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CD 27- S-Exchange

AKA forced sex change

(for men & mtf transgenders)

S-Exchange: make me get a sex change by hypnosis

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The "Transsexual by hypnosis" debate :
Can you make me a transsexual by hypnosis ?

Can a non-transsexual be turned into a transsexual by hypnosis? That's an excellent question, and rather hard to answer. There is no blood test to show whether someone is transsexual or not, so if it worked, were they transsexual to begin with? If someone is willing, I can certainly push them further down the path. Adam's story demonstrates how I managed to turn a willing person into a transsexual who lived as a woman and got breast implants, at least for a time, with constant hypnotic reinforcement, and he wasn't even a crossdresser to begin with! He was an excellent hypnotic subject though.

So you're wondering, will this CD, in combination with some other CDs (such as CDs 3 and 16) make a man go out and get a sex change? With dedicated listening and a deep enough trance, this will indeed create Gender Dysphoria. Dysphoria means "discomfort". Discomfort with being male, I can pretty much guarantee will happen if you keep listening. And that gender discomfort is a pre-requisite to therapists giving permission for a sex change. But there's more, as they want to make sure this is a long lasting condition that dates back at least till adolescence, and they will certainly want you to live at least a year as a woman to prove you can hack it in your new gender.

This CD is a nasty piece of work, no doubt about it. It makes the listener feel worse and worse about living as a male, and more and more needing to get a sex change to live as a woman. In this case, I feel the need to let both my good/angel/therapist side speak, as well as my evil/devil/hypnodomme side. It seems fair after all, and you can't say I didn't warn you.

Devil Side

Mind Mistress Devil

I can't wait to see how many wives and girlfriends will use this CD to turn their cheating husbands and boyfriends into big breasted bimbos who can't wait to get their nails done! *giggle*

I mean, there are limitations to this... as usual, hypnosis doesn't work without consent... but if they consent to keep listening for whatever reason... THAT's consent too! So there could be a whole new crop of former cheaters and deadbeats turning into girls. That would be awesome!

That, and all the whiners who keep saying "I need stronger hypnosis to become a girl". Most of My CDs are about making girlhood more desirable, and having fun with girly desires. But this CD has a lot more BITE to it! Not only will you want to get a sex change, but the more you listen, the more unhappy you'll be with being male. Living as a male will get sooo unbearable, you'll HAVE to get a sex change. Oh, and boobs too. Big ones I bet. Boys like girls with big boobs, don't they?

Normally, I go with the carrot approach... do what I want, get this carrot (pleasure). But this one has a big stick too. If you don't do what I want, you get the stick (emotional pain). Hey, I don't like causing pain any more than the next sadistic hypnodomme... but sometimes, if that's what it takes to get the job done, that's what it takes.

Clients want to be forced... even if the client is the woman making her man into a girl... and the client is always right! Mouahahaha! This CD will ensure that there is NO choice.

It just annoys Me to keep hearing "Oh, I want to be a girl, but what about my wife, my job, my friends?" Well, what about them? You can get a new job (manucurists are in high demand), new friends (what are TG clubs for anyways?), and as many boyfriends as you want. So what's all this whining about? They're just too damned comfy with their lives, and unwilling to take a risk to become who they need to be. So that's why they hire Me... to make them uncomfortable, to make them take the step, to force them to become a girl. Well, then, here is the Final Solution. Snip snip! Off with their heads! No more dicking around. Get that vagina, and find someone to play with it! Get boobs, and someone to squeeze them.

Oh, and you know that angel therapist bitch on the other side of this screen? Just ignore her. Who gives a fuck about her? Oh sure, you can read her for a laugh if you want... but you know what you REALLY want... you want to be a girl, and *I* am the one who will make that happen for you. This CD will KICK YOUR ASS! And you WILL get that sex change.

Never mind facing your inner demons, addressing your fears, repressed feelings, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You don't want that. That's too hard. You want the easy way out. And that's what I give you... the easy way out of your confusion... a clear path. Being male feels bad. Becoming a girl makes you happy. Easy. Take the easy path. Come on... trust Me... Would I lie to you?



