about statistics. First, it's important to realize that there is no way to actually prove that a specific person got a disease because of smoking. Some people smoke and get them, some don't. The anti-smoking lobby uses statistics in a very devious way to push their puritan agenda. It goes something like this: "We know smoking causes cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases. We can't add up those who got the diseases because of smoking, since there's no way to tell for sure. So let's add up all the people who got these diseases, whether they smoked or not. All of them. Either they smoked, or inhaled second hand smoke from people who smoked. This is of course the cause. Then let's publish this total as "victims of smoking" to discourage people from smoking. It's quite not true, but we're lying to them for their own good." Pretty devious, eh?

Now, granted, smoking isn't great for marathon runners, but heck, most of us aren't. And the incidence of some diseases is higher in the smoking population than in the non-smoking population, though they don't usually actually compare the two figures to let people make their own choices. That's because they don't want you to make a choice. They want you to do what they tell you to do. And they NEVER tell you that smoking actually DECREASES your chances of getting some diseases, such as Alzheimers, and will give you most of the benefits of an anti-depressant without some of the nasty side-effects those have... Like most things, smoking is a mixed blessing. And for those of us who enjoy it, it's worth it.


For getting people out of their rigid puritan mold, I suggest using Trance Training for a few weeks, followed by Gemini for a few weeks, and then Freedom. Becoming a Gemini "sexy bad girl" will help them open up even more to the suggestions of Freedom, though it's not strictly necessary. All of this is subversive of course, but then, that's what people come to this site for in the first place. It's about making life more fun and interesting. If you wanted strictly therapeutic, you'd be on My therapy site instead of this one... and since you're reading this, you're obviously not.


Smoking has been demonized in the last few decades, repressed, and driven out. The smoking seductress has become more of a figure of Evil, temptation, and the promise of fobidden pleasures. Which has created and fed the growth of the Smoking Fetish. When you make something forbidden and call it sinful, you actually reinforce its appeal. Breaking taboos is a long time human hobby, and source of sexual excitement. So, I'd like to thank the anti-smoking lobby for making sexy feminine smoking a force of mythological proportions in people's unconscious minds.

Testing Results

While camping this fall, I met a rather shy and softspoken woman. After lunch, we stepped out of the kitchens for a smoke, and she was nearly apologizing for every puff she took, talking about how she should quit. Discussing with her, I discovered that like most smokers, she didn't really want to quit. She just felt guilty about it, and pressured to quit by people around her and the anti-smoking propaganda. Since I had just finished Freedom, and brought a sampler, I offered it to her, saying it was specifically effective for getting rid of guilt. She agreed to try it as a tester and reviewer. Unfortunately, she had to leave before I got a chance to give it to her, but I gave it to a mutual friend for her. She eventually got it, and here is what she emailed Me: (I obtained permission to repost part of her email)

I did finally get the CD ! I think you need to pass it on to all Irish Catholics and Jewish Mothers. What a great tool to rid yourself of guilt! :) ! Heehee. Seriously, I think you have something there. An effective tool. Maybe if you send it to those people at truth.com that completely overexaggerate the effects of smoking. Have you seen those commercials? They make smokers out to be mass muderers. After listening to your CD I felt empowered, not bad. I am now a member of The National Smokers Alliance. It is an organization that strives to protect the rights of smokers. I have forwarded letters to US Congressman through them. Pretty neat, huh?

Now, realize, for me that it amazing. I am normally pretty quiet, easy going and non intrusive...even naive about some things, not in a negative way, but simply because I go about my day and leave it at that. I don't always share my opinions which can often result in being walked on. Gosh, am I making any sense? Anyway, my point is that I have begun to stand up for myself more. Here is my example. The other day, I stood outside of a store having a cigarette when a stranger approached me to tell me that it was bad for me, my reply " I quit crack a week ago, this shouldn't hurt me" . I couldn't believe that came out of my mouth, anyway, they smiled and left me alone. Heehee. Thanks. Gwen.

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