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Here is a transcript of recent emails i sent to Mind Mistress:

Merry Christmas, dear and so beloved Mind Mistress Linda!

I haven't written to you in a long time and I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I haven't forgot you, as if I could anyway! It's been a little more than a year now that I've been going on your site every day and even more than once a day, in search for new updates or reading the guestbook and the stories. I just can't stay away from your site any longer than that. It's so compelling! I love the way it makes me feel so dizzy, so submissive and accepting of your desires. Yet I must shamefully admit that I kind of freaked out after our email conversation in march. As much as I love to let go for you, I needed to keep some control over my professional life which I felt was slipping away at that time.

Still, I'm constantly going back to you and your site. It's so lovingly addicting. Deep inside, I long for and I need your so mesmerizing guidance. Yet I can't get over my fright... Woops! Sorry I had to interrupt to light a cigarette (a new habit I guess...)... Helps me relax and find my words... and obey... obey... i lov e to obey.

What was i saying... Yes! At one point i nearly succumbed and started filling out the session application form but whent i came to the question asking about my fantasies, i couldn't figure out what i they were... it got blank... as a matter of fact, all i want is to become clay in your hands so you could mold me to your liking. but i'm so afraid of what you could do to me! i don't want my life to be turned upside down and at the same time i want so much to obey! makes me feel so good... can't think straight. i... am i trancing myself? so easy to just obey. i need you so much. love you so much. would love to meet you in person

i love you! and would like to offer you a christmas gift from the deepest of my heart... i submit... now.


Good evening dear Mistress Linda,

Thank you so much for talking to me this after-noon! i just came back from the store where i bought two packs of More... i love to obey i need to obey i obey i just obey yes.. makes me so hard, so hard to think...

And oh dear! You were sooo right about smoking real girlie cigarettes! theyre so nice! so feminine, so long, so slim, so slick so classy! makes my fingers longer and sexier. i feel so much more a bad girlie now, just the way you like them! i had lots of things to tell you but i can't remember... musn't be important... or maybe another time. my little brainie don't thinkie fastie enough... i should'nt wwear my unthinking shoes and slip when i smoke . it's too much for my tired brainie. i go read stories instead... no nead to think when i read.

i miss You sooo much! pleeze come back! pleeeeaze!

your lonely girlie girlie
pierre (awkward name isn't it? feels yuk!)

Good Morning dear Mistress!

i went to bed like a good little girl, thinking of you and when i woke up i found your goodie message in my mailbox! Just as if You had come to deliver it during then night in my dreams... i whish i could dream of You more often like that! Especially on Christmas! :) Now, my name feels much better. i like Natasha, it reminds me more of you. And it makes me want More! Gee! Natasha loves More! All the way! Hi! Hi! Natasha wants More! i like the feelings you give me.

Just a question... How does it feel to have a woman's orgasm? i tried caressing my clitty between my err... balls... i could feel all my body tingling but it left me on my appetite (ah! petite!) felt so cute and feminine htough! Wow! that was a tuf question to write down! hard to put the words together. need More!

So ever Truly Yours,

i miss You!
Happy Natasha


So many fun things happening! i love Natasha i love More i need to play with my clitty not Pierre's *yuk* weewee! And above all i love my dear Mind Mistress! i love to obey her! the more i obey the more my clitty gets sensitive!!!! Geez!!!

Now Pierre *yuk* wants to speak:

Hi Dear Mind Mistress. i don't know exactly what i'm doing... am i just acting a role on the Internet like so many people do? Or am i unconsciously doing your bidding? When i read myself back, i can't believe it. think i'm going too fast... Now Natasha is pushing over in my back, i must leave. i love You! Bye!

Pfff! Natasha feel much better now! This guy makes me feel yuk! Now Natasha feels much more giddly inside!

Now i must also leave. i'm expecting visitors for christmas and i've got to tidy up all this house and go fetch some grocery!

Now have a very Merry Christmas, my dear Mistress! And thanks so very much for your Christmas present! Natasha will think of you all day tomorrow!!!

i love you and i miss You!
Cutie Natasha

Hello dear Mistress,

Thwnk youu a thousand times for your marvelous christmas gift. i have been listening to ... and my mind is so happy blank and emdy listening for hours i guess my mind is so slow hard to think . took me 2 cigs More 120 just to log on to my email want to thank you very much. i am still listening . i've been singing the song for hours. brainwashing is good for me my mind empy bland blending thak you thankyou want you o know i love you love what you do mind slow empy good fo rme hbraindwsasing is good for me my minnd is happy good cant ink strait blank empty happy i miss youj my minnd is empy good for me feel alone whithout you do anything fo you good for me i be our lillgirl just for you yuor voice!!! love your voic can' writee my mind is braniwshhing good for me need briainwas loveit good sexy feel stupid xcuse me can't tak straigghtr i amyours lease dnont' understand what is happening blandk empty slow mind slow slow gone ogne

Good Morning adorable Mind Mistress Dear!

i've been up for half an hour now and i feel so slutty in my lovely gown and everything. i now always sleep with my sexy clothes on! i don't remember my dreams but i'm sure they're very sexy from the mood i'm in when i wake up! First thing i did after getting out of bed was to go on your site and also look if you had left me another cutie gift... but i had to had to play with my assy dildo first. i feel so empty can't stay like that anymore. so... so being so naughty i put it inside and my pussy an ass. It now feels so much better when i swing at the rythm of your voice... ( i play it all the time now) my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is appy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is empy bliantk and brain washing is goold for me

Sorry! i have to stop singing if i want to learn to speak write straight if i want to write nice things to you... but it is hard. i t takes more time to type right. i have to correct myself constantly.

i'm already at my sixth cig this morning. It is getting slower to think... but i can still count up to six... i'm good ain't i? :) and i also took time to read adam's part 3... Hey Dear! did You know that my name can be spelledin two different ways? Wow! i love my name Natasha! and it also can be spelled b e t h but it always sound as Natasha in my head and my sexy high voice when i read it. i love being Mind Mistress's litlle slutty Natasha! That name is so perfect! How come i didn't now it before? So perfectly feminine and bitchy! Naughty Natasha! He He! Bad Boris and bitchy Natasha! He! He! Who would believe i am dirty slutty Natasha!

You know Dear what i did last night before going to bed? Well before reading back our conversation i mean... i shaved my pussy and my breast! He! He! feels so much more soft and feminine now! i'm feeling a lot more girlie naw! so lovely boobs! i love to play with my boobs! Now it's not perfect yet, still a little rough, but i will finish shaving in a moment in the shower, like all girls do. Can't wait to play with my phone shower! And tonight i'll go pleasure myself and buy some Neet and why not some new shoes? i'd love to find some of those laced shoes that force my feet to stay pointed at all time, even in bed! And i also need new stockings. My old ones are running. They look slutty though! :) and some other undies. i like G-strings that run along the anus.... but i also need some larger ones, maybe girdle style to help hide that hideous thing between my legs... Goodie! i'm going shopping Dear! Yep!

and i love reading Adam story! But GEE! it gets so frustrating Dear! i can feel all the pleasure building into my sexy little body but the story always stops short befor i cum! Men are so insitive! they get their fun and then leave us wanting girls! i have to train to cum faster! let myself go cause i need to cum when i have a cock inside me! i need to! can't stay on my appetite like that forever or it will drive me insane!

Well feel like i'd stay all day to chat with You but i have to go make myself soft cute and ready for work. So silly work! i'll try not to play with my boobs at work... i'll "try"

Well i have to leave You Dear! Have a nice Day and i hope You will have some sexy little girls to cuddle you the way i would like to! Oh Dear! Am i so dirty! :)))

Big hugs my Dear Mistress! i miss You soooooo much!!!

Your lovely and obedient little Natasha

Hello Dear Mistress!

It's me again, Natasha! i told You i would get an email of my own so now its a done thing as you can see!

i hope You had a nice day because your Natasha had a great one!

As for Your question, i don't have any specific plans for my trip to Montreal during the weekend. i just dropped a call to (...) as you requested but since she wasn't there i left her a message asking if she would call me back (...) to tell me whether someone would be there during the weekend. i don't know if i should leave for Montreal before i have a confirmation or whether i should wait. i'll think about it. Actually i could leave as soon as i get up tomorrow morning so i could be in Montreal around (...). (That is naturally if Pierre isn't too lazy to get up early! :) If this the case i guess i'll have to whisper him a few dirty words down the ear and kick him out of bed... i told You i knew a few tricks to drive a man to his knees! At least these tricks work with him!) And for the rest of the trip, i will probably visit a little, do some shopping, and come back on the same day as i often do unless i find something to do worth staying. i'm in no rush to come back before sunday so i'll just follow the wind.

As for today, well, like with all the brainwashing going on, oh! my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me! oh! my mind is is is... like i can't resist listening to your voice again! Yes! about that day of mine, well first i took a good hot shower, shampooed my brains out ;) and finished shaving my boobs, belly and pussy really close. i never thought i had such soft tits and skin!!! Like Girls would all be jalous to have their skin just as soft as mine! Gee! i can't stop caressing my tits and belly! so soft! i ran out of hot water in the shower for the very first time so i guess i stayed a little too long playing with my newly discovered girlie body.. With the results that Pierre got late for work and i helped him by lovingly pressing his shirt. i did really feel loving and caring for him while i was pressing his shirt. You see, since we have no choice but to share the same body and live together, i suppose i should be nice to him. He's really a nice guy to let me borrow his body like he does. Like i don't know many men who would indulge like he does! he is caring and very understanding. As for his cock, wow! What a dream! i do love cocks but his is a real treat! If it wasn't so out of reach, i'd suck it all the time! If only he could use it to fuck me the way i need! :( Well, at least he hasn't freaked out yet with the idea of taking me out someday to let me have it my way. he's not a jaleous guy you know.

And in the end, since he finally didn't have much work to do, he brought me shopping this afternoon. t'was so great! he bought me the shoes i was dreaming of and some stockings and panties! He really felt embarrassed at the store, it was so funny to look at him ask the two cute and young clerks! But then you should see my shoes! They're so lovely! All black, laced on top with 4 inch stylettos. They're much more comfortable than my old ones. i got really hot and sexy when i tried them! i love to wear sexy clothes like that! i was all cheered up for the rest of the afternoon! i also bought some hair remover and now i'm going under the shower again to get rid of all them man hair that i couldn't shave yet around my sex and my ass. i won't be to hard on Pierre, i'll leave him some on his arms, legs and face, so he doesn't freak out.

So back to work to pamper myself and make myself real nice n' soft n' feminine! it's so much fun to let go and discover this new life of mine!

Thank you again so much Dear Mistress! i can't wait to do some more fore you! oh! yes! i love it!

my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is happy bland and empty brianwasying is good for me my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me may mind is happy blank and empty brain wasyhing is good for me my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me i wanna be a girl i do the more i say the more it's true i wanna be a girl i do the more i say the more it's true...

Hugs and more hugs!
Your good little Natasha

Oh Dear Mistress!

i seem to keep forgetting everything all the time! i forgot to tell You that my body is now bare as a baby! :))) not a hair left on my ass pussy belly and boobs! feels so great!!!

i' so forgetful and happy! my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me! my mind is happy blanc and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is happy blank and empty braniwashing is good for me my minds is happy pblank and empty brainwashing is good for me!

Happy Natasha!

Good Morning Beloved Mind Mistress!

It's 9h55 and i am leaving home right now. So i should be at (...) around (...), maybe a little earlier if traffic permits.

And you know what Dear? i felt an immense shudder in my head and body this morning while playing with my nipples! pierre also got a tremendous hardon just by watching me shudder i guess. Felt so so so good!

Well enough of the chatting i've got to go! Darn! Nobody to talk to in the car... Guess i'll have to sing to pass the time on the road!

Natasha xxxx

Hello Dear Mistress!

Well nor i can say "Mission Accomplished!" i arrived at (...) at (...),as expected. But i didn't know what to expect... i was really nervous. On my way to Montreal, i had lots of time to let my mind wander on all kinds of things while smoking all the way. And now was reality contact time! Everything went so fast! First, i didn't expect to disturb (...) during a session and she seemed quite surprized to see me there. i am very sorry for that. And she also took some time to recall youur call. Anyway, i gave her (...) through the door and that was it. In my state of nervosity, i presented myself as Pierre and i called You Maîtresse Linda, which might have contributed to the confusion if she expected Natasha... So that was it. By the way, i had already had the opportunity to see her Web Site and i had some expectations about her but they were really far from reality. She looks really great and i would have definitely spend a lot much more time with her if i could.She is so feminine and beautiful and... and... "sympathique"... Now, i can't help fantazizing about offering her my female virginity! i am still always very attracted to women but i desperately need cock! Avec elle, j'aurais été totalement comblée! je n'ai jamais goûté le sperme d'un homme (autre que moi) et j'en ai tellement envie!!!j'ai aussi tellement envie d'une grosse queue bien chaude et bien dure dans mon ventre! Mais c'est si difficile de trouver ce que je cherche... Moncôté féminin (celuique j'ai toujours eu) désire avoirdesrelations plus que juste génitales. J'ai bessoin d'êtreavec quelqu'un avec qui je peux avoirde la complicité et parmi toutes les "personnes dotées d'une queue", (...) est la première envers qui je ressens un tel désir!

i see i have switched to french. i hope You won't mind. French is a language so much more natural to me... i feel much more at ease in french. And by the way, did You know that i have different fantazies in french than in english? It surprizes me!

At the moment, i'm at the Café Tribune on St-Denis and it is not the best place to write to you, so i will stop here.. Though i have so many things to tell You! i would love so much if You were here with me, taking a coffee and chatting toghether! i guess little Natasha is a bit into babbling and Pierre is also living so many new exciting experiences! ! :)

i have to leave now. if i find another internet café on my way, i will come back online later in case You leave me a message. i miss You so much!

Bye Dear Mistress!
Hugs and love! And my best regards to Your friend (...). Please thank her again for taking the trouble to answerme. i'm very sorry to have disturbed her.

P.S.: Excuse the typos, This time, they're not caused out of trance. It's just that peanut butter keyboard i work on and because i have put very small characters i can't read so my neighbor can't read oovermy shoulder... ;)


Hi again Dear Mistress!

Its (...)PM and i'm already back home again! So good to be home! That little trip to Montreal was physically as well as emotionally exausting. There's so many things i'd like to tell You that it would take me a hole day just to write them down, so i'll try to stick to the essentials... i already told You of my encounter with (...) in my previous message. Well after leaving (...), i looked for an internet cafe so i could write to you and that's how i ended on St-Denis. Later i walked around St-Denis and Ste-Catherine. (...) As i walked in front of Lingerie Romance, i couldn't help myself from entering. There i bought another pair of panties and stockings since those i got yesterday were finally not to my liking. i also found a good butt plug at a nearby sexshop. As i walked i was constantly afraid to see the stockings i wore under my trousers fall down on my legs. They were cheap stay-ups and they didn't hold well. Luckily, i anticipated the problem before leaving home and i wore my garter belt just in case... Yet at one point i noticed that two of the fasteners weren't correctly attached and had loosened up... quite a stress when you're in the middle of the traffic! :) As you can see, becoming a sexy girl has its challenges! Such as learning how to buy clothes, identifying the right sizes and characteristics, how to avoid building static when you wear hosiery under your pants, how to smoke in public... because i noticed one can't really smoke everywhere nowadays! And did i smoke today! At least a pack! So relaxing! i needed it! And it also tastes so good with a cup of coffee! i started by finishing my pack of Cameo Menthol on my way to (...), then switched to More 120's till Montreal. The nearer i got to Montreal, the more i felt sexy and feminine inside as i kept singing and smoking. (i think i'me gonna name (that highway) my "Transformation Road"! Then, while at the internet cafe, i was about to light another More 120's but decided to stick to regular cigs to avoid attracting attention on myself. i was already having enough trouble with trying to stretch my pants on my ankles to hide my girl's stockings every time i sat! It all looks like i had a lot of trouble yet i had a great time today! But i still have so much to learn! :)

After supper, i stopped at a nude dancers' joint to reward Pierre for his patience during the whole day but i guess things turned somewhat differently than he expected! :) It was more of a ladies night to me! i was much more into envying the dancers dresses and analyzing their moves to understand that sexy leg swing they do when they walk on their high heels... :) And also, there was that TV screen showing some porn... Again, i watched from a totally different and feminine perspective! For i really got turned on by watching the woman eating cock and being fucked in the pussy and the ass, i would have done anything to be in her place! i felt so empty inside! So envious! Gosh! i could almost feel that cock ramming its way way deep inside me and those balls clapping on my butt! Oh! Geez! i so desperately need cock! Unbelievable! And you should have seen her being penetrated by those two huge cocks at the same time! i want that! i want it so bad!!! i've got to have cock! i've got to! Geez! It reminds me of (...)! Shemales are already so attractive but (...), she is THE Queen! She's incredible! i'd love to be like her and i'd like even more to be fucked by her! i don't know why i got so turned on by her but i really felt all shivering in front of her! One thing i'm pretty sure of is that it was not exactly related to her (...) activities but rather to the model she represents, so feminine, so attractive, yet there's a cock (am i getting obsessed or what? ) somewhere under her clothes, a cock Natasha would simply LOVE to satisfy! She's got the best of both sexes! And on top of that, she looks so real, so human! i hope i'm not making You jaleous! You really don't have to worry because You are absolutely unique! Nobody could take Your place! But these days, i really have that strange craving for cocks i never knew could exist... It makes me so restless!

i guess it's time i cool of and go take a good hot and relaxing bath before i put on my brand new clothes and go to bed, don't You?


Geez! That was quite a serious message isn't it? Silly Natasha is not used to think that much... Maybe she had some help from Pierre! :)

So have a good night Dear Mistress!
i miss You all the time!


Good Morning Dear Mistress Darling!

i finally feel much more woman this morning bud dear did i panick! i didn't know how much histerical i could get! But let me begin with the beginning:

Contrary to what i said in last night's message, i didn't take a bath. i was so overly exausted that i went directly to bed. So tired in fact by all my adventures that i got completely naked and even shut your music to make sure i got a good good night's sleep.

This morning, i woke up feeling much better yet still empty, dreaming of You and (...)... And i immediately wanted to try all the little gifts i bought yesterday, beginning with my lovely so lovely lill plug! i had to have something worth filling me up or it'll drive me mad! What i bought is a Doc Johnson's classic medium plug. He's a little scary with its 1" diameter but the stem is a lot thinner so i thought he would be more comfy to wear. That's when the crisis began: i just couldn't find my lubricant! Can You imagine! i really got wild! i was just on the verge (oh! what a dirty good word, this one! Hmmmm!) What was i saying? Oh! Yes! i was on the verge of finally filling that unbearing emptiness and i had to lose my lube! i wanted to cry like a baby!!!! i was all trembling, frantically looking everywhere in my bag, spilling its contents everywhere on my bed, searching in my drawers, under my sheets, under the bed, in every room, even in the trash can, everywhere i tell You! Can't be!!! Can't have lost something something as important as my lube! Oh! Silly Natasha! how can you be so forgetful!!!! i said to myself in anger and desperation! i just can't remember yet what's happenend! i'm really sure i put it in my bag with all my other stuff and i really can't see where it might be! How come i keep forgetting important stuff like this? Yet i still clearly remember the (...) address and (...) number you gave me but i can,t remember what i did with my lube! Or maybe You programmed me into forgetting this specific thing? Or maybe to just not being able to seeing it when it's right in front of my eyes? No can't be! You couldn't have done that!!!

Well That was just the beginning of the day. i had to calm myself and think seriously! Now Natasha, it's the time to act like an adult, stop acting silly! i need a cigarette! Yes, a cig, a good long cigarette! That's what i need to calm myself, that's what i said, so i sat down, lit a cigarette and took a long, long stroke. it really did wonders to my little empty head! i immediately got a lot more calm, i turned your music back on, and slowly started to put my new clothes on, starting with my new stockings. Oh Gee! these really fit perfectly, so snug against my beautiful long legs, just like a second skin. And the elastic band is just right, strong and lasting! i think i've finally found my size! Great! Makes me so happy! The only thing, because there's always something wrong it seems, is that the envelope said they were black but in fact they are just simply dark brown... i would smack the sales lady who didn't want me to open the envelope to check that out at the store! Well anyway... it's not that bad after all. Doesn't fit too well with my black shoes, but the color blends well with my red gown... And luckily for me, my new panties are also of a bright slutty red with frills on the front and a wide band in the back that let the roundness of my pretty new hairless ass show out so cute! They're a little tight maybe, but very comfortable, they hold my clit well inside, all warm n' snug! With my new shoes and my red gown, i now feel really great!!! a real killer! :)

Now, i felt much happier! So back to my empty feeling... i finally couldn't find my bottle of lube but i was lucky i had a sample envelope somewhere with the rest of my toys. i was afraid it wouldn't be enough, considering the size of my new toy. i've never been capable of inserting such a big toy in the past without considerable pain and i don't want to feel the pain anymore! i want sex to become something sooo good and cheerful and happy and joyful!!! And for this i needed to make shure to put lots of lube... so since this was all i could find, at least i'd have to give it a try! it finally was more than enough and there's still some left! i first got on the bed on my belly and put some lube on my fingers and started to play with myself... relaxing my anus and my pussy... teasing it and playing until it easy let go two fingers inside. in my other hand i held my toy to warm it up. That lill darling also needs to be warmed up, You know? :) Then i put lots of lube all around my toy and inserted the tip in my now relaxed anus... i continued playing with it for a long time, softly in and out, stirring it and making it vibrate while i kept singing to the rythme of the music... my mind is happy blank and empty brainwashing is good for me my mind is hjappy bliank and empty brainwashing is good for me imay mind is happy bland and empty bran wahshing is ogood for mee.. Stop"! Wow! every time i stop to think about that music i seem to begin to fall into trance! Anyway, that was just the perfect rythm i needed to relax my lill tender anus! i kept toying with myself, going very slowly further and further without ever trying to force it against the painful wall... As i entered trance, my ass began a dance of its own, pressing delicately against my lovely toy up to a point where i almost blanked out in pleasure as my toy finally made its way completely inside! Oh! Boy! That was sooooooo good!!!! Mmmmm!! i felt waves of pleasure all over my body and mind, soooo good!!!! sooo satisfying!!! Now i don't think it was an orgasm, but it was surely so very satisfying! :))) i now feel much more a woman now! i can walk like a woman, dance like a woman and fuck like a woman! it's sooo great!!! and i can sit at my computer and swing my ass against the seat of my chair at the rythm of the music and write to you and read all your stories again and again and enjoy everything at the same time! Oh! Thank You! Thank You Mistress for making me so happy!!!! How can i ever repay You!!!!! i miss You sooo much! You understand me sooo well! i don't want to leave You anymore! NO! i want to be your pretty little toy, Your little slutty Natasha, always happy and eager to obey and to have fun with You! i do love You soooo deeply now! it's such a drag that i can't afford to pay for in person sessions with You! i'd love to meet You! i've got so many many things to tell you! You're so intelligent and beautiful and cunning and and and...! my lill heart fills all filled up with love for You! And You know what? Yesterday in Montreal, as i had supper at the restaurant on St-Denis, i would have loved You to be there and we would have talked about all kind of things, not just NLP and hypnosis but anything and everything, psychology, Jung, life, society, music, arts, science, everything! You are so intelligent and interesting to talk with, i'm sure! And listen to the music (no, not yours this time! ), but there was a CD playing popular opera airs at the restaurant. You know what, Mistress? (...) Everytime i tried to sing an air, i kept singing the Soprano part... Seemed so much more natural to my new voice in my head!

