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Breast growth by hypnosis: Does it work?
A user's actual progress report with measurements


Note: I have been taking “prescription” Female Hormones for over a year this time (I have started and stopped on numerous occasions) and I am at the start of the CD-7 “Youth” sessions a true small “B” cup, I had no desire to go further than Breast development when I started the hormones, but the hormones have developed other areas as well. it is not my desire to live as a woman or to have the MtoF surgery.

Caveat: Except as a fantasy and then only when I am dressed as a female, which I do a portion of every evening. I ordered the tapes for the purpose of having larger Breasts only! I am married and my wife does not approve- we have not been intimate in years because of my desire to cross dress and take hormones. She has said that if I can’t pass as Male she will leave me.

Date of Measurement







Under Bust







Across Bust







Over Bust










































Feb. 22, 05
Listened to CD-7 first time
I wore a full slip, Bra, and panties while listening to the CD.
At the conclusion of the tape I had a very heavy feeling in my head- like there was a band around my head, my breasts felt full-and I had a feeling that they were very large,  I also had a strong desire to wear the female clothing to bed--- I was very tired from the session and went to bed about 7:30 PM; The tape was more than I had expected, and it seems to have a drawing effect,

Feb. 23, 05
(AM). I have a compulsive need to listen to the tape again and can’t wait until this evening— It seems to make me tired so I plan on listening to the tape just before I go to bed.
(PM) Listened to CD-7 for the second time, The imagery (past Lives) is starting to become clearer, still not in focus but starting to get there, also at times I could really feel my breasts pushing out of my chest, only felt it slightly last night tonight it was very strong at times. It will be interesting to see if at some point in time I feel this pushing when I am not in trance. Went much deeper into trance tonight. MM Voice becoming stronger, (more Compelling), could feel the weight of my breasts. Did not have the band feeling around my head this time, and I wasn’t as exhausted after the session, watched TV for a while before going to bed

Feb. 24, 05
(AM) My nipples seem to be sensitive this morning, the sensitivity appears to come and go, and I can feel a weight on my chest, again I have a compulsive need to listen to the tape and can’t wait until this evening.
(PM) listened to CD-7 for the third time- this time the images are becoming clearer I can see the clothing of the girls—can not make out faces or figures yet--still not completely in focus—
during the session I could feel my Breasts pushing out of my chest beginning from the visit with the first girl- to the end of the tape, the pressure was constant—also My nipples were very sensitive after the session. No head band—I had an irresistible desire to wear my slip Bra and panties to bed and I did.

Feb. 25, 05
(AM) my nipples are still sensitive, the feeling is more constant than yesterday, again I am looking forward to listening to the tape tonight, MM voice is becoming stronger more compelling each time I hear the tape.
(PM) I am going much deeper into a trance  with each session– the feeling of my breasts pushing out of my chest is much stronger now and began almost immediately during the relaxation part of the tape, and lasted fairly much through the complete session.
I had a sensation of having large breasts on my chest, and I could feel their weight. The tape is designed by MM to “compel” the listener to return to it, I am finding that I can’t resist listening to it every night—

Feb. 26, 05
(AM) my skin feels much softer and smoother today, and my nipples are very sensitive to the touch, my breasts feel as if they are larger! Wider and fuller
(1:30 PM) I have been feeling a tingling in my breasts all day, and my nipples have remained very sensitive to the touch all day, looking at my breasts they appear to be much fuller. I am not going to measure them until the end of one full month, as directed by MM
(PM) listened to the tape- I found myself going much deeper into a trance. My breasts again were pushing out from my chest- they felt full and very large under hypnosis- the CD had a snag- it began repeating some words over and over then stopped before the end of part (3) I had to take myself out of hypnosis, the main parts of the tape are intact. I felt under the influence of the tape when I went to bed, and during the night I could feel my breasts pushing out of my chest.

