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FOREWORD: The Cycle of Abuse Must End

In accord with the HypnoticWishes policy of ensuring the privacy of our clients' identity, the following transcript is published with the real names and email addresses redacted or replaced . As you will learn, Mistress Alice played a supportive role in the life of a fellow Mistress struggling to escape the cycle of emotional abuse.  Far too many suffer in silence and cannot escape. If you are a woman in an abusive relationship or if know of a woman who suffers silently or otherwise in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, I encourage you to offer a helping hand. There are significant resources available in every community. Sometimes all it takes is someone who cares. 

You will also learn how We conduct business in the Magic Queendom, providing support for our products and those who use them. This ongoing story mirrors the lives of many of our customers. My mission is to provide a glimmer  of hope to each of you.  You are never alone.

                                                                                                  Mind Mistress


From: Mistress Sherry
Subject: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: "The Mad Scientist" <mistress_alice...>
Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 5:10 PM Shipping:

Good Afternoon.

I placed an order for 5 cds last night. My slut in training was unable to
determine how to arrange for and pay for overnight shipping to the US. I would
like to do so. Please contact me at this email address. The shipment was to me
delivered to me and was billed to Pietra’s  credit  card. I did not
receive a confirmation number from you.

Thank you so much

Mistress Sherry

From: Alice Liddell
To: Mistress  Sherry
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Hello Mistress  Sherry,
Normally CDs Ship once a week, and yes, we do have your order.
Confirmations are usually sent when shipped.
If you desire overnight shipping
Please use the "Fast Shipping Option"
Item # mm-zzexpp-1
And we will expedite it for you.

Mistress Alice

From: Mistress Sherry Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 8:18 AM
Good Day Mistress Alice

Thank you for your quick reply. I just now had Pietra , place the order for the overnight shipping package using the same credit card as we did before.

Since she will be living en femme 24/7 from this point forward and I wish to commence her hypnosis training immediately with the other feminization I have implemented, I would like her to stay at home on Friday and accept the shipment as a woman should for her Mistress. Fridays are her domestic chores day as it is as I do like a clean home to live and to visit, especially on weekends. She cleans my home on Thursdays.

Please note that the shipping address on the original order was to my home on ______. If there is a problem changing shipping locations, please let me know and I will make sure that  Pietra is waiting at whichever location it must be sent to.

I have enjoyed reviewing your web site and see us becoming good customers.

Whips and Kisses

Mistress Sherry _

ps. As I will be the one implementing the triggers, I was curious if there are scripts associated with those programs that are trigger orientated. If so, should I assume that they are included. My study of hypnosis and NLP has been fascinating thus far. I look forward to learning more. Thanks Again.

From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 8:43 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Hi Mistress Sherry
Unfortunately, The order came thru to late from the
c/c processor to ship on Thurs.
I will have it shipped Friday and it should arrive on Sat.
I hope that is not a problem.
I do have Pietra’s new name and her addy
and it is no problem shipping it there.
I am glad you are enjoying the websites.
Mistress Linda and i have put a lot of work into them.
It Has been a labor of love for the past 10 years.
First Cds, & Sessions... eventually branching out into
breast growth & other transformation products
I am confident you will love the products and services.
Many Mistresses have enjoyed utilizing
Mind Mistress' Services.
I am not sure if you are aware, but many Mistresses
on similar sites were originally clients of hers.
And unlike many sites on the web, We don't compete.  We assist ...
Mind Mistress takes no "subs"
So rather than being Mistresses in the strictest sense...
We like to view ourselves as "trainers".
Her CDs are made as training CDs,
as opposed to recruitment CD's :)
And Yes, there are trigger words provided for Dominants. You can find the trigger words,
sound clips and bonus tracks at:
This is not linked to the rest of the site,
so I *suggest* you bookmark it.
Mistress Alice
From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Friday, October 17, 2008, 2:32 PM
Good Day Mistress Alice

We will be waiting at Pietra's home for the delivery tomorrow. If you have a moment and can forward a tracking number that might be helpful in planning our day.

