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Mind Mistress: Trance request form

(known as slave contract in BDSM)
May 2011 version

The more I stare, the more I obey

Please Install Yahoo Messenger BEFORE filling out the form
If a Form does not have an Yahoo ID, it gets thrown into The Pile.

Your E-mail Address:
Your Name:
Your girl name / play name (if any)
What is your age?
What is your birthday? (optional)

What is your birth sex (physical ?
What is your current gender ?
(who you are in your head)

Male Female Intersexed
Male Female Bit of both

What is your education:
What is your occupation?

What state/province are you in?
(or country if outside of North America)

What time zone are you in? (I am in EST)
What do you look like? Weight, height, hair color and length, how feminine or masculine your face and body are... women's dress size and shoe size. This is not strictly required, but I like to know how easily you could pass for a woman... if we get you all dressed up...

Your Yahoo Instant Messenger ID
Your Skype ID (most people use Skype for phone sessions)
(Required) (optional)

Thinking Style

Do you primarily think in words, talking to yourself in your mind, or do you primarily think in mental images? If it's mostly internal dialogue, is it a constant mental chatter?

  • I think mostly in images
  • I think equally in words and images
  • I think mostly in words, but my mental voice quiets down when I focus for trance.
  • I think primarily in words, and it's a constant chatter that can distract me from trance. I probably need to quiet that mental voice for trance.

How vivid are your mental images, when you imagine or remember things, people, places?

  • I can't imagine visually
  • I can imagine, but it's kinda fuzzy.
  • I imagine moderately clearly
  • I visualize very clearly
  • It's so clear, it's like I'm seeing it for real!

If you do your thinking in words, where does the mental voice sound like it's coming from? Even if it's an imaginary voice, it has to come from somewhere. Is it outside your head? Where? Is it inside your head? Where? Talk to yourself in your mind and listen.

Examples: "inside the head, in the front, left side, top" or "bottom back of the head, middle"

if you have more than one mental voice, which is not uncommon, please give the position of each one and a name for the style of that voice. Common voice styles: a main voice, an emotional voice, a logical voice, a critical voice, and sometimes a voice of the other gender..

Describe what fantasies you have

Be as explicit as possible. I get a lot of feminization requests. "I want to be a girl" isn't enough.
What kind of woman? How do you get transformed? And most importantly, what do you do once you're a girl? Sit around and do your nails? Give me scenarios. If you have a strong fetish for something or a powerful memory, name it and describe what kind of scenario would make you so aroused you feel weak.


This is where you tell Me what you actually want DONE during sessions. Knowing your fantasies is good, but I want to know if you want to be conditionned to act and feel a certain way, or just live out fantasies during trance (Conditioning versus Fantasy Adventures). Important note: Don't just say your wish is to be My slave and do whatever I want. I have no interest in slaves or need for them, though I am willing to have you live a fantasy where you are a slave to a Mistress. I am a Trainer more than a Mistress. I grant wishes... as long as they're interesting enough.

Hallucinated Transformation & Fantasy Adventures
Something Else

If your wish is for a transformation, you should have a clear mental image of what you will look like. So unless you already have a very clear mental image, I ask that you find a woman's picture somewhere as the image of what you will look like once transformed. A good full body picture makes transformations much easier, because it helps you practice visualizing what your feminine body will look like. You can find some good ones at Medusa's pics by clicking here. And yes, the more you practice visualizing your new body clearly, the better it will be during trance.

Storyline for Fantasy Adventures

I've been doing hypnotic domination and feminization since 1998, and requests to "make me a bimbo slut who gets fucked by lots of men" have gotten really old. In fact, I practically ignore those requests out of boredom. These fantasies should be fun for both of us. Not that I mind making bimbo sluts, but I want to do it in the context of an interesting story, something people would be willing to pay to see, because it has plot, intrigue, action, adventure, romance, comedy, etc. This allows Me to be creative and have fun with it, and please trust Me when I say I can use any story universe as a basis for forced feminization.

There's a difference between erotica and porn. I much prefer erotica.

  • In erotica, the sex has major impact on the plot.
  • In porn, the plot has minimal impact on the sex.

