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Gothic Horror part 3
A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log


<colleen> no go back for bob
<Mind_Mistress>  Tears welling up
<colleen> find something to block door
<Mind_Mistress>  breaking down....
<Mind_Mistress>  "Fuck, what are those things!!!???
<Mind_Mistress>  They're banging on the door...
<colleen> i dont know
<Mind_Mistress>  scratching...
<Mind_Mistress>  moaning....
<colleen> up the stairs we can hide
<Mind_Mistress>  it's really dark in here...
<Mind_Mistress>  musty
<Mind_Mistress>  "Not if they get through the door!
<colleen> flashlight!
<Mind_Mistress>  Do you still have it...
<Mind_Mistress>  or did you drop it?
<colleen> can we block it
<colleen> i dropped it
<Mind_Mistress>  Bob: “Ok, I can lock it with this deadbolt!”
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress>  The sounds get softer...
<Mind_Mistress>  Looking at bob...
<Mind_Mistress>  close to him...
<Mind_Mistress>  touching him...
<colleen> oh  thank god
<Mind_Mistress>  Desire5
<colleen> thank you bob
<Mind_Mistress>  He's so wonderful...
<colleen> yes touching bob
<Mind_Mistress>  you need him so much...
<colleen> yes very
<Mind_Mistress>  "Hey, it's ok, it's locked now... are you ok?
<Mind_Mistress>  You gotta hug him
<colleen> yes thank u i hug him
<Mind_Mistress>  Pleasure4
<Mind_Mistress>  Desire6
<colleen> mmm
<Mind_Mistress>  As you do...
<Mind_Mistress>  you feel your chest... bigger...
<colleen> ooooh
<Mind_Mistress>  squeezing...
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress>  your eyes are at his shoulder level...
<Mind_Mistress>  "What the heck...
<colleen> yess
<Mind_Mistress>  He pushes you away...
<Mind_Mistress>  "What's happened to you?
<colleen> what is it bob?
<Mind_Mistress>  Pleasure0
<Mind_Mistress>  you feel cold... alone
<Mind_Mistress>  "You feel like a girl....
<colleen> i dont know i'm sorry bob
<Mind_Mistress>  sobbing
<Mind_Mistress>  welling up...
<Mind_Mistress>  He takes you by the upper arm...
<colleen> something wierd is happening
<Mind_Mistress>  Pleasure1    his touch
<Mind_Mistress>  and drags you to a window...
<colleen> i'm sorry
<Mind_Mistress>  to see by the moon
<Mind_Mistress>  "Fuckin christ... you look like a girl!
<colleen> oh my..
<Mind_Mistress>  You touch your face... 
<Mind_Mistress>  it feels like a teenage girl's face....
<Mind_Mistress>  long hair...
<colleen> whats happening to me?
<Mind_Mistress>  and small breasts...
<colleen> i'm changing
<Mind_Mistress>  "When did this happen?
<Mind_Mistress>  Fear5
<colleen> the key?
<Mind_Mistress>  need a hug
<colleen> the shock
<colleen> hug me bob
<Mind_Mistress>  Need Bob to hold you
<Mind_Mistress>  "Ummm... ok... I guess... "
<colleen> please i dont know what to do
<Mind_Mistress>  He hugs you awkwardly....
<Mind_Mistress>  Pleasure4
<colleen> i hug back
<Mind_Mistress>  Fear2
<Mind_Mistress>  Fear1
<Mind_Mistress>  Desire5
<colleen> im feeling better:)
<Mind_Mistress>  "Can I let you go now?
<Mind_Mistress>  Desire6
<colleen> just 1 more second
<Mind_Mistress>  Desire7
<Mind_Mistress>  he feels soooo good...
<colleen> ummmm
<Mind_Mistress>  so safe in his arms....
<colleen> yes i am
<Mind_Mistress>  so hot...
<Mind_Mistress>  flushed...
<Mind_Mistress>  weak kneed...
<colleen> oh yes
<Mind_Mistress>  want him
<colleen> yes i do want him
<Mind_Mistress>  to kiss him
<Mind_Mistress>  to run your hands all over his hard body...
<colleen> yes i want to kiss him
<Mind_Mistress>  Feeling so girly...
<Mind_Mistress>  delicate...
<Mind_Mistress>  small and helpless...
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress>  so happy in his arms...
<colleen> tesss
<Mind_Mistress>  "Okay, that's enough...
<Mind_Mistress>  He pushes you away...
<Mind_Mistress>  Pleasure0
<colleen> ok sorry bob
<Mind_Mistress>  Cold, lonely
<Mind_Mistress>  Fear2
<colleen> :(
<colleen> what do we do now?
<Mind_Mistress>  And you can remember this moment...
<Mind_Mistress>  and all that happened to you...
<colleen> "Where are we?"
<Mind_Mistress>  and we can return to this moment....
<Mind_Mistress>  later...
<Mind_Mistress>  but for now...
<Mind_Mistress>  drift out of this body...
<Mind_Mistress>  into the blank place...
<colleen> yess
<Mind_Mistress>  *TranceTrigger*
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress>  and awakening at 1...
<Mind_Mistress>  remembering clearly and vividly...
<Mind_Mistress>  everything that happened...
<Mind_Mistress>  9
<Mind_Mistress>  8
<Mind_Mistress>  7
<Mind_Mistress>  6
<Mind_Mistress>  5
<Mind_Mistress>  4