I had Pietra take the forced femme test last night. I observed his answers to verify their truthfulness and lo and behold, Pietra scored 106%....the perfect slut I wish to own, highly capable of being induced into trance and not only willing but has encourage me to learn more and more.

Thank you so much and Mistress Linda too. I will keep you posted. In fact, I will have Pietra write a review for you as her use of the CD's take effect.

Whips and Kisses

Mistress _____

From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 12:15 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Hi Hun,
Here is the tracking number # ...
My Congrats to Pietra on the test.
You are fortunate to have such a willing and able, supportive Pietra.
and she is fortunate to have such a caring owner :)
I am not sure if you have allowed Pietra to take advantage of the Free "Flashes"
They can be very helpful and *FUN*...
You might be interested to hear... we will be releasing a first ever
"Mistress" Flash. It is really awesome & quite relaxing,
(Even Mistress Needs relaxation sometimes)
Hopefully it will be posted to the site by Halloween.
Will Pietra be growing breasts?
If so... you might want to read some of the girl juice reviews.
it appears not only does it help grow Breasts, Hips, and Butts better than mones...
but many have attested to the pronounced effect it has on developing
their" Feminine Emotional side"
It complements the CDS well.
Thank you for your 'Review" offer
Reviews are ALWAYS welcome.
Good luck with your "Project"
If you have any questions feel free to write,
I do answer all, albeit slow, due to the volume

Mistress Alice

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 11:09 AM
Good morning Mistress Alice

Both Pietra and I tried to use the tracking number on Purolator web site and I called thier toll free number and was told the number below is not the correct format nor is the "reference" number giving us by the credit card processor.

If you happen to get this note this morning (its now 8 am az. time), could You take a moment and let me know what Pietra is doing wrong :).

I am fortunate to have a willing and able Pietra. She is well along on her transition but I want her at my command which is what led me to your site. I also do not wish to have her ever cut anything off...what would I use for cbt lessons if she were to do that? :) I just want a good old fashioned Shemale slut and so far so good.

Let me know if you can about the shipment. Oh, by the way. Pietra drew my attention to a discrepancy you may have missed on your web site...she would not dare tell you directly but I thought I might just in case another new client notices. Your site says $40 for 1 to 3 day deliver via PuroPac but somewhere else, I forget where Pietra showed me, she paid $5o. Just an FYI. My sweet little cockslut can afford the $10 :(

Thank you.

From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008 10:41 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Hi Hun...
I am So Sorry...
The Reference Number was for USPS Overnight Not Purolator...
I should have made that clear.
Normally items ordered from "The Castle"
ship from the states and CD's from Canada.
but because you had requested overnight,
I opted to ship it from The States via USPS,
because they guarantee overnight...
where as Purolator from Canada is 1-2 days ...
I don't know if you have received it already,
but I am certain if you have not...
it is sitting at the Post Office :(
As far as the price difference ...
We recently had to raise the shipping on Purolator from 40-50 because of a price increase...Obviously we missed a page :(
If Pietra should stumble across the page again ...
the url would be appreciated so we can update it.
Please accept my sincere apologies about the mix-up.

Mistress Alice


From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008, 2:03 PM

Good Morning, Mistress Alice

This is...Mistress Sherry shared your note below with me and suggested that i contact you directly about a few matters:

First...Thank you so much for the CD's. They arrived yesterday and i was able to pick them up at the post office.

I should tell you that they Post Office called me and required that they be picked up saying that the service was only post office to post office not for delivery. That was fine with me since the post office is open on Saturday. The line was long but worth the weight.

i will try to find the url error you requested and Mistress Wendy suggested that i study each page of your web site for any other items that she believes might be helpful to you. Mistress is having me build a web site to track my transition as well.

i also want to say that i enjoyed Gemini, my starting place. The plan is to listen three times per day for the first week, when i awake, then again at 5 or 6 pm and once more right before bedtime.

i have been listening to Richard Mackenzie Feminization CD for the last month or so and found myself entering to deep trances rapidly. i also got very bored with his approach. When i found your site, i knew this is what i want. Mistress agreed wholeheartedly

If you have any suggestions for increasing the rapidity of my transition, Mistress  would be highly appreciative. She and i have agreed that the only limitation She wishes to impose is physically cutting anything off. Otherwise, i will soon be who i am...especially with your CD's to guide the way.