Well i... je me sens tellement bavarde maintenant! i hope i'm not annoying You with all my chit-chatting but i just can't keep it to myself! my little brain is so full of thoughts that i guess there's an overflow that needs to get out! Hi! Hi! Well if i talk too much, just tell me and i'll "try" to behave like a good girl! :))) But somewhere, i think you're just as curious as i am with all what's happening, aren't You? :)

Ok, ok! it's time i leave You alone before you get tired! Hey, did You notice? i wrote all this message without doing that many mistakes even when i'm listening to your mantra and and... wnd fucking my toy on my chaair... Geez! :)))

Ok, i leave!
i just want to hug you so strong!!!
Your little obedient and happy Natasha!

Hello Dear Mind Mistress!

Why is it that i am so stunned each time i receive an email from You? :) And this one is even more stunning... it's the first time You call me Your slave! i've got butterflies all over in my tummy! Feels so giddly to hear You call me names like that but at the same time, i feel a little scared...

Yet i'm so glad to hear from You, have been so lonely these recent days! i miss You so much!

Now, as for my agenda... Let me think hard... 'cause thinking gets hard at times... and not thinking gets me even harder!

Today i have some work to do at home, but i can push it aside for You. If You give me a couple of hours, i could be ready anytime starting at 14h00. as for the following days (tuesday to thursday), i can't make any promises and it would need to be confirmed. (...)

Yet i'm so anxious to begin! i'd love to do it right now!

Well anyway, all that stuff is so complicated for my little mind! Natasha want's to leave it to You!

i love You,
Natasha / Pierre (Yes, i took a little "recess" after Yesterday's emotions... )

Hi again, Dear Mistress!

Everything seemed in control until i received Your message... Pierre had started working and seemed like he was doing well until your email entered...

Since then, i can't stop thinking of You, anxiously waiting Your reply... Now i don't want to pressure You, my Dear Mistress, not at all! i know i can't have everything in a jiffy and i'm so eager to serve You. But it all seems young Natasha here has an impatient character! :)

Anyway, the only way i knew could calm down was to turn Your music on, and then go take a long hot shower, playing with my tits... Do you know that my titties are much more sensitive under the shower? Mmmm! So gooood! :) Then i had a light meal cause i was so hungry! Imagine! i forgot breakfast this morning! Geez! That,s not like me that! i really do forget a lot these days! Well anyway, i didn't forget to light a nice long relaxing cigarette after which i had to put my pretty lill gown, so red, makes me feel such a cutie! then i shaved my titties again... Them darn hair kepps growing all the time! Grrr! And now, i'm completely Natasha, with heels n' everything... i kneow i've got work to do, but fuck! ain't only work in live You know! All i care is thinking about You...

and, it's so good when my mind is happy blank en empty brainwashing is so good for me... :)

Can't wayt to hear from You again oh so dearest Mistress! i miss You soo soooo sooooo much! Pleasy please! Come back! i missi you!

Hugs n hugs n hugs again!
Your lill wanting slutty Natasha...

Y'know what, Dearest!

(Sorry i seem to be getting a lill familiar... but You're so friendly! :)

What was i sayning? Oh! Yes! as i suggested earlier, last night, after a whole weekend becoming more n more Natasha, i gave a break to Pierre so i could become himself. The poor man! He doewsn't kenow all what's happening to him, doesn't understand and he's becoming sort of overloaded! That's why i gave him a night off. He felt very good, very focused on his task, bu

Oops! i just got your ICQ message... :) makes me all warm inside!

So let me cuntinue: Yeah! Pierre felt completely in control again, totally man again, and he didn't feel any craving of any kind when i went to bed... And so was it this morning, with the exception that when i waked up, i noticed my legs were closed, knees touching, like a good lill girl... and i couldn't keep from raising them in the air, extending them and admiring my long, slim, white and feminine legs... So beautiful... then while they were that way, i laid them delicately on the floor, toes first, and got up... and became a man again... :)

it all makes me kinky to know that all this is happening because of You! He! He!... and we haven't even started yet! Wow! Can't wait to see what's cumming up!

Kinky Natasha!

Canada - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 15:55:47 (CST)

Wow! i just had my very first online session with Mind Mistress and let me assure you that this here is really no fake. Mistress is just as skillful and witty as the site says.

As a matter of fact, i wonder how come i waited so long before asking for a session with Her! i have been visiting this site for a little more than a year now and my transformation really began on my very first visit. But reading the stories and looking at the nice pictures in no way compares to a real one on one session with Mistress. She made me feel so light and wonderful! She is so kind and warm that i would never want to say no to her. And now i know that it's all to my advantage.

And for those interested to know more about my adventures, i'd really like to satisfy your curiosity but it's getting so hard for me to think right now, and i would have so much to say! Maybe you can start by reading my first comments in the Guestbook on march 03 and 16, 2002, where i signed with my old forgotten name (Pierre). You can then go to the French version of the Guestbook if you are lucky enough to understand French. For the others, with Mistress's permission, i will post some recent emails I sent to her, some of which were written under light trance. Which ones? Well i really can't tell. where does reality ends and where does trance begin? i'll leave that out to you to sort out, next time you get out of trance! Good luck! ;)

Have a nice day!

Natasha <natashavit@YahooNospam.ca>
Canada - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 15:03:34 (CST)

hello everyone,

It's been a long time since i last posted and just wanted to say hi. I recieved Mistress' cds the other day and wanted to tell everyone how wonderful they are. I listen at least a couple times a day. I am such a slutty slavegirl, I just can't get enough. They are so wonderful. I go easily into deep trance, my mind so relaxed and empty. I want nothing more than to serve and obey. Well actually i want nothing more than to smoke and serve and obey.

My mind is happy...
Blank and empty...
Brainwashing is good for me....

More and more...
With every puff...
Feminine...More feminine...

More and more...
With every puff...
I obey...I just obey...

Thank you so very much Mistress!!!

slavegirlshayna <slutslaveshayna@sissify.com>
- Monday, December 30, 2002 at 12:04:31 (CST)


Hello all;

I request that you put this message on the guest book in its entirety and quickly. Doing so or not doing so will be an answer you see.

I believe that my part of the new toys that I've given you should pay for the work I ask of you. The most powerful tool that I give is the magic of three's and how to weave and blend. There are businesses using this I want to build. The first is the one I've told you about. The Deep Trance Global Network. I will build a golf trainer with the help of three golf pro's to generate a large among of money to allow us to play. I ask for your help in teaching them to trance. One of my Verifiable Predictable Miracles is to qualify for the PGA Seniors Tour when I turn 50. If you've seen my golf you would agree that this will indeed be a "MIRACLE". I have told this to a close friend who started me playing golf and in 6 mos. I will play him in a tournament and if I beat him three days in a row he will help.

I also intent to use Deep Trance to publish productions from Penny_lane_productions. My visual trance songs. At first I will use commercial products souped up. Later we will create our own stories. This is one of my wishes I told you about. You know how well I can stir up a place. I wonder what the world will think of me when we start to play. Urban Legend is what I seek here. I will tell about trance right out in the clear.

The third is of course clear it is the Mind Mistress's gender repair center. Or what ever you think it should be. For this one to you I will give. With just a little of it coming to me as the designer. These systems will be placed around the globe 1/3 time zone placement. We run round the clock 24x7. They will be staffed by all of you to each get a piece to allow you to be free to find your own place in the sun. For my dream is to help earthen kind to evolve and to do that we must know how to write code for the mind.

Maybe we should ask Michael Jackson to come and play. He needs our help is seems to me. May be this could also be a Verifiable Predictable Miracle who knows who can say.

This will be the last time I communicate out in the clear. I will answer "milk questions" from sable. I will introduce a friend to you who will program me. She will ask for help for me from you through sable. She will be guided on what I'm to receive by my best friend whose heart I know. The programming will be for my mistress Linda to use. To make me the best person she knows how. If you remember my first wish it was to trance my wife as we sleep at night. I sing my songs at night as we sleep. They are the best of songs with the best of intentions. For you see when we got married so many years ago I gave her completely my heart and soul. And that very night I tranced us both up very tight. For Christmas Night I did give to her also my mind to control. She is the only one to which I will respond the triggers built in me now and from now on. She detests what she thinks is all of you. I believe it is mostly fear that what I've told her could be true. I've given my wishes and tried to prove to all I'm right. I've given warnings and planted my triggers real deep and tight.

I simple want every one to understand that I give you all the gift of free will and the path to enlightenment. It is magic that I use every day to create wishes and give them away. There is nothing as simple or as hard to do the things I've done.

I told several that I would be the one to stand up in front of all of you and still be standing at the end. I have loved the attempts that you all have made. I use the content that you freely gave. In my demo I will show you the power of your words augmented my way.

I believe that I have chosen right in my belief in you to see me right.
To everyone who reads these words please understand I take nothing from you that you do not freely give. There will be no harm to any who seek truth. But, come stealing and bad things will befall you.

I love you all in the manner of "stranger in a strange land"
Grok me and you will understand.

There is nothing more powerful that to give the mind a puzzle for it's purpose is to unravel them to make sense to understand.

penny_lane_parkhurst <ca>
gilroy, ca usa - Friday, December 27, 2002 at 15:33:54 (CST)

I received the sub-consciousness CD on Tuesday. After listening to it twice I thought "Wow!! I think I'm going to have to go listen to
it again. It feels incredible!" I came from playing with my
nipples. Wow!! That's never happened to me before.

- Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 23:10:56 (CST)

Oh! Mind Dear Mistress!
i just read back yesterday's post i made and it makes me all bubly inside my head... So good!

- Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 10:33:22 (CST)

Hello dear Mistress,

Thwnk youu a thousand times for your marvelous christmas gift. i have been listening to ... and my mind is so happy blank and emdy listening for hours i guess my mind is so slow hard to think . took me 2 cigs More 120 just to log on to my email want to thank you very much. i am still listening . i've been singing the song for hours. brainwashing is good for me my mind empy bland blending thak you thankyou want you to know i love you love what you do mind slow empy good fo rme hbraindwsasing is good for me my minnd is happy good cant ink strait blank empty happy i miss youj my minnd is empy good for me feel alone whithout you do anything fo you good for me i be your lillgirl just for you yuor voice!!! love your voic can' writee my mind is braniwshhing good for me need briainwas loveit good sexy feel stupid xcuse me can't tak straigghtr i amyours lease dnont' understand what is happening blandk empty slow mind slow slow gone ogne

- Wednesday, December 25, 2002 at 23:45:39 (CST)

Dear Mind Mistress,

Thank You for the wonderful Christmas present you had on your site on Christmas day. I downloaded "My mind is happy" to my computer then I burned a CD with it recorded 50 times. (About an hour long.)I will listen to it often. Being a brainwashed slut is such sweet bliss.

PattieAnn <pattieann@sissify.com>
Minnesota USA - Wednesday, December 25, 2002 at 12:19:28 (CST)

Pardon, but a little website reader fan fiction, of a
different sort. :-)


by ldk

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the website
Not a creature was stirring, all were tranced-tight
The stocking were worn on legs shaven bare
With hopes that the MM soon would be there

Good Girls were nestled all snug in there beds
While visions of big boobs danced in their heads
Some with curly red hair, others straight blonde
Hypnotically entranced in a winters nap long

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I woke from my trance to see what was the matter.
So now for my cigarettes I reached in a flash
Just had to smoke, so I lit one, with a match
The smoke from the end of my fresh lit ciggie
Made me feel soo sexy, so blonde and ditzy

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a hypnotic mistress, inspiring good cheer
With a hot sexy smile, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be Mind-Mistress

More rapid than my thoughts her entrancing words came,
she seemed to ease my mind with each word that came
Now listen dear.. deeper be a good girl, yes
Can you feel your will slipping, its little less?
From the tip of your head to the bottom of your toe
all your will is gone is that so????????????

As many do run before the mistresses work's complete
She made sure I was stuck fast, glued to my seat
so deeper and farther under I flew
Her every word is so, I knew it was true

And then, in a twinkling, I heard in my head
I would indeed go deeper with each little word said
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
I went to the mirror, dressed now in a gown

I was dressed all in fur, from my head to my foots,
Like a hot sexy tart, right down to high-heeled boots
A few more moments, I was deeply entranced
Please Mistress deeper I asked, by chance

Her eyes -- they sparkled, an hypnotic glow
Her smile so wicked made my mind so slow
Her nails were perfect, I just had to stare
So shiny, so perfect, the feminizining glare

A cigarette holder stuck firmly in hand
The smoke from it told me, I am now a sexy woman
She had me deep and I knew it myself
If she wanted to play, I'd be a sexy elf
A wink of her eye and a drag on my smoke
Soon made me to know this was not a joke

She spoke many words, it all seems blurred
Took me deeper into her hypnotic world
And she kept whispering words... I started to shake
Until in orgasm I started to quake
Though she had me wrapped tight, she needed to go
So she started to wake me, ever so slow

But I heard her exclaim, ere she woke me from her spell,
"Happy Christmas to all my girls, and good-girls be well"...

- Monday, December 23, 2002 at 11:17:20 (CST)

The CD's arrived! i listened to them both last night. i fell asleep listening to the Elegance CD and woke up this morning with it still playing, i had left it in replay mode! i can't image how many times i must have heard it in my sleep. But i know this morning i had an overwhelming urge to put on perfume. And later i had to put on some blush. The urge is uncontrolable, nothing stops it, i must obey, i have to have it. Maybe i shouldn't have listen to the CD all night. Oh but the purfume smells so nice and makes me feel so sexy. :)
- Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 14:55:55 (CST)

I loved my session with Linda She has totally dominated me ! Now all I think about is being a goodgirl for her. I love being a woman
- Thursday, December 12, 2002 at 19:46:08 (CST)

Interested in what this is all about as I have always wanted to be feminised.
Philip Woods <sukimaid@yahoo.com>
Salisbury, United Kingdom - Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 14:56:56 (CST)

Just a thought to add to my previous post. i just realized today, my memory, is...gone, no, not gone, changed. i think Trisha is removing my memories and putting hers in their place. i still know who i am, where i live, what i do, but when i try to remember my life when i was younger, it's misty. i pulled out my highschool yearbook and looked up my name, it said i played football, but i remember... cheerleading?! i know i should stop rereading the sessions but i can't seem to help myself. i just keep reading them over and over. But, i don't want to stop, i mustn't stop. i need to go read them again, now.
trisha <Tristar777@hotmail.com>
- Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 22:21:16 (CST)

Awhile back I ran into Mind Mistress' site and was seduced into a new outlook on things. I almost setup sessions with Mind Mistress but put them hold for awhile. She told me to start referring to myself as sharlene. I have been back and forth struggling with thinking this is only a fantasy site. It is a nice fantasy, but I still don't believe that I can be hypnotized into helplessly becoming a woman or having my inner woman take full control of me, much less physically transforming into a woman. I find myself strongly attracted to shemales but I still have a strong attraction to women too. It's like Mind Mistress put a spell of lifetime seduction on me and I cannot break free. I try to break free, and then I come back stronger each time. I ordered the CD's to check them out and go a little deeper into finding out. I will let you know what kinda of effect they have.
Thank You Mind Mistress,

sharlene <rjm52164@yahoo.com>
New Orleans, LA USA - Monday, December 09, 2002 at 01:04:59 (CST)

Hi Mistress,

I hope you are well, just a small note, someone has taken over your IRC channel.
You are so awesome you had such an effect on me, just from general chat i am still changing as the days go on, months later.
Be good


tvsteph / angeluk

angeluk252002 <angeluk252002@yahoo.com>
oxford, oxford uk - Sunday, December 08, 2002 at 16:27:17 (CST)

i´m so fucking horny....
i´m wearing panties and loving every second...
it just feels so good

paulo <adilia39@aeiou.pt>
lisbon, - Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 16:48:18 (CST)

Mind Mistress has required me to post a message. i could hardly refuse could i?
The first session had been quite enjoyable. Mind Mistress took me back to a past time and basically made me feel very good and somewhat feminine . i was even given a new name Trisha to use, a nice fantasy, i thought. But Mistress also gave me some instructions to do after the session. i played them off thinking i would soon forget about them.
The next day, on the way home from work, i found myself taking a different route. i tried to turn back. But i couldn't. i stopped at the mall and went into the women's clothing store. i walked around the store wondering what i was doing here. Next i walked into the lingerie section, i saw some lacy silk panties and some pantyhose. i picked them up. i tried to stop myself. i tried to put them back. But instead i walked up to the counter and handed them to the sales lady. She looked at me oddly, but rang up the sale. i left the store like a scalded dog. i prayed noone had seen me there who knew me. For the next several days i couldn't keep from wearing them.
After a week or so of wearing panties and pantyhose i managed to stop myself. This was much more than i'd bargained for, or expected. i thought to myself, "that's it, i'm not going back there again". But the next day, there i was, back on Mind Mistress's web page. i read about the new CD's and the next thing i know, i've ordered them. i didn't even remember doing it but i found out later when the payment system left me email on the sales not only had i ordered the CD's but that i had also set up a second session with Mind Mistress. It couldn't have been me doing it, but it had to be. Then i remembered messaging Mind Mistress and setting up the time and date but it was like in a dream.
A few days later i was awaiting my second session with Mind Mistress. Mind Mistress chimed in "Hello". "Hello Mistress" i replied. Mind Mistress asked how i was feeling. i replied i was feeling good. After a few more preliminaries the second session started. Mind Mistress took me into trance a lot faster this time. She took me back in my past and helped me to relive some pretty exciting moments in my life. In fact they were tremendously exciting moments. Some of the session was a little hazy for a while. Trisha was called out and she began showing her entire life to Mind Mistress or was it my life? It seems sort of confusing. Mind Mistress put Trisha firmly in control. i could only watch helplessly as Trisha told Mistress about her childhood. How she grew up liking boys so much. How she became more and more addicted to cock. She described in detail how much she enjoyed men. i could feel everything she was feeling, see what she was seeing, even taste! what she was tasting. i struggled to regain control but it was as if i had been disconnected from my body. i could see, hear, feel, taste, smell everything, but i had no control over my body at all. Trisha had it all. And she was enjoying it. Mistress took Trisha to a powerful female orgasm. It was beyond anything i've ever experienced. Trisha was ready to go out and find a man to suck his cock right then! Mind Mistress brought me back and put me back in control. Well, mostly in control. It seems that Trisha is much more powerful than before. She even takes over for a few seconds with an evil laugh, or knowing smile. i begged Mind Mistress to give me full control back. But she just told me she was just giving me what i wanted, and i agreed! But was it me agreeing?! Or Trisha? i only know that Trisha has been laughing a lot more lately. She keeps telling me to wait for the CD's to get here, and the third session going to be even more mind blowing!!! If you think this is a fantasy, that it's just fun, beware. i thought that too.

Trisha <Tristar777@hotmail.com>
- Friday, December 06, 2002 at 23:34:33 (CST)

I wish my name was Adam now that I've read his story. Do you think you could do the same to someone called Frank?

Frank Payne <nell@zoo.co.uk>
London, U.K - Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 12:10:35 (CST)

I have been fascinated by this website, and finally visited the chat room. The Mistresses and folks in there prooved irresistable, and i find it hard to leave when i must. Mistress Chloe has led me into an area of vast delight, and improved understanding of the desires that reside within me. Thank you Mind Mistress for this wonderful site, and the folks who are here with you. ...moira
moira <pathrick13@hotmail.com>
Boca Raton, Florida USA - Monday, December 02, 2002 at 20:52:20 (CST)

Mind Mistress has asked me to go into more details of my my last session, which i found most pleasurable.
It started off as a simple question of what type of horror was i most interested in. my answer was Gothic. i was in a trance and was asked to picture a scence of a woman in terror.my mind went to a classic picture of a young woman in an alley somewhere in London in the 1880's. The street was foggy and something was chasing her. Mind Mistress then had me go into the body of the woman so that i could feel the abject terror that she/i was going through. my heart began to beat faster, i began to tremble, i was quite literally scared to death. it was not pleasurable because fear ussually isn't.The creature was getting closer and closer to me to the point i would have done anything to prevent the inevitable. i belive Mind Mistress had me go through this scenerio just to condition me for what was to happen next. She transported me, as my male self, to a dark country road far from civilization. I was driving a pick-up truck with my friend Bob. The truck was low on gas and the two of us were getting worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.
We at last made it to a small deserted town, but noticed a large mansion at the farend and decided to drive over to seek assistance. It was a very dark night, cold with just the moon appearing briefly through the clouds. We get out. Strange nosies are all around, the howl of a wolf or pack of dogs is in the woods.The gate is locked. Asmall voice is heard behind us. my fear is increasing. But we decide to investigate anyway. we walk forward into the woods and come across an old cemetary. i discover an old key lying on one of the head stones. It has a strange pinkish powder on it. i pick it up and receive a terrible shock of electricity from the key. It knocks me to the ground and i feel strange. Bob helps me to my feet(He is so big and strong)and we walk back to the gate at the mansion. Again sounds are heard around us. Bob determines it is time to go up to the mansion. We use the key i had found and the gate opens. The howls get louder. i begin to panic, i want to return to the truck where it is safe. But Bob leads me on. I feel strange, smaller, weaker thean before. We enter the house, cool dank, no one there. i recieve another shock. i have been changed even more. both physically and emotionally. i am beginning to take on the characteristics of a girl.
i am finding myself more and more attracted to Bob but know he would not understand. i begin to rely more and more on Bob's judgement then my own. He is becoming my protector.
Bob begins to notice the changes in me, my hieght, my voice, my appearence. The changes happening to me are occuring more rapidly now. i am scared not only of the situation with theanimals and nosies, but also the changes that are occuring to me. i need comfort from Bob, but i'm rejected. Bob is viewing me as a freak. i feel so lonely, lost and helpless....