A good story has a genre, so if you're wanting a fantasy adventure, please select all the genres that apply to your story:

Are we leaning more towards:

Chick Flick (Emotions, Relationships, Drama)
Guy Flicks (Action, Sex, Violence)
A mix of both


Action (explosions, car chases, martial arts)
Adventure (heroes and villains)
Disaster / Survival
Espionage (spies)
Horror (zombies, ghosts, evil spells)
Road movie (a quest or escape)
Sports (cheerleading, team sports, etc.)
War (keep in mind women usually aren't the soldiers)

Animated (cartoons, anime, furries)
Slapstick Comedy (cartoonish exageration)
Dark Comedy (Adams Family, Shaun of the Dead)
Science Fiction
Drama (bad things happen to good people)
Melodrama (weepers, crying chick flicks)
Musical (only really works for phone sessions)

Setting for the Story

Historical (pick a period of history)
Western (cowboys & outlaws)
Retro (within the last hundred years)
Alternate universe

Rules of the universe

Are there sex change machines or spells?
Realistic (it could happen in real life)
Improbable (possible but unlikely)
Action Hero (the hero can't die)
Fantasy (Magic, elves, witches, vampires)
Science Fiction (mad scientists, ray guns)
Unknown (everything seems normal, but is it?)
Surreal (art films, like dreams, don't necessarily make sense)

Age Category

Kids (family movie)
Teenage / High School / College
PG13 (no actual sex)
R-Rated (some sex)
Erotica (meaningful sex)
Porn (meaningless sex)
Post-Mortem (You've died. Now what happens?)

Premise of the story

The premise of a story is the initial situation that generates the plot. This is what you'd read in the TV Guide, the initial situation for a TV show. It doesn't reveal everything, which is the point, and gives opportunities for the viewer to be surprised by the story. I'm going to give a long list of examples, so you can pick one, or make your own.

  1. Your dad wants you to go help the old lady across the street.
  2. You discover that a number of the employees of the amusement parc that you work at are aliens.
  3. Three people have dissapeared at your school this month alone, and no one knows why.
  4. There's strange sounds coming from the basement of your appartment building
  5. Suddenly, your bank account is empty, and there are no records of your identity anywhere.
  6. Your parents kick you out and you have to find a job, any job, within 3 days.
  7. Your hairdresser invites you to a tupperware style party for something called "mood enhancers"
  8. You've lost all your money at poker, and an old friend lends you money... in exchange for a favor.
  9. You've been caught at tax evasion, and either have to pay half a million or spend 10 years in jail. You flee.
  10. An odd shop has opened near your workplace. It's called "Your Secret Wish".
  11. You're planning a surprise party for a friend, but discover she's using a false identity.
  12. The neighbor's dog is missing, and your treehouse gang decides to investigate the Dark Woods to find it.
  13. Your best friend started going out with a cheerleader, and since then he's been avoiding you.
  14. You meet someone on an online role playing game, and would like to meet her. But is she who she claims to be?
  15. The king is looking for his abducted heir. You're the right age. Could it be you?
  16. The newspaper this morning is entirely blank. But everyone else seems to read it as usual. What's going on?
  17. Your shy bookworm sister, a rabid anti smoker, has started smoking. She's also hanging out with a bad crowd.
  18. You get a message on your cell phone: "Please, I need help, call this number!" Who is this?
  19. A german tourist keeps following you around, and the police won't do anything. Surely you can get rid of them!
  20. For only a dollar, you can get a ticket to the space shuttle lottery. You might go to space!
  21. Trade with Mars is going well, or so the media says. But people are saying a genocide is underway.
  22. Those ruins on Mars are astounding, and if you can figure out what they mean, you could be famous!
  23. Your ex husband is stalking you, and you fear for your life. You want to buy a pistol to defend yourself.
  24. Your ex wife is trying to ruin you by claiming bankruptcy. Suddenly, all your loans come due, and you're in trouble.
  25. Your child is getting taunted by bullies in your small town, after a rumor got out. You're thinking of moving.
  26. It's halloween, and the ball should be a blast! If only you hadn't waited till the last day for a costume.
  27. Your boss invites you to join a secret society, implying many employees are also part of it.
  28. A talent search agent hears you sing on the street, and wants to recruit you. But you'll need an image change.
  29. You have the nagging feeling you're forgetting something crucial. This feeling has been with you for months now.
  30. Your teenage daughter keeps slipping out of the house late at night. You decide to follow her.
  31. You caught a strange disease, and no doctor can figure out what it is. But a fortune teller says she can help.
  32. There's no more freedom of press, you must believe what the government says. But a resistance group contacts you.
  33. You lose your passport in a foreign country, and no one speaks your language. You're also totally lost.
  34. You discover a plant that seems to turn back the aging process. With a few side effects.
  35. Your radio keeps switching channels, in a way that seems to answer whatever you're thinking about.
  36. You find a strange black box on your bed, and can't seem to open it. It has oriental symbols on it.
  37. You discover you're a mutant, and have powers. But mutants are feared, and you can't control your powers yet.
  38. You decide to take a road trip, and the car runs out of gas in what looks like an Amish town.
  39. You get to work, and discover no one remembers ever seeing you before.
  40. You run into a woman you don't know, yet she has some very important things to tell you. She won't tell you what they are, only that she must speak in private as soon as possible.
  41. Your parents just moved to a new town, and it's your first day at this school (as a girl, or starting as a boy). You miss your friends, and realize you have to find new friends and figure out what clique you'll belong to. Will you end up with the popular kids or the nerds?