In return for any suggestions you might have, She offers my services to you in any capacity You wish beginning with the page by page review and writing reviews of each cd as i progress thru them, live sessions in person or chat sessions as might be helpful to you in any way, etc. My needs are secondary, of course.

Thank you so much.



From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2008 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Good Morning Pietra ,

I am glad you were able to get the Cds...
not sure why they didn't deliver them :( Strange...
Regardless, I am Glad you are enjoying "Gemini"
Normally, it is suggested you learn to trance first,
but since you already have mastered the skill, my suggestion would be to listen to
Acceptance ... followed by Gemini
Then moving on to Acceptance followed by Happiness
Vixen and Elegance II are more Advanced and to be honest with you,
unless you Already have Elegance I you may wish to consider ordering it...
Elegance II works off the triggers set in Elegance 1
Actually many of the CDs do..
So it is a good CD to have....
As I had suggested to Mistress ­­­­­ Sherry You may soon desire to grow your own boobs
There is no reason to cut anything off.. But Growing boobs re-enforces who you are becoming and need to be... as you start to feel your shirts tighten and your nipple itch...
and eventually Need your first bra... its a constant reminder....
every time you remove your shirt it will act as a reminder of who You Need to Be...
Girl Juice works wonders for this.... as it also works on the brain chemistry to make you "Think" and feel more feminine as well...
I am not sure exactly what she has in mind for you... I know she is helping you to become the girl you need to be ... and for that daily make-up would be nice....
I take it by your selection of CDs, you are on your way to becoming
a Silly Sexy Giggly girl... but you/She didn't mention if she was interested in changing your sexual preference as well.
I would be glad to offer suggestions on how to expedite your transition,
but I would need to know exactly, what the desired finished product is to be...
Cockslut or lesbian, big busted (so it will be impossible to hide) or discreet and androgynous... Smoker/non-smoker...some people want to develop Habits since they become a dependence tool ... others do not...
So if you or Mistress wish to provide a detailed outline of Mistress Sherry’s Goals ... Which are all that REALLY Matter anyway... I would be happy to provide guidance...

Mistress Alice

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 2:36 PM
Good Morning Mistress Alice

Thank You for the reply and advice. i spent the better part of last evening reviewing the other element of your web site, i.e., the therapy work both You and Mistress Linda apparently do as well. My purpose in reviewing those sites is to provide you with the most comprehensive goals and objectives set i can set forth including background information on the other side of my persona, my Gemini twin (yes, i am a Gemini- born at sunrise on the 9th day of June - 6-9).

When i reviewed the previous goal set i had prepared with Mistress Sherry, it was a sad undertaking. As of yesterday evening, Mistress Sherry will no longer be part of my life, at least as my Dominate partner, the path we were following.

In brief, we spent the better part of a couple of hours visiting as she told me she had decided to return to living with her former lover despite the circumstances that have accompanied that relationship. Sadly, she is returning to a relationship with an emotionally and physically abusive man who objects to her world as a lifestyle professional Dominatrix and more. Without going into her private details, i can say that 3 months ago after a chance meeting a few weeks prior, she arrived at my door  severely beaten and emotionally as low as i have seen anyone. It was then when my actions to assist her began to build the trust we now enjoy.

Alas, as i am sure you know better than i, many women return to the abuser for all sorts of reasons and all we who call them our friends can do is be supportive when asked but also do our best not to enable the perpetuation of the abusive relationship thru our own actions. It is a fine line, indeed, and one that is very difficult to balance.

As i told her yesterday, my home will always be a safe haven for her (he does not know where i live) and i will remain her friend first and foremost. my personal desires notwithstanding, that is the best role i can play in her life now. She has only cared to know the woman i am and want to be and is one of the rare people in my world.

