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CD 16 - Acceptance

Mindwipe and Reprogram
(for men, women, and transgenders)

Increasing hypnotic suggestibility CD

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Mindwipe and Reprogram

This recording trains for complete amnesia about your life for brainwashing purposes, so you can accept any programming, whether from listening to another CD right after it, or being told by your partner/dominant who you are, what you believe and what you like to do. When used prior to another CD, it multiplies the effects of that CD.

The Acceptance CD has two distinct uses: Acceptance, and Amnesia. Which tracks you choose to use will determine the effect. In brief, this CD trains in being able to forget on command during trance, and makes the listener compliant and accepting of what they are told, for a period of time after listening. If you want the erotic applications, and not the theory, skip ahead to the brainwashing section.


What is amnesia? Amnesia, in itself, is simply not being able to remember something. Most people can put things out of their mind, by thinking about something else, but they cannot consciously choose to forget something, at least not to the point that they cannot remember it again when they really try to do so.

In the context of hypnosis, however, amnesia is a skill that some people have in deep trance. If you ask an excellent hypnotic subject to forget something while they are in trance, they will! They will awaken without any memory of what they were told to forget.

This will usually be temporary, ranging from a few minutes to a few days. The reason it's temporary is that amnesia only happens with the subject's consent, like all hypnotic effects. So while a person in trance may agree to forget their name for the fun of it, they won't want to do that permanently unless they have a very compelling reason to do so. On the other hand, suggesting permanent amnesia for some really unpleasant memory may indeed cause permanent amnesia... if the subject agrees (while in trance) that forgetting that permanently is in their best interest. Likewise, if forgetting is made orgasmic... it will become a very good motivation to forget on command. These are things you can do with excellent subjects.

However, excellent hypnotic subjects are in the minority. Average subjects actually need to learn the hypnotic skill of amnesia, much like one learns any other skill. The primary goal of this CD is to teach that skill to average subjects, so they can experience amnesia with other CDs that suggest it, or during hypnosis sessions.

The classification of "excellent" or "average" subjects is not fixed. Indeed, a difficult subject can be trained into an average subject, and an average subject can be trained into an excellent subject, simply by learning the various trance skills. Amnesia is actually not one of the most difficult trance skills, though once you have it, learning the remaining skills is just a matter of time and practice.

What is amnesia good for?

Amnesia is mostly used as a convincer, so that the person really believes they were in trance, or as an entertaining demonstration of what hypnosis can do. Stage hypnotists use it because it's fun and makes people laugh. Therapists use it because it's impressive and give the client more confidence in hypnosis, the hypnotist, and the chances of their getting over their problem.

It can also be used in therapy to give post-hypnotic suggestions, meaning suggestions that will only take effect at some later time after the trance. The reason they do this is that clients often consciously fight the suggestions, even if it's what they wanted. A classical stop-smoking example is telling someone that they won't be able to smoke a cigarette without getting sick. Typical human nature kicks in, and the person tries to test the suggestion, to see if they can do it and "defeat" the suggestion, by smoking an entire cigarette successfully. Now, since the suggestion only works with their consent, and they're fighting it, they'll probably feel a bit queasy with the first few puffs, but persevere, until they are once again enjoying smoking. Then they'll tell all their friends how "useless all this hypnosis crap is".

The clever hypnotist does not set up such situations. Rather, they have the subject consciously forget the suggestion, so that when they try to smoke, they feel what was suggested, but since they don't know they're feeling a hypnotic effect, they can't fight it. Of course, post-hypnotic suggestions with amnesia can be given for all kinds of interesting purposes. The only rule is that the subject must think it's a good idea, at least while they're in trance, so they will give consent. Even so, no matter how appealing it is made to be, if the person has a strong belief that goes against the suggestion, it will not work. When that happens, the person may agree to have amnesia about the suggestion and forget all about it, but then the post-hypnotic won't work. This tells the hypnotist to work on the person's beliefs first.

