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CD 30- SpyBaby II - "Diapers Are Forever"

AKA Bedwetting Adult Baby

(for women & mtf transgenders)

Adult Baby Hypnosis for bedwetting
art by K@t

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For Adult Babies wanting to lose bladder control and become incontinent by hypnosis, both day wetting and bedwetting. Requires use of CD17-SpyBaby 1 first. Also onsider CD16-Acceptance to boost the effects.

Yet more Ways to Be Diaper Dependant

SpyBaby 1 laid the groundwork to become incontinent, by rewarding your wetting with euphoric pleasure every time, making you feel safe and loved. By repetition, wetting your diapers became easier and easier, and you were well on your way to being completely diaper dependant. SpyBaby II continues with specific conditionings for daytime and nightime wetting, so you can be a fully incontinent adult baby by hypnosis.

Sleep Wetting Through Dream Programming

The famous founder of New School hypnosis, Milton Erickson, made popular the use of therapeutic metaphors in creating lasting personal change. While direct suggestion speaks to the conscious mind, metaphors speak to the unconscious mind in the language of dreams. Changing the unconscious is the key to solving problems, because if the problem could be solved by conscious choice, the person wouldn't need a therapist. By creating a dream like sequence in trance, and repeating it over a period, we are programming the subject's dreams. In this way, the night time dreams can start to mimic the hypnotic dream, and promote ever greater change.

So if you want to sleep wet, keep living through this adventure over and over. Using a dream metaphor like this is perfect, because the wetting behavior we want needs to happen DURING dreams, so the subject can awaken wet and soaked. This will lead to the necessity of wearing diapers during sleep, as the sleep wetting becomes more and more programmed and automatic. The learned behavior of holding back peeing will slowly be unlearned, as the unconscious understands and fully realizes that sleep wetting is desirable, and leads to feeling loved, safe and happy.

Day Wetting Through Bladder Confusion

There are a few ways to lose bladder control during the day. The most obvious one is to have the muscles which control peeing weaken and atrophy to the point where they simply cannot hold anything in. And the simplest way to do that is to not use those muscles for 6 months to a year. But the use of them is so automatic, it's difficult to not use them, even with that intent.

The way I have devised for daytime wetting is by confusing the signals your conscious mind gets from your body, so you have NO IDEA whether you need to pee or not. My method muddles the signal, so that one moment you might feel like you desperately need to pee, and the next, you don't need to go at all. This way, even if you go to the bathroom, nothing comes out. And as you learn to ignore the confusing messages from your bladder, you eventually get to the burting point without knowing it. Suddenly, a euphoric wave of pleasure washes over you as your muscles relax and your pee flows freely and uncontrallably, soaking your diapers thoroughly, or your pants if you were so foolish as not to wear diapers. Wearing diapers is better though, because it lets you feel safer about letting go.


Track Listing

Track 1-Induction (15:20) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word.

Track 2-Deepening (1:00) : Trance deepening, with use of the trance trigger.

Track 3-Lab (4:10) : You find yourself back in the lab, staring at all the strange equipment. There's a lady doctor in a white labcoat, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun. Near her is the grey bearded man in uniform, and beyond, a cylindrical floation tank, with a beautiful blonde woman, rather large breasted, floating in the liquid. She's very sexy, curvy, and looks to be about 18 years old. You're drawn to her, drifting closer, until you realize this is your body, and you're inside it, breathing through a respirator, and staring out at the people outside your tank. You should probably be concerned,but you feel so good, floating in the pink liquid, floating in the wetness, that you don't really care. The doctor tells you about the changes made to your body, so that you can infiltrate an adult baby club that is a front for a criminal organisation. Your rest sequence is over, and it's time to continue your training for this mission.

Track 4-Dutch Girl (14:49) : Remember the story of the Little Dutch Boy, who tried to plug the dam with his fingers? Well, you're going to live this story... but as the little dutch girl. You'll soon learn that no matter what you do, it will leak and flood and wet uncontrollably. But it's okay, because mommy loves her wet little baby girl, and mommy makes you feel safe and loved.

Track 5-Bladder Confusion (14:52) : Back in the lab, the doctor speaks to you and explains: you're about to be trained to be completely unable to tell how full your bladder is. One moment, it will feel 50% full, and the next empty. Then 75%, 12%, 95%, etc. Eventually, you won't be able to tell at all how full your bladder is, and unexpectedly, you'll start wetting while a wave of euphoria washes over you. The programming sequence starts, and leads you to experience this bladder confusion at work or school, and then at home. You realize that you need to wear diapers all the time, because you can never make it to the bathroom in time.

Track 6-Out Of The Tank (7:16) : You return to the Lab, and you hear the doctor saying: "I believe your training is over. Your body has conformed to the proper specifications, of an 18 year old large breasted blonde female. An adult baby who is completely incontinent, and who thinks completely like an adult baby girl... thinks like a baby girl... aren't you now? That's right, when you talk to adult women, you call adult women 'Mommy' or Auntie, don't you? Very good." The daddy looking man helps you out of the tank, and the doctor helps you put on your diddies, your diapers, and makes you ask "pwetty pwease" to wear the cute pink baby dress. She helps you get it on, as well as white socks... but not before she playfully tickles your toes, making you giggle. The outfit is complete with some white mary jane shoes. The daddy man is about to give you your mission, but the doctor stops him to test you. You pass the test with flying colors, soaking your diddies completely and earning loving words and a hug from the Mommy doctor lady. You feel loved, accepted and happy being completely incontinent.

Track 7-Awaken (1:04) : And then you drift out of the experience to awaken at 1, receiving yet more suggestions of how happy your are to wet your diapers, and that you need to always wet and always wear diapers as the big diapered baby girl you are.

Mommy woves her wet baby girl!

Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the sequence make sense. Here are cuts you can make:

Tracks 3 and 6 are not essential to the training, they just make for a more interesting story adventure. You should at least go through them once.

For Daywetting training, use tracks 1,2,5,7. This cut lasts 32 minutes

For Bedwetting training, use tracks 1,2,4,7. This cut also lasts 32 minutes


CD30- SpyBaby II
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
Click here to go to the payment page (to buy)

It contains 7 tracks, for a total play time of 59 minutes

REQUIRES CD17 FIRST. This CD is a sequel to CD17-SpyBaby, and requires the euphoric triggers set by that CD It also builds on the incontinence training and story of that first CD.

The euphoric trigger is also set by CDs 6 and 16. These could be used to replace CD17 as prerequisite, but for best results, use CD17 first.

Consider the SpyBaby Combo to get the full set at a lower price!



Track name

T04-Dutch Girl
T05-Bladder Confusion
T06-Out Of The Tank


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