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CD 18 - Princess

Reviews: - 2009

CD18 Description

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2009 Reviews

Dear Mistress,

 I am writing in response to your request for testimonials for CD 18 - “Princess”.  I have listen for over two years to this and other CDs to carry me to this state.  I am grateful for your help.   

I had been following his car to the place we were going to screw, yes, that all, fuck.  He is going to put his dick in me and I want it badly.  I am keeping pace as his car as it hugs the curves on an old two-lane road, all the while; I repeat to myself, “Tell him to call me his Anal Princess”.

 "Anal Princess," my heartbeats heavily knowing there was no avoiding what I desired.  Those words never stopped beating in my head.  I have listen for months letting the words program me to say it, to hear it, know it, anticipate it, and tonight feel it deep inside me.

 I am a post-op transsexual with the need to have the sexual freedom that I lacked in a male frame.  Luck or fate placed me at your website, and reading what you had to offer I purchased several CD’s over the years.   Now, I have only a few small hurdles to clear, being fuck in the ass will be one of the last.

 My perfume is light and airy.  The makeup lightens my face helping me smile.  The top is tight allowing my boobs to standout through a sheer bra.  I wear an open-bottom girdle without knickers. My stockings are smooth and sheer.  I want no obstacles the way when he fondles me.  I want him to see how enticing I can be.

 I am ready to be “fuck up the ass”.  It will be a pleasure to have my lover work his lubricated cock in and out of me.  I practice with fingers extending them as deep as I could.   With my favorite glass dildo, I have let it rest up by buns for as long as I could stand it, until I need it there almost everyday.  When I can, I use a larger and longer dildo to pump my ass, extracting whatever satisfaction I can.

 I want this night to be more.  I will tease him and will be heartless about it.  He will know I need his cock up my ass.  I cannot get that phase out of my mind, “Anal Princess”.   What is becoming of me?  I want it is so much.

With my best wishes and regards,

21 December 2009


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