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From: Undisclosed
Subject: Fine Wine
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 4:03 AM

Dear Mistress Alice

i hope this note finds you well.

i wanted to give you a brief update on my journey these last almost 30 days since receipt of the CD's i ordered. my journey into Wonderland can only be described as perfect. Simply perfect.

my experience with the programs i purchased has exceeded my expectations...so much so that there are moments when i have to step aside and think about the rapid pace at which i find myself proceeding at...almost racing to my goals.

Programmatically, i am rather disciplined in that i listen to the C.d.'s twice per day, when i arise in the morning and later in the evening an hour or two before bed. i gave up watching television for the most part almost 18 months ago. I gradually watched less and less substituting music and reading in its place. Today, i have almost completely removed old television habits and have substituted your cd's in what time i would typically have spent doing so.

Each evening i listen to acceptance followed by either elegance, vixen or Gemini the next morning. If time permits, on some days i will do acceptance and one of the other three back to back. Those are perhaps the most satisfying of all times.

Rather than babble on about each program and how they are structured methodically to achieve the desired results, let me say this. i have never had such an incredibly powerful experience than when my body shakes in pure joy at the mention of the word Euphoria...or how the words *trigger word* or the other trigger words put me in a place that is so peaceful and accepting that many of the barriers i place in front of me are slowly disappearing.

Having knowledge and trust in NLP certainly helps and my objective to find the balance between my mind, body and spirit that i seek is clearly being achieved. i find inner thoughts....the self talk we all do...is in tune for the first time in a long time. Little things like finally having my ears pierced without talking myself out of doing so have brought much satisfaction.

What i find most fascinating is how quickly I can go to trance and sometimes without the CD. i just find a quiet place, meditate to clear my mind, breath and let my inner thoughts focus on Mistress's voice and i am there for short periods of time.

Needless to say, i am quite happy and want to say thank you so much. i have not found a new Mistress or, frankly, another woman to share my life with but it no longer concerns me. Somewhere out there is someone who will understand and be intrigued at the possibilities. i used to think it would be hard to describe who i wanted to find but no longer. i can now clearly say to any one who i am....a translesbian woman looking for a dominate lesbian woman to whom feminization of her partner will lead to a relationship on an erotic, physical and spiritual level that will, like fine wine, get better with time.

Accept...i have.

Thank you again


From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 11:42 PM
Subject: Re: Fine Wine

Hi Hun,
I am so happy for you.
What a difference a month makes, No?
You have no idea how much I appreciated your letter.
I know your experience is not unique, and although I get tons of testimonials,
Few are as well written, or as concise.
Knowing where you were just 1 short month ago.
Having followed your progress,
and hearing how far you have come along.
Makes me *Happy*
You started 1 month ago with specific goals.
With the same skepticism many have,
when they first approach *The Looking Glass*
Now I know you had tried "Others" and were disappointed,
and that's what makes your progress so *Special*.
Being a Genie can be tough sometimes.
Newbie’s are always skeptics.
And In spite of the hundreds of testimonials,
I often find myself inundated with questions.
Be it The CDs, or The Breast Protocol
*Does it really work? I have tried other and they didn't work.
*Why should I spend 50.00 for a CD ? Others are cheaper, some are free.
Even in our Yahoo group, people often don't believe that the * Pleasure *
You have now experienced, first hand, is truly possible.
I try to explain that, *Entering Wonderland is Easy*
And *The Magic We Perform* here, *Very Real*
In Life you get what you pay for. ..
And *Dreams* oftentimes *Don't Come Cheap*
You can't put a price on the *Euphoria* that comes ...
When *Dreams Become Reality*
You have made it *Thru The Looking Glass*
It's Much easier when you *Just Accept*
Don't *You Agree*
Isn't *Acceptance* Wonderful?
It's Much easier when * Just Accept*
So, as The Red King of The Magic Queendom,
May I be the first to Welcome you and say...
Welcome to Wonderland Hun!
May you continue to *Enjoy Your Journey*
And do keep me informed of your progress.

Mistress Alice

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Fine Wine
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Thursday, November 20, 2008, 5:49 AM

"Curiouser and curiouser" cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment, she quite forgot how to speak good English) "I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!
"Speak English!", said Eglet. "I don't know the meaning of half those long words, and I don't believe you do either!"

Alice could only reply saying, "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see."

Thank You, Mistress Alice...Your kind words are very much appreciated.

There two goals that i may not have shared but i sense that You may understand intuitively. Both are "malleable" and need to be shaped and formed as i progress and methinks will require assistance. First is to keep my Gemini twin in a position to be able to conduct business. This is a duality that i recognize is difficult to maintain but not impossible...nothing is impossible unless we believe that it is. Secondly, is my re-entering the lifestyle when my desire to be submissive to my Mistress (should I one day find her) but to also be a better "switch" for her as i do so like being a powerful woman in every respect. i believe this will also require time and assistance as i progress. i am not at all surprised that i am such an excellent subject for hypnotic NLP. i knew that the moment i heard one of those "others". If it is satisfactory and within the realm of a loyal subject of the QueenDom to request that You ponder these goals and perhaps suggest a path to follow, please let me know your thoughts at an appropriate time. Meanwhile, i will stay with the program you suggested and be prepared to supplement in any way necessary to keep on my "chosen" path.

