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Ericksonian Hypnosis:
A Demonstration of how rapport can
create amusing hypnotic effects

hotblondegirlh: i have been looking at your site after my friend told me about you
mind_mistress: ;;)
hotblondegirlh: and enjoyed your logs
hotblondegirlh: i think you are very good at Erikson
hotblondegirlh: i could never figure it out myself
mind_mistress: Thank you
mind_mistress: NLP training helps make sense of it
mind_mistress: but it's still like playing with Legos...
mind_mistress: to build something useful with it
hotblondegirlh: oh and something i was just curious, what's a druid, i apologize if i spelt that wrong
hotblondegirlh: i never understood what that was
mind_mistress: I did a lot of experimenting to figure out what worked best :)
hotblondegirlh: ya i experiment with hypnosis techniques
mind_mistress: Druids were the religious class in Europe before Christianity
mind_mistress: I'm Pagan
hotblondegirlh: ah i see
mind_mistress: I should update that... I don't really do much with the druidic groups anymore...
mind_mistress: I honor the Norse gods :)
hotblondegirlh: i see
hotblondegirlh: I am athiest i was raised jewish though
mind_mistress: That's fine :)
hotblondegirlh: i was talking with someone earlier about hypnosis, and we got into a kind of hypnosis battle, but i'd like to point out you inspired me trying that robot thing you did with adam on her
mind_mistress: :D
mind_mistress: It's like a battle of puns... much fun!
hotblondegirlh: didn't work as planned when i did it but..
hotblondegirlh: ya it is
mind_mistress: but hard to find good rivals to play with
hotblondegirlh: i bet
mind_mistress: Still, it's like sparring... great training for thinking on your feet
hotblondegirlh: i see what you mean
hotblondegirlh: i think that was a god idea keeping the religious talk with that ashley log, it shows that you are not just a full on hypnotist, but are willing to talk to people as well
hotblondegirlh: good*
hotblondegirlh: got me curious to how that went after that day, but it is confidential i am sure
mind_mistress: I don't remember...
mind_mistress: I don't think she chatted after that
hotblondegirlh: you don't remember if the transformation continued?
mind_mistress: If it had, I probably would have saved it and posted it :)
mind_mistress: I didn't even expect the change to last till the next day...
mind_mistress: major changes are short lived
hotblondegirlh: i see
mind_mistress: and people tend to run away scared :)
hotblondegirlh: haha i would imagine so
mind_mistress: :D
hotblondegirlh: but it is like running from yourself mostly
hotblondegirlh: after all the changes wouldn't have started without themselves
mind_mistress: Nothing works without consent...
hotblondegirlh: true
mind_mistress: NEvertheless, small changes are key to permanence
hotblondegirlh: am i keeping you from something you seem almost busy
hotblondegirlh: baby steps right?
mind_mistress: I'll tell you to get lost when I have to go ;)
hotblondegirlh: haha
mind_mistress: it's only partly that...
hotblondegirlh: fair enough
hotblondegirlh: oh?
mind_mistress: It's a matter of applying force...
mind_mistress: Let's say I'm pushing a car...
mind_mistress: the car pushes back with an equal and opposite force
hotblondegirlh: right, even though i never was good in physics
hotblondegirlh: i understand
mind_mistress: If it didn't, it would move
mind_mistress: and I'm not that strong
hotblondegirlh: haha
mind_mistress: I'm a science major :)
mind_mistress: Now, let's assume the car is in motion...
hotblondegirlh: computer science
mind_mistress: and I try to push it sideways
mind_mistress: I still won't be moving it
mind_mistress: it'll keep going straight
mind_mistress: But what if I apply a small force to the steering wheel?
mind_mistress: and slightly turn the wheels
hotblondegirlh: it moves
mind_mistress: not much
mind_mistress: it slightly angles
mind_mistress: barely enough to notice
hotblondegirlh: right
mind_mistress: but...
mind_mistress: what happens a mile further?