Feb. 27, 05
(AM) my skin feels exceptionally silky smooth now, my nipples are very-very sensitive, and my breasts feel very-soft and sexy. I can’t wait until this evening for another session, I think the tape may be addictive.
PM Listened to the tape but it stops before the end of track three- I am now taking myself out of hypnosis but when I do I remain groggy and I believe under the influence of the session, my breasts were pushing out of my chest from almost the beginning of the tape and again I had a strong desire to wear women’s clothing to bed so I put on a nightgown and slept comfortably

Feb. 28, 05
(AM) I am noticing that my breasts really do seem larger, and fuller, and my slacks are becoming snug in the hips and buttox I feel more comfortable in a skirt- then in slacks--and I am noticing that my hips are showing more -my skirt is flowing over and around them--  showing a bit smaller waste in comparison. My waste is still to large.
(PM) Listened to the tape, again I can feel my breasts soft, full and pushing out of my chest they feel so large under hypnosis, and even when I feel them--since I have to take myself out of hypnosis when the tape stops I remain under the influence and I am finding that the tape is more than I expected, more than I was looking for--I am having a difficult time removing the female clothing after the session—I can’t take the female clothing off!!  and I have a strong desire to sleep dressed as a women.

March 1, 2005
(AM) I can feel a stretching and sensation in my breasts. I am noticing that my desire to listen to the tape each evening is more than just a desire—it seems to be a need-- an addiction--I am beginning to believe that the “commands” that I am turning into a woman seem to be having some “REAL” affect on me, for example I find that I need to “dress” more and sleep in female clothing—and I really look forward to the session—My nipples are sensitive my hips are larger and I feel more like a woman—the cups of my Bra are fuller now and they are “filled” with me----
(PM) again I listened to the tape – my breasts begin pushing up immediately and they feel so large and full under hypnosis—they are really larger-again I could not remove my female clothing when I went to bed, I even slept with pantyhose on- and I was really comfortable all night

March 2, 2005
(AM) I know that I was going to wait until the end of one month to take my measurements but in looking in the mirror I can see that I am larger in my Breast and hips – also My breasts have a tingling sensation in them- and they feel full under my arms: I just want to go upstairs and listen to the tape all day—
(PM) the tape began playing all the way through again—after the session my nipples are hard and firm for a few minutes- I can feel a fullness in my breasts and a pushing sensation—they are noticeably larger –it is hard to take off the female clothing--

March 3, 2005
(AM) each morning I am noticing that my breasts are larger than the day before—
(PM) listened to the tape I love how my breasts feel after the tape session they feel large and full—

March 4, 2005
(AM) I am sleeping in female longerie—can’t take the clothing off after the session- I need to dress and stay as a woman--—this seems to wear off by the morning—“thank god”- as I need to pass as a male for work—
(PM) listened to tape finding that I am becoming fidgety while under

March 5, 2005
(AM) I am going to listen to the CD twice today—I have a strong desire to listen to it multiple times—
(PM) listened to the tape in the AM and in the PM- during the PM session I could feel a strong pushing out in the breast area—I am developing a need to listen to the tape at least once a day and more often if I have the chance


March 6, 2005
(AM) I have been listening to the Youth CD-7, for (13) consistent and consecutive days now, my breasts are noticeably larger this morning, and I can feel a weight on my chest- I also am noticing that I am beginning to fill out my Bra. And I am beginning to develop Cleavage, I have been wearing a “C” cup (about a size to large) and hoping to fill the cups. I have a strange feeling in my Breasts its a tingling sensation, its like a growing sensation.
I think if the rate of growth continues, by the end of a month, I will have cleavage in my “C” cups. I believe that the combination of the Hormones (Estrogen) and the CD are working together very well. I did not have this much development this quickly with the hormones alone. 
(PM)Listened to CD immediately felt my breasts pushing out from my chest lasted through the tape and beyond- when I woke up around 3AM I could still feel my breasts pushing out of my chest.

March 7, 2005
(AM) when I woke up at 7AM I could still feel my Breasts pushing out from my chest- apparently the pushing was going on all night as I slept—my breasts feel larger, fuller, heavier and much softer and pliable--the pushing is lasting much longer now—the more I am using the CD the longer the pushing remains—it begins as soon as I put the headphones on and continues now through the session and even afterwards. I suspect that at some point the pushing may become a permanent pushing—I am also very exhausted this morning- it was difficult to get out of bed- and I just want to go back to sleep—
(PM) I am to tired tonight to listen to the Tape, am going to go to bed about 6:30- will put on a Bra and PJ’s and go to sleep