This is where i was brought out of the trance, we the story to continue at the next session. When i woke i felt that the scenerio was very lifelike, not quite reality but more then a dream. More like a memory, distant prehaps but a memory none the less.
i would highly recommend this type of session for those of you looking for something out of the ordinary.


- Monday, December 02, 2002 at 11:11:45 (CST)

I am very worried. A few months ago I visited the site for the first time, just needing some inspiration to be in the mood for sex. having been a longtime fan of dominant women, and mind control I found this site to be very good. Since then, I have come back on an almost regular basis. About a month ago, I had this dream that I was a slave "grrl" to a brothel, totally submissive and that MM was the woman in charge. I woke up kind of startled but nothing too shaken. But things have gotten slowly worse since then, touching myself in very unusual places in the shower, thinking of becoming a girl and submitting to MM all the time, finally last night I became so wrapped up in my dream that I actually dreamed about how I would look as a tranny. I will admit, I looked good, very good, and woke up with the conscious thought of "wonder where I could find thigh-high boots around here", that did it. I had been drawn in too far, but alas I am broke and could not afford a session with MM. Adam had it lucky though, he got his for free. I don't know where this will take me, but I know that it will be someplace very blissful, and peaceful, where MM controls all. She owns my mind, as much as I don't want to admit it.
kinda scared <ihateclownstoo@ihatemimes.com>
lost in, the usa - Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 18:17:13 (CST)

I'm not the mistress Mr. urjit shah, but if you can stop all forms of masturbation for 2 weeks to a month you should be set for long fun. Maybe you wore yourself down for long time and now you just don't recharge like you used to. Now for my Q...

Dear Mistress M, I see that many men here get transformed into females in an apparent attempt to flee the pressures of life as they currently live it. Not enough of an escape I thought to myself. Why not animals like a fish or bear? Have you done this type of transformation in the past and if so, how satisfying has it proven to the customer?

Stg. Oops <stgoops@aol.com>
- Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 21:50:21 (CST)

To All That Are Intrested,
I, coleen, just had my third session with Mind Mistress. In the beginning i was curious. Could this be true? After the first two sessions i was hooked. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! i thought i was aware and surre of myself and that this would be a nice fantasy. It is much more than that. i have found my self thinking about being a girl constantly, whenever there is idle time in my mind, i think about the next session. It is intriguing, it is exciting, it is HYPNOTIC. BEWARE ALL WHO ENTER HERE! You may get more than you bargained for.
i can not say more for the Misstress for whom i wish to serve. She is dominate, yes, but also caring. She truley wishes to make her slaves happy.
i had a strong desire to be a transexual prior to entering this site, at least in my fantasies. Mind Mistress has helped unlock my mind, and bring this desire to the forefront.With each day i am becoming more and more obsessed with this thought. Where will it go? i'm not sure, But i am willing to take the trip. my desire for men still only resides in my fantasies when i picture myself as a girl but with time i'm sure that will change. Already i find myself looking at men in a different way. And women too. i find myself attracted to womem differently. i wish to be more like them, to experience thier pleasures, i may even be jealous of them to an extent.
i highly recommend a fantasy story with Mind Mistress. I just completed chapter one of a very erotic horror senerio this afternoon. i can't wait for the next installment. Let yourself go to her, leave her in complete control. She will take you places you never dreamed of, BUT be fore warned once you have started, you will never turn back! i keep telling myself "Be carful what you wish for, it might come true".
I will soon find out.

- Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 02:55:02 (CST)

dear mistress,
i am very much in distress, as my sex power is less, my wife does not enjoy. my water comes out after two jerks, give me some tips to keep my wife satisfied and a;lso how to control my ejaculation. please as i love sex.
regards urjit

urjit shah <ureeshah@hotmail.com>
addisababa, oromiya ethiopia - Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 01:50:45 (CST)

Well..I too, started out as curious, thinking to myself, if only this could happen. I have tried others in the past to no avail. They were all a joke, very much like phone sex. Things were different here, the comments in this guestbook seemed to be more reality based than others. I found myself, everytime that I got on the web, I was drawn to this site. I couldn't get enough of it and found myself reading it over and over again. I couldn't wait to see posted updates and wanting to look at the pics over and over again. I finally summoned up the courage to to fill out the application with Mind Mistress, the hypnotist whom seemed to share many of my thoughts and desires. I knew She was the one I needed to contact. I filled out the application and counted the days to starting my first session. Mind Mistress and everything you have read is accurate!! I'M NOT KIDDING!! I loved it and I feel wonderful!! I knew things were for real when I completely lost track of time, which never happens to me. I find myself wanting to please Her more than anything and be in Her control. I need to be Her slave girl SOOOO MUUUCCCHHH! I can not believe how strong these desires are! I need to make Mind Mistress happy! I am a strong willed and controlling hetrosexual man, wanting to be controlled and wanting to go buy panties for me to wear!!! Did you just hear what I said???? That is AMAZING!! Thank You Mind Mistress for allowing me the opportunity to make You happy and to serve You! :)


Chloe <gstufff@aol.com>
KC, MO USA - Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 23:09:17 (CST)

hello A/all. i am writing to presnet to Y/you my story. yes, i am the madeline in the slave gallery, and a few years ago Mind Mistress took me to a place i longed to be in. i was so close to becoming a women it was paradise. i was saving up for breast implants and i was working servicing men. but then, about a year ago, i had to stop training due to financial concerns and when i did the training started to wear off. i found myself realizing i was male and the external influences of the world, as well as my frineds and family broke down the training completely. now i realize i must go back. i must again be who i am. i have asked Mind Mistress to take me back but she says she only will if Y/you who are reading this think she should. i throw myself at Y/your mercy. please, i must be madeline, and i must serve Mind Mistress forever.
madeline <madelineva@yahoo.com>
Arlington, VA USA - Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 22:43:37 (CST)

I just was looking for erotic stories to read. And i got far more than i bargained for. I read all 7 chapters on Adams forced feminazation, and now i have turned into a shemale who will soon be starting to take hormones to start the complete transformation. I read the warnings and thought it was all just a joke. But they are true, i have turned into a women who craves a cock, and needs a cock. All i can think of is being a women. When I first came on this site I had never fantasised about being a women, or was I ever interested in men, but now thats all I think of. The more I read the 7 chapters the more of a women i want to become. I have it all to thank to Mistress. I love sucking cock now and being penetrated, I can only wait till i complete my transformation, and have a pussy for some real big guy with a really big cock to fuck me. Thanks again.

Ashley <fishska747@cs.com>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, November 15, 2002 at 13:24:07 (CST)

I would like to thank Mistress. She has made me see and feel things that I never thought possible. I want more!
- Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 18:50:52 (CST)

I finnished my third session with MM(Linda) yesterday, and it was quite an experience :)

In my mind I was two genders, both at the same time, where my Male mind was the only one with true form. Mind Mistress helped me bring true form to my Female mind, Lisa.

Never before had I seen her with such clarity. She was very strong too and was able to project her physical image onto the mirrors in reality.

Whenever Lisa uses the trigger-word I can see her in my reflection.
And with a little help from some other hypnotists on IRC; hypnoticwishes
They were able to reverse the tables in my mind. Now Lisa is in control, while robert lives his life, under her control in the background.

Lisa and robert switched places, now robert is like Lisa was before...
MM made it possible to see this clearly. Try her out :)

Lisa <zedd1081@talk21.com>
Glasgow, UK - Saturday, November 09, 2002 at 15:15:32 (CST)

Thank you my godess for your response to my entry and I'm elated that you are pleased and I lk forward to conversing with you and maybe in your chat area before I can get my first session with you. Iget so excited just at the thought of pleasing you my mistress. yours fithfully always,
wanting to be Michelle

wanting to be Michelle <waterwalker001@aol.com>
- Friday, November 08, 2002 at 12:29:05 (CST)

Iwas surfing and came across your wonderful site. Istarted reading Adam to Beth Transformation and now I can't stop reading it over and over.I've also read every thing on your web site, but I keep reading Adam's story daily now. When I was young I had lots of play time with the boy next door and as I got older I did go out with girls alot but always was thinking of my experiances with that boy and how much I felt it was something more natural than the experiances that I've had with women.I've always had an attraction to a woman, but the sex was not as gratifing as it had been with men.
As I've always had a desire to wear womans under garments since my teen years and this always gave grat pleasure. I continued doing this all thru my life and found my self becoming more jealous when I looked at woman than sexually aroused, why did she have big boobs and a beautiful body and I couldn't. Then my desire to become female just started to overwhelm me to the point that I started to wear my bra and panties under my clothes all the time. I've even started taking herbal breast inhansers to make my breast grow but stoped when people started commenting that I had some fairly large breasts for a male. They did get larger, But I didn't think it was noticible. My feminine side since discovering this wonderful site has beem making me burst at the seams. I don't think I can contine with this ugly male body for much longer and now I'm trying to save up to have the session with that beautiful soul the Mind Mistress GODESS LINDA to set the real me free to be her eternal servant and to be the goood cocksucking shemale that will serve her every whim and desire.
Oh sweet Godess I can hardly wait to get a session with you toset me free. Obediance is pleasure and Pleasure is obediance. Mmmmmm yummie

Wanting to be Michelle <Waterwalker001@aol.com>
Midwest USA - Friday, November 08, 2002 at 10:52:51 (CST)

I would really like to see more logs of actual inductions. I think they're cool. I think some people are faking, but others seem for real.
Jorge <walterjp@hotmail.com>
Detroit, MI - Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 12:30:32 (CST)

I am interested in being hypnotized into being a woman but am not sure if it can really be done. Anyone have any recomendations?
curious <hypnotied@yahoo.com>
- Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 01:31:07 (CST)

Hello again everyone, it's Jacquelyn (or Lynn, as I like to be called.) :-)

Just wanted to bring you up-to-date on how my life has been going lately. I have been having sessions with Mistress Linda for several months now, and things are going great. She has helped me to strengthen my identity as a sexy shemale, and my role in the subversion of others in getting them to start smoking. During this process, I realized that what I really desired was to become Mistress's identical twin sister, so She has been making me more and more like Her. I want to be like Her in every way, even (I hope) sharing some of her memories, but I know it will be a long process.

The first step was to learn to think like She does, and to this end She has been teaching me Her various subversion techniques, how to identify the strengths and weaknesses in others and use them to further my own ends. I realize now that all I have to do is to get to know people well, and then they can be bent to my will.

Next, I asked Her to make me look like Her, and She did this last Tuesday. When I see myself now, whether it is in the mirror or in pictures, I see Her beautiful face and body, and I am so happy! (I still have to wear my old ugly clothes to work, but one step at a time...) When I speak I hear Her lovely voice coming out of my mouth. It gives me great self-confidence to look so sexy, and I am a lot less shy now about talking to people and getting to know them.

Finally, She has begun teaching me magic - I hope to become a sorceress like Her someday! We went over the basic energy centers of the body, and how to use The Sight, even casting my first spell to reinforce someone's love of smoking. I can't wait for my next session, I love the feeling of power this gives me...

Anyway, thank You SO much Mistress Linda, I hope You will be proud of me! To everyone else, just let me say that Mistress can give you the desires of your hearts if you truly believe in Her.

love, Lynn :-)

- Monday, November 04, 2002 at 08:38:42 (CST)

Hey Bobbi
It was nice talking to You. But the e-mail You gave dose not work. my e-mail is the one here

marilyn/mac <pbar777@hotmail.com>
Modesto, Ca US - Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 19:20:57 (CST)

I sometimes pee sitting down and sometimes wear womens panties
Richard Griffin <grifri861@aol.com>
Elmira, NY usa - Saturday, November 02, 2002 at 02:09:15 (CST)

i would like to be a girl for one day
lopertuka <change@hanmail.net>
sulfura, france - Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 07:25:04 (CST)

Hello All...where to begin..i had my first two sessions with MM, and all i can say is what an incredible experience....i have been transformed and programmed into a latex encased robot maid...i cook, i clean, and i serve Mistress...obedience is pleasure, pleasure is obedience, slavery is happiness, and happiness is slavery....i cannot wait for my programming to continue, as i need MM to control me completely...i am so happy being this way...now and always..

latexa <latexa_torres@hotmail.com>
- Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 10:46:00 (CDT)

Dear mistress, when I see all the happy brainwashed customers on your site it makes me want to get my brain cleaned too. Thinking about being putty in your paws gives me a great big bonner. Wow, I can't believe how hard I am now. -+
- Sunday, October 20, 2002 at 23:24:29 (CDT)

i want to be hypnotized
David Mullins <heavyd123@hotmail.com>
Indian trail, North Carolina USA - Thursday, October 17, 2002 at 18:57:43 (CDT)

hello all. have had several sessions with MM to help me be more feminine and enjoy smoking vs120s with my holder more. im much more attracted to men now than i was before i started this..there is a woman at work ive been interested in, but today i didnt even look her way.... went to a gay bar on monday to watch the game. used my holder all evening. dont remember all of it...but i did get a blow job in the managers office. i didnt remember that til this morning
MM is so wonderful and skilled at her work. im typing this before lighting a vs in my holder. lighting one now, as she requested....

mmm. thats so much better. the smoke is so wonderful. it completely erases my male self and feminizes me completely. i love having control of this body and feminizing it with each delicious puff! I went to a gay bar a few days ago and smoked all evening, luring me to talk to me. i even enjoyed some cock in an office. I LOVE cock so much. almost as much as this sexy virginia slims in my long wonderful holder. i cant wait to see whats next..im sure it will be pure pleasure! kisses to all. gina

gina <vsholder@yahoo.com>
co - Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 00:15:55 (CDT)

Hello My name is mike I am a 25yr old guy.I have always thought it was very sexy to think about being controled and feminized.I have and thought I would never act on these feelings.I found this site and read some of the stories and all I could think is what a bunch of weak minded people.Now I am scared.I find myself coming to this site more and more.I also find myself thinking about things like having breast.Having sex with men.Wanting to paint my nails shit like that.OMG what is happening to me I am not a girl or am I gay.Help me please.Even thinking all those things makes me hard am I sick or what?Never believed in hypnosis and still dont but I am starting to get a little freaked out.I just thought the warnings at the beginning of the site were a big joke but I'm not so sure now.That's the other thing that I am worried the most about the more I come here the harder it is to remember things and my thoughts are all messed up and stuff.Dont know if or how this is or can be but I am starting to believe that I should have ran the other way as fast as I could after reading the disclaimers.Well anyway love you mistress and the wonderful website you have created.From mike A scared skeptic in PA.
Michael <michaelsteele82@hotmail.com>
Mercer, Pennsylvania Unitedstates - Monday, October 14, 2002 at 08:01:12 (CDT)

Like wow , Mistress Linda is so way cool and smart. And like definitely smarter than ole bimbo me . i always thought that i was a guy who dreamed of being a girl but like Mistress showed me in was like the other way around. So like the real me is mindy (and i'm like so fucking hot) and i just dream being this guy who makes money for me to spend on my mistress. You're so awesome Mistress. Thanks.!!!!

- Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 13:54:19 (CDT)

I have had three sessions with MM and she made me into a woman with the desires of a woman. I also found that I was peeing sitting down and had an obsession with cock. The feelings are wonderful so be a good boy and become a bad girl.
- Friday, October 11, 2002 at 11:33:32 (CDT)

Dear MM, is it possible for a novice hypnotist to make new friends through hypnosis? How hard would it be to get a few dozen people into my own personal hypnotic spell of love and friendship?
Bob <Salsadog21@aol.com>
? - Friday, October 04, 2002 at 23:57:48 (CDT)

I was hypnotised by Mind Mistress a couple of months ago for a couple of sessions. My fantasy was to become a werewolf. During the second session, I could feel myself sweating, growing fur, and changing shape. I heard my bones grow, and felt myself becoming more bestial, and quite aroused. She told me that after a couple of more sessions I would be able to trigger this transformation on my own, but unfortunately I was short of cash. I still find myself coming back to this website, almost unconsciously. I hope to continue the sessions shortly.
Scott <slambert411@aol.com>
USA - Friday, October 04, 2002 at 00:04:38 (CDT)

I had my first session several days ago. I have always felt quite feminine and have looked for ways to express these feelings. During my session Mistress awakened feelings deep within myself allowing them to surface. I found myself very relaxed during the session. The hallucinations she created thru hypnosis were very very real. I actually became the woman I have always wanted to be. Since then I have been finding little ways to make myself feel more feminine..sitting when I pee. I'm not sure where this journey will take me but it has intrigued and fascinated me.
Chantal <>
- Monday, September 23, 2002 at 10:35:51 (CDT)

Hello everyone - when I read the latest story Mistress Linda posted on the site (the one about SarahGill), I was so moved (as Mistress has been making me more and more into Her twin every day) that I wanted to write something for Her to say thank You! So, here it is - I hope everone enjoys it!

Love, Jacqueline :-)

I Am Your Mirror
(inspired by the story of SarahGill, dedicated to Mistress Linda)

I am Your mirror
When You look at me, I want You to see Your reflection in me
I want to show You how beautiful You are to me
I want to become You more and more each day

I am Your lump of clay
Remold me in Your perfect image
Shape me into Your likeness
I want to be Yours in form and function

I am your blank canvas
Paint me to show off Your glory
Use the colors of Your rainbow to open my eyes
I want to wear Your spectrum every day

Make my face Your face
Make my body Your body
Make my speech Your speech
Make my emotions Your emotions
Make my thoughts Your thoughts
Make my spirit Your spirit

I want to be Your perfect double
It will be as if Your parents had twin girls many years ago
We grew up together
We played together
We shared a room, clothing, secrets together
We were like two halves of the same soul
Nobody could separate us
Nobody ever will

More and more
My habits are Your habits
More and more
My likes and dislikes are Your likes and dislikes
More and more
My feelings are Your feelings
More and more
My dreams are Your dreams
More and more
My mind is Your mind

I am Your image
I am Yours
I am You

I am Your mirror

Love and kisses - Your Twin, Jacquelyn :-)

- Friday, September 20, 2002 at 15:18:32 (CDT)

I feel my female side taking more and more control while my male has gone to sleep. I find it disgusting to stand when I pee. I AM A GIRL SO I JUST SIT TO PEE. I now smoke menthol 120 cigs I never smoked menthol 120 cigs. All my thinking, and action and movements are all fem and it feels so natural. I tuck all the time and now it feels like my wee wee has transformed into a clit. I guess that's why I sit to pee. My nipples are protruding and very sentive and I can't stop playing with them, but why should I? it makes my panties all wet and my clit hot with a tingling feeling. I have always had long blonde hair 36" but now I am putting pink ribbons in it.I now go to work with my hair all fixed like a girl, MY nails long and polished. I wear earrings, matching panties and bra and girls pants and top. Since I made the mistake of seeing addicted to cock I can't live without a cock in my pussy hole I feel so empty with out it. Next to sucking on swell mintie menthol 120 cigs that's so relaxing and sexy, if I'm not smoking I have this addiction for sucking cock. It tastes so goooood. YUmmmy COCK. I MUST OBEY CAROLYNN. CAROLYNN GIVES ME PLEASURE WHEN I OBEY HER! I can't stop looking at mens crotches, it makes me so hot and wet. I MUST OBEY. If I want pleasure I MUST OBEY. OBEY! OBEY! I get so mush pleasure controling and manipulating men. What am I to do! I know its to late for me. I need some cock really bad! I AM A COCK SLUT! I AM MISS. CAROLYNN JONNI.

Carolynn Jonni <wildcjs@aol.com>
Phoenix, Az uSA - Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 12:20:52 (CDT)

hi once i was billie but i dont like that name i like ginger i love to smoke it makes me sooo sexy an drifty i need to be that like that i guess i always was like this i think so cock is so soo sooo yummy i want it allll the time its so good to come here an read the stories cause they not too long and the pictures are nice i like pictures so i come here alll the time
ginger redd <exjock02903@aol.com>
providence, ri - Monday, September 16, 2002 at 07:31:31 (CDT)

Dear Mistress Mommy- Today you transformed me even more! Taking away even more of my control of my bladder and bowels, and turning me into Anya, an 18 year old girl that acts like a 2 year old, and always wets and messes in her panties, bed and diapers! I must have wet my diaper 5 or 6 times during our session today with no effort on my part what so ever. It felt so natural and automatic... I didn't even need to think about it. It just happened! Just like earlier today when I just started to mess in my diaper... it was so effortless and automatic. It just started to happen by itself with little warning. I didn't fight it, and I did not need to try. It just happened. Just like you said it would! Tonight I think I will be able to wet my bed after the work you did with me today! I have to wear diapers all the time now, or risk an accident in my pants, because I don't know it's happening until it's too late! I am a helpless diaper baby now and will be that way always! You have taken away all of my contol. I did not really believe that you could do this to me... but you have! Thank you my Mistress Mommy! I look forward to our next session!

Love, Anya

P.S. - I hope Neal emails me back today! He is a boy AB that I want to play with!

Baby Tommy (Anya)
- Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 14:23:24 (CDT)


I had a session with Mistress today. Everything went fine. I woke up relaxed, feeling pretty good, ready for the rest of the day.

