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CD 17 - SpyBaby - "Live and Let Diaper"

Adult Incontinence Training
(for men, women, and transgenders)

CD17-SpyBaby , incontinence training hypnosis adventure
art by K@t

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Put him in diapers, and make her wet

Spy Baby is intended for an Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers audience, who fancies the idea of turning someone into a helpless diaper wetting baby girl. Of course, that person may be you. It can be used on males or females, to turn them into happy wet baby girls who love peeing themselves and sucking their thumb.

It's also the first part of an exciting spy story, starring you! You get to be the international spy, the man or woman of mystery, who gets special training to infiltrate an Adult Baby organisation run by a criminal mastermind, and attempt to stop her plans for world domination... as soon as someone helps you change your diapers!

Temporary, Harmless age play

SpyBaby can be used occasionally on a submissive, male or female, to make them feel helpless as a baby, or for babying games. If that is your intent, you should use it no more than about once a week. More frequent use my result in permanent urinary incontinence, and the desire to stay incontinent as a baby girl.

Permanence, or, Did baby wet her didees again?

If used daily for a few months, the listener will become totally bladder incontinent, and need to wear diapers at all times to avoid messing up his or her clothing with urine, soaking the bed, sleeping wet, and wetting her skirts or wetting his pants many times a day. Of course, by the time they reach that stage, our new little baby girl will *love* wetting her diapers many times a day, because wetting herself gives her orgasmic pleasure every time she soaks herself helplessly. If her daily training continues for 3 months to a year after that (depending on the subject), she will never be able to control her bladder again, and will be stuck in diapers for the rest of her life.

She will come to love the warm wet feelings of her wet diaper, and despise being dry. Being dry will make her feel incessantly thirsty, with a deep unrelenting need to suck. This craving can be satisfied with water bottles, especially the kind that has a plastic "nipple", though rubber teats are of course preferable for suckling like a baby at her mommy's breasts. Pacifiers are likewise going to be her constant companion for private stress relief, and she'll suck her thumb whenever she feels overwhelmed, or just to relax. I'm sure the cunning master can also think of *other* things he can offer her insatiable lips, to satisfy her growing oral fixation with sucking... and swallowing.


When training a subject who is not already completely enthusiastic with the idea of being turned into a diaper-dependant baby girl, incremental training is in order. This allows the subject to learn to enjoy each step of her loss of control, without being freaked out by the impending results. Even with enthusiastic subjects, incremental training can be used to make sure each lesson is fully learned before going onto the next step. Incremental training means starting with just a few tracks, training daily for about a week with those, and then adding another track into the mix when the subject is responding as desired. The first incremental training set consists of tracks 1 (the trance induction), 2 (the trigger word training for euphoric happiness), and 10 (the awakening track). This set is very good to set up an addiction to the training, because it makes the listener feel incredibly good, and does not deal with adult baby training at all.

Complementary CDs

CD 16 – Acceptance is the ideal complement to SpyBaby, if you want the listener to completely accept the conditionning, and especially if you want to make the changes permanent. It is also necessary to train with Acceptance first, if you want the subject to have no memory of what they're being trained into becoming. If that's the case, you'll probably want to make sure they are trained to go very deeply into trance with CD 1 – Trance Training first, then do incremental training with CD 16 – Acceptance, before going onto SpyBaby. Two weeks of daily training with CD 1 and 6 weeks with CD 16 is adequate for the average subject.

Also use CD 2 – Subconsciousness if you want baby to obey Mommy completely.

Track Guide

  1. Induction (15:20) – The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you've learned to go into trance on command quickly.
  2. Bliss (16:19) – This track establishes the trigger word for associating pleasure with wetting yourself. It is an an expanded version of the trigger training done in CD 6 – Happiness. Unlike most other CDs, this one does not require previous training with Elegance, or use any of the Elegance triggers, though Elegance is still an excellent preparation for practicing basic trance skills.
  3. If you're doing incremental training, you can skip to track 10 to awaken after this track.

  4. Mission (9:02) – The story begins with you as pure awareness, finding your body in a small room, dressed in your uniform. The chief comes for you, and leads you to the lab where the lady doctor will put you in a cylindrical flotation tank, filled with pink liquid. There you will float vertically, with a respirator and neural interface at your neck. The track begins with the trance trigger, and ends with the neural interface activated, so she can talk directly into your mind, and soon have you experience virtual reality training.
  5. If you're doing incremental training, you can skip to track 9 and then 10 after this track.

  6. Tank (6:25) – Now floating in the tank, you are reminded that your training will make you believe you are a 9 month old baby girl, while the pink liquid changes your body to that of an adolescent blonde girl. The program starts, and you begin the conditionning experience, first seeing a baby wetting herself, and then becoming that wet happy baby. And then dry and unhappy.
  7. If you're doing incremental training, you can skip to track 9 and then 10 after this track.

  8. WetDryA (3:36) – The conditionning cycles, from dry and unhappy, to happy drinking your baby bottle, very happy wetting, then unhappy dry.
  9. The next two tracks do the same cycle, just more and more deeply thinking and feeling like a baby. The tracks are separate so you can loop each of them multiple times if desired, for a deeper conditionning, and the story will still make sense. That is, you could play track 5 three times, and then track 6 three times, and track 7 three times. Because there's a progression, playing 5,6,7,5,6,7,5,6,7 would not make as much sense. Also, if you're aiming at subliminal sleep training, these are the tracks you can loop through the night. Making them into MP3s, you could play tracks 1,2,3,4, then repeat track 5 for 2 hours, and track 6 for two hours, and track 7 for two hours, before continuing with tracks 8, 9 and 10. You can fit 7 hours on a CD in mp3 format, if you choose a somewhat lower sound quality. This is one of the few CDs where I suggest sleep training as particularly useful, because with bedwetting, we do want the behavior to occur during sleep.

  10. WetDryB (3:13)
  11. WetDryC (4:14)
  12. More (1:13) – Starting at the point where you're dry and unhappy, your thirst and need to be wet is amplified, as well as your increasing belief that your bladder is useless and unable to hold pee. Your bladder is so weak, you dribble all the time... and you want to be this way more and more. If you're looping tracks 5, 6, and 7, you can insert this track between them if you like. You could do something like 5,5,5,8, 6,6,6,8 7,7,7,8, or you could insert it every time as such: 5,8,5,8,5,8, 6,8,6,8,6,8, 7,8,7,8,7,8. It's just a matter of your preference.
  13. TankAgain (1:32) – And now the neural interface brings the baby experience to an end, and you're back to floating in the tank. The doctor initiates a rest sequence, and you fall asleep, floating blissfully in the liquid, wet and warm, as if in your mother's womb. The track ends with the trance trigger, to go back deeper into trance.
  14. Awaken (1:34) – After making the point of how important your training is, because your mission is so important, and how you'll need more training every day, you awaken, feeling good... and very thirsty!


The first installment, nicknamed "Live and Let Diaper", in the grand tradition of spy movies, will have the following (tentatively titled) sequels:

Thanks to baby amy for SpyBaby 1, and baby meggie for SpyBaby II and III, who let their phone sessions be recorded. Parts II and III are as of yet unprocessed, and will be prioritized depending on the demand for the first installment. No one has lived through part IV of the adventure yet, so it's unrecorded. But it will be great fun to do!

CD17 SpyBaby I
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 10tracks, for a total play time of 63 minutes

This CD has no prerequisites. See above for complementary CDs.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Bliss
T03- Mission
T04- Tank
T05- Wet Dry A
T06- Wet Dry B
T07- Wet Dry C
T08- More
T09- Tank Again
T10- Awaken


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