Angel Side


Frankly, I'm appalled that Mind Mistress came out with this CD. Okay, I can understand that she's helping transsexuals accept their feminine desires by taking the blame, i.e. "it's not my fault I'm a girl, the Evil Mistress hypnotized me into it and I have no choice." Fine, I can deal with that.

But this is going too far! Used improperly, this CD has every potential of creating severe depression in a listener that doesn't want to be a girl. The more they listen, the more depressed they will get, and the more inadequate they'll feel.

We're taking moderately adjusted people, and making them deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with their life. I don't care what She says, this is just immoral and wrong! Her work is supposed to be fun fantasies, and motivation boosts for transgenders, not this cruel destruction of their male life, with a sex change as the only potential escape from life of misery !

Please, if you're reading this, don't listen to Her! Get some therapy on the other site. It's cheaper, and will help you get over your shame about wanting to be a girl, as well as your fears about how people will judge you. Really, this is the right way to do things. Don't let yourself be bullied into a sex change by mind control!

Mind Mistress gets her kicks out of seeing boys turn into sexy girls. Don't give her the satisfaction! Trust me, Linda the therapist, instead. I'll help you get through it without turning you into a sex toy, a hooker, a manucurist, or Gods know what other perversion of a life she can concoct for you. I tell you, that woman is TWISTED!

You think She cares? You'll cry about how you can't stand being a man anymore, how you just can't go on... and do you think she'll be sympathetic and comfort you? NOoooooo... she'll just laugh at you, and ask you if you need to check your makeup. Then she'll trigger you into having an irrisistible urge to check your makeup, and laugh some more!

I'm seriously worried some people could get so desperate and depressed that they'll harm themselves or take their own lives, from using this CD too much. This CD is NASTY! After a time of regular listening, these hapless men will have to either get a sex change to find relief, or spend months in therapy to get over how unhappy being male makes them. So my advice is, don't do it! Don't use this CD! Use ANY of the other ones, but not this one.

The only allowable excuse I could see for using this CD is if you know you want to get a sex change, and can't bring yourself to do it, because your life is too comfortable and set. Then, it will make you uncomfortable enough to DO something about it. But even so, you should just get therapy instead.

And no matter what, don't trust anything She says! Just because She never lies, it doesn't mean she can't mislead people.

Mind Mistress Devil   LindaAngel

Hormones Made Me A Woman

So you want to do everything you can to be a woman? Well, don't just use hypnosis! Get your hormones lined up with your mind! The official way to do that is to get a prescription from an endocrinologist, after getting a referral from a psychiatrist. The easier way is to start with Girl Juice, which from all client reports, is MORE powerful than prescriptions for changing a male's thinking and emotions to all that wonderful female emotionality.

This stuff REALLY works. It's not just some pills shells stuffed with herbs. It's made with top quality herbal extracts, professionally extracted according to Dr. Natural's special recipe. You'd have to eat a pound of herbs to get the same effect as a tablespoon of the stuff. It hits you hard, and everyone notices the changes in moods, as well as the breast growth. If you want the hypnotic sex change conditioning to fully grab onto you and never let go, get the herbal hormones that really work. When you get the mind and body working together, that's when you get the maximum change. Hormones change how you feel and think... and that's what you want, isn't it? But maybe you're too chicken to try it just yet... so here's another way to think of it...

One of the reasons transsexuals get put on hormones for about a year before surgery is allowed, is that it gives them a really good taste of what being a woman is like. Your moods change, your taste in movies changes, how you feel about people changes. Some hobbies you used to like may get boring (like some video games). Your tastes in erotica move from the more visual type of porn to the more romantic and verbal stories. Crying becomes enjoyable, and crying movies are fun. And most importantly, after a while, you're not horny all the time, and your dick doesn't get hard anymore.

Some people freak out when this happens, get depressed by the mood swings, by feeling things too strongly, and they want to get their erections back. These people shouldn't get a sex change. It was just a fetishistic fantasy, and when it gets too real, they back out.

Others, real transsexuals, feel MUCH BETTER on female hormones. They feel relief about not needing to masturbate all the time, relief that their penis no longer gets embarassingly hard, and relief at being able to fully feel their emotions. As one has said: "My brain makes more sense on estrogen". So if you take these hormones and feel more yourself, more at peace, more in harmony with yourself... then it's a good bet that you're actually transsexual, and that your brain NEEDED those hormones to function properly, because it was a girl's brain to begin with.