hotblondegirlh: you are further off path
mind_mistress: you're in fact very far off path
mind_mistress: much further than I could have moved it by pushing
mind_mistress: Because of its own momentum/motion, which I did not change
hotblondegirlh: just redirected
mind_mistress: All I have to do is apply a small force at the right place...
mind_mistress: and wait :)
hotblondegirlh: makes sense
mind_mistress: Apply this to hypnosis... what have you learned?
hotblondegirlh: small changes can make a big differance eventually?
mind_mistress: yes... and what else?
hotblondegirlh: not sure
mind_mistress: There is a lot in this metaphor... think about it :)
hotblondegirlh: sorry i am finding it hard, i watched the bimbo sigal thing the other night, that might be why, or i am just plain over seeing the answer
mind_mistress: lol
hotblondegirlh: um the right changes have to be made to make the correct difference?
mind_mistress: What happens if I try to turn into a carrot?
mind_mistress: How do you react?
hotblondegirlh: you can't
mind_mistress: I can make you believe you're a carrot
hotblondegirlh: true
hotblondegirlh: haha a funny thought
mind_mistress: How would you react if I tried?
hotblondegirlh: i'm not sure, guess i'd think you were crazy for trying
mind_mistress: resistance
hotblondegirlh: oh now i get it
mind_mistress: the bigger the change, the bigger the resistance
mind_mistress: even if it's what you want
hotblondegirlh: oh it makes sense now
mind_mistress: the smaller the change, the smaller the resistance
hotblondegirlh: see i am just ditzy, not loosing my mind
mind_mistress: I could offer you an orange t shirt instead...
mind_mistress: or a t shirt with a funny carrot cartoon
mind_mistress: or a carrot pendant :)
mind_mistress: small change... less resistance
hotblondegirlh: haha last one sounds interesting ;)
hotblondegirlh: oh that reminds me of Necklace comercial for Valentines day
hotblondegirlh: odd
mind_mistress: small changes over time become big changes
hotblondegirlh: no the carrot pendant and that we are talk about hypnosis reminded me
mind_mistress: they build on each other
hotblondegirlh: they do
mind_mistress: also, notice I was not trying to go in the opposite direction that the car was going
mind_mistress: that would not work
hotblondegirlh: haha
mind_mistress: you have to go in the general direction the person wants to go
mind_mistress: make small changes
mind_mistress: at the RIGHT spot
mind_mistress: and wait
mind_mistress: then add another small change on top...
mind_mistress: that's how you get permanence :)
hotblondegirlh: oh i see
hotblondegirlh: i never looked at this stuff like this, you really are a good hypnotist
mind_mistress: Fixing cars isn't just about knowing how to tighten and loosen bolts...
mind_mistress: you have to know how the thing works, and where you need to work
hotblondegirlh: haha, you like the car anology huh? ;)
mind_mistress: Trance is like a car lift... it makes work easier... you can see better, and have better access
mind_mistress: but it doesn't change anything by itself
hotblondegirlh: right
mind_mistress: I try to use metaphors people will be able to relate to :)
mind_mistress: if you were someone else, I might use computer programming analogies...
mind_mistress: or spirituality analogies....
mind_mistress: Most people know as much about cars as I do... which is not a lot ;)
hotblondegirlh: ya, i guess you can't argue with what works
mind_mistress: If I was talking to child, I'd use faerie tale or cartoon metaphors...
hotblondegirlh: haha, that might be interesting
hotblondegirlh: also seing a 8 year old having a full understanding of hypnosis wow
mind_mistress: :D
mind_mistress: Teaching is a separate skill set...
hotblondegirlh: i supose
hotblondegirlh: wow i was orginally asking about Erikson hypnosis, and here we are
mind_mistress: I just taught you a lot about Ericksonian hypnosis
mind_mistress: what we've been talking about has little to do with classical hypnosis
hotblondegirlh: but what i don't understand about Erikson is the technique to do it
mind_mistress: Ericksonian isn't about scripts, it's about principles
mind_mistress: and certain language patterns
mind_mistress: like permissive language
mind_mistress: and shifting awareness
hotblondegirlh: well back to the ashley log, what i don't get is i don't see how he starting accepting things you said like he was in a trance already
mind_mistress: Let's pretend that's you're in trance for a minute, ok?