March 8, 2005
(AM) an interesting thing happened last night I put on my Bra and went to bed and immediately I felt a pushing in my chest area- like I was feeling under Hypnosis—I think that MM gave me an additional trigger that when I put on my Bra my breasts will grow- I didn’t realize at the time that I was hearing her commands that this was an additional trigger. I am wondering now if I need to listen to the tape every night- it would appear from this experience that I don’t need to. I will e-mail MM and ask her. This morning my breasts are much fuller and larger and more noticeable. I think her trigger regarding the Bra was a good one-- as “I” can’t resist wearing a Bra to bed every night- the next natural question is- how large will I grow if my breasts are going to grow every time I wear a Bra??
Will they at some time reach their limit and stop??
Will this eventually wear off or will I need to reinforce the Trigger periodically ?? and finally is the Development permanent??
It is my understanding at this time that it is!!—
This also raises questions about other areas of the Tape—MM keeps reinforcing that I am becoming a woman—and- I am finding it more and more difficult to take the female clothing off—I feel like I can just stay dressed as a woman all the time, and Love the thoughts and Idea.—
(PM) received reply from my questions to MM- said should listen to the CD every night for fastest and best results, but every other night would be ok!
I listened to the CD with only my BRA and PJ’s on and after the session I felt very “large and full” in my BRA- without thinking I went into the bed room took off my PJ’s and put on Panties and a slip then went to bed—I slept like that--I could feel my breasts pushing out from my chest all night long, when ever I woke up I could feel the pushing—and I feel larger--and the pushing went on into the morning until I got up and took off the female clothing and dressed for work—I found that the feeling of my Breasts pushing out of my chest was very Exciting, Sensual and Sexy—

March 9,2005
(AM) my Breasts are again noticeably larger especially in the roundness-I feel a need- a strong desire to listen to the CD—I am noticing that the CD is becoming compelling for me- in thinking about last night—I automatically dressed in female clothing then went to bed—no thinking in advance—it was an automatic thing--on the CD MM keeps reaffirming that I am turning into a woman—and I sort of feel that I am losing my male self more and more each time I listen to the CD—yet I am compelled to listen to it continually—I had not planned on this—all I was interested in was Breast Development—right now I am fighting a desire to wear a BRA under my shirt to work—“I don’t want to come out—I am in the Closet”—but this desire is becoming very strong—MM also keeps reaffirming that I need to come back to the CD often this may be what is compelling me to return every night
(PM) again very tired went to bed early and did not listen to the tape- but I Felt the pushing ALL NIGHT as my breasts were stretching and growing- I had that full feeling inside my Bra

March 10,2005
(AM) can feel a fullness in my breasts they are noticeably larger,
(PM) I dressed in a half slip Bra and panties to listen to the tape –
I noticed that my hips are larger as my slip rolled over my hips showing the roundness of a woman, this is exciting to see-
I listened to the tape –could not take off the clothing afterwards and slept that way—

March 11,2005
(AM) my breasts are again noticeably larger and I can feel them stretching-
I want to wear a Bra and panties all day—it is a struggle to take them off—but I can’t –I can’t go to work like this
(PM) listened to the CD again tonight- I believe MM!!- I am becoming a woman—I love the fullness I feel in my Breasts –and how my hips are beginning to look--when MM ask what size my breasts are --I keep thinking “E” cups—in the very beginning I was thinking “D” cups—I believe that the CD will give me “E” cups and I won’t be able to hide them- I can’t stop listening to the CD—I am drawn to it—to listen to it every night- and I feel my maleness is slipping—again tonight and about half the time the tape does not go all the way- it stops and I have to bring myself out of the hypnosis- then the next morning I am exceptionally tired—but there is an interesting event that occurs and I think that may be why I am growing as fast as I am—the tape keeps repeating itself- something like this-
 “ your Breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts are growing growing growing growing gowing getting bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger”

March 12,2005
(AM) I am very groggy this morning- My breasts again look much much larger and feel fuller-they are very round now—I like how fast they are developing—again I believe it is the combination of the Estrogen I am taking and the CD which MM says is causing my body to produce estrogen at the female levels—I never developed this much or this fast with the estrogen I was taking before the CD
(Afternoon) I am having strong feelings that I want to stop-- I don’t want to do this anymore- I had never planned on becoming a woman-“for real”-I want to stop taking the hormones and listening to this CD- I want to revert to my male self—
(PM) I had a strong desire to put on a Bra - the minute I did “ALL” of the resistance I was having to the transformation went away—as quick as a snap-- and I listened to the CD and felt my breasts stretching—they were stretching again all night and into the morning, it really feels good knowing that they are stretching and growing-