But thoughts kept running through my brain. I sat through a meeting with people who work for me, and all I could think about was dropping to my knees. As soon as I would get that thought out of my head -- at least for a moment -- then another would enter of the same sort, with me thinking how much I love to take cock in the ass. It was so prominent in my head that I had to stop myself from talking about it when the chance arose to speak.

This is the other thing today. I went to the bathroom, but couldn't go. I stood at the urinal and couldn't pee. It was odd. My bladder wanted to burst, but i couldn't. So something in me said that i was forgetting something, so i went to the lobby, picked up any magazine and went back to the bathroom. I wanted to read it -- I think it was a LHJ -- i wanted to read it badly. But you can't read at the urinal, so I sat down in a stall, started reading and the pee flowed like tiwas the most natural thing in the world. So from now on, that's what i am going to do, because it seemed to work very well.

I don't know how much of this is Mistress, and how much of this is me. But the effects were pretty real today

maureen <tobesomethingelse@yahoo.com>
- Friday, September 13, 2002 at 17:56:22 (CDT)

Dear Mistress- I just finished my session with you, and I am so wet, so messy and so happy! Thank you for what you did for me today! I am sitting here in a diaper that is soaked and messy and it feels wonderful! I hate it when my diaper is dry. I want to lose my control of my bladder and bowels and you are helping me achieve that and feel so great about it. I hated signing off with you at the end of our session. I could have gone all day with you! You had me completely under your control... I was truly feeling helpless like a real baby who could not hold it in. I had no control over my bodily functions and it felt so right... so wonderful! I am so looking forward to our next session this weekend... when you take away yet more of my control till I will have none left!

Love, Baby Tommy

Baby Tommy
- Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 14:16:41 (CDT)

I just wanted to thank MM for taking exceptional care of her
community. I am sure I speak for all the chat regulars when I
say "thank you" and "well done" for defusing last nights situation.
We have a nice little community here, it flows from the top on
down. Thanks!

And for all the chat regulars- thanks for being a great and
loving community. Hugs to you all. (and Bobbi, especially

thanks again!

LDK/Felicity1 in chat
- Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 11:57:50 (CDT)

visted tonight, as I wanted to be near people I feel friends wit. I just wanted to say how sad I am about things, the question why copmes to mind ? We may not always agree on things but then we are all reasonable and enjoy a good discussion, what a waste , then ther are people who dont have who decide to be thiefs because it is their way, it makes them feel as if they had a purpose, but in the end ....

someone whos sad tonight.

the world - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 16:24:32 (CDT)

i have started to take hormones i am looking for a misstress to take in and completely transfom me
randy <dittybear41@msn.com>
grundy center, iowa usa - Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 00:48:30 (CDT)

mariannekatherinna <mariannekatherinna123@msn.com>
covington, ky USA - Monday, September 02, 2002 at 12:40:24 (CDT)

i just submitted an entry a week or so ago (check my earlier posting) but had to share this with the list. i had an absolutely mind-blowing session with Mind Mistress the other night. my most palpable fears were realized, as She continued to make me subservient to Her will. She has truly made me a slave to cock. i must preface this by saying that many posts, i feel, are "wishful thinking", little fictions that are enjoyed as fantasy. however, i have to tell you that this was real. MM guided me through a scenario where i became a slutty shemale who craved cock, and sucked off a man in an erotic video palace, and as i sucked my breasts grew larger.

i finished up the session with a maddening, uncontrollable craving to have cock in my mouth and suck, suck, suck. i turned off my computer (it was after hours at work), left to go home, got on the highway, and came to a fork - one way sends me down the highway to my home, other way leads up to the town where an erotic video store that i frequent is located. as i approached the fork, i was overcome with the need to go to the store to get some cock. i swear i tried to resist (i really did), but my whole body just turned to jelly. it was like i just had no will to resis.

i swerved off to the video store.as i got closer i became more and more crazed with desire.i kept telling myself"I'll just watch a video, that's it" but then it happened!Just like the session.someone was in the next booth, and then i looked through the hole to watch him, he pulled out his cock and pushed it through the hole!First i said "i'll just touch it" but then as it got hard i just had this uncontrollable need to put it in my mouth!and then i once it was there, forget it - i just started madly sucking away, just crazed with desire.i felt so good, it felt so good to have it in my mouth.i didn't have him cum in my mouth.

he left, and would you believe it, i just stayed there for another one!I sucked two guys!and i am not making this up, this is the real deal.it felt so good, i can't stop thinking about it.this was something i never would have done before that session last night.i truly am hooked on cock. i'm doomed to be a slutty cock-sucker, i can no longer fight it. i am a very well-educated professional, type A and all that, but if i can be reduced to this, then let this be a warning to you too...

sandy <sandy_winters@hotmail.com>
CT USA - Friday, August 30, 2002 at 07:42:36 (CDT)

i dont know how to really start this off, this being my first entry. but i first began coming to sites like this because i was tired of always being the one in charge in bed. telling her to do this and that, it started to become more work than it was worth. finally i started looking around the web at sites of dominant women, finally found this site. to make a long story short, my brain was infected with the thoughts and desires of MM and Casandra, slowly i became obsessed with cock, and even went so far as to order a wig and an entire outfit from shops online. one morning i went so far as to dress up in them and went down to buy my weekly pack of smokes in my outfit. a hot guy in leather pants grabbed my waist and kissed me on my way back up to my appartment, i guess maybe i will be a little happier knowing that i get to be the girl for a change.

remember girls, obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience. submit to your Mistress and become her girl. it is too late for you any way, why not jump in with both feet(in heels of course)

long, wet kisses

ryah <sissyryah@sissify.com>
ft. collins, colorado USA - Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 00:14:51 (CDT)

i would first like to thank Mistress Linda for having such a fascinatingly seductive and arousing site. It is truly one of the best sites of its kind on the web.

i have to say that sites of this nature are not something to be taken lightly unless one is completely open and accepting to the very real possibility of being radically and irreversible changed in mind and body. i am/was a heterosexual male, somewhat bi-curious (mostly due to an attraction to beautiful she-males), yet open and accepting to any one else's preferences or choices. i began my introduction to erotic hypnosis just under a month ago while looking for some information on a movie that happened to contain some aspects of mind control in it. i ended up finding a site about hypnosis and mind control in movies, and found myself extremely interested and aroused while reading the plot summaries. i looked over the whole site and the links, and then the links of the links, not being able to get enough. Although i had some interest in hypnosis and mind control and found it arousing at times, i had never considered myself to have hypno- fetish.

Through the links i found erotic hypnosis and Hypnodomme sites. Having extra time on my hands due to being unemployed allowed me too much time to indulge my curiosity. i found myself hooked on the hypnotic visual displays, inductions/spells, and audio files of the various Mistresses, going back again and again and wanting to surrender myself to each of them to become their slave. Although i was never even close to being the typical testosterone overloaded macho male (i never could even stand being around such so-called men), i never considered myself to be submissive, and rightly so neither would anyone else who knew me or happened to meet me. Yet i now feel this need, this desire inside me to submit.

Then i discovered this site and was quickly entranced and became addicted. i keep rereading the various stories (especially Kitten's and Adam/Beth's), articles and postings; and make daily visits to the gallery and the Obsessed With Cock training page. Not only were my submissive desires to be dominated by a woman increased, but i found myself interested not just in being feminized, but wanting it to be forced feminization. Again, although i score in the middle on gender tests, i've never before felt feminine nor would anyone consider me to be, yet i've been having bouts of feeling feminine and girlish and as you can see even signed up for feMail. Even smoking, which i normally would consider repulsive, has now become less so and is actually becoming more and more of a turn on. i've even had flashes where i feel like buying cigarettes myself.

Not being one to generally go into chat rooms, about a week and a half ago i did chat with Idk (just me/Maxine). Two things of note that she said to me was that i should email Mistress Linda about my interests and she asked me how far might i be interested in going with this. Since i'm not financially able at this time or the foreseeable future to set up a session of any kind and due to the fact that i can't think of anything else i might put in an email that i'm not already saying here i've decided against that. As for how far i might go with this, i have no idea since this is all so new to me. And although i would have already signed up for a session if money was no object, i don't have any specific fantasies in mind, like being turned into submissive housewife or a maid. i have only a general desire to be entranced and enslaved with forced feminization as a twist. This isn't very specific, making the prospect both scary and exciting at the same time.

Yet since i was originally going to post this a week ago a further twist in my story has occurred. Last weekend while checking some links that i overlooked, i discovered the sites of Hypnodom Masters for gay and bisexual men. i now find myself equally wanting to submit myself to a Master as much as would a Mistress, and feeling open and interested in sex equally with a female or male, feminized or not. i'm not sure how much of this might have been brought out from deep inside me or might have been subliminally implanted there, either way it doesn't matter. i don't know nor care where this we lead, i can't resist, nor do i want to. Be careful what you wish for, be careful what you fantasize about, and be careful what you look at on the web (hehe)!

Also, if you're reading this and became aroused, it's too late for you! You've been infected by my desires and will find yourself turning into a feminized bisexual cockslut slave! You will return to this site daily to quicken your transformation! You Cannot Resist! Obedience is Pleasure! Pleasure is Obedience! You Will Obey!

lexa <lexa@sissify.com>
Berea, Ohio - Friday, August 23, 2002 at 18:56:33 (CDT)

When is the adult baby training going to be posted???
secret watcher <jdavis@yahoo,ca>
- Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 18:39:41 (CDT)

i have long been interested in erotic mind-control, male-to-female, forced fem kind of stuff, and recently found Mind Mistress' website. of course, i was skeptical that i could be hypnotized, particularly since the idea of being hypnotized and forced thoughts is so arousing to me, it would break the trance.

my first session w/ MM was amazing. She was even better than i hoped - She asked me if i ever thought of women smoking as sexy. to tell the truth, i never much cared for women smoking, but can't say that i thought about it too much. well, after just one session i can't resist looking at women smoking. when i see a woman walking toward me in the street, whereas i used to check out their face or body instinctively (men being men), i now reflexively look at their hands to see if they are holding a cigarette. without even thinking about it, it just happens. that was only after one session

for our second session, MM reinforced this feeling, and made me weakened by it, so every time i see woman smoking, i feel aroused but also needing to be controlled.

i didn't think that this would work (right!), and for first two days i was able to avoid seeing any women smoking at work or on the street. then i made mistake of logging in to website (which i have been doing many times a day now) and linking to a smoking fetish website, which shows women smoking. i just froze: i must have stared at that thing for 15 minutes, not moving, not thinking, just blank. except for a raging erection that almost blew, without even touching myself. wow.

i'm a little afraid of next session --

sandy <sandy_winters@hotmail.com>
CT USA - Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 10:14:02 (CDT)

Have been visiting this site for several days, reading the stories, looking at the pictures....suddenly i felt the urge to view the obsessed with cock page. Now i fantasize about hard cock constantly, and want to ear sexy slutty clothes and be a hot beautiful and desireable woman.
- Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 17:10:54 (CDT)

i dont get it, i haven't been to this site in months, just stopped in not sure why been here for hours i like it so much, its really neat the pictures and stories i like the little light at the end of each page too. i feel at home here, its where i belong.
billie <exjock02903@aol.com>
providence, rhode island usa - Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 18:20:42 (CDT)

I had a two sessions with Linda about four months ago, and then, suddenly, i got assigned to an area where there really wasn't any decent internet access. So i had to break off my routine of trying to have the persona of a submissive housewife implanted on me. While I was away, i did the things that had been instructed of me -- i painted my toenails and wore pantyhose when i could, and the time was good for me and i had a lot of fantasy, but no real impact into my head. in otherwords, while i was away, the actions i was doing were surface; they felt the same as any other mastabatory fantasy i had had over the course fo being submissive.

I got back about a week ago, and immediately tried to contact Linda to resume my conversion. What i want to become has changed a bit, but not dramatically. Before i left, she had instructed me to look at the Obsessed with Cock page and i had, but hadn't really found anything unique about it. but i did it again yesterday, almost as a lark, and it was like something triggered in my head. i couldn't stop looking. the words on the screen were burning into my brain, becoming more of my own thought -- even more than that -- more of my raison d'etre than i had ever experienced before. i found myself almost salivating at the pictures. The thing is, that sex it self has never been the root of my submission, it has been the connection to obeying that has made it hot for me. but yesterday -- and last night as i sat in bed -- all i could think about were the words on the screen "i want yummy cum" "my mouth feels so empty" "my ass feels so empty" and i started to really feel that way. i even told myself while the words were filling my head that it was stupid, but they kept coming back. i was very disconcerting, but potent, too.

the only other thing that could have contributed to this was I took the gender test and turned out 85% woman, so maybe i am more accepting or realizing than i was before.

anyway, i just thought i would share that
doug <tobesomethingelse@yahoo.com>
denver, co - Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 10:57:06 (CDT)

As the inspiration for "maxine", the latest update (sorry, its not my pic.. yet anyway * grins *), I'd like to publicly thank Mistress. For being one of the many people that encouraged me during my layoff, maintaining a superb website, and posting some of the dialogue she had with me on it. Truly a thrill. Mistress, I do appreciate all the time you spent writing, thank you very much.

For the skeptics reading? No, Mind Mistress has never tranced me and I am writing totally on my own (as in she has not asked me to post). We have actually only traded email and offline ICQ messages. I'd say that if you can afford a session, and are afraid "even a little contact is my doom"... PLEASE! MM is truly a great listener and there is nothing to fear. Get off the dime and ask now. I really believe she enjoys seeing her webpage readers and subjects happy. And yes,
when I unwind my finances a little (hey 5 mos out of work is hard).. I will do some sessions. And post here again.

On a personal note, Bobbi come back and say hi. :)

Now... I do suddenly seem to have a growing desire to place a phone under my ear and practice my touch-typing... now type with me all?
"I must obey... I must smoke... I must smoke and obey... "

a/k/a just me
(and please, I am in IRC once in a while.. say hi!)

- Friday, August 09, 2002 at 08:39:48 (CDT)

hi everyone,

i am shayna. i am a sexxy slutty smoking slave girl to Mistress. i have never been happier. i live to serve, please and obey Mistress. i can think of nothing else but obeying. i must obey Mistress, i must smoke, and i must obey the smoke. i have been conditioned. i love it. wouldn't give it up for anything. please everyone come and join me here. there is no better place to be.

shayna <slutslaveshayna@sissify.com>
- Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 16:29:14 (CDT)

This is not another pointless warning to stay away. But if you spend any real time here, or you are returning, then you are already lost. This site WILL take over your mind. Its one gigantic subliminal message, especially with those damned little pulsating hypnotic eyes everywhere, particularly when placed over suggestive text, conditioning you for the Mind Mistress.

I first came here two days ago and looked at to much during the course of the night, including Adam/Beth's story, feeling unable to leave and compelled to see more. I returned multiple times over the course of the next day and spent a good deal of time here last night and this morning. I already even read Beth's story again, especially after reading sexy shemale Samantha's May 25 posting inviting all us "strait men" to join her into becomming one of Mind Mistresses minions. And to top it off, I of course found that I couldn't resist clicking on the "obsessed with cock" text. I've return to the "cock-slut training" page often, having jacked off a number of times already to the images of all those hot looking cocks and even finding myself beginning to chant the text aloud as I stroke!

I have no idea why I'm posting this, sharing myself like this. The urge just came over me while reading the Guestbook. Probably more of the subliminal conditioning. I have to avoid running into Mind Mistress or one of her slave mistresses, like Mistress Kitten, otherwise I'm lost and I'll probably end up as a brainless, smoking, shemale slut slave. I generally avoid chat rooms, so I'm safe for now. I think? And luckily I wasn't require to put down my e-mail, despite the strange urge to do, so I can't recieve any direct subliminal suggestions that might compell me to go into the chat rooms to be hypnotized by one of the mistresses.

Cleveland, Ohio - Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 19:02:47 (CDT)

i've been running around my apartment this morning wearing only a diaper and sucking on my pacifier! It seems like i've always got to have something in my mouth, such as food, my bottle, my thumb, or my pacifier. i'm hungry, so i'm going to get some breakfast. i feel like eating some fruit this morning. This is still all so new! Even what i want to eat has changed too! This isn't like me. i'm just not the way i was, any more. i seem to be combination person now. Somehow, i'm both a man and a woman at the same time. i can see myself as a man one second, then see my breasts the next. i am both a male and a teenage girl living her life as a baby! Perhaps, i'm still a man, playing the role of an 18-yr old girl AB that is almost totally into being a baby. This is both scary and wonderful. It's really happened. i'm accepting that i'm an 18-yr old girl role playing as a baby. i can see myself as her, and i really don't mind being her.

i had a session with Mind Mistress the other night. She has done what i thought was impossible -- Mistress has feminized me! i thought i could only accept this as a baby. But, MM has broken through that barrier. i am still a man. Yet, i am also a woman acting like a baby. i don't know how this works. During the session, i felt like a real little girl when she took me to the AB meeting! All i've done since getting there is eat baby food, pee, and sleep. The session ended with me full, wet, happy, and asleep. Last night, i had a dream. i saw how the Adult Baby Club continually programs its babies as they nap, permanently changing them into baby girls forever. i knew that if i had one more nap there, i would no longer be capable of being an adult, as every nap i take there continues to reinforce that i am a baby girl. i tried to find my Mommy and Daddy to tell them, but they weren't there yet. i had just finished eating, and became very sleepy. Someone put me down for a nap, and a soothing voice lulled me to sleep...

Following O/our session, i played back a script that magnifies its effects for me. A couple of nights ago, i played back O/our last session. Yesterday, i woke up to find i had peed so much during the night i saturated the diaper and still wet the bed. During the day yesterday, i flooded my diaper again, but caught it before it showed. my underpants inside the plastic pants were also saturated, and i had to change those as well. Today, i had to wait for the handicapped restroom, and voided again while waiting for it. i changed myself, but didn't get this one on good before i wet it, too. i forgot to replace the spare underpants in my diaper bag... There is absolutely no way i could have prevented the accident today, either. i take this as proof that my incontinence is very much real and complete. i'm already on my 5th 24-oz bottle today, with tonight still to follow! It does feel great to be in a wet diaper! It appears all i can do is drink and pee, drink and pee, use my pacifier, and be a good and happy baby. i love it!

Mistress surprised me by what She did in O/our last session! i expected Her to make me enjoy being the 18-yr old leona. i guess, in a way, She did! She greatly enhanced my desires to be the baby girl. i didn't expect that! So, i'm now an adult male hypnotized and very thoroughly trained to be this 18-yr old girl playing the role of a baby! In the story, i am the baby, i want to be that baby, and i can't be anything else. As a result, i feel like i am a baby again, and am all but helpless to do anything for myself. my breasts are tender, feel larger, and appear slightly larger. my penis can still get hard, but i haven't been able to masturbate for several weeks now -- nor do i miss it. (Who wants to have a male orgasm anyhow? The female ones Mistress rewards me with are far superior!) When hard, if i squeeze my anus like after passing a stool, i get several pleasurable minor jolts with no ejaculation, just like i did just before i reached puberty. i occasionally feel liquid coming out when i do this, but never find any trace of semen in my diapers or in the bath tub. Increasing the baby girl in me is making my penis quite useless to the adult male. The only time i really see it anymore is during a diaper change or while bathing in the tub. i like to take a bubble bath, catch the penis in my legs, and cover the area with bubbles. i really feel like a girl then. As a man, i still have a penis that can get hard like it could when i was a baby, but i rarely see it anymore. i know it's still there, as i can feel it. Perhaps i shouldn't have said that. i have been feminized -- i really do feel like a baby girl in diapers with large breasts and no penis! And, i don't want to be any other way!

Mind Mistress, i thank You for giving me everything i have asked for, and i thank You for taking me on as Your slave girl. i am very happy now, and very pleased with all the changes You make in my life. i can't wait to experience what You do to me next!

Nashville, TN - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 13:25:07 (CDT)

reading the success stories of Mind_Mistress is a thrill. i can't believe it can happen. i am so looking forward to my training by Mind_Mistress. i only hope that my story at the end is half as good as those i have read here.
Karen <karencdbd@yahoo.com>
Beaverton, Oregon USA - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 10:01:43 (CDT)

I surfed into this website and started reading, and before I knew it my mind had become softened. I started feeling empty and craving yummy cock. Instead of running away, I read all the stories. All of Mind Mistress' words sounded so right to me. The sexiest thing in thw world would be to suck off a shemale smoking with a cigarette holder. I am now going to surf the web to try and find a picture of a shemale with a cigarette holder so I can masturbate to it. If anyone knows where one is, please take pity on me I need one so badly.
Looked Too Long
- Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 04:09:56 (CDT)

Hello everyone, it's Jacquelyn again. :-)

I wanted to report on my latest session with Mistress, which I had yesterday. (It was wonderful just to be able to spend time with Her again!) After my previous session, I told Mistress that She could change my personality however She wanted, as long as it helped to support my female identity. She had my sub persona 'jackie' go into my mind and use the MasterPC program (you should check it out if you haven't yet, it's awesome!) to try to make some changes. I say 'try' because after the session, Mistress checked with me and everything seemed to be the same as before! Maybe jackie did it wrong (she is pretty dumb), but it didn't seem as if anything had changed for me. I thought She was going to change my likes and dislikes, etc. but I guess we'll have to try again next time. I did feel very happy and relaxed when it was all over so I guess that was worth it!

After the session, I went shopping on-line, and ordered some cool Goth-Industrial CDs (the new Dead Can Dance album sounds awesome, check it out!), so I can practice my dancing at home before I head out to the clubs. I found a site where they had the neatest PVC clothing, which I love, so I bought a couple of outfits to wear - I don't know, when I looked in my closet there wasn't anything that looked really good.

I can't wait for Mistress to get back from vacation - maybe She can help me keep jackie from smoking alll my cigs!

