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Smoking fetish & hypnosis

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All stories and pics in this gallery deal with the smoking fetish


Hypnotic fantasy pictures and stories

The smokey seduction of Sarah by Dor_01
Sarah's sister is an evil mind controlling whore with wicked plans for her... and a pack of More 120's.

forced to love her cigarette holder Gina's Roomate
Danielle's going to start smoking, love smoking, and need to smoke with a cigarette holder for Gina. Lesbian version by Mind Mistress, Gay original by Chester

- pantyhose and smoking Sexy smoking (cigarette holder version here)
I explain ericksonian hypnosis to a friend, and she doesn't mind me smoking in her house afterwards... by Mind Mistress

- cigarette holder lady Daddy slave
A man wants his wife turned into a slut against her will. Things don't always work the way we planned...
by Mind Mistress


Erotic hypnosis real life stories and pictures

(Public domain pictures with real life accounts)

- Friendly online chats with Mistress

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 1: Smoking fetish conversion

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 3: Becoming Jessica --- NEW!

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Enslaved Online
A man is enslaved online and given a smoking fetish by Mind Mistress

- Enslaved and reprogrammed by hypnosis

Part 1: slave girl kitten plots mischief Slave girl kitten

Part 2 : Slave Mistress Kitten smoking with a cigarette holder Slave Mistress Kitten

-Adam's forced feminization story

Part 1: small breasted male Setting the stage

Part 2: robot transformation Good robots are programmed to obey

Part 3: transsexual slut Becoming a transsexual

Part 4: cock-sucking slut Addicted to cock

Part 5: cum sucker Deeply enslaved

Part 6: (7 graphic shemale action pics) How to become a shemale (forced to be a girl)

Part 7: shemale fucked Becoming a shemale forever


Captioned pics of smoking & hypnotic brainwashing

shiny hypnotic nails

Shiny nails lead to girlhood...

mindless nail biting

From brainy woman to bimbo girl

subversive animation
Mistress Megan's smoking hypnosis
(with hypnotic animation)

another smoking slut is born

slave Tanya
the smoking slut

Thumb sucking
to quit smoking

Teri learns to love smoking
with her husband's help

Becoming Maxine,
the sexy smoking receptionist

Laura's lesbian spell of erotic conversion


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Real life accounts from the Guestbook
You can find more real life accounts from our hypnotic subjects in the Guestbook


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