So, if you want fantasy, what's the premise of your story?

Describe your previous experience

of trance, BDSM experience & sexual experience.
Describe what you tried that didn't work as well.
Please try the Hypno Quiz and report the results (the link will open a new window)
(Yes, try the HypnoQuiz NOW, I want to know the results)

(People didn't read the first request for the hypnoquiz, and didn't read the one in bright yellow. If this blinking banner doesn't suffice, I don't know how else to get people to do the quiz... and most people still aren't writing anything in the Wish section. Sigh...)

Training Triggers

I need from you three memories.

The first is to create a trigger word for intense desire and arousal. It should be one where you want someone very badly, but can't have them just then, so it is purely desire, not pleasure. It should be a time when desire has time to build up, without immediate release (it doesn't matter if you have sex with them LATER, just that you couldn't at that time). Good Examples:

  • "I saw this lady on the bus last week, she was so hot, and I really wanted to have sex with her"
  • "I was hosting a party with my girlfriend Joanne, I wanted her, but we couldn't do it while the guests were there. We only had sex after they all left."
  • "There was this girl Anna in high school, I wanted her so much, and one day, I was sitting in the student paper club room with her, and we were talking, and I was so horny for her."

Bad Examples:

  • "I had sex with my wife last weekend, it was so hot" This is bad because it's not just desire, it's pleasure mixed with desire. I need a trigger which is just desire.
  • "I wanted this girl at work for the last three years". This is bad because it's not a specific time. I need a specific time, lasting a few minutes, that you remember pretty clearly.
  • "My mistress was whipping me las year, and I was soooo horny." This is bad because it's a mix of sensations, not just desire. Being tied up and verbally teased would be okay though. The point is to have the emotion of strong desire without other distracting physical sensations.

DESIRE: So please give me a memory of a specific time of intense sexual desire (without the possibility of immediate satisfaction).

The second trigger is for sexual pleasure and orgasms on command. I need a memory of you having sex with a great orgasm, preferably in the missionary position, and to know where it was and who was on top (If you're a virgin, I can use a memory of masturbation instead). Good examples:

  • "I had sex last month at my girlfriend's place, she dressed up as a cheerleader, and I had a great orgasm. She was on top".
  • "In college, I was dating Amy, and we had great sex while camping in a tent. I was on top."

Bad examples:

  • "I was having sex with a hooker last week, and I took her doggy style." This is bad because if your request is for a transformation to female, I won't be able to switch you with your partner. To trade who has the penis and who has the vagina during trance, it has to be a memory where you and your sex partner are facing each other.
  • "I had sex a number of times when I was in high school with my girlfriend." This is bad because it's not a specific time. You have to remember a specific time, so I can have you relive that specific memory.

PLEASURE: Please briefly describe a memory of sex with a great orgasm

The third trigger is for euphoric feelings. It should be a very happy memory, where you felt great. Good examples:

  • "When I graduated, and got my diploma, I felt so proud and happy there on the stage."
  • "I'd just won the soccer match, and people were cheering. I was tired, but I felt like a million bucks!"
  • "I was playing a song on guitar a few weeks ago, one I'd been working on for a while. And then it was just flowing, and I felt amazing as I played and belted out the words of the song. I was totally in the zone."

Bad Examples:

  • "I was having sex with..." Not sex. This is a memory of happiness, not pleasure.
  • "I got this awesome massage and..." Not pleasure. The emotions of happiness, joy, togetherness, excitement are all suitable.
  • "I had a great time in boys scouts when I was a kid." A specific memory is needed, one that you clearly remember, and where you felt so happy.