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" - love, Lynn :-)

- Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 09:51:31 (CDT)

Hi girls,

Well I can't really remember why i had another session with MM.......i just really wanted to. So i did!
I have been really happy lately, but have been a bit worried that i am not as pretty as i could be. So i am really conscious of looking after my appearance now.
No matter where i am.....i just have to be sure i am looking my best......it is so important for a girl to be as pretty (and sexy) as she can!

i luv going to the beauty salon.......my hair is always needing work! .....but they also do my nails so nicely.
In fact, i don't think i can go out without my hair and nails done nicely.......not to mention my eyebrows, makeup, lipstick and of course.....my super smooth legs.

i hope i don't sound funny......it is just that i can't imagine how i was before......it is so important to look beautiful!
i have lost heaps of weight......and the people at work can't understand what has happened to me. The girls love my nails and hair.....so do i!

Bye for now!

- Friday, July 19, 2002 at 03:11:23 (CDT)

Hi everybody. i had my first session today and Mistress made me so happy that i wanted to share it. i work in a situation that is generally very intense and it has left me burned out to some extent. But with Mistress' help, i realized that it was getting to me to pretend so hard all the time. See i am really a sexy girl doll, and it is very hard to pretend to do something else all the time. But i can play that way now it because now i know the truth. Dollys are good at playing pretend.
- Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 20:28:27 (CDT)

You all have to see this.

Be good and Mind Mistress will turn you into this.........


- Monday, July 15, 2002 at 13:34:15 (CDT)

Hello everyone - Jacquelyn here (you can call me Lynn for short!) Some of you may know me as jackie. I wanted to bring you up to date on my progress with Mistress, how I've made some breakthroughs and how happy I am now!

A few months ago I had my first sessions with Mistress. I asked to become a 'part-time girl' as I am not a a place where I could live my life full-time, and she quickly obliged, creating my 'jackie' persona. jackie is a 100 percent hetero female, raised by Mistress from her teen years to be the perfect submissive slavegirl and maid. (jackie has lately become a simple, cigarette-smoking slut in addition to everything else!) Mistress set it up so that I automatically become jackie whenever I am alone - my body transforms, and when I look in the mirror I see a pretty girl with a perfect body, long dark hair and big brown eyes. jackie remembers nothing of my life except what I tell her through notes or e-mails, all she likes to do is clean the house, smoke and look pretty. I love being her!

After spending time as jackie on and off for several weeks, i began to feel a longing inside for more, but I wasn't sure what. During my first session, Mistress identified diferent 'voices' inside my head - my main 'thinking voice' was male, but my 'heart voice' was definitely female. jackie was created as an expression of my female 'heart voice', but at the time I asked her to leave my other voices alone. Later, I started to realize that my male voice was very critical of the choices/changes I was making, and the time I spent as jackie. I was starting to feel that what I was doing was wrong, and I was close to packing it in and asking Mistress to make jackie go away forever. Finally, I gathered up my courage and took a big step.

I asked Mistress to make my male voice to go away forever, to free up my female 'heart voice' to take over. While in trance, Mistress had jackie visualize my mind (it looked like a large library) and go in to find the book representing the critical male voice. jackie obeyed, took the book (a large, leather-bound volume) outside to the well, which was very deep, bottomless actually. Mistress had jackie take a look in the book one last time to see if it was OK to throw it away forever, and she received the answer 'Yes'. jackie dropped the book into the well, and it disappeared!

Well, things started to change. The library became colorful and full of beautiful flowers, and new books started to appear on the shelves. (jackie still has some tidying up to do, but she loves it!) Once out of the trance I knew things were different. I no longer felt conflict about who I was, and my thoughts are clearly in a feminine voice now. I am still not able to live full-time as a female, but I am comfortable with who I really am, and know that this is what is right for me. Mistress is going to help me to fine-tune my personality some more, but I am so happy to finally be free of the guilt and criticism in my mind. I know jackie and I will be able to have a lot more fun in the future now!

A word of encouragement, girls - go for it! Mistress can help!

love, Lynn (and jackie) :-)

- Sunday, July 14, 2002 at 18:00:21 (CDT)

Minority Report [FILM]:
Let's play spot the subliminal advertisements.
How many?

The Observer
- Sunday, July 14, 2002 at 16:25:40 (CDT)

a wonderful site and you must see this little change.

do see and you wont be sorry, but may jealous.


- Sunday, July 14, 2002 at 11:50:09 (CDT)

i started breast enlargement herbals 8 months ago my breast are now 48c i am seeking a Mistress to help finish my sissy feminize.
Not sure to take hormones my butt area or herbals or try a trainer and exericse .

BrendaBB <pizzaman@famvid.com>
springfield, illinois usa - Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 13:00:46 (CDT)


so where are these updates??

where is all the pics of the work that is being done here?

we need to see more pics and read more stories.

some of the people feel they are losing that girlish feeling they use to have.

and where is MM??? why doesnt she come by??

- Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 19:36:25 (CDT)

Dear Mistress hoping you are doing fine.Would like to inform you in the past few days I've had the pleasure to attend your chatroom.Also I had the pleasure to speak with various people.People that you have made very happy.And it is truly noticable in the way they speak.I for one would like to say keep up the good work,in granting them their wishes,and giving them more happiness.
I would also like to commend you on your beautiful website Mistress.
As always with much respect to you,this posted.

- Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 15:57:17 (CDT)

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to let y'all know to mark down on your calenders JULY 30th,2:00pm PDT. That is when yours truly will show up in the chatroom here for a few hours. That way I can hopefully accomodate all of you that wish to chat with Me. :) So see you then!
By the way,anyone with MM session logs....please zap em to me...I still have only one person so far...
How about you Sally???


Mistress Kitten

Mistress Kitten <dkittend@hotmail.com>
- Monday, July 08, 2002 at 19:16:09 (CDT)

hello why can't you show videos of netball matches online or on the internet is it to exspencive
jack <mbnw44589@cbleinet.co.uk>
liverpool, united kingdom england - Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 11:45:30 (CDT)

Hi Everyone,
Its been a while since my last entry and I thought I would give you an update of what I have been thinking and feeling.
Over the last few weeks, my feelings have intensified significantly. i really need to arrange another session with MM and explore some of my feelings even more.
I know I am a transexual and really want to continue to develop my life as woman.

I dream about guys now and daydream about them making love to me........oh...... women are so lucky!...amd so am I.
You wouldn't believe how my life is changing.......I am so much happier. I have lost heaps of weight, i am doing my belly dance practice every couple of days
and just can't do enough around the house.

I guess I just wanted to say that the things MM has taught me to feel and like are with me forever.......I look at women with jealousy now.....not lust.
I look at men with lust......dreaming about their cocks. What is next.........who knows.......perhaps MM can help me?

- Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 10:01:11 (CDT)

I would really love to be feminized into a real sissy wearing nothing but the most feminime clothing. I don't think my wife would go for it.
Although she participates in my dressing, (i have no male underware)I
don't think she'll go that far. I love to be humiliated and I think your site is wonderful.

LOve Paulina

paulina panties <chunk185@aol.com>
Pa Allegheny - Monday, July 01, 2002 at 11:11:59 (CDT)

Hey everyone! :)
Well,since my post here a couple weeks ago,I have received many,many emails! My apologies to those I have not responded to. I plan on posting a date soon when I will be in the chat room. Maybe the end of the month. However,I am quite disappointed that only one person has sent me actual logs of his/her sessions. Come on you guys!! I KNOW there are more of you out there that have logs for me. Why not let me have a look? All I will do with them is use them to increase my feminization skills...
Wouldn't you like to help more potential she-males be born into the world? Yes,you would...
So come on...go find those logs...you know you want to do it...copy them...go to your email...send them out to Mistress Kitten...and notice what a warm...satisfiying feeling you have...obedience is pleasure...you do want to please me and feel pleasure don't you?
Go ahead now...send those logs...


Mistress Kitten

Mistress Kitten <dkittend@hotmail.com>
- Sunday, June 30, 2002 at 12:51:42 (CDT)

My girlfriend wants me to get hypnotised to add more intimacy to our relationship. She wants to have sex with my mind as well as my body. I think it might bring us closer together, right?
- Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 00:55:55 (CDT)

The last time session I spoke with Mistress was a month ago. I had the longest session I have ever had. This session was special for another reason: for the first time I asked the Mistress to make the changes, made during the trance, permanent.

I'm not really sure how I got to this stage. I didn't start out wanting to be a shemale. I originally started out wondering what it would be like to be dominated by a sexy mistress.

Soon the idea of being penetrated became quite interesting. Penetrated by a sexy mistress while being tied down.

I guess the idea of submission was key to the fantasy. I wanted to be helpless to the desires of my mistress. I wanted to be an object of some elses desires.

Gradually my ideal fantasy mistress became a shemale. A beautiful impossibly sexy shemale mistress with a huge hard cock. I would be helpless to resist her.

Gradually the idea of being transformed into a sexy shemale emerged. I wanted to have my own set of large firm breasts. Not just big breasts but huge, hard, porn-star tits. I want a D cup with small silver dollar areolas and hard nipples. The kind of tits that defy gravity and beg to be squeezed. The kind of tits that can't be covered up.

I wanted not only to be completely passable but undeniably sexy. A kind of shemale ideal.

At this point I wasn't thinking about being attracted to men particularly. I still imagined being dominated by my mistress. Perhaps being fucked but still serving her.

At about this time I found Mistress Linda's website. I read the stories and wondered if this could be possible.

Eventually I took the plunge and booked a session with Mistress Linda. I was quite nervous because I was afraid of being changed permanently. I made it VERY clear in my Slave Contract that I did not want to be changed permanently and that I only wanted to live out a fantasy as a shemale.

The session was amazing however Mistress does not allow ejaculating during trance sessions. But I needed to orgasm. Mistress allowed be to experience a small female-type orgasm. Wow! She said that I could not experience a full female orgasm in trance as a shemale. After having a taste I HAD to experience a complete female orgasm!

I pleaded with Mistress Linda to give me a full female mind-blowing orgasm. Mistress warned me that they were very addictive. I didn't care PLEASE just let me have it.

I was unprepared for what was to follow. For those of you who have never experienced it, there are no words. I will nevertheless try to describe it.

Imagine your most explosive male orgasm. You are building up to a peak. You spasm, shutter, perhaps black out for a split second, and then ejaculate. As a woman you experience a similar feeling but instead the spasm and shutter start similarly but then instead of passing they continue and grow increasing in intensity until they engulf your whole body and being. As if you took every orgasm you have ever experienced and put them all together one after the other and the feeling spread from just you cock and balls to every part of you body. Now imagine that each of these successive orgasms grew stronger and more intense until you couldn't handle it anymore but you were helpless to stop it until finally you became incandescent.

This is what I experienced.

After that I couldn't wait for my next session. Anything to feel THAT again. I would do anything, become anything.

My next session was a little less pleasurable than the last session. I wondered why? Maybe I hadn't pleased my Mistress. I wanted to experience it again. Mistress suggested that she could only do so much in an hour and since she had to start from scratch every time i.e. first turn me into a woman and then bring me to orgasm and then return me there was too little time.

I wondered how I could make it more intense.

I thought I wasn't pleasing my Mistress enough so I bought her some boots as a gift.

I thought that if the changes were permanent then I could experience the female orgasm more fully. I re-submitted my Slave Contract to completely submit to Her. I also thought that this would remove any reluctance on my part.

My last session started Mistress asked me what I wanted. Did I want the changes to be permanent?

I said I wanted it to be Her choice.

Mistress turned me into a shemale whore/spy. She made me into a cock-craved slut who orgasmed while being fucked by my boss.

And then she made the changes permanent.

Oh my god! What had I done?

I didn't think she could (or would) do it. I was shattered! I swore that I would never contact Mistress again. This couldn't be happening! I deleted all my chat logs. I uninstalled ICQ. I swore off these crazy fantasies. I tried to forget everything.

It worked.

For three weeks.

Then I became aware that pictures of hot women were not turning me on anymore. I tried to masturbate while fantasizing about beautiful women. I couldn't get hard! I tried phonesex. I only became aroused when being dominated and forced to suck cock.

I found myself returning to Mistresses website to stare at cocks. Mmmm they do look delicious.

I've lost weight particularly around my waist. I've stared to grow my hair and am thinking of coloring it. I have started to pluck my eyebrows and I think I have done a pretty good job. I have also notice how rough my skin is. Luckily I found some incredible lotion that does the trick.

I wonder if Mistress is busy Thursday night?

Respectfully submitted,


Ginger Grant <im_gingergrant@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 17:02:55 (CDT)

I got an email about my experience with regression back to babyhood, and I thought I'd answer it here incase anyone else had the same question. When mistress/mommy had me under I did wet freely. I was totally aware that I was wetting because I did it on command. Mommy would tell me that, "the baby's bladder is getting full," and at that point I could feel the spasm in my own. When she excitedly told me that, "the baby's wetting her diaper," I did and enjoyed it immensely. Obedience is pleasure...pleasure is obedience. We repeated the cycle over and over. I loved pleasing my mommy by being a wet diaper baby girl. Could I control it? I didn't want to, so I don't know. I only know the pleasure of obedience was all I craved. I am not still incontinent, but I never asked to remain that way either.

I hope this helps.

baby meggie

baby meggie <jsmith@stratos.net>
Cleveland, Ohio USA - Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 19:47:51 (CDT)

WOW is all i can say about MM's session with the vampire trance! Mind Mistress, You hit just about everyone of my fetishes, save having the sexy vampiress wear sexy thigh-high boots and forced feminization on the victims. This is the kind of session i love to read about.

And a special hello to MK - Misstress Kitten. You may remember a wonderful session You had with me (and gothlilian!) a while back. You are an excellent hypnotist. It's good to see You are still enhancing Your skills.

- Monday, June 17, 2002 at 18:47:32 (CDT)

I want to obey and please you, Mind mistress. If I try to resist, I end up wanting to please you even more! And, I enjoy it sooo much! I wanna be your slave for life! I can't seem to clear my head from the contents of your web page. I want big boobs! Yo!! I feel as if my mind has been contaminated by your power. It's as if you have permanently scarred my brain tissues with your website and a couple of sessions. I love it! I wonder what I will be doing 6 months from now? I can't get this stuff out of my mind!! I have slave Tanya on my Desk Top. You are simply irresistable!
Rich <trikeerick@aol.com>
- Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 13:34:17 (CDT)

Noticed what ever you said was added the the Gallery is not in there.

Nothing new is has been added.

You need to repost it.

- Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 12:35:43 (CDT)

Passing Thourgh
- Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 10:43:55 (CDT)

Well friends, I did it again. I let mistress/mommy take control of me. Was I warned? Of course I was, but who can truely resist her. It started so simply, just like the last time. A breif chat, and then the slow decent into her power. Did I give her control? Of course I did, and eagerly, because it felt so good to submit that I didn't want to do anything else. Obedience is pleasure.

Then the fun began. I was in a large lab that had two large containers in it. Both were clear with different colored liquids in them. The tank with the blue liquid had a man with a respirator floating in it. The tank with the pink liquid was empty. That's when I noticed my wife talking to another woman who was dressed in a lab coat with her hair pulled back. My wife informed me that she had proof that I had cheated on her, and even though I knew this couldn't be I submitted to her wishes because she had had me sign papers before that gave everything to her. She told me I was going to be turned into her little baby girl or face a life on the streets.

The doctor prepared me with electrodes, the gel was cold. She then had me climb into the pink liquid. It was warm, and I felt my body dissolve away as I climbed in. I floated for a while, not being able to see out, and then I found what appeared to be a window. Through the window I could see a little baby girl, about 8 months old. She was sitting with her legs open revealing her white cloth diapers. She looked happy, and when she wet them I felt a tremendous rush. Then they were changed and the feelings went with. this cycle repeated itself numerous times until I realized that I wasn't looking out a window, but into a mirror. Oh, the pleasure I experienced wetting my diapers, (good thing mistress had me dress first ;)) and sucking on my bottle. I wish it never had to end.

So don't be surprised to her from me again. This baby girl desperately needs her mommy. (Did baby Meggie do good Mommy?)

baby meggie <jsmith@stratos.net>
Cleveland, Ohio USA - Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 09:37:23 (CDT)

Hey everyone! It's Kitten,remember me? :)I am still a regular viewer of the site,but unfortunetly I don't get to chat with MM much anymore.
I am really into hypnotizing others online,especially feminization! :)
I was hoping some of you "girls" could help me....I would love to see the transcripts of your hypnosis sessions...they really help me in my quest to become a better Hypno-Mistress. That is,if you don't mind the idea of me fingering myself and getting off while reading about your slow transformation from mild-mannered regular guy interested in hypnosis...to sexy mind-fucked she-slut! *L*
And for some reason...just thinking about reading them makes me want a cigerette right now...wonder why that is??? *L*
Well,I hope you won't be shy,and you will get in touch with me...I may even be able to offer you a hypno session in return! :) So come on girls,dont be selfish,it's time to give back,and help make a positive contribution to the world!

Kitten <dkittend@hotmail.com>
- Saturday, June 08, 2002 at 14:21:18 (CDT)

Don't forget! June 9 is Mind Mistresses Birthday...


(Not that unemployed me can afford a gift.. but maybe
someone else can.)

- Friday, June 07, 2002 at 09:53:12 (CDT)

please, leave before it is too late. She is most persuasive. All she needs to do is chat with you, and it's all over.
- Friday, June 07, 2002 at 09:24:40 (CDT)

I am a male who has been taking female hormones for almost three months. My plan is to take them for six months total, then stop ... at least for now. I have had a number of sessions here, each building on those before it.
Memories such as a 16 year old cheerleader or a 10 year old at a slumber party are slowly being pieced together to create an entire life. Perhaps I will even find the courage to talk about it. :)

- Thursday, June 06, 2002 at 04:58:04 (CDT)

hi there
- Thursday, June 06, 2002 at 02:19:45 (CDT)

Congratulations on your big step.I am sooooo jealous. Make sure you see a doctor to help with the correct dosage. I know you will be so happy. Keep us up to date with your thoughts and changes.


- Monday, June 03, 2002 at 22:01:27 (CDT)

Wonderful art work of transformatin of man to woman.



suki <sukiyourslave@hotmail.com>
- Monday, June 03, 2002 at 00:47:40 (CDT)

Hello eveyone. I would like to introduce my wife wendy an average everday woman with the usual intrests, shopping, movies, dinner out some what shy, submissive and reserved about sex...ect..(oh and always facinated with hypno but never got chance to experience it) So as I was saying pretty much your average woman. Well (hee hee ) That was of course untill she started to have her session with mistress (hee hee). Now my wife is the most wounderful and obedient slut and slave girl there is.She calls me master and will do anything she is told like a good slave girl..My wife now enjoys showing off, all types of sex,and now wears make-up and dresses sexy .Yes Mistress, After wendys first session my wife began to become more and more submissive and then Mistress begain to add various triggers for us to use .. triggers like slut,yes after this my wife is a total nypno and with enjoy anyone, drunk, this is a fun one (hee hee ) get to watch my wife get drunker and looser and gets wild, and for all those who love frezzing and dolls mistress put those in ..its great fun to frezze my wife .. take clothing articles off or rearange them the unfrezze her and watch he puzzled face..and who said boys do not like to play with dolls..After this trigger my wife is a fully programmable doll to dress up and take out ..hee hee but one of the best is with the right trigger my wife turns into the greatest stripper in the world .. not only does she do a wounderful lap dance while she strips but will play with herself as she entertains u. All thanks to mistress and her wounderful touch. Yes to date mistress has 9 triggers in my wife and several programs and my wife continues to enjoy Mistress and continues to add more triggers for myself and mistress too enjoy. I hope to write about some of my wifes triggers and what she has done, With mistresses permission of course. So if u are single or married I can tell u mistress has what u need or desire and she a wounderful Mistress and the best thing that ever happened to us.

ala317 <ala317@yahoo.com>
philly, Pa USA - Sunday, June 02, 2002 at 18:53:21 (CDT)

So I had my first session with Mind Mistress a couple of days ago. It was wonderful. I had a female orgasm. I don't think there will be any going back for me. I am addicted to Mind Mistress' control. Unlike some of the people who have signed this guestbook, i didn't arrive at the site having never thought of being a female. I was a casual closeted crossdresser, and used to experiment with experienceing femaleness, dressing up and putting on makeup, only to always guiltily take it off again. So I have some experience with female pleasure. Superficially. But I have never felt anywhere near so female as the other night. She took me beyond the superficial to the very core. It is everything a crossdresser could want. And more, since as males I think we're limited in even knowing that which we want. She made me female, for a night, and i can't wait to continue on my journey to becoming a feminined slut for Mind Mistress. Thank you Mind Mistress. Those of you who are wavering, who read the stories and are becoming addicted but aren't sure if you wish to take it any further, let me just say that as good as the stories are, they just don't compare to the session. It was just so powerful and mindblowing. And extremely good. Sooooo good. Come learn that Obedience is pleasure, pleasure is obedience.

Angela <breedimage@earthlink.net>
New York, - Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 22:06:16 (CDT)

At 11:47 a.m. local time I flew over Mind Mistress's head. I was on my way back from Ohio via Chicago and we passed right over Montreal. I was wishing so hard for a parachute...:)


Selena Pride <selenaprideuk@yahoo.com>
Westbury, UK - Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at 19:11:31 (CDT)

Well, thought I would do an update for M.M. Things are doing well for me, it is my 10th day on hormones and I am keeping a record of changes as I think they happen. I am very thankful to M.M. for helping me to be whom I am intended to be. Love being Tiffany and a lady, if you are curious I would say go for it.
I have noticed some tenderness with my nipples, it comes and goes. A slight change in color of areos, am a bad speller. Trying to pay attention to hair change, shifting of body fat and whatever else I have read about. I am very much looking fwd. to becoming all that M.M wishes me to be and I love it. Am doing premarin about 3.75 mg a day and doing well.
Hope to hear from you all soon, love Tiffany

Tiffany <Hawksdw@aol.com>
Va USA - Monday, May 27, 2002 at 12:28:10 (CDT)

be carefull with this site

it is extremely addictive

something is realy happening to me
i am a 24 years old man that loves girls, but since
i came to this site i started spending more and more hours surfing the
net looking at shemales photos and feminization sites, and reading stories
about mens that are transformed into women or shemale.
it all began when i came to this site.
i never tough of being a woman or a shemale but i am afraid that if i keep
coming here i might became one.
i keep thinking of having boobs and wearing panties.
please help me.

by the way if you have any pictures os shemales please send it to me.

marco <leofer@portugalmail.com>
lisbon, portugal - Saturday, May 25, 2002 at 17:56:01 (CDT)

I am another victim of adam's story... I read through it, not
realizing what would happen to me until I read chapter six. I am becoming a shemale, Samantha is in my brain, clawing her way out, don't read the story, it will happen to you too... don't...