Brainwashing, Alter Egos, and Other Fun Hobbies

Amnesia is a key component of brainwashing. Literally, brainwashing means cleaning out the mind. And though it can be used for sinister purposes, those purposes usually require abduction and confinement for long periods of time, with facilities and a staff, the goal being to get the person to cooperate and give consent. Without consent, it just isn't possible. So on this site we deal with people who *agree* to it, usually for fun, and often temporarily. It's actually a lot easier for Me to do effective brainwashing than it is for would be kidnappers, because the people I work on are generally quite eager and willing, so I have that crucial consent ncecessary for transformations.

For instance, If you take a heterosexual adult male and want him to believe he's an 18 year old boy crazy-blonde girl, he first has to forget having been anything other than a girl. Amnesia is the skill for that, which CD 16 – Acceptance trains for. He has to forget all his memories of being a boy, and even forget what his body looks like. If we did only that, "she" would just be confused about why she has a boy body.

To do a dream reality transformation in trance , we also need positive hallucination skills, meaning hallucinating having a female body. That is the skill CD 10 – Vixen trains for. "Positive hallucination" is the technical term for perceiving something that isn't there. It's a lot easier to do with the eyes closed.

To do a "waking" eyes open transformation, we need positive hallucinations skills, and we also need negative hallucinations skills. "Negative hallucination" is the technical term for not perceiving something that is there. That means not seeing or feeling the male body when you look at yourself, or touch yourself. So far, there are no CDs to train for this skill, so it has to be developped during sessions.


The reason this Amnesia training CD is called Acceptance, is that it trains for exactly that: Acceptance, compliance, and obedience. For everything. There are two reasons a person may resist programming. One of them is memories that contradict the programming. The other is beliefs. However, beliefs are based on memories, so if a person has no memories whatsoever, they are essentially a blank slate, ready to accept anything that will fill their blank mind. In fact, the more blank they become, the more eager they will be to latch onto *any* thought or suggested belief, just so they have something to think about.

Let's create a fictional example illustrate this. Bob is a heterosexual male, and his wife Mary has decided he'd be much better off as a feminized cuckolded cocksucker, impotent and swishy, girly mannered and totally gay! She's found him up his secretary's skirt, and decided if he likes them that much, he should wear them himself. Under My advice, Mary proceeds like this:

  1. CD 1 – Trance Training: She introduces it as a way to help him relax after his long days at work... and his frequent exhausting evenings of, ahem, "overtime". Bob listens to CD1 every night for a month, as Mary wants to make sure he goes very deeply into trance before introducing anything he might object to.
  2. CD 16 – Acceptance: Mary then starts him on amnesia training, going through all three parts of progressive training. By the end of that, Bob is a very happy boy after each CD listening, with no memory of the trance, and totally accepting of whatever Mary tells him right after he's listened to the CD.
  3. CD 3 – Elegance: Mary now starts feminizing him with daily use of Elegance for a few weeks, making him listen every evening to Acceptance, and then Elegance immediately afterwards. At first, she supervises this, but soon, just leaves a post-it note on top of the Elegance CD case that says: "When done with listening to Acceptance, listen to Elegance". The Acceptance CD suggests he should look for such instructions when coming out of trance, so finding the post-it note, he obeys, and goes back into trance with Elegance. She leaves perfume on her dresser in evidence, along with makeup, and makes sure he has the privacy to try them out, by going out after he finishes listening to Elegance, and letting him know not to wait up for her, as she'll be home late. After two weeks or so of Elegance, he should be unable to resist such an opportunity. After another week or so, she can go out on such an outing... and come back unexpectedly after leaving him enough time to start putting on makeup. This gives her the chance to "catch him in the act", and thus declare that if he's going to wear makeup, he should do it right. She then starts teaching him proper makeup application, and making him practice every night. At this point, he'll be delighted to be "forced" to practice makeup, and come home early every night!