HAPPINESS: Please describe a memory of happiness, a specific time you remember well.


Interests : Put a checkmark on topics of particular interest


Masturbating your partner
Having your partner masturbate you
Watching your partner masturbate
Giving oral sex to a female
Giving oral sex to a shemale
Giving oral sex to a male
Receiving oral sex
Intercourse as a woman
Intercourse as a man
Being fucked up the ass
Fucking your partner's ass


Lips & Lipstick
Sexy smoking
Heavy makeup
Nails & Nail polish
Ass & Hips
High heels

Slutty clothing
Glamorous clothing
Professional clothing
Jeans & t-shirt
Short skirts
Visible cleavage

Sexual preference

Attracted to men
Attracted to men but curious about women
Prefer men
Prefer women
Attracted to women but curious about men
Attracted to women

Do you smoke? (I do not do smoking fetish unless it is specifically asked for)
I have never smoked
I have tried smoking
I have quit smoking
I smoke occasionally
I smoke regularly


Adult baby (thumbsucking, diapers)
Objectification (eg. treated as a toy)
Wearing feminine underwear

Physical hallucinations & change

Living a story in fantasy reality
Perceiving your partner as someone else
Transformation into someone else
Transformation into the other sex
Transformation into another species(eg. dog)
Transformation into a thing (eg. robot, doll)
Increased sexual pleasure
Increased sexual performance
Increased skin sensitivity
Being made to feel pleasure

Physical and mental hallucinations

Regression to infanthood (baby)
Regression to childhood
Regression to adolescence
Reliving specific events
Past life regression
Being turned into someone physically and mentally different from yourself, with memories of having always been that person
Trigger word that hypnotizes you instantly
Trigger words that are hypnotic commands

Mental hallucinations and changes

Being made to feel emotions
Being made to forget things
Being unable to resist obeying
Being unable to move
Being forced to move on command
Becoming a bubbly airhead
Being unable to make decisions
Being mindless
Losing willpower
Feeling weak and helpless
Forced feminization
Loss of bladder control
Being made dominant
Role reversals
Play time enslavement
Full time enslavement
Total power exchange 24/7
Worshipping Mistress


Describe your ideal Mistress / Hypnotist:

Traits you desire in your Mistress/Hypnotist
(check all those that apply)

Refined Lady
Vulgar and crude

Attitudes you desire in your Mistress/Hypnotist
(check all those that apply)

Seductive but growing ruthless
Ruthless and insensitive
Cruel and humiliating
Evil and manipulative

Describe the limitations you want on your request:

- Limits, things you don't want
- Phobias or allergies you may have
- Your availabilities for sessions

Are you living with other people? Yes No
Do you have children or other dependants who might need your immediate attention during a trance session ? Yes No
Do you currently have a sexual partner or spouse ? Yes No

You agree to be forced to do,
or made to want to do certain things:
(check all those you agree to)

While in trance
During the session
At home
In "safe" places we agree on
In solitary places (eg. bathrooms)
In public places (eg. shopping mall)
At work

You agree to be forced to interact with,
or made to want to interact with:
(check all those you agree to)

Your hypnotist
Your romantic partner(s)
People who know about your fantasies

Where did you hear about My website ?

if you did a search on search engines, I want to know what you wrote in the search box to find Me, as close as you can remember.

What can you afford ?

As many sessions as I want
Regular phone sessions
Occasional phone sessions
Regular online sessions
Occasional online sessions
Just one session if I save up
I can't afford anything... pretty please?

Session extension

Especially during the first session, the end of the hour may come at a critical moment, and it would be better to continue a bit longer for better results. Knowing I would then pay for additional time...

I don't want my session prolonged without being awakened and asked first
I agree that my session can be prolonged by:
15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes as much as Mistress sees fit.

What is your availability for the next two weeks?

(if you are ready to have a session now)

If you have not filled out Fantasy, Experience (including results of the hypnoquiz), Ideal hypnotist, Limitations and Wish, I will ask you to fill out the form again. Do it right the first time.

It is better to write more than not enough.

By clicking here, I freely agree to have all of the above done to me by my hypnotist. I understand what that implies, and I have read the disclaimer.

If you havn't installed Yahoo Messenger already, your are wasting My time
(Yahoo IM is necessary even for phone sessions)

Plain text version here (for those with form problems)


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