March 13,2005
(AM) I feel like I want to wear a BRA all the time—I no longer have any desire to stop this transformation—I remember now that on the CD MM says that I “MUST” wear a Bra—I think that command is what made me put it on last night—and the moment I put it on- “I became very relaxed” “very Passive and accepting” and the negative thoughts about stopping went away as quickly as I felt my breasts in the cups and I did the clasps—the thoughts about stopping are not with me this morning—but I do have a compulsive need to continue listening to the CD- and to having larger breasts--and I am looking forward to tonight--even realizing that it is turning me into a woman—I don’t have any resistance to these thoughts right now—
(Afternoon) I took my measurements today and I noticed that I have gained 1 and ¾ inches in my breasts since I started listening to MM youth CD-7-on February 22- now 20 days ago-- I can feel the difference in the weight on my chest- ALL thoughts of stopping this are gone!!!!—I am looking forward to listening to the CD again tonight-and every night-- I find that I am not able to resist it or its influence—on both my mind and physical form—I want to wear women’s clothing all the time—and its become a struggle to dress as male--I know that the CD is turning me into a woman- I can feel it-and right now I don’t care—Intellectually I know that I should be fighting this- trying to stop- but I can’t!!!!!!—I only wanted larger breasts when I started- the rest was a fantasy and was only when I was dressed as a woman--but now this has changed and I want to become a woman for real- I find myself thinking continually of having the female surgery----removing my Male organ and having a real Vagina-- I really “do not” want to go that far—but if I don’t stop listening to this CD and break the influence it has on my mind I feel that it’s a matter of time before I do—I want to be with a man—as a women would be—but again I am scared of catching a disease-—I keep thinking about this more and more often—I need to experience what this is like—But I am fighting this urge—If I knew for certain a guy was clean right now I would give myself to him in a minute—and be the women he would want in bed—MM has said that the longer I listen to the Tape the more permanent the results will become-—I believe I will reach a point where there is no going back—if I have not already passed that point—as I have no desire to stop listening to the CD—and in fact I am excited and anxious about turning it on—and listening to it—and I look forward to it-
(PM) listened to the CD- again felt my breasts pushing out of my chest – it really feels good—when MM said that I was turning into a woman I thought to myself—“Oh –yes- I want this, this is what I want”

March 14, 2005
(AM) My Breasts look and feel larger again this morning- I decided to measure them and see if there was a difference and I found that I have gained about ¼ of an inch-- I now measure 48 across the breasts. I am developing very fast- I gave in to my desire today--to wear a Bra to work -and I put on a soft cup front hook closure Bra– but my Breasts were sticking  out to far and they were noticeable under my shirt and vest- so I had to take it off. I am really looking forward to listening to the tape tonight—
(PM) I was to tired to listen to the tape put on my BRA and went to bed early-

March 15, 2005
(AM) could feel my breasts pushing out of my chest during the night—
they feel soft and full-
(PM) listened to the tape could not take of the female clothing off when I finished- went to bed wearing a full slip stockings panties and BRA- could feel my breasts pushing out of my chest—the feeling is scrumptious- I love it—

March 16, 2005
(AM) I have a strong desire to wear a Bra all the time—I am fighting this desire- I am wearing panties under my male clothing—I hope this will satisfy me for now—
(PM) Listened to the tape- becoming more and more difficult to take off the female clothing—I love the constant pushing as my breasts are growing--I am now wearing a “C” cup Bra—and I am filling the cups-during the session I keep seeing and feeling myself with “E” cups—

March 17, 2005
(AM) I am feeling full in my breasts and they are feeling heavy and I can feel the pushing even during the day—I have a strong “Need” to wear a Bra now all the time- and I can’t fight the need- I am wearing a BRA under my male clothing—and I am wearing stockings and a garter belt also—
(PM) I think I am addicted to listening to the CD- I have no will to fight its control--I am listening to it every night except when I am so tired that I can’t stay awake—MM instructs me that I need to come back to the tape – she instructs me that I am becoming a woman—and I have a need to listen to it and I feel that I am becoming a woman----yet I have no desire to resist the change- in fact I find myself looking forward to the changes—

March 18, 2005
(AM) I love how I am feeling—vibrant- sexy—and very feminine—my breasts feel so full and heavy- they feel so comfortable supported in my Bra—I am wearing female undergarments all the time now and I love how they feel on me—
(PM) listened to the tape—my breasts immediately began pushing out of my chest much stronger then ever--now I am envisioning myself with “F” cups—MM commands that I will want them to become larger and I do- I keep envisioning them larger and larger—first it was “DD” then “E” now its “F” CUPS—I don’t care how large they become—went to bed dressed completely female including a skirt and blouse- couldn’t “didn’t want to” take anything off- I love dressing as a woman- and feeling my Breasts encased in a sexy Bra.