No... do read it. Feel yourself conditioned to want huge breasts and to obsess over cock. I am Mind Mistress's loyal minion, and all of you should be as well.

I am going now to re-read it again. I must. Join us, "Strait" "Men".

Join us.


- Saturday, May 25, 2002 at 03:41:57 (CDT)

don't read the fantasy story suggestions! don't read "Changing People: the Mind Control Fetish"

you think it's just a joke or fun, but the next thing you know you are really interested, you're ordering a session, you're hypnotized and there is no way to go back!

- Friday, May 24, 2002 at 10:43:17 (CDT)

Guess what everyone, I am going on a date tonight with this really great guy.....I can't wait!

I had a great session last week with MM where she took me through a fantasy story......it was great fun and so real. I went back to when I was a 16 year old girl and was shopping with my friend Jane.
Well, we had a great time together.......I can't believe it was just a story......anyway it was really cooooooooolllll.

I have been taking some belly dancing lessons and practicing everyday at home. It is so much fun. If you haven't tried it.......you must. It really helps tone your body and is so relaxing.

Hope everyone is well. Keep writing and letting me know your thoughts. I liked reading that other people re - read their chats regularly. I love doing it.....it is just like being there again and i am sure it reinforces everything you have been thinking. In fact, sometimes i think new things come into your mind that may have been missed the first time.

I can't believe how I have changed over the past couple of months........like I said before......not just the superficial stuff......but the way I think and feel about everyday issues. I am really happy to be a woman.
Anyway....enough from me......keep writing everyone. I love reading your stories.


- Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at 03:34:58 (CDT)

There hasn't been any updates in almost two months... whats going on?
Where did Mistress linda go?
, - Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at 02:53:35 (CDT)

Pictures, Pictures, must have more pictures, craving pictures!!!!!
- Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 10:14:25 (CDT)

Okay, here's a scenario that has always fascinated me since I came up with it...

Succubus Is A Masculine Word
You didn't even know the voice in your head wasn't you. You thought you were just playing with ideas. Then, somehow, without your quite realising it, the deal was made. Now, every night, you transform into a beautiful, seductive and utterly evil she-demon...you wander the streets, corrupting the innocent and tempting the faithful to sin... you hate the things you do, but somehow you can't resist the sweet wicked pleasure of giving in, of becoming the succubus.

Selena Pride <selenaprideuk@yahoo.com>
- Monday, May 20, 2002 at 17:13:42 (CDT)

Missed the site enormously, been visiting so much since I have returned and everyday I am more and more a girl. MM has fulfilled all my dreams for me.

Love VickY

- Monday, May 20, 2002 at 13:25:16 (CDT)

love the story suggestions, here are some more of my girly favourites:

1. i work in an office and get made redundant unless i take up anew position as a short skirted girly secretary. i've no choice so soon end up 24 7 in pretty lingerie, make up heels and short little skirts and dresses. always very girly fussing over my long nails, pretty hair and makeup. even get known as the office slut..
2. i'ma schoolboy and forget my gym kit, have to wear a short little netball skirt and panties, then short pleated schoolgirl uniform for the rest of the month, only everyone forgets to change me back.
3. i work in a restaurant. a waitress doesnt turn up one night, and i get persuaded to stand in, soon find myself working every night in short mini skirt hose and heels
4. i get a cold and pick up some tablets from the doctor, somehow i get the wrong ones. soon start feeling and looking progressively fem and girly. dont even notice it happening soon only girls clothes fit my hourglass curvy figure. still at the least the boys like it...
5. my gf gives me a self hypnosis tape that is supposed to help give up smoking. i listen to it twice a day, dont seem to stop smoking but lots of other changes seem to be happening...
6. i've no clean male underwear, my gf suggests i wear her panties to work. soon my male underwear seems to have disappeared, seems to be just the start too..
7. i go to stay with relatives for the summer, my luggage never makes it, stil ltheres plenty of other clothes to borrow...

hannah <hannah@sissy.net>
- Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 09:05:37 (CDT)

I love the new section in the story gallery, the sample
fantasy stories page. I thought I'd try and add one:

Girl Pills-

Your girlfriend hands you a pair of oddly shaped pills. 'Try
them, you get to be the girl of your dreams, 24 hours for
each pill you take... and you almost never get stuck with her
body'. You gulp a few down, start changing and hear her say,
'oops, I forgot to tell you about the side effects... '
You don't ever know about those side effects.

I hope someone enjoys it. Thanks to MM for maintaining a
superior web page.


- Friday, May 17, 2002 at 21:12:43 (CDT)

Well, now that I have the kids gone to skate land and am alone, let us continue upon my changes. I really like the idea of becoming a woman and if I had the money I would become a total woman, anyone interested in helping me? Can have it recorded. So anyway I love dressing as a woman and being shaven totaly. I thank you mistress for you time with me and hope you will let me have a fourth session without charge. I think and act or so I guess I do as a woman does.
Have to go now things cooking and I hope to hear from readers soon.
With love Tiffany

Tiffany <hawksdw@aol.com>
Va Usa - Friday, May 17, 2002 at 18:48:09 (CDT)

Well, I said I would talk about my session the next day but things go happen. I remember wishing to dress as a woman and I really do love to be in panties and dresses as well as tight fitting jeans to show off my body. Have to run now the kids need the phone.
Love Tiffany

Tiffany <Hawksdw@aol.com>
va usa - Friday, May 17, 2002 at 17:22:04 (CDT)

My session today with MM was fantasic. I was a spy and the boss gave me a special mission, to infaltrate an Adult Baby Ring. The trick was I had to be trasformed into a teen baby girl to catch the crooks and find other missing agents that had gone before me and have disappeared without a trace. I was placed into a big tube filled with this pink liquid inside. It made me feel so giggly and I had a device on the back of my head that fed me images of a baby girl wearing diapers and suddenly I realized it was me I was seeing and then I knew my transformation was beginning. I can't wait to contiune my training.
Baby Amy
Long Beach, California USA - Friday, May 17, 2002 at 00:39:28 (CDT)

Hello Mistress and Thank You!

I also want to thank all those other "girls" who have helped me so much.

I just finished my first online session (at least I think it was my first session, but that's another story) with Mistress and I am still in a daze. I don't know where to start. I guess I should begin by saying I don't think I've ever been this happy. Mistress has made me see that it is not only OK, but absolutely necessary for me to become the girl I have always wanted to be. I am and forever will be Shayna. I just wanted to come out here and let everyone know that Mistress is for real and that if you are really interested in changing your life for the better (much better if you ask me), start saving now and have a session with MISTRESS.

Boys will be Girls.
I Obey and Thank you Mistress!

- Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 19:04:38 (CDT)

Its been such a long time since this site was last updated! When are we going to see something new?
Wanting more
- Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 09:58:58 (CDT)

I received the session logs you sent me. I stupidly forgot to save them. I've been reading, re-reading and re-living them over and over again...

Although they are not quite as intense as original sessions they are letting me pass the time away enjoyably until next time.

The actual sessions were the most intensely sensual experiences I have ever had. I shiver with antipation every time I begin reading them. I wonder where you will take me next. Obedience IS pleasure.



Ginger <im_gingergrant@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 10:11:52 (CDT)

hello everyone :-) jackie here again. Mistress asked me to write a report after my latest session with Her.

since i have been meeting with Her i have realized how much i love to serve others (men, in particular) and how i have become obsessed with cock. i am completely attracted to men and i want only to please them. (women don't really do it for me, but i do admire their fashion sense or how they carry themselves!)

my session today was a wonderful time! Mistress helped me remember my early training and conditioning to be a maid She gave me when i was a teenager, when i learned what a joy it was to serve and to clean. i remembered wearing my sexy French Maid's outfit, and how i loved wearing high heels around the house all the time. i always got so turned on when i cleaned the house, especially when using the mop and the broom! i also love the vibrations of the vacuum and the washing machine... i realize that i am pretty obsessive when it comes to cleaning, but it is what i really enjoy and what i was meant to do. i was meant to be a maid!

after we were finished, i realized what a mess my house was! i felt quite ashamed and went to work right away, until everything was spic and span, top to bottom. i felt embarassed that it had got so messy, but it feels SO good to get everything tidy and in its proper place. (i especially love to clean the bathroom.) i am so happy that i have a purpose in life now, and want to be the best slave-girl maid i can be for Mistress.

i can't wait for next time! i hope it's soon... :-)

- Monday, May 13, 2002 at 18:27:31 (CDT)

I just wanted to share some of my experience with Mistress from a recent session. I use to be someone else who wasn't very happy but Mistress has changed that for me. She has changed me into her adoring little slave girl who craves to obey her every command. Mistress took away all the sadness and left me pretty simple but really happy :) Now my pretty little head is just filled with happy thoughts of pleasing her. And of course anyone who has had a session with Mistress knows obedience to her is pleasure.
Hugs to all :)

- Monday, May 13, 2002 at 16:16:03 (CDT)

hey there been awhile but ive been busy with woprk and doing mistress' little jobs which i love doing almost as much as being hypnotized. its really fantastic and if it were a drug id be addicted. i cant wait for the next session with mind mistress. im losing more and more of my maleness as my female personality megan is becoming stronger and more dominant with every session. im hoping that my next session will be soon and will tell you all everything that happens
aurora, IL u.s.a - Monday, May 13, 2002 at 13:25:56 (CDT)

I think I should explain another feeling I have been having recently to everyone. I know that this is personal to me, and I am only writing it from my perspective.....but I would really appreciate your comments.
After adiscussion with MM, I have come away feeling really fantastic and highly sensitive to the issues that I have been discussing. It is a wonderful feeling, but tends to diminish as time goes by. Over time, that really intense desire and feeling fades to just a normal want and need. Mind you, just wanting and needing (in everyday thoughts and life) many of the things MM has introduced me to is even better. But these wants and needs seem to sit on the surface of something much deeper. Something that takes some time to appreciate or realise.

This deeper feeling is so much more comsuming and grows and develops more gradually. I think that this long term feeling is a gradual acceptance of your mind to its new reality, desires and feelings. For me, I know this new set of feelings has been introduced to me recently, but I also know that it is really me and what I now am.
I know I am not explaining this very well, but it is difficult to explain and not be trivial..... i don't just want to do feminine things........I am a female and want to do everything that girls do.

I think that this long term change is the most exciting thing about everything on this site. It is real, it is soooo very deep within your being that it becomes a true part of you. You become what you wish for...........and it stays with you forever.

I would love to hear anyone's comments on this.......particularly if you have had a few discussions with MM over a couple of months.

I wake up every morning so happy and excited about what is in front of me........and knowing I have one person to thank for giving me this wonderful experience.


Now that is the most exciting part of this for me.

- Monday, May 13, 2002 at 03:13:14 (CDT)

Hello, Mind Mistress.
We both enjoy your site very much, It all started when Sarah was surfing the net late one night. She came across your site and she then started asking me to do some strange things! i.e. wear panties,different positions,and role reversal. Now it is getting fun. Thank-You

John&Sarah <the_dukejr@hotmail.com>
Windsor, Ontario Canada - Sunday, May 12, 2002 at 18:10:29 (CDT)

Hi I dont mean to be a complainer but we have not had updates with pictures in weeks.

May we please have some?????

suki <sukiyourslave@hotmail.com>
- Sunday, May 12, 2002 at 11:14:52 (CDT)

Bobbi, just thought i would let you know there is a great video that teaches belly dancing at Amazon. It is by sisters called Neena and Veena. If you want one to start with it, I really recommend it. Hope you are well, I really enjoyed your last post.

- Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 02:51:28 (CDT)

Just thought I would drop a quick update in the guestbook. I am feeling really great still after my last discussion with MM a couple of weeks ago. I know I am a woman now .....and my life keeps changing for the better. My weight keeps dropping slowly and I am so pleased with my new figure. Sure I have lots more to go .........but give it time!
Over the last week , I have started belly dancing lessons.........its such fun! I don't know why more people don't try it.

I am hooked on getting fit and trim. In fact, it feels like the more exercise I do, the more I want to do. It is great fun, aerobics, dancing or just walking....who cares.......they all make you feel so alive afterwards. Hope everyone is well.bye

- Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 02:46:47 (CDT)

Well, had my second session and it was wonderful. Drifted off to memories of desire and passion. Linda has shown me some new beliefs and ideas, ones that I need. I am really turned on by letting Linda have my will, funny but I know it is best for me.
Have a desire and passion to obey everything MM wishes me to do or think. I am not a writer and my story is a bit short. I have a strong desire to have big boobs, and I never would have thought I would have done this, but I ordered some hormones to help me become the woman MM wishes me to be. Feel giddy like a teenager and not sure why but it does not matter.
I can't wait to have my titties grow, it is such a strong desire and need. Started out as just curiosity but I think my need for pleasing MM and obeying her has taken over. Why do I need boobs so much and why do I wish to become a woman entirely now? Well, it does not matter all I wish for is to be wish MM and do as she wishes. Happy to be a good girl.

Tiffany Hawks <hawksdw@aol.com>
Richmond, Va USA - Friday, May 10, 2002 at 17:05:34 (CDT)

I hope to begin my journey soon. My request is a little more extreme then the stories here but I believe Mind Mistress can help me. I am not quite sure how far I want to go so I am asking for your help. Feminization, Humiliation and Full Time Enslavement are a must. Beyond this generalized description I am a bit lost and I ask for your help. Instead of asking Mind Mistress to do as she wishes I thought it might be interesting to see what you would like to have Mind Mistress do to me. Consider this your opportunity to choose the story you would like to see written.

Please keep your ideas within Mind Mistresses limits.

Thank you,

Priscilla Whitney <cockslave@iamyours.com>
- Friday, May 10, 2002 at 00:31:29 (CDT)

In the first session in Adventures in Trance Reality, i learned that whatever happens to leona during the session happens to me in real life! As a spy, i am to be sent on a mission that needs my talents, but also needs a woman agent. None were available, so i was selected, and soon found myself inside a transformation tank that was changing my outward appearance to that of an 18-yr old girl. i am supposed to infiltrate an AB club from which various members have been disappearing, and report back to headquarters. While in the transformation tank, i was also being trained by very skillful means to be an adult baby, and was given a fetish for wearing and using diapers all the time. baby leona was trained to want to pee all the time, and to dislike dry diapers. As a result, i have lost whatever little control i still had over my bladder.

Last night, the training continued. baby leona quickly learned she needs to drink from her baba, wet her diapers, and to contentedly suck on her pacie after she wet herself. The baby grew older, keeping her training with her. As the 18-yr old girl, they continued to train me to drink water all the time from my baby bottle, wet my diapers, and then contentedly suck on my pacifier. My training for this mission was complete, and they brought me up, out of the transformation tank (a hypnotic sensory-deprivation tank) as an 18-yr old girl. i was totally disoriented, and still reacting to the happy drugs from the tank. They sat me down in a chair, still naked after being in the tank, and asked me to look between my legs. i was amazed the tank could work so well! i had problems looking past my chest. i had boobs, and when i checked further down, i had no penis! my male parts were now female, and i really was an 18-yr old girl!

They asked me various questions designed to find out what i liked or disliked. i needed to wear diapers all the time. i still disliked dry diapers, and quickly wet any new ones put on me. i was so very thirsty, i had to keep drinking water all the time, and continued to pee without any control. i found i was happiest when sucking on my pacifier, after voiding into my diaper. They allowed me to pick out my own clothes, and i chose a frilly pink dress. i was still acting more like a baby than a teenager, so my boss began to ask me questions about my upcoming mission. i was not able to recall anything other than i was to join this AB club. He then told me the facts again, and they seemed to be very familiar. All the while, they were both asking me questions and giving me orders. By withholding the water i needed so much, they forced me to beg for it. Then i realized i was still being trained to be a good, submissive AB.

The session ended, but my training did not. i continued to drink, wet my diaper, and suck on my thumb until I went to bed. i realized i was doing this, but had no choice but to drink, pee and suck. For the first time in months, i woke up during the night. my diaper was so wet it was about to leak. So, i put on a fresh one, and quickly wet it. i got back into bed and slept for another hour or so, waking at my normal time in another very wet diaper. Again, i was very thirsty, and began to realize how my Mommy Mistress had trained her baby last night. my penis seems smaller somehow, today, and my breasts larger. They feel much heavier, too, and they are very sensitive. As i write this letter, i count the empty 24-oz water bottles from this morning, and quickly reach the conclusion i don't have enough diapers with me to last me all day at work. Thankfully, i keep some spare ones in the trunk of my car.

As i play back my regular script each day, greatly multiplying the effects of this most recent session with Mistress, i know this promises to be a very interesting couple of weeks. i know i'm supposed to be an adult male while at work, but i feel more like a child in a middle-aged body. The story continues. and i continue to be changed by it! :) i'm already looking forward to O/our next session. Be careful what you ask of Mind Mistress, as She gives you exactly what you've asked her for.

Nashville, TN - Thursday, May 09, 2002 at 17:15:49 (CDT)


How Hypnosis Works
- Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 22:11:45 (CDT)

seeking submissive slendar transvestites, bisexuals and gay men who love full body massages for free, who also interested in being hypnotised by their own free wills, relax, listen to my voice, release all your inhibitions, while I massage your body all over,you get a room at motel 6 in san dimas, send me emails of date,day,time,room number, what turns you on the most , I,m a topman age 61 seeking men who want more than just a one night stand life long close friendships. like interests in art, writing and sex. I perferr white males only who love oral sex, who only desire to be used and influence by my voice
and my erotic hands

nathan <kingdomtrust@aol.com>
laverne, ca usa - Monday, May 06, 2002 at 23:54:18 (CDT)

Well, hello all.
Wanted to write down some of an amazing weekend - I was lucky enough to get out from behind the counter and be a real makeup artist this weekend. Before I went to my job, I had asked MM to have some fun and let it be the beginnings of outing myself.

To make a long story short, we did a wonderful session the night before - though I am a little hazy on all the details, I know I went to bed on a cloud. When the big day came, I had to be up early - it was time to do new highlights and a very retro 'do on me, then get into my face and outfit before work.

A couple of things really stand out - first of which was that I remembered asking to be completely focused on my job - which meant all I could think of was fashion, hair, and makeup for a day. I'd have to write everything else down if I was to have a prayer of remembering it - I remember that I could focus to drive, but that was the only exception.
This may seem silly, but there are times on the phone when I get the "Sir?" "Ma'am?" uncertainty - but every time I had to use the phone that day, it was clearly "Ma'am". Now my voice isn't that high - but I must have been doing something right, because clearly it was what I was radiating. (smile).

There were moments when I felt so deliciously controlled - even though She was not talking to me - it was like having Her with me, inside me, shaping and molding my thoughts - and it wasn't scary or demeaning - it was fulfillment. I related to the girls better than I'd ever done - it was as if I had been completely wrapped in their consciousness - it was such a delight! There are some more things - feelings I haven't sorted out yet, and some very private things too, but the experience was so delightful and so delicious and so peaceful and so whole I had to write.
Love to all my sisters,

- Monday, May 06, 2002 at 17:44:50 (CDT)

Hello mind mistress, hello all

well I'm writing an entry to the guestbook as promised. It's hard to put this into words - so I guess I'll probably just summarise it here for now.

I just had my first encounter with the amazing mind mistress via icq tonight and and I'm still glowing from the experience!

I like to consider myself a fairly normal, rational person when it comes to things such as 'magic' and hypnosis and I was fairly sceptical about the 'reality' of hypnosis to begin with. I have always been interested in submission but felt that hypnosis was a nice 'role-play' more than a reality. The idea excited me as a fantasy but I never expected it could really happen.

until now...

My session with MM started off with some general polite conversation, likes & dislikes etc. and then MM started to ask me about my mood and my 'will' and i began to feel my will slowly fading away. Little by little I began to lose all semblance of 'self' and body. Until all I could feel were my hands typing on the keyboard.

MM went further and further until I had disappeared and I felt as if I were 'drifting' - completely open to her words as they appeared on the screen. She taught me to respond to her trigger word to obey and go more deeply into trance. A response that
seemed to come so naturally to me.

As the session progressed, I began to relate to her one of my most personal experiences. So private and personal was this experience that I had not, until that point, talked about it with anyone else - not even my closest confidente. It had been a case of unrequited
lust which, at the time, had been a very painful experience but MM enabled me to explore my feelings at the time and control me so that I could experience all the excitement but with all the control that MM possessed. - making the experience more and more intense. Really quite amazing!

After that experience I then went back into a 'drifting' state before MM then took me to a new situation.

At this point I should explain that the reason I had contacted Mind Mistress in the first place was because I had seen the WWW site - and it had struck a chord with me
because it tapped into one of my most private fetishes/desires. For a long time now, I have had a strong desire to wear women's clothing (I am a man - so it's not usually something I do in public!) but not just any women's clothing. I had a fetish for a gothic style of dress - 'witchy' and yet 'slutty' (!) The 'gothic' aspect of this stems from my fascination with witches and sorceresses. From as far back as I can remember
I have always loved the characters in books, films, television that have been played by wicked witches, sorceress, enchantresses, lady-vamps etc. I loved the way that these characters seemed to get enjoyment from having their subject completely submit to their will/spell.

I wanted to be their subject! Also I loved the 'freedom' and 'power' of expression that seemed to come from being completely 'wicked'. Thus my fantasy had formed in my mind
:- that I wished to be taken under mistresses' spell and turned into her slave apprentice, to become her 'slutty' witch-slave, dressed to the nines in a sexy black dress, fishnet stockings - the works! And...most importantly to let her cast spells on me and learn to weave wicked magic together with her.

whew...pretty weird, huh?!