    His training continues like this until he's completely addicted to makeup and women's underwear. He wears very light makeup during the day, and heavier makeup at night. The fact that he's now wearing panties and pantyhose under his pants makes it very unlikely that he'll be spending any more time under his secretary's skirt. Plus, he can't wait to get home to get comfortable and be able to relax with more obvious makeup.

    He has no memory of what happens during those trances, and would be puzzled about why he's getting these urges... if he didn't feel completely natural about them, which he does. That's because the final part of Acceptance makes him believe that the suggestions he receives were his own thoughts to begin with!

  4. CD 9 – Envy: Mary considered briefly training him to suck cocks right away, but her priority is to make sure he stops fooling around with women, so she starts training him with Envy, so he becomes totally turned off of women, and only envious of their looks, while turning his sex drive towards men. Over the next few weeks, she tests his attraction to women by asking how sexy he thinks women look during movies. When she's satisfied that he's only interested in looking at women for fashion ideas, she goes onto the next phase.
  5. CD 4 – Male Charm: Mary switches CD 9 in his daily training with CD 4 – Male Charm for a few weeks, to make him totally addicted to cock. She encourages his to masturbate to pictures of naked men, and even buys a playgirl magazine... which she conveniently leaves lying around where he can find it.

Mary now has a choice. She can either trust that the Acceptance conditionning is strong enough, and refresh the Acceptance training once a week or so... or if he seems to be accepting of his feminizing, just have him train with one CD per night. She may have chosen to skip Acceptance prior to each night's CD earlier than this, depending on how hubby has been responding, and may have chosen to return to it if he started to get a bit rebellious.

She can continue with CD 10 – Vixen and CD 7 – Youth if she really wants to turn him into her platonic part time-girlfriend. Or, she may want to just turn him into a gay cock-addicted slut, in which case she would continue with CD 18 – Princess and CD 19 – Oral to make him totally addicted to sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass. Or, she may decide she likes him so much better as a girl, that he's going to become a girl full time, in which case she would go with CDs 10, 7 and 14. And whatever Mary chooses... her feminized little toy will be totally happy with it!

Of course, this is just a fictional example, and not something someone should actually do to another person. Mary should have a mature talk with Bob and work out their issues with the help of a marriage counselor. However, if that fails... there's always plan B...


Shorter Trances

The CD can of course be used in its entirety. However, some people have a hard time focussing for an hour, especially those with ADD/ADHD. So we can cut up the CD into two track selections. Use the first one for two weeks, then use the second one for two weeks.

Selection 1) Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,9. This gives a 45 minute trance.

Selection 2) Tracks 1,5,6,7,8,9. This gives a 51 minute trance.

Incremental Training

Sometimes, the issue is not the length of the trance, as much as learning each step well before adding another (or concealing the goals of the CD until full amnesia is achieved). It's also best to do incremental training if the person has not trained with other CDs first, as they need to learn trance before doing more advanced hypnotic effects. If progressive training is desired for a reluctant subject, it can be done as such:

  1. Basic training: Tracks 1,2,3,9. These train for deep trance on command, and set the trigger word more and more deeply to create a blissful state conducive to acceptance. The subject will wake up feeling wonderful! This training lasts about 2 weeks.
  2. Amnesia: Add track 4 into the mix, for about a week of daily training, to create desire for the freedom of mind that only amnesia can bring. Then add track 5 for about 2 weeks. You will know you've ended this phase when upon awakening, the subject cannot remember simple things like his or her name.
  3. If all you wanted was amnesia training, to create amnesia in sessions, or with CDs that suggest amnesia (such as CD5-Gemini), you can stop here. If you also want those conditionnings and post-hypnotic suggestions to be forgottenadd track 7 into the mix, and use that for two weeks. This will make it so post-hypnotic suggestions that are given in trance will be obeyed, but forgotten.