hotblondegirlh: ok
mind_mistress: Pretend you're very deeply in trance...
mind_mistress: staring at the screen... can you focus like that?
hotblondegirlh: yes
mind_mistress: Okay...
mind_mistress: and while you're so deeply in trance...
mind_mistress: I'm telling you that every time I say Lick
mind_mistress: you're going to lick your lips...
mind_mistress: would you go along with that kind of suggestion?
hotblondegirlh: yes
mind_mistress: so just pretending you're in trance...
mind_mistress: Lick
mind_mistress: and you do...
mind_mistress: Lick
mind_mistress: and you do...
mind_mistress: Lick
mind_mistress: and you do...
mind_mistress: right, you'Ve been doing it?
hotblondegirlh: yes wow
mind_mistress: Lick
mind_mistress: Lick
mind_mistress: Does it happen automatically now?
hotblondegirlh: yes
mind_mistress: Did I hypnotize you?
hotblondegirlh: no
mind_mistress: Are you sure?
hotblondegirlh: i am pretty sure
mind_mistress: See, that's what Ericksonian is like...
mind_mistress: I don't need you to be in trance
mind_mistress: I simply assumed you were in trance
mind_mistress: and got the same results as I would with half an hour of induction :P
hotblondegirlh: impresive
hotblondegirlh: i am shaking now, that was great
mind_mistress: lol
mind_mistress: I shortened my induction to a single word...
mind_mistress: do you know what the magic word was?
hotblondegirlh: sure
mind_mistress: What?
hotblondegirlh: oh i thought you were asking if i'd like to know it
mind_mistress: The word is "pretend"
mind_mistress: I just asked you to pretend to be in trance :)
mind_mistress: and you did very well
hotblondegirlh: i thoguth that might have been it
mind_mistress: Now, none of this works without rapport...
hotblondegirlh: when you wrere asking if i was sure if i was in a trance
mind_mistress: but we had good rapport from our conversation
mind_mistress: and with good rapport, you can do almost anything
hotblondegirlh: i'm sorry alittle off, rapport?
hotblondegirlh: not much of a reader
mind_mistress: How do you feel about me?
hotblondegirlh: you are a fun person, and a great hypnotist
mind_mistress: Right... you like me and you're enjoying the conversation and you're willing to go along with any small requests I make...
mind_mistress: that's an example of rapport
hotblondegirlh: oh i see
mind_mistress: Also, you were already expectant from reading my site...
mind_mistress: half the work was already done for me
mind_mistress: all I had to do was be nice :)
hotblondegirlh: sneaky ;)
mind_mistress: Rapport happens when you feel comfortable with someone and that you can trust them to some degree
mind_mistress: Yes, but my only intention was to share knowledge you wanted...
mind_mistress: so it's not like I'm exploiting you ;)
hotblondegirlh: indeed
mind_mistress: I'm simply being myself
mind_mistress: and applying a small force...
mind_mistress: to get a larger result...
mind_mistress: by altering your course slightly
mind_mistress: and I'm sure you were hoping I'd hypnotize you anyways... ;)
hotblondegirlh: i'd be lying if i said no, but didn't fully expect anything
mind_mistress: It's easy to get rapport when you're helping people get what they want... and they're wanting you to help them
mind_mistress: Rapport is the foundation of Ericksonian hypnosis...
mind_mistress: I could summarize all Ericksonian hypnosis by saying it's about getting rapport, and using it along with amount of leverage
hotblondegirlh: explais the "itch nose" and "blink" trick me and a friend talked about
mind_mistress: Well now, I can't reveal ALL the secrets...
mind_mistress: and it's late...
mind_mistress: ;)
mind_mistress: I have your permission to use this log on the site?
hotblondegirlh: sure
mind_mistress: Thank you
mind_mistress: Good night :)
hotblondegirlh: g'nite


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