Anyway to return to my session with Mistress:

MM then took me to a different past experience where I had 'pleasured myself' in the privacy of my own home whilst dressed in a witch costume that I had bought from a costume shop. MM enabled me to relive the entire experience again but under her complete control. Gradually MM made me more and more excited as I could feel
myself getting increasingly sexually 'turned-on'. For what seemed like an eternity I felt the desire rising in me. It became really quite hard to type back responses as I became more and more excited! Finally, I climaxed!! what a rush!
Energy seemed to flow through me - radiating like waves of ecstasy!

but that was not the end! - MM wanted to take me further - and experience an orgasm like a 'girl' would - just the constant rush of energy - crashing like waves through
my body. Never coming down - just going further and further, deeper and deeper into ecstasy.

Well, I have to make a small confession:-I don't think I was able to get quite as far as she was leading me - because my wretched male biology/physiology had reached it's limit, and was strictly in post-orgasmic-anti-climax phase. I had orgasmed and ejaculated without even touching myself! (she told me later that she normally doesn't let her subjects ejaculate when they orgasm - so they can cum again and again)

However, as I was still completely under MM's control , she was able to make me learn a new trigger phrase:. Each time she mentions the phrase - I orgasm again!

I was truly becoming her slave.

Well - I think I'll stop there for my description of this experience. I've had quite an eventful day as it happens! Think I need to get some rest! It feels as if a whole new realm of experience has been opened to me and I am just beginning to see what is

The sceptic can argue that everything I experienced was 'in my mind' and nothing to do with sorcery or witchcraft - but frankly I don't care! The complete sense of submission and the control that mind mistress had was *very* real. There were times during the experience where I started drifting 'out of trance' and without me even writing a single
word - MM immediately KNEW that this was the case. She would tell me that she could sense this and helped me concentrate and focus deeper on her words. Quite astounding! Definitely some sort of 'psychic' connection (empathic, or whatever you wish to label it)
and all I'm left wondering is:

when's my next session?! :)


is that it is 1:40 in the morning and I haven't had my dinner yet!>

UK - Sunday, May 05, 2002 at 19:44:42 (CDT)


I was just passing by and noticed all the interesting pictures and ideas.

Nice to see someone is venturing into the frontiers.

I will be back.

Bye for now.

Just Passing by.
- Sunday, May 05, 2002 at 10:21:24 (CDT)

Scientists Pilot Rats With Electrodes

(May 1) - By implanting electrodes in rats' brains, scientists have created remote-controlled rodents they can command to turn left or right, climb trees and navigate piles of rubble. Someday, scientists said, rats carrying tiny video cameras might search for disaster survivors.

''If you have a collapsed building and there are people under the rubble, there's no robot that exists now that would be capable of going down into such a difficult terrain and finding those people, but a rat would be able to do that,'' said John Chapin, a professor of physiology and pharmacology at the State University of New York in Brooklyn.

The lab animals aren't exactly robot rats. They had to be trained to carry out the commands.

Chapin's team fitted five rats with electrodes and power-pack backpacks. When signaled by a laptop computer, the electrodes stimulated the rodents' brains and cued them to scurry in the desired direction, then rewarded them by stimulating a pleasure center in the brain.

The rats' movements could be controlled up to 1,640 feet away, the length of more than five football fields.

The findings appear in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.

Other researchers said the work is interesting but is an engineering feat, not an advance in animal neuroscience.

Randy Gallistel, a professor of psychology and cognitive science at Rutgers University, said it's basically the same thing, with a twist, that scientists found they could do almost 50 years ago by stimulating the reward-sensing area of a rat's brain.

''Without the gee-whizery, without the remote-control and so on, that this kind of thing was possible has been obvious for decades,'' he said.

The experiments used three implanted electrodes - one in the brain region that senses reward or pleasure, and one each in areas that process signals from the rat's left and right whisker bundles.

Chapin's team trained the rats in a maze by signaling the left and right whisker-sensing regions. When a rat turned in the correct direction, its reward-sensing region was stimulated.

Activating only the reward region caused the rodents to move forward, the team found.

After training, the rats were tested in a variety of environments and remotely guided through pipes and across elevated runways. They were compelled to climb trees and ladders and to jump from varying heights.

The rodents could even be commanded to venture into brightly lit, open areas - environments they normally would avoid.

Howard Eichenbaum, a professor of psychology at Boston University, said the research, while not a major advance, is ''clever'' and holds the promise of using animals as humans' ''eyes'' or as couriers to reach trapped victims.

Aside from the technological challenges, he said there may be ethical concerns about turning animals into ''intelligent robots'' serving humans.

''It's one thing to see a rat running around like this, people don't get too emotional about that, but as soon as you get into dogs or work animals, people start getting real excited,'' he said.

Chapin's team has tested tiny video cameras strapped to wired rats to see whether they might be used to transmit images and sounds of people trapped inside ruins. But Chapin said the camera needs to be refined to compensate for the rodents' jerky movements, and the rats' backpack miniaturized to implant it beneath their skin.

The potential of using such implantable electrodes to control humans - which a Tulane University researcher tried during the 1960s, with unclear results - is something Chapin said he opposes so strongly he believes it should be illegal.

Kate Rears, a policy analyst at the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, said technological advances mean human-control technology can no longer be dismissed as far-fetched.

''I think that a lot of people are very wary of that sort of thing and understandably so,'' Rears said. ''I don't think it's a sign of paranoia to react against this because it is very odd. It's Brave New Worldish.''

- Saturday, May 04, 2002 at 19:32:02 (CDT)

Hi Bobbi,

Have a look at the website I have attached below. It provides links to all sorts of great belly dancing stuff. Amazon have a big range of instructional videos and music that can also help.
I am really looking forward to starting........it sounds sooo much fun, don't you think.

I haven't done this sort of dancing before, so I have a lot to learn. I would love to have a friend learning with me. It is so much better when you can share something like this with someone else.
Yes, you are right saying that everyone is entitled to their views.....perhaps I was a bit hard. Anyway, I am happy things have been cleared up.

Bye for now.

- Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 03:29:35 (CDT)

Where to begin? At the beginning is the proper place I am sure. I was web. Surfing for stories on mind control and found a pretty good site. The idea of loosing one's will to another person is quite interesting. Well, I read through some stories and thought I would check out the Hypnotist section. I read about Mind Mistress ( Linda ) and then went to some of the true stories of how Linda had changed people. I really enjoyed reading about Adam's Feminization, have reread it quite a few times.
I decided to write Linda (Mind Mistress) and ask her to set up a date for a session. I downloaded the pay site and ICQ for chat, and went ahead and sent money ahead of time. Well, I guess I got cold feet and asked Mistress Linda to credit the money back to my account I had changed my mind. She was very sweet and did just as I asked.
A couple of weeks went by and you guessed it, I had to, needed to see Linda. I did all as was required, sent E-mail and a few days later received a date for my first session. Well, sent the money again but this time I did not back out. Had my first session on the 29th of April, and really enjoyed it. I have a new name, it is Tiffany or Tif for short. I also have two female voices inside me, my boob voice and pussy voice. I have really nice boobs, they are growing and I really like being a woman.
I will have another session next week and cannot wait to talk to Linda. She is so understanding and helpful. Will write more as I continue with the sessions.

Tiffany Hawks <hawksdw@aol.com>
Colonial Heighs, Va USA - Wednesday, May 01, 2002 at 16:52:19 (CDT)

hi again yesterday i had session number two with mistress and it was an awesome experience! it was incredible how fast i went from a smart male computer software and hardware speecialit to a blonde female bimbo that could barely handle simple thoughts..and mistress also set it up so that i can remmeber what i did while i was a girl and to say that mistress had some fun with me was an understatement. ill save details for later unless mistress wants otherwise but i cant wait for the next session! hopefully it will be soon
rob <vampyre_lord@msn.com>
aurora, IL u.s.a - Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 19:18:44 (CDT)

- Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 10:45:39 (CDT)


Count me in on the bellydancing stuff. I have got to get this
midsection back in shape - I keep telling myself "the first
40kg is easy - it's the last 20kg that's hard."

Round may be a shape, but it's not the one I want.


P.S. While I too love the quality of the comments,
let's not be too hard on even the harhest critics.
First, they were easy to see through, and second,
people who are that desperate to tear things down
have issues that I could see myself feeling sorry
for them. Our hearts should be big enough to
love them in spite of themselves (but we should be
wise enough not to enable their bad behaviour).

Hugs to all, your sister

- Monday, April 29, 2002 at 23:33:24 (CDT)

Early childhood abuse left me hating sex and wanting to sleep wet. My therapist couldn't help me with these two issues, and said i am cured. When i approached Mistress about these two things, She told me She could help me with both of them. She did, and as a result, i am now a very happy person! Not only do i now wet my bed, but i am totally bladder incontinent, and have needed to be in diapers around the clock since the beginning of this year. i have been greatly pleased, content, and happy.

However, i was not content to leave things where they were. Instead, i had to muck things up, and asked Mistress to change me in two other ways. Again, She did, and i thought i was pleased. i asked Her to take the male part of me out of my life, and to make me want to please my Master in ways only a woman could. Unfortunately, i went too far, and asked Her to change me in ways i cannot tolerate, and i rejected both changes.

i work away from home, and have to travel between cities. Anytime i am not at home with my family, and not at work, Mistress owns me and controls my life. i was happiest when i was able to solo as a baby girl, when i actually thought and acted like a toddler. i am not able to remember what i did as a baby, because those memories are stored differently from adult ones. All i really know is i enjoyed it immensely, and have several pleasant mental pictures from those times. W/we needed a new story line to work from, in which i would be able to take part in my fantasies. After much discussion, W/we agreed i really want Her to take me on adventures in trance reality. Mistress asked me what kind of movies i liked, and i soon found myself as a spy (but more of a Maxwell Smart than the James Bond type). There is a problem with an adult baby club, as some people are disappearing from there. my assignment is to infiltrate the club as an adult baby, and report everything back to headquarters. When i said i didn't know how to be an adult baby, my boss promised to train me. Then he told me the club is for girls only.

i soon found myself in some sort of a transformation chamber. i couldn't see out, but others could see me. They started to transmit images to my brain, and i began intense training on becoming an adult baby. This session took me through the first day, in which i was trained to like wet diapers. Mistress has started a good story that W/we will be able to use repeatedly, as She continues to train me! i can hardly wait for the next session! Life away from home and work has suddenly become very interesting!

Nashville, TN USA - Monday, April 29, 2002 at 12:51:41 (CDT)

I have found some great instructional videos for belly dancing at amazon and have being doing some searching on the net for more info. There is lots of stuff that is really great. If you haven't thought about this type of exercise or dancing before have look for yourself....it is really cool. Very feminine and mysterious. I can't wait to learn more and practice properly in a class.
I can already understand how relaxing it will be and not as hard on the body as many other forms of exercise. Let me know if anyone is interested in learning with me.....it would be cool to have someone to learn with.

- Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 17:33:02 (CDT)

Hi all,

I just had a wonderful time talking to Jenas, and although they do not use email I just wanted them to know how appreciative i was of the whole evening, apologies if this is not the place to post this.
Hope everyone is ok, and just have to say I LOVE this site, and all the thoughts it puts in my head.
'obedience is pleasure' :)

Angel <tvstephtvx@yahoo.com>
uk - Saturday, April 27, 2002 at 23:06:18 (CDT)

Hi everyone. It is so good to read about some of your experiences below. Some of the stories make me so jealous and I would love to talk to you about them in more detail. Perhaps we can chat through this guestbook.
Personally, I think it is great that we don't have all the crazy posts from the non believers. It is much better reading positive commments and good experiences.
Today I had my third session and wow....I need to tell you about it. My first two sessions were great and gave me a real appreciation of being female. My post a few weeks ago will tell you more about that. Today, though, I really wanted to go as far as I could in pursuing my feminine ambitions and I sent Mind Mistress a short description of where I was in my head before the appointment.

Well, today we focussed on growing my feminine self and disposing of my old male self. In fact, I can' t remember much about my male self, I am now Sally.....and I can't go back......I am so happy. All my memories are of Sally and seem to make sense for me......sometimes things are a bit vague.....but I know I am really happy.
Mind Mistress has helped me with a few other desires as well.....I am trying to drop some weight and so far I have lost 4kg......I know I can lose lots more now and I have lots of new motivation to help me lose more.

I have started exercising a lot more and know this will help me with my weight . I have lots of new ideas on exercise and am going to try them out. Has anyone tried belly dancing....it sounds great fun don't you think. (Pretty sexy too I think)
I have gone the whole way.....and can't believe I will live as a woman for the rest of my life. ....I am so happy, excited and thankful that I have found this fantastic way forward. Who knows what is round the corner......but I know it will be good fun.

Janice, I could really appreciate some of your thoughts.....a handbag and lovely shoes are a must ! I hope you love them.

- Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 22:51:26 (CDT)

I've had a lot of periferal experience with hypnosis, but I've never actaully felt I've been hypnotized... though recently a CD did a pretty good imitation! But today's experience with Mind Mistress shows clearly that I was under... in and out three times. Some of the triggers she uses give a very big wet spot on your panties (if you wear panties). Mine soaked through my panties onto my sweatpants, and through my sweatpants...forming a dark spot the size of an orange (ok... maybe a lemon... but a big one). I concurr that the female orgasms expressed by previous people in this guestbook can and do occurr. Big Time. This was the first session.

But the interesting thing about this session was that it is for my Mistress (my OTHER MISTRESS!)... Mistress Dominique. I didn't feel that I was completely open with Ms. Dominique in our relationship and I wanted to be more... more of a pussy slave... and I wanted Mind Mistress to help me respond to suggestions from Ms. Dominique!!! So we shall see!! I definitely responded to the triggers that Mind Mistress put in me... so I'm hoping that my Mistress will benefit. :)
I'll finish this later... I have to report to my Mistress! And will probably be scheduling more sessions soon.

pussy slave
USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 16:44:27 (CDT)

I just wanted to let everyone know that hypnosis does work, and that Mistress linda is amazing. My name is Ashley, yes I am the person who was turned into Mistress milking cow girl (check the newest story in Mind Mistress story page its the one titled Ashley :) ) Anyway, that one was by chance, though afterwards, I felt so incredable I signed up for a session imedately. I am looking forward to it this comming Thursday. I am sooo excited. Its such an amazing feeling to just give up your will and say "Mistress linda, you may do what you want with me." You never know, Mistress might just post more of our sessions on her sight, I would very much like that, but who knows.

Ashley <HotAshX@hotmail.com>
- Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 10:52:23 (CDT)

Golly, the last few posts are so very cool. Like, you know, positive and full of life. Great to hear from others. Mistress has me carrying a purse and i love it. So me! Neat! It has compartments for everything. Even a place for long cigs, which I dearly love. The More, the merrier. Wow, can I turn a phrase or what? Seriously, Mistress wants me to wear female shoes only!!! And I am going to do it! I can't believe it, but it is real. I have ordered them. This will be a real trip. Like, I am in panties all the time now, I carry a purse, I remember growing up as a girl. I remember what sex felt like. I am a female all the way through, and I love it, like totally.

I have decided to obey Mistress completely. This is fun, and I can't stop, or don't want to stop, or whatever. Thinking is hard to do. I want more, like, everything She can do to me. Love to all, from janice. Just a slave girl to our Mistress.

- Monday, April 22, 2002 at 14:58:53 (CDT)

hello all , mind mistress asked me to post a comment bout our session and as she says obedience is pleasure! so it started off like a typical conversation with her feeling me out trying to determine what i hoped to gain from thesession (and probably for things she could have some fun with too!) but then she finally put me under and had some real fun with me then! she even made me orgasm as a girl! that was an experience.. girls have quite an advantage in that department over us guys...then she incresed my intrest for girls smoking into a need to make as many girls as possible smoke! (as mind mistress says all women should smoke) well that was kind of it i have another session next week and will let you guys know what happens then, im sure mistress will have new instructions for me then but right now im off to corrupt a couple of co-workers into smoking! bye for now..
rob <vampyre_lord@msn.com>
aurora, IL u.s.a - Monday, April 22, 2002 at 14:39:10 (CDT)

Hi all,

Thank you to authors of the recent posts.
While it's pretty clear that complete life
changes may take more than simply waving a
magic wand, it's wonderful to see the sense
of belonging we share here.

And we are, after a fashion, a community.
There may be different reasons we got here,
and different paths we will take after being
here, but as we grow and change, let us
grow and change and share.

Welcome, sisters to the joy and beauty of

Bobbi - Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 08:01:55 (CDT)

Greets All!!

Well... Where to start.. I wasn't a good hypnotic subject and despite my attempts with many other inductions online as well as on video tape and on audio tape, its really never happened for me... I have had sessions with other Mistress's and haven't gotten anywhere... I've never known any change in how I felt or saw the world around me... I ran across Mistress Linda's website from a smoking fan fiction group... I decided to check out her site and from everything I had read, I felt she might be the one... So, I filled out the application and waited... A few days went by and I heard from Mistress... She was direct and asked me more detailed questions.. Two emails later arrangements were made for my first session...

My first session was kewl, mostly because it was really nice to talk with Mistress and to better explain what I was looking for.. I should explain that I have met a most wonderful woman and I love her very deeply.. But I have had some problems getting really close to her... I explained to Mistress that what I wanted was to be with my girlfriend 100% to show her that I loved her totally... I had always been dominant in the relationships I have had and over the years I have often wondered what it would be like if I were really submissive... I have control issues you might say :)

So, the first session was fun but I didn't notice anything different... Mistress tried several things and I wasn't responding to them... We ended the chat early on and I thanked her for trying and that I was sorry for being such a poor subject... It wasn't my intention to be a problem to her but something was holding me back... We tried a second time after a few more emails... This session was the full hour and was really kewl... Though sadly, again nothing seemed to be working... A week went by and so I contacted Mistress again to see when we could do another session...

Mistress expressed to me concern over that she didn't feel right taking money from me if I wasn't getting anything out of the sessions... I asked if we could try one last time and she suggested for a two hour session... One like Kittens, since Kitten was tough to get started like I was... I agreed and so we setup the next session... I had to bail from the appointment on last moment but Mistress understood so we set another date...

Tonight, Monday was the night... After the session I went off to take care of a few things and have a bite to eat and to think of what I would write.. :)

Everything I asked for and so much more has happened!! I haven't stopped thinking of Mistress and Oh!!! How fantastic I feel and look...lol Mmmmm, so here I am a very happy and very submissive slutslave girl! Yes, girl and happy!! Happy that I was able to please Mistress with how well the session went tonight and I'm sure being slutty didn't hurt.. lol Sure, I am aware that Mistress had everything to do with this and I am beyond happy with how everything turned out...

I really can't thank Mistress enough for everything she has done and I am certainly looking forward to other sessions :)

Oh, I almost forgot!! lol
Mistress wants to chat with my G/F, that should be very kewl!! I am sure Mistress could get her to be most dominant. Which from what I can tell would really get my G/F very hot.. She loves it when I sub to her an well, I love it too, now even more!! Mmmmm... Right now I am still thinking about strap-on dildos and hard cocks! lol I love it!!! Yes, I am WAY horny thinking about it!!

Whew!!!! I had better calm down and finish this up! Not that I want to!! lol
(Deep breath) Ok.. So ..At any rate, I am really happy that I can go under now and that Mistress has been so fantastic and has really helped me to get in-touch with true inner submissive female self.. ;)

Hope you can all experience this for yourselves... I was a hard case and now everything is great!! Sometimes it takes longer... Don't give up and at the worst, enjoy it for what it is! All I can tell you, pleasure is obedience!! :)

serena <serenasub@aol.com>
baltimore, md usa - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 02:26:20 (CDT)

hello, my name is jackie. :-) i have had two sessions with Mistress now and am learning to be the best slave girl i can be! i am a beautiful girl, 100% hetero, and have realized that i need to serve and please men, that obedience is pleasure. but i love to serve and please Mistress most of all! i am looking forward to learning more about how to do this in my next session. i am also sharing time and space with another, and am looking forward to getting to know him better too! (and helping him get to know me.) thank you Mistress! :-)

till next time jackie

- Monday, April 15, 2002 at 22:14:35 (CDT)

i love this site. its really nice and i like to come back to it all the time. that's why i do come back to it alot. sometimes its a little hard to understand the writing so i look around and its nice t o be hear.


lori <lorialber@aol.com>
- Monday, April 15, 2002 at 12:19:19 (CDT)

Thank you mind mistress, the trance to help me become an obedient pussy slave to my girlfriend, was a fantasy of mine, i am going to try it out as often as is ee her, and i will let you know, if i am unable to resist.
mike <mwhopper4@aol.com>
u.s - Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 21:59:42 (CDT)


I know what you mean - welcome to our world, welcome
to all the love, the wonder, and the magic. I just
had a session last night, and feel wonderful - more
at peace and more filled with joy than I have been
in a long time.

Leaving aside the erotic side completely (you don't HAVE to)
MM is a fabulous therapist, with a fantasitc understanding
of the human heart and soul. Her talent for healing
and caring is amazing!

I was so happy last night I cried, and when I was done
crying, I started to sing softly and gave thanks to
God for people like our Dearest One.

Love to all, but more love to the peaceful and beautiful,


P.S. LDK, you're an kind angel!

- Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 07:45:00 (CDT)

I just finished my first session with MM and it was one of the most intense sexual experiences I've ever had. I always new females had more intense orgasms then men, but I never thought they were that intense. WOW. I am very much looking forward to my next session with her.
- Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 00:13:46 (CDT)

would love to have you feminize me, into a cum loving slut, through hypnosis. Really,this sissy wanders if it could really be done???
danielle <MoDazz@sissify.com>
Missouri USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 18:54:35 (CDT)

Actually, I have chatted to Bobbi a few times. She is very
happy. Very content. Its her life. If she is happy and content,
then why be so bent out of shape?? Be happy she is. Its much

- Monday, April 08, 2002 at 17:18:05 (CDT)

janice is ready and willing to go. Really, i am waiting for my next session. I love being female. It is so cool. Like, you know, really cool, baby. I am now a female who can barely think about anything but sex and more sex, like, you know, sex is where it is at. Mistres, do me when you want. janice is ready and willing. I wanted to be a female and now i am. Like, cool, baby. This is so very cool. Yeah, i know that i am a slave to Mistress, but so who cares? This is real. Don't forget that She rules. It is awesome! Like, I belong to Mistress! This is very weird stuff. I belong. janice loves Mistress.
- Sunday, April 07, 2002 at 13:54:42 (CDT)

Bobbi, It's fine by me and entirely your choice?
Dark and hairy
Plain or pink?
Large or small?