  4. Compliance: Add track 6 for a week or two. This is where accepting becomes automatic, and the subject becomes much more compliant and obedient to suggestions, especially after listenings. If you're planning on training someone to be a Mistress with CD15-Three Icons, you may skip this track and move onto the next phase.
  5. Post-Hypnotics: Add track 7 for a week, which will make him ready to obey and forget the conditionnings and post-hypnotic suggestions of future CDs. If you want the subject to remember the content of adventure CDs, skip this track. You can also use it for a while, then remove it from the mix so that they will progressively start remembering the content of CDs again... after they have had time to totally accept their programming with them.
  6. Finally, add in track 8-Trojan for a about 2 weeks, so that the subject will come to believe all the conditionnings they get in trance were their own thoughts to begin with.

Track Guide

  1. Induction (15:20) – The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you've learned to go into trance on command quickly.
  2. Deepen (1:00) – A trance deepening that uses the trance trigger word, for those who can go into trance just with the trigger word, and skip the full induction.
  3. Euphoric (6:16) – Sets a trigger word for feeling totally happy and euphoric on command for the training (only usable by Me). It's the same trigger word that Happiness installs, and the trigger setting tracks are more or less interchangeable.
  4. Freedom (3:00) – Explains why letting go of memories will allow you to enter a blissfully happy and relaxed state, because stress is caused by reality not meeting your expectations, and without memories, there are no expectiations. This track provides deep motivation to do what the rest of this CD suggests.
  5. Blank Slate (15:06) – Starting with the trance trigger, this track slowly erases all memories of your life, eventually even forgetting your body, what it looks like, how you move your body, how you walk, sit, the way you talk, and your name. This track is useful prior to any CD that gives you a new personality, such as CD4, because the new personality is all you remember during your experience, thus making it even more believable.
  6. Accepting (6:39) – You are an accepting person, accepting My suggestions relaxes you, and you need to relax, so you naturally accept everything I say. When you listen to a recording of Mine, you know you've chosen to accept what it tells you, so you accept what it says fully. You just accept and obey. Using this track regularly boosts the effectiveness of all other CDs.
  7. PostHypnotic (3:40) – When you choose to listen to a recording, you can accept all the suggestions, consciously forget them, and still obey them while awake, feeling wonderful, happy and free whenever you obey, because it feels so right. This track makes it so that when you listen to other CDs afterwards, you won't remember what happened during your listening, but obey the conditionnings fully once you awaken, with no awareness of what it is you are obeying. If you *do* want to remember what happens when using other CDs, skip this track.
  8. Trojan (6:24) – We now take acceptance even further. Not only do you accept. Not only do you forget your instructions and obey them. Now you actually think it was your idea in the first place! You forget it was suggested, and completely believe that it was your own idea. No matter what it is I suggest to you, it feels totally like it's your own idea, and you feel that way when you awaken, that it's what you want, and what you have always wanted.

    Some people find it hard to avoid resisting suggestions, even when they're good for them. They still put up a fight. But with this method, there is no way to resist, because it feels like it was your own idea, so there's nothing to resist. There is no resistance, only automatic acceptance.

    Of course, you can't please everyone, or agree with everyone, so you'll be able to refuse what other people say, when it goes against what I've taught you, and still have that wonderful feeling of acceptance. As long as you do what I say, you feel totally accepted.

  9. Awaken (4:21) – Before awakening, this track reminds you that you may have another CD to listen to immediately afterwards, a session, or some other way of being programmed, and makes sure that if the recording or I ask you to remember something, to relive an experience for the purpose of setting a trigger, that you will remember that when I ask. However, the whole experience of listening to this CD will be blanked and forgotten, and even trying to remember will trigger more amnesia about it.

  10. CD16 Acceptance
    is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
    Click here to go to the payment page (to buy)

    It contains 9 tracks, for a total play time of 61 minutes and 46 seconds.

    This is an advanced CD. Train with CD1, 3 or 6 before even considering it.

    Amnesia is an advanced trance skill, associated with deep trance. To benefit from this CD, significant training with beginner or intermediate CDs is necessary. If you can completely lose body awareness from the standard 15 minutes trance induction, you are almost certainly ready to use this CD.




    Track name

    T05-Blank Slate


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