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CD 9 - Envy

aka Straight Girl
(for men and transgenders)

bad boy to good girl, man turned into a straight girl hypnosis CD

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So your sissy slave is sucking cocks like a pro, but she's still annoyingly attracted to women? Still wants to use that thing between her legs in a vagina ? Still trying to act like a man, instead of a proper sissy and cock addict? Perhaps she's still lacking in enthusiasm for her male vagina to be taken, because she still thinks she can get release from women. That simply won't do!

Ladies, is your sissy husband still trying to get sex from you? Still secretly masturbating to those porn magazines of sexy women? We need to fix that. Permanently. You've been doing everything you can to orient her away from women, and towards men, using a vibrator while she watches naked guys, and plunging her sissy balls in icy water when she gets aroused by pics of women, but it's still not enough?

No problem, with a good dose of Envy, all that will be a thing of the past. Your sissy will only look at women as role models to imitate and try to outdo, or as despised competition in attracting men and cocks to her sissy ass and cock-hungry mouth.

No more need to worry when she's looking at other women, as you'll hear her muttering under her breath, "I can look better than that bitch, I can satisfy men better than she can..."

The only women she'll care about, respect and obey, are those who emasculate her, who ruthlessly feminize and sissfy her. The thought of sex with women will make only make her nauseous, and her only sexual release will be as a gurl, with men. Just as it should be. She'll be a 100% straight girl, as well as a slut.

This CD is only intended for use on men and transgenders.

Track Guide

  1. Induction – The induction sets the usual trance trigger, and you can skip it once you've learned to go into trance on command quickly
  2. Feelings – Starting with the trance trigger, you learn to feel envy, revulsion, and desire on command, and you can skip this track once the triggers are strong, refreshing them as needed.
  3. Envy – Starts with the trance trigger. Every time you see an attractive woman, you feel only envy. You want and need to have breasts, to be a girl, to be a a sexy woman.
  4. Jealousy – When you see sexy women, you observe them, learn from them, how they dress, how they move, how they do their hair and makeup. You imitate them, but you despise them for looking so good. They don't deserve their looks, you deserve to be that sexy more than they do. You're going to be sexier and outdo those bitches in every way! Get bigger boobs, better hair, makeup, short skirts, high heels, sway your hips and get the guys to pay attention to you!
  5. Guys – You need to be more beautiful and desired by the guys, because guys turn you on so much, you need them to caress you, to let you play with their cocks, to suck them, to get fucked up the ass. You love cock and cum.
  6. No-girls – Now you start realizing how disgusting it is to think about having sex with another woman. Kissing them? Playing with their breast? Putting your toungue on a... *gasp* pussy? So gross! Especially when it gets all slimy. What a turnoff! It's ok for others, but you're not THAT kind of girl, so if a woman tries to put a move on you, you say so. You want to play with a man's flat, manly, hairy chest, and have him play with YOUR boobs. Looking at pics of sexy women only makes you feel envious of them. Shemales are ok, because they have a cock, but men are way better!
  7. Guys-only – What you want is guys and cocks. If he wants a threesome with his girlfriend, it's like, no way! You're not into that! But with a guy, it's like, your mouth and ass need his cock so badly! You love making him hard for you, which is why you need to have sexy boobs, to attract guys and have sex with them more and more.
  8. Awaken – The only ladies you really care about, respect and obey, are those like Me, those who feminize you, and you need to become more girly, feminine, beautiful and sexy every day, more controlled by your girl envy.

CD9 Envy
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 8 track, for a total play time of 53 minutes

Uses trigger words set up by CD3-Elegance. For best results, train with Elegance first.



Track name

T06-No girls
T07-Guys only


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