So, that means i am on my own again in this journey which i began almost 10 years ago with my first (and only) Mistress. Sadly, she passed at the young age of 52 over two years ago. Before she did, i promised her i would not turn back and i have not but i have floundered a bit without a dominate woman in my life. I met quite a few over the last two years but none had the intellectual and spiritual elements that are part of that very special relationship as you well know. None until I met Mistress _____.

i began my morning listening to Acceptance and was able to go deep very quickly. i will be listening to Gemini after finishing this note to you and at your suggestion, order Elegance 1.

Now, here is the difficult question, do you still wish to see my written goals which Mistress Sherry helped create with me? Yes, they became her goals and my commitment to my chosen path. If so, i will refresh them to bring them into line with current thinking and send them to you later this week. I leave for an extended vacation on Thursday. I have a book that needs my attention in quiet solitude so i can put together all the pieces. Yes, Mistress Alice, the mask will be on for the latter. The first week i will live 24/7 as the woman I am...working on the rapid transition i desire within the duality of my lives....ah the world of a true Gemini. We can be so much fun and oh so frustrating at times.

Thank you for all your help. Mistress Sherry agreed with my sending this note to you after reading a draft earlier this morning by email. She knows how i feel about her returning to this relationship. Rigorous honesty was the basis of the beginning of our friendship and we both still agree to disagree, I suppose, when it comes to this very sensitive matter.

Yours affectionately

From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 12:34 AM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:

Hi Hun...
I am sorry to hear of your change in circumstances...
As I am sure you are aware... This too may change again...
Shame is, it seemed like you were on your way to getting
what you *Desire*
and that is not to say, that you can't move froward in her absence...
Here in Wonderland, None of our girls are truly Alone...
At least having Mind Mistress Cd's available, can help fill the void
until you can have that Dominant woman back in your life :)
By default she becomes your "Mistress" in absentia
Had you Found Wonderland sooner... Perhaps Mistress _____ could have availed herself of Therapy Sessions with Mistress Linda.
Although Erotic Hypnosis is her Claim to fame...
She is a Gifted Hypno-therapist as well
I am happy to hear you followed my *Suggestion*
and listened to Acceptance first...
I would be interested to hear if Gemini seemed *Different*
to you after Acceptance...
and yes...
If you wish to review your objectives...
I would be happy to offer guidance as to that which I think
might help *Expedite your Journey*
So if you so *Desire* feel free to forward your objectives
and we will be happy to assist you in becoming *Who You Need To Be*
as an aside, although I suspect you already know,
You share the same birthday as My Queen 6/9 :)

Mistress Alice

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 3:36 PM

Mistress Alice

i am working on the rewrite of my goals and should complete it by tonight. i thought i would send along the attached introduction profile i often use when meeting people online. i hope it provides some background for You. It includes some recent pics ( i decided i much prefer being blonde).

i also looked at Your Girl Juice products and have provided a link to the natural herbal product I have been using for the last year. The major supplier is St. Julian which does have an affiliate program. I decided to bypass the cosmetic industry and use the raw material that I mix with massage oil. The key is learning breast massage techniques which are quite enjoyable. A company named Anbes provides free samples and breast massage info. They use the same raw materials that I purchased by the liter.

Lastly, i did my first back to back sessions using Acceptance first then Gemini. It was significantly more intense and gratifying than yesterday when i spread them out by almost half a day. i went into deep trance very quickly with Gemini and suspect that will occur very soon with Acceptance as the first few times i did not get myself quite physically comfortable and eliminate all distractions as i know i should prior to trance. The Mackenzie CD has so much introductory music and disclaimers that there is a few minutes to get settled in beforehand. That will not happen again. Tonight i intend to do Acceptance followed by Happiness although frankly based on the goals I have set, Happiness may have been an incorrect purchase programmatically. i will stay with your suggestions until such time as you have reviewed my goals and know more about who i am.

i am very excited the more i listen to your program. What I learned about clinical hypnotherapy and NLP in seminar and the actual physician based therapy i underwent personally last year (w with semi satisfactory results in that the "mask" was firmly in place) have led me to conclude that i have made the right choice with your program. my compliments to both You and Mistress Linda. my "mind, body and spirit" appear to be in good hands. I love Montreal and have not been there in years. Perhaps one day soon. Meanwhile, it’s off to the beach


From: Alice Liddell
To: Undisclosed
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 12:12 AM
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
Well Hun,
Looks like you are well on your way to getting it together...
Quite the trick :)
Ty for sharing ...
Enjoy Your trip....