March 19, 2005
(AM) my breasts feel much larger this morning- and there is a now ever present pushing as they are growing—they are more rounded and full- I feel them under my arm—and I have cleavage – oh how good that looks and feels—they are so soft – and they are still pushing out of my chest—feels sexy—feminine and womanly-
(PM) I was again to tired to listen to the tape I think I need to take a good multi Vitamin -I think my developing female body is tiring me out—exhausting me-- I keep feeling the pushing- and it’s a good feminine feeling—

March 20, 2005
(AM) an interesting note- I just realized that My fingernails are longer and I hadn’t noticed that they were at a female length before—I have a strong desire to put on Nail polish--I can’t take off the female clothing—I want to dress like this all the time (Forever)—but I have to resist this--  I need to appear as a male for work—I am beginning to wonder if I will be able to fight this transition and remain male- I am losing myself in this tape--
(PM) Listened to the tape— I am again having thoughts of having the female surgery and becoming a full time woman—the thoughts are becoming stronger -My breasts feel so good- the fullness is exciting- and I love how they feel—my nipples are very sensitive now and the pushing is exquisite-I love it—

March 21, 2005
(AM) My nipples are still very- very sensitive to the touch- and my breasts are heavy and full--I am wearing a Bra, panties and stockings all the time now- I only take them off to shower in the morning to wake up—I find myself thinking “a lot” that “I want to become a woman”
(PM) listened to the tape—“I am becoming a woman”—I can’t think about stopping—I don’t want to think about stopping this—it makes me feel good having breasts and realizing that they are growing and that I am becoming a woman--– it feels so –so good to have breasts-and to feel them growing—I just love them—

March 22, 2005
(AM) it has been about a month now since I began listening to the tape—I can see and feel the difference especially in my Breasts- they are larger, fuller, protrude more and are more rounded -and my hips are rounder-and I am looking forward to becoming a woman--after tonight I will take additional measurements and send them off to MM
(PM) listened to the tape- I just don’t want to take off the female clothing any more- I want to dress like this all the time—and I want my breasts to become so large that they are a constant reminder of my femininity- the larger my breasts are becoming the more feminine I am feeling- I am now desiring to make love to a man for real- no longer just a fantasy—I want to belong to a man as  his woman and to do the things a woman does with her man—

March 23, 2005
(AM) My breasts feel so good this morning- I took my measurements and was so happy with the results—they have really grown and I love how they feel—
(PM) the pushing sensation from my breasts is constant—I am wearing my Bra all the time now- And I wonder if the trigger that my breasts will grow when ever I wear a Bra is the cause. I need to listen to the tape- it has become an automatic event at night—I feel as if I am becoming a woman- I really want to become a woman—I need to become a woman—

March 24, 2005
(AM) MM requested that I add my weight to the chart : she has also recommended that I get some other CD’s -To get a more female shape, she suggested that I should also use “Corset Diet” and Vixen, and to include some Elegance training to make Vixen more effective. I am finding this "interesting" because I didn't want to get these CD's before--but now- I really have a compulsive need to be more feminine—in every way-and I want them and I want to listen to them-- I really- have to pass as a male for work-- but I am finding that beginning to slip away- I am dressing more and more as a woman underneath my male clothing----right now I am fighting a desire to come out and live as a woman full time- I feel like I am losing myself -like I am really turning into a woman--I don't have any will or desire to resist the changes—or to stop listening to the tape--this is really more than I was interested in--but now I am even looking forward to the changes--and they go far beyond breast development--
I think the tape somehow brain washes the listener
(PM) Listened to the CD again tonight as usual—I can’t revert back to a male –I need to remain dressed as a woman—the clothing feels so good- and I love how the clothing is looking on me—I am a woman- I am becoming a woman and this is what I WANT--

March 25, 2005
(AM) the weight of my breasts feels very sensual-I can feel them growing and I love the feeling—“I feel like a woman”- “emotionally” and I am having a lot of very feminine thoughts going through my head—I want to wear female clothing all the time—I know this is going to become a real problem for work—I can’t think clearly—I want to dress as a woman full time—its like I’m under some kind of a spell- I don’t want to hide my breasts—or my hips- I want to show them off—in sexy clothing----

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