Oh, and one last request if i may. To the extent i am permitted, please consider me a ready, willing and able candidate for membership in the Lesbian Conspiracy for whom being recruited is hereby replaced by volunteering wholeheartedly :)

Good Day, Mistress and Thank You again.



From: Undisclosed
Subject: Gemini
To: mistress_alice_2000@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008, 4:30 PM

Mistress Alice

At your "suggestion", I have listened to Gemini on alternating days for the past 30 + days each preceded by Acceptance the night before. For the last week or so, I have reversed the program due primarily to time constraints in the mornings. The fact that I am able to "Go Deep" rapidly and completely with Acceptance, I am able to eliminate the initial trance track which has been helpful.

With Gemini, however, I listen the entire CD which better lends itself to quiet time at home each evening which I have been using for meditation and reflection for some time now. The
programmatic elements of Gemini work better for me when there are not time constraints pending.

Today I took the time to do both Acceptance and Gemini back to back. It was a quiet Sunday morning and my mind was restless anyway so the timing was conducive to working the program.

For the first time, I was able to go into trance with Gemini with my eyes open throughout the entire program. The experience was exhilarating and "euphoric". Since I am, indeed, a Gemini twin and enjoy the privilege of sharing the same biological birthday as Mistress Linda, I have lived with the two persona's forever. But the focus that the Gemini CD has brought to each had been somewhat disturbing in the beginning as it felt as though Mistress knew my entire life story...success, respectability, the mask, the hidden life, the shame, guilt and self denial that has been my life in so many ways. Today I found freedom...intellectually at least.

Today, with my eyes wide open sitting under the patio on a perfect day here in the desert, I saw both mirrors as clearly as if I could reach out and touch them. And for the first time, I know that the mirror on the left will no longer rule the day. I am gathering the power I need to keep the twin in his place, use him to my serve my needs and become the dominate twin in my life. I can and will do exactly that with your assistance, I hope.

Thank you again, Alice. The journey continues...



ps. Planning to order breast protocol this week. If there are other recommendations you might have, please "suggest" as you deem appropriate.

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Another Door?
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 7:17 PM

Mistress Alice

I went thru a portal into a place that I cannot describe.

Is it possible after dedicating four consecutive days of intensive listening twice per day, morning and evening, that I reached a state of altered consciousness? I started on Weds last week, recorded Tempting fate on Saturday evening and afterwards took a relaxing lavender mineral bath and soaked for an hour listening to Happiness waking up then getting dressed.

I had a new friend stop by to visit who ended up staying until past 1 am. I could not sleep after she left and was messing around in bliss on the computer when for the first time first spending almost an hour looking at "presets" I found on the Yahoo group site (the first time I have spent any length of time listening and watching intensely). I let my mind and body relax a bit but I still felt an almost out of body type of feeling. As I settled back down with my mind hearing Mistress Linda voice, I the "Debriefing" mp3 and listened for the first time (which I had forgotten I had on file).

I never did get to sleep Saturday night. Sunday was spent in what I can only describe as a "euphoric bliss" physically and mentally. I dressed and went to the grocery store as a woman which I have not done before having always talked myself out of doing so, called some TS friends who remarked how different my voice sounded (you heard the mp3, my voice needs help) and had two Ts friends over for "brunch".

I did not snap out of wherever I was until my body just gave up for lack of sleep very late on Sunday night. Monday I had a glow about me but not as intense. I had to skip the morning CD as I woke up late. On Monday night I did Happiness followed by the debriefing and was in a different place when I came out of trance, not as intense but there nonetheless.

I can only think of a few other times where i felt the rush of intensity...you know the  endorphin’s  rushing in my brain and those times were on ski slopes going faster than I knew, sailing in a gale storm and surviving to tell the story and a few other things but nothing, nothing like this

Where am I , Alice? I am not turning back but intensifying but if you can tell me what I may have experienced it would be nice to know...

Here is the routine I followed.



Acceptance: twice per day followed by:
1. Weds: Day 1: Vixen am, Elegance II pm
2. Thurs.: Day 2: Gemini am, Happiness, pm,
3. Friday Day 3: Elegance am Gemini pm
4. Sat. Day 4: Vixen am Happiness pm
5. Sat/Sun: 1:30 - 2:30 am- Presets
6. Sun 3am - Debriefing mp3
7. No additional listening until Happiness and debriefing at 7pm approx
Note: I have customized the tracks for several CD's. List available.

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