Mistress Alice


From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Contact from Girls-R-Us: Shipping:
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008, 3:55 AM

Well, Mistress Alice, there are days when it appears that is the case on the outside but inside is falling apart as opposed to getting it together.

Body, Mind, Soul is an interesting juxtaposition of Mind, Body, Spirit and there are days like today that I wish it were a simple magic trick.

I have put the goals aside for the night. I am caught in the middle of being honest with myself. Am I really comfortable with the duality of my existence?

I cannot tell you how right on target the words I hear in Acceptance are in terms of describing me and my life. Its almost scary...no it is a tad scary. I truly do not wish to carry the burdens I carried for so many years that Acceptance so clearly describes.

I just hope I did not give you the impression with that profile that I am so comfortable with who I am...the Gemini Twins...that you conclude that I am not a candidate for "wonderland"...

You see, as Alice said one day not so long ago...(see attached for the rest of the story)...


ps. Trip postponed until Sunday which means no beach en femme for the weekend.

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Thru the Looking Glass
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 8:41 PM
Dear Mistress Alice

i have been remiss in following up on Your last note to me about the Portal that i stood on the verge of entering. i told you i was working on my goals. Before i send them to you later this evening, i would like to share a quick story.

i have followed your advice and have listened twice per day to Acceptance, once followed by Gemini and the other followed by Elegance II (I have not ordered Elegance I as yet).

For perhaps the fourth or fifth time, the moment i turn on the cd and hear my hypnotist say hello, i am able to focus but last night i had the sensation of being immediately captured. It was perhaps the most intense of all the times i have listened and i think the longest period of time that i can actually recall a great bit of the session until it my mind totally goes blank. It is the most pleasing of experiences i have ever had and convinced me that the path i have chosen by following you cd program is the path i wish to continue on. The very thought of putting the past 30 years of my life in a box and reprogramming my mind to be the woman i have always been but without the guilt and other emotions that hold me back it something i want. i know that now.

One serendipitous story says it all.

i was in a CVS store before i left Az. The newspaper stand is to the side of the womens cosmetics department and as i picked up the days Wall St. Journal my attention was drawn to the display of perfumes behind a locked cabinet. My eye went immediately to one item and stayed there for what felt like 5 minutes. I was mesmerized. I went to the clerk and purchased the item...a perfume by Ralph Laurent priced at almost $60.00, perhaps the most expensive that i have purchased for myself (not for lack of being able to afford doing so).

The name of the perfume is "Euphoria". i now wear it each day but early this morning, i put some after showering and before settling in to listen to Acceptance.

i wish to enter your portal, Mistress and there is no turning back. Not any longer. Your hypnotic feminization program is doing for me what i had hoped it would.

Now, if it could find me an intelligent and emotionally balance woman to join me on what i see as a journey of my mind, body and spirit, that would truly be amazing. More to follow.

yours for as long as i am permitted in wonderland

(in search of a new name perhaps)

From: Alice Liddell <mistress_alice...>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 21:26:07 -0700 (PDT)
To: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Thru the Looking Glass

Wonderful Hun...
Would you mind if I shared a synopsis of your story on the site as
a testimonial anonymously?

Mistress Alice

From: Undisclosed
Subject: Re: Thru the Looking Glass
To: mistress_alice...
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 11:22 AM

I would be honored.
Some nights I listen before bedtime and find that I do not awaken from trance on command but rather have fallen into a deep REM sleep with the cd playing for a few hours until I am awakened for some reason. The next session seems to be so much more intimate with Mistress. Happened last night with Acceptance and this morning with elegance.
Thanks. In touch soon. The Twin will be done soon. Hoping to hook up with local Tgirl tonight. Did I tell you I am a translesbian?

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