<Mind_Mistress>  3
<Mind_Mistress>  2
<Mind_Mistress>  1
<Mind_Mistress>  Hello :)
<colleen> hi
<Mind_Mistress>  How do you feel?
<colleen> that was fun
<Mind_Mistress>  :)
<colleen> i feel great
<Mind_Mistress>  Good
<colleen> i feel shakey, sexy but shaky
<Mind_Mistress>  I like it when I can get creative and make a good story :)
<Mind_Mistress>  heh heh...
<Mind_Mistress>  Felt very real?
<colleen> you have a great imagination
<colleen> :)
<colleen> yes felt real 
<colleen> i could imagine it all
<Mind_Mistress>  Good :)
<Mind_Mistress>  I hope more people ask for stories :)
<colleen> i was there in my mind
<colleen> i will!
<Mind_Mistress>  Now for the guestbook... do you know how to get to it?
<colleen> i want to know where this will go
<colleen> not really
<Mind_Mistress>  There are more adventures in store :)
<Mind_Mistress>  do you know how to get to the main menu?
<colleen> your web page?
<Mind_Mistress>  yes
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress>  What page do you have bookmarked?
<colleen> main menu
<colleen> im not sure the one with the adam listing
<Mind_Mistress>  You can get back to the main menu by clicking on the hypnotic eye at the top or bottom of any page
<colleen> ok
<Mind_Mistress>  that's the story gallery... click on the eye for the menu :)
<colleen> ok
<Mind_Mistress>  then look in the links for the guestbook
<Mind_Mistress>  there's lots of good reading there :)
<colleen> guestbook
<colleen> cool
<colleen> :)
<Mind_Mistress>  There's also a link to the guestbook at the bottom of the story gallery
<colleen> and how should i post this?
<Mind_Mistress>  when you get there, you will see a bright link in the top to Add to the guestbook
<Mind_Mistress>  click on that, and then enter your text in the window
<colleen> the whole story? copy it over?
<Mind_Mistress>  click on send when you're done
<colleen> ok
<Mind_Mistress>  no, just tell the people about it from your experience :)
<colleen> that i can do tonight
<Mind_Mistress>  Excellent :)
<colleen> :)
<colleen> i hope you will like what i say
<Mind_Mistress>  I'm sure I will :)
<Mind_Mistress>  I like long entries :)
<colleen> i like no love being here with you
<Mind_Mistress>  I have fun with you :)
<colleen> lonk entrys   snicker
<Mind_Mistress>  and I look forward to continuing the story :)
<colleen> mee too
<Mind_Mistress>  lol
<Mind_Mistress>  hadn't realized the pun!
<colleen> when should we continue
<colleen> good pun
<Mind_Mistress>  Well, once a week is usually good...
<colleen> next monday a 1:oo ur time?
<Mind_Mistress>  Sure :)
<colleen> i ll pay tonight when i post
<Mind_Mistress>  Perfect :)
<colleen> im flush again
<Mind_Mistress>  Scary stories are fun :)
<colleen> yes very much
<Mind_Mistress>  and scary *sexy* stories... MMMmmmm :)
<colleen> so decadant :)
<Mind_Mistress>  I took 20 minutes longer... I wanted to get to a meaningful part of the story before I stopped :)
<Mind_Mistress>  I could have kept going for hours... :)
<colleen> thank u, do you need more cash for this session?
<Mind_Mistress>  It's ok :)
<colleen> i think a live session would be fun with u sometime
<colleen> in person
<Mind_Mistress>  When I reach the half hour mark I ask for more, but I only had a 15 minute permission with you...
<Mind_Mistress>  Sure, it would be :)
<Mind_Mistress>  But phone is nearly as good...
<colleen> but would need to get to toronto
<Mind_Mistress>  especially for stories :)
<colleen> phone? hmmmm
<Mind_Mistress>  I'm in Montreal hun
<colleen> montreal sorry
<Mind_Mistress>  I can get a really scary voice...
<Mind_Mistress>  as much as a sexy voice :)
<Mind_Mistress>  I love doing accents and voices 
<colleen>  u have my permission to go to 30 min over, more if u like
<Mind_Mistress>  Ok :)
<Mind_Mistress>  Noted
<colleen> ive done a few accents myself
<colleen> irih british
<Mind_Mistress>  ah specially lack doin sothern akksents...
<colleen> :)
<colleen> ah wee bonnie lass ye r
<Mind_Mistress>  Scottish is My favorite accent to listen to though... sexy :)
<colleen> like sean connery
<Mind_Mistress>  yeah, but a little thicker is better :)
<colleen> nothing wrong with a southern belle though
<colleen> i tell u my scottish joke one day
<Mind_Mistress>  Aw was thinkin mor lack trailer trash... ;)
<colleen> ohhhhh
<Mind_Mistress>  ya know...
<colleen> :) i need to get ready for work
<Mind_Mistress>  Have a great day dear :)
<colleen> til monday?
<colleen> u too:)
<Mind_Mistress>  yup
<Mind_Mistress>  bye :)
<colleen> bye

End Chat Session

Continued in Part 4

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