So take My advice... you came to Me because I'm an expert in making boys into girls, did you not? Well here's My advice: Try Girl Juice for a month or two. See how you feel, how it changes your moods and thinking. Then you'll know if you really have a girl brain, and need a sex change. Once you've figured that out, this CD will have NO PROBLEM leading you all the way to having a sweet little pussy of your very own.

Track Listing

Track 1 - Induction (22:17) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this CD is relatively short, I was able to put in the long 22 minute trance induction used by CDs 2 and 3, which gives people more time to reach a deeper trance. You can use this version of the induction with other CDs you own, if you do not have the Elegance or sub-Consciousness CDs.

Track 2 – Euphoric trigger (5:44): A trigger for euphoric feelings is created, to reinforce the happiness you feel as a woman.

Track 3 – Inadequacy (3:39): And a trigger for inadequacy is created, to reinforce the discomfort of living as a man, and make it less and less bearable.

Track 4 – Morning Blues(6:50): Now we start the reliving the morning routine, and discovering that every part of it, the stubble, the male shape, the short hair, all of that makes you feel lousy about yourself. You notice the lack of breasts, the body hair, the reflection in the mirror, the bushy eyebrows you havn’t shaped, and think of the electrolysis you need. It just plain sucks being male, and every morning you feel more and more uncomfortable allowing yourself to be that way.

Track 5 - Daytime Need (12:05): Every time you see a woman during the day, it makes you want to be like her more and more, and makes you feel more and more lousy about still being a man. But it makes you fantasize about how wonderful you’ll feel after your sex change as well, flip flopping between how happy you’ll be after you go through your sex change, and how unhappy you are with your current body.

Track 6 - Evening Surgery (6:39): Finally, you can’t hold back anymore. You arrive at the hospital for your sex change surgery, so excited, dreamy, and the doctor makes you the woman you were meant to be… face, breasts, vagina… all that needs doing is done to make you a beautiful sexy woman, happy and ready to live your life fully as a woman. You go under on the operating table, dreaming of the woman you are about to become.

Track 7 - Reborn (4:49): You wake up at the hospital with bandages on your pelvis, your chest, your face, doped up and happy. You heal, and prepare for your new life, reborn as a woman.

Track 8 - Awakening (2:10): You need to relive this story again and again, until it becomes completely true, your need getting stronger every time you see a woman, and you awaken feeling wonderful.

Creating Shorter Trances

Since some people have a hard time staying in trance for long periods, the tracks were divided specifically so that you could cut out some tracks to make shorter trances, and still have the ssequence make sense. Here are the cuts you can make:

-No Trigger Training: Once the euphoric and inadequacy triggers are strongly installed after many listenings (meaning the subject reacts strongly to them), you can cut out the triggerTrack 2 – Euphoric trigger (5:44) and Track 3– Inadequacy (3:24), though you should reinforce the triggers occasionally. This cut reduces the trance by 9 minutes.

-Sample Cuts: At first, you must include the trigger training of tracks 2 and 3. You could train with just those, using tracks 1,2,3 and then 8 to awaken. Then, once the triggers are well set and give you a strong reaction, you can add in track 4. Once you react strongly to track 4, you can cut tracks 2 and 3's trigger training, and just use track 1 for the induction, then go into the conditioning tracks 4,5,6,7 and then the awakening track. You can at this point also create a set of 5 daily trances, one for each day of the week, going as such:

Monday: 1,2,3,8
Tuesday: 1,4,8
Wednesday: 1,5,8
Friday: 1,7,8

This way, you reinforce the triggers at the beginning of every week, and cycle through the story over the span of a week. It keeps your daily trances both short and varied... so your need to get that sex change keeps getting higher and higher and higher... heh heh...


CD27- S-Exchange
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 8 tracks, for a total play time of 64 minutes

This CD has no specific prerequisites.



Track name

T01- Induction
T02- Euphoric trigger
T03- Inadequacy
T04- Morning Blues
T05- Daytime Need
T06- Evening Surgery
T07- Reborn
T08- Awakening


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