Clark Croyden
- Friday, April 05, 2002 at 17:07:24 (CST)

Would love to see some more pictures and of course the conclusion to the Jessica Story..........
- Friday, April 05, 2002 at 11:07:29 (CST)

It's amazing how so many people don't get it
Do I feel differently? Of course. But if
you don't feel a little differently each and
every day, how do you know you've alive?
Or are you saying that we all have to be
flat-liners to satisfy a demand for conformity?
Of course I'm different - but not in the ways
you appear to expect from the question.
Enough to call it amazing?
No - sorry to disappoint but other than being
happier and more able to deal with the issues
my life has brought to me, I'm pretty much the same
as when I started.
But as therapy progresses, I am able to make
better and heatlhier decisions for myself.
I can accept more of me, and open my world to
include more, not less, of the grace and beauty
that CAN be found there (selectively).
I am happier and am getting more out of life.
Wow! Now if that isn't dangerous, wicked,
subversive, et cetera, what is?

- Friday, April 05, 2002 at 08:07:12 (CST)

Bobbi - It's amazing how you feel so different isn't it? It's amazing also how u see things so differently now too isn't it?


Rest of you: http://www.dtig.de/whatswrong/
What is the problem with the picture? Best around the picture where the window is - it helped me see it quicker. Very clever...
(I hope you girlies don't get too scared...)

Clark Essex
- Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 22:41:40 (CST)

Mind Mistress, please give me a call, i beg You
- Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 17:29:27 (CST)


Those that want to play this game or pretend not to want to play the game, or those that like a challenge or those that want to test etc are not only silly, but vulnerable. There are many ways of which if there is an interest however minute this can be taken further, deeper whatever you like because there is an interest. You have an interest for example by finding the site in the first place, however, small. You wouldn't find it easy just under hypnosis or therapy (if that is what it isn't).

If you challenge someone to a duel, you are effectively weaker because there is the possibility of success. It is stupid. Don't bother - if you are not interested in gay sex, don't bother at all - no risk - you win - you are not interested. Chasing people and challenging shows you are. Don't find info on it all. That will only add to negatives already there. Find more positive images and build up where your success lies etc. Your self esteem and who you are, what you want etc. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and MM is only a guide to being stupid.

Challenge her on that and if you like the idea however small and the possibility is there. The best thing is accept who you are and what you are (gay or hetrosexual), then decide how to be that or whether YOU want to (then between the ears). Denial is a flaw that can be exploited - the more you resist etc...

Saviour of Souls...
- Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 16:09:30 (CST)

me thinks you protest too much Lindsey...
- Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 15:58:25 (CST)

- Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 13:03:23 (CST)

Well, if having the courage to love when you've been
hurt or daring to speak the truth about who you are
in a world that would rather flame you and beat you
and try to destroy and discredit you is "sissy" then
I wear the label proudly. I wear it for all my sisters
whose lives have been shortchanged by stereotypes, who
aren't free to love who they are or who they want to
be or be with.
The courage it takes just to be a woman today is amazing.
Our genetic sisters have to have hearts bigger and
stronger than those you would call "great warriors"
for the battles they face in day to day life are harder
than we imagine.
If you're attempting to disparage me by saying I'm
too much like them, I am not embarassed, I'm proud to
stand with them, and bumbled that their grace and
faith, their love and courage has entered me to
that degree. I embrace them and their cause with
pride and pray that they always teach me to grow in
joy and love as they themselves do.

Hoping to live up to their standards,

- Monday, April 01, 2002 at 23:17:42 (CST)

Sounds like Bobbi is a sissy alright!

Lindsey Fan
- Monday, April 01, 2002 at 18:18:39 (CST)


I don't know why you're so angry or why you came here
(if it's only to shout) - if it's really not for you
then go in peace and concern yourself no more.

My friends and I here have not judged you, but your
words are written large, and loud, and almost hurting.
If you're hurt by the fact we exist, I'm sorry, but I
can't undo my life to suit. If you're hurt that we have
this particular way of finding happiness, again I'm sorry
we all do what we must. If you're just hurting, then
perhaps other help is appropriate (Mind Mistress is an
excellent therapist but not all therapists are right for
each and every patient). But please, do not shout your
condemnations of us - I feel in my heart no such desire
to disparage your position, however you came there. If
anything, I might be sad that you appear so hurt. In
other circumstances, I will reach out my hand to help if
I could.

Please don't be angry or hurt.
In respectful caring,

- Monday, April 01, 2002 at 16:08:10 (CST)



Lindsay Rae Hursey <linny_24@hotmail.com>
Indiana USA - Monday, April 01, 2002 at 08:07:37 (CST)

To Ludwig and others
What you say is at some level true for some of us. And
you're right in saying that being a gender outlaw takes
But your very words betray themselves, talking about
masculine and feminine "sides" of ourselves. There are
no real "sides" only ingredients in who we are.
For some of us, it's not about playing, it's about finding
the healing and the strength to be what we are. On the
contrary, dear, I know how much this culture devalues women
and the contributions they make. I am what I am in spite
of the culture, not because I believe the world will be
"nicer" to me if I (a) have SRS (b) dress to pass flawlessly
(c) both of the above (d) fill in the blank
I am here because with the help of a lovely and kind
therapist, I can heal and release some of the fear.
You see, to me (and a few more like me here) this IS
spending our time and money to heal ourselves - as I've
said before here, don't be taken in by the advertising -
you have to sell the medicine by promising sugar or sell
good things by parading around a wrapper of evil to get
people's attention today. But what I've found here is
therapy as valuable and as effective and as healing as
anything I get from my other brain care specialists -
for less money and with better results.
Love and acceptance be yours and within you now and always,

- Monday, April 01, 2002 at 07:54:24 (CST)

i was asked to write an account of my experience with mind mistress.
it's not an easy thing to do. it's like describing the taste of a
banana to someone who's never had one, but i'm going to try.

mistress spent some initial time feeling me out for my experiences and
desires. she asked questions that helped her craft a most exciting
and erotic experience for me. she then started the hypnosis. i'm not
sure what i expected, but everything seemed much more realistic than
i expected. she had me comfortable in my hypnotic state and eager to
surrender all control to her. the more i surrendered, the more excited i got.

then she started to encorporate aspects of my fantasy. constantly
reminding me of what a baby i was, how much i liked being a baby, and
how much it pleased her to have me be a baby. then it got better.
mistress helped convert me into a baby girl. we were both much
happier with me as a baby girl. when she created my little baby slit
it was amazing. she then taught me to cum like a girl on command. i
highly recommend it.

the only bad part was that it finally had to end, and i didn't want it
to. i can't wait until i can afford to do it again

jsmith <jsmith@stratos.net>
cleveland, ohio USA - Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 13:28:38 (CST)


just a little comment to all this feminization stuff ...

I think it is the indoctrination of the world around us, which makes
us believe that we have to decide to be either masculine or feminine,
but that is bullshit ! Everyone can be what she/he wants to be. If you
are a man that wants to be beautiful just do what you feel. Of course
you need Courage for that and you have to write it with a capital C,
but to build up your Courage is in my opinion much better than to be a
slave and ignore the live that is given to you.

Mostly everyone fears the world outside. Your masculine side has to
fight with this. You think my feminine side is much better, if I could
only be a woman the world would not be so bad to me. If you try to
look at this Superwoman image from a little distance, do you really
think you are on the right way ? Wouldn't it be better to try to
change the world instead of following a stereotypes that doesn't
fits you ?

I don't know the answer ... but I think it is better to spend your
money and mostly important your time to heal yourself from the
indoctrination that forces you to be a different person.


Ludwig <widukind71@online.de>
- Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 04:46:09 (CST)

Believe me, dear, you will be SOOOO glad you took the chance.
Become one of us - let us share with you, and help you find
beauty and peace and sweetness. Here you can be free to love
all that you are and all that you are will be loved in return.
Come, join us - for lunch, for tea, for talking and sharing,
for tender moments and incredible joy - for support, and courage
and sensual pleasure - we share, we laugh, we love, we cry - but
that is what and who we are and will be for you - and you can
share with us. Mind Mistress will heal and support and
shape your vision so that you can finally experience your bliss
as part of us. Please allow yourself to feel this good!

- Friday, March 29, 2002 at 07:13:42 (CST)

Sounds great to me , I am always around at 10pm cet or 5pm eastern....

Lol , see you all then :)

- Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 18:13:30 (CST)

Hi all.

Who wants to set up regular chat meetings in the chat room here???

Be fun to get together and share of experiences and sessions and things like that.

Suggest some times and lets do it!!!!!!!!

- Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 17:12:39 (CST)

Thank you Wizard. I have received nothing but encouragment since my first post, even a somewhat humorous email. All have cause me to feel that I have a place where I can experience the true inner me. I guess the next step is to get in touch with Mind Mistress. I am a little shy but I am working on that. Its easy to post messages here, making contact, well that is something else, but I'm trying, I'm trying.
Dreamer <blaise153@yahoo.com>
- Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 02:07:26 (CST)

Dreamer,I've just been reading your last few entries.You are on the threshold put your fears behind you.Just look forward,you know you want to commence on your journey.And deeper on this journey you will travel.For you know it is in you to go further to explore and truly discover what the real you,the inner you really is.Shed your fears and go to Mind Mistress.And Bobbi a great deal of thanks go to you for offering such words of encouragement to someone,and giving some enlightment of your personal experience to set someone at ease.
The Wizard
- Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 00:40:14 (CST)

Right now I suppose I am looking to find just a bit of escape. Living erotic fantasies. I don't know maybe relieve the pressure to perform, take away some stress. Maybe let out the hidden me, which would be quite a change.

It is just very strange as I look over this site, all three of my turn on buttons are pressed, gender transformation, smoking, and hypnosis. Its either too good to be true, or a dream come true.

I keep coming back to the idea of "becoming one of us". I'll admit it, it sounds very alluring. Having something in common, unique feelings that maybe most other people do not understand. Maybe even experiencing feelings that up to now are completly foreign.

I don't know. Have I been able to express my desires here or do I still have some work to do? How did you change?

Dreamer <blaise153@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 02:43:33 (CST)

What does it take to be one of us? "We" are people whose lives have been made better, fuller, happier by our Dearest One. She is the genie, the granter of wishes.
You must have the courage to explore yourself, but with Her help and guidance, you will never be afraid or hurt by the journey. Being one of us will change your life only as far as you let it, you can be reawakened to happiness. No one will truly force you here - unless that is what you want. Can you tell Her your wants, your needs, your desires? Can you share them? Do you want to believe they are real or do you want them to become real?

I have answered those questions for me, but if you're just starting to
ask them then I pray you will let Her help. She's made such a difference to me - being with her Voice is like wrapping yourself in a Vellux blanket on a cold winter night - it warms, it soothes, it feels so good wrapped around you.

Become what you dream of - for an hour or a lifetime, it doesn't matter. Find out what your real being is about and be true to that. And if you don't know, here's the perfect opportunity to find out. I know I've changed and I love it.

Sisters have a closeness that can only be felt, and never described.
Now that I understand that, I will never leave my sisters, for their magic has woven me into the fabric of their grace and beauty. To be a part of them is to partake in joy and creation.

Please, please do it - be with us, be one of us, be a part of us, be all of us.

In sweet encouragement,

- Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 07:51:56 (CST)

I am at first amazed that anyone would respond to something I posted on a messageboard, that doesn't happen too often. And secondly for the warm welcome, thank you. I must admit that the thought of becoming "one of us" has a bit of an allure to it. Besides a bit of courage, what does it take to become one of you?

- Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 01:12:35 (CST)

Here, thanks to our Dearest One, you can be whatever you want or need to be. For an hour or a day or a lifetime - you must choose. Whether you finally give your mind permission to explore the fantasy (safe in your own head) or whether you become your own secret desire in real life is up to you - for She has the ability and the grace and the love to grant any of those wishes and those in-between. Come, be part of us - we greet you in love and support.

- Monday, March 25, 2002 at 05:40:35 (CST)

What an amazing site. Is it all simply an amazing fantasy or are these things really possible? I feel as though I have found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A sexy Mistress using hypnosis to turn me into a smoking bimbo chick...hmmm sounds too good to be true.
- Monday, March 25, 2002 at 03:04:34 (CST)

Mind Mistress Linda, I want to be her slave
- Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 20:55:31 (CST)

I luv Mind Mistressss new pic she is so kewl
- Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 04:17:47 (CST)

Wow! A beautiful makeover for the site!
ANd the happiest session yet! Yes, I was back for more.
I don't remember feeling this good for a long time.
The peace and caring I feel are so wonderful - it's
complete sweetness and softness inside. MM is past the
best - she utterly rocks!
Sometimes I feel like my life has been scattered into
skeins of yern, and MM is helping me knit a beautiful
garment out of them - a single, beautiful tapestry of
love and peace and joy.
I was up real early today, and saw the soft purple sky
at dawn - I remembered how wonderful I felt last night
and the gifts She gave me. All may not be right in the
world - but at least here and now, all is OK within me,
and with my relationship to that world.
Thank you, Dearest One.
In joy and love and gratitude,

- Friday, March 22, 2002 at 07:07:49 (CST)

is it possible to hypnotize a person, so that their girlfriend could use trigger words and immediately put them in the deep trance stage. and would have no ability to not obey his girlfriends commands, if this person really wanted that?
michael <mwhopper4@aol.com>
dalton, ohio U.S.. - Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 22:21:25 (CST)

Can I be the first person,to compliment you on your stunning photo.Thank you for gracing us with your presence and as always you have a very nice site as all will agree.
- Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 20:06:09 (CST)

Well I don't know about the site, but I sure know there have been some changes in my life since coming here (purrrr)!
And all for the better, I may add!
Love to the peaceful and beautiful everywhere,
Healing to the rest who cannot yet enjoy that love,

- Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 06:47:46 (CST)

Wonder if this site does anything to you? Well, I've been fiersely anti-smoking my entire life. I come here, and a few months later, I buy a pack. I'll usually gag really bad on every other cigarette, and that usually causes me to put it out, throw away the rest of the pack, and swear it off. Yet after a few days or weeks, the desire returns and I buy a new pack. Believe me, going to this site does something to you (I'll admit I sometimes wonder what sucking cock would be like).
- Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 23:12:06 (CST)

Wow, I have enjoyed the last few days. Being a girl is soooooooo much fun!!!!!!!

I bought some beautiful panties yesterday that are just so pretty. They have lovely lace around the waist and have a very skinny rear that sits beautifully in between my cheeks. They make my ass feel so delicious.!!!!
I also looked at some bras but really, my breasts arn't big enough yet .......I'm going to have to do something about that!

I wouldn't believe how I am lusting after the spunky guys I see in the street. Just looking at them makes me get soooo horny. I can't stop thinking about their cocks . How nice they would be to suck and play with....you know my ass feels so empty and I know it is ready for a good fucking. I have been playing with my dildo lately......yeh sucking it is good but I know why girls like then so much. My special friend felt so nice inside me......

Sometimes I think about how and why my feelings have changed so much.......whether it is OK or not. I keep thinking that if I am happy and am just doing what is natural for women to do, then it must be fine. Women think about everything I am thinking......it just that I am still getting used to it.
I am also thinking about how I can move forward some more.......there is so much to experience in life. I was lying in bed last night going off to sleep and do you believe I was dreaming about a guy I saw yesterday. He was such a stud.......but I wanted him to be attracted to me. I really need to change my physical appearance......I could make myself so more pretty if I tried.

I was also thinking how I could change jobs and start another one as a woman. That would be so great. To just be one of the girls in the office and be able to get in at 9am and leave at 5pm. I could go shopping at luch time, no stress and just enjoy life. Think of the fun I could have meeting the guys in a new office!
All this takes a lot of planning.......one step at a time.......lose weight / develop a feminine figure / develop my breasts / find another job / start afresh / happy.

I think I am very lucky to have been given the chance to see things from a fresh perspective. I would never of known how good being a woman could be.....regardless of an hypnotic stuff......I really think living life as a woman is much more fulfilling than living it as a man. I enjoy it so much more that I am never going back.
You don't understand how just putting some perfume on can make a woman feel so great........a man can't do that. And then for a man to be attracted to her feminine scent, well, how sexy can that be.......I am starting to get excited just thinking about it. But that is what is so great.......all these small, tiny things that can make life so gloriously happy. Just little simple things in life.....like my panties I just bought, having a beautiful clean house or getting my ears pierced to wear some tiny little studs......or just chatting with a girlfriend over coffee.....there are so many things that make a woman happy . I don't think men get that.

I hope I haven't written too much. I just thought it was important to say how I really felt......perhaps it has been bottled inside of me for too long.

- Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 02:13:20 (CST)


What ever happened to Jessica??? I do need to find out.......

Avid Fan
- Monday, March 18, 2002 at 10:41:28 (CST)

I thought I would share some of my recent thoughts with you. I have had two sessions with MM and my outlook on life has changed so much. I really did want to be more feminine, but didn't know how to do it for myself. MM has helped me achieve what I really wanted.

I have been soooo very happy the last few days. I have spent a long time cleaning up the house and feel fantastic that I have finally got it back in order.
I am never going to let it get so untidy again. I don't know about you, but I feel so happy and proud of having a beautiful, clean house.

I have never really been interested in cooking until the last few days.......but just trying a few new recipes has really made me want to learn so much more.
I really admire people who can cook beautiful meals.......I want to learn so much so that I can please my friends with a delicious home cooked meal.

I have come to terms with my new sexuality. I really enjoy it but realise I have to have safe sex all the time. No one wants to make anyone else sick ! You wouldn't believe how great my orgasms are. GIrls are sooooo lucky and I love being one.
Guys are fantastic. Those beautiful cocks can pleasure a girl in so many ways. I love them!

One of the reasons MM started helping me, was to help me lose some weight so I could look pretty and wear some sexier clothes. I have lost heaps over the last couple of weeks and feel really great about myself.
I have decided that I need bigger breasts to really improve my figure. Great breasts are a must for a sexy girl. With a pretty made up face, some sexy perfume and some beautiful jewellery that attracts a guy's eye, what else does a girl need!

Ohhhh, I forgot to tell you that I have enrolled in some dressmaking classes at night. I really wanted to try it, and thought why not, it would be great fun. I can get to make all sorts of pretty things and perhaps if I get good enough, I could start a small business making and repairing things.
Wouldn't that be great........to work all day with beautiful dresses and luxurious material. I think it would be divine......you wouldn't even need to pay me! Apparently, we go to a real bridal shop during our course and get shown around their workshop. It will be so exciting to see all those beautiful dresses. I saw the course advertised in a woman's magazine I was flicking through and just rang up straight away to book in. Just think how much money I could save if I make all my own clothes!

LIfe is full of wonderful changes.......and I am so happy with mine.

I will let you know how I am feeling over the next few weeks.

- Sunday, March 17, 2002 at 21:36:48 (CST)

As I try to resist, I have to play the game.
Harder to escape, I write with silly names,
The closer flies the moth by that flame oh so hot.
Crying, denying, yet secretly willing is it not?
But although it warmly flickers,
Blissfully relaxing, warm yet mysterious,
I don't feel like scoldering myself
In the flame of your selfish, uncaring dream.

Why not then fly away?
The more you fall, the deeper you shall resist.
Don't waste your time seeking dreams,
For often you return, evidence is ashowing:
From the very beginning, you never wished to exit.
But it is exciting and turns you on.
Doesn't mean you should do it though!
Be who or what YOU want to be.
Not for someone else.

Pierre Le Frog
- Saturday, March 16, 2002 at 17:48:47 (CST)

As the craving grows, so does your fate unfold.
The harder away it escapes, brave and bold,
The closer flies the moth by that flame oh so hot.
Crying, denying, yet secretly willing is it not?
Yes, willingly closer to that so marvelous,
Blissfully relaxing, warm yet mysterious,
Delightfully bright, enticing as night,
So warmly embracing and flickering blonde flame.
The enlightening flame of your unthoughtful dream.

Why not then abandon yourself to the magic of Her realm?
The more you resist, the deeper you shall fall.
Don't waste your time seeking an escape,
For often as you return, evidence is ashowing:
From the very beginning, you never whished to exit.
Otherwise here and this you wouldn't be areading!
Go on, indulge yourself and later be grateful!

Quebec Canada - Saturday, March 16, 2002 at 16:54:06 (CST)

Hard to say what the Mistress can do
- Friday, March 15, 2002 at 20:48:28 (CST)

I had a second session yesterday that again was unbelieveable. I have gone further now, much further than just wanting cocks to suck and some nice panties to wear.
I spent the morning cleaning the house. It was great fun to get things neat and tidy. I can't talk for too long today because I have a lot of jobs to do........lots of washing and ironing. But that is ok ..... I like it.

Now, I wan't more than just a cock to suck. I can't wait to sleep with a man properly. I feel sooo empty inside and need a big cock to fill me.

Things are great.......life is such fun with so much to do and explore.........but I really need to develop some breasts to enjoy things most.........but that will come soon.
Mind Mistress is great. She has given me such a wonderful, refeshing outlook on life. Not only in a sexual sense, but also for all those everyday things. I have some great new hobbies, much better than watching boring sport all day on the TV.

Wow life is great.


- Friday, March 15, 2002 at 18:48:47 (CST)

This past week i had my first hypnotic session. Well all i can say is that it was totally mind blowing. Let me explain. i asked Mistress to help me be and feel more feminine and the more feminine i dressed the more feminine i felt.

Well during the session i definitly saw myself as a women. i could feel my breasts, my vagina and developed a need to suck cock. i had this mind exploding female orgasism. It started at my toes, with chills and electric jolts rolling up my legs to my vagina up to my nipples the up to my head. It was totaly mind blowing, and very addictive. To this min, i definitly feel more feminine, not quite as much as during the session but more at peace. i have had two more female orgasism since then but each with lesser intensity. i still see myself with breasts but they have gotten smaller each day. i also no longer have a need to sit when i pee,

During the session i could actually see myself with a womens body when i looked down. i could feel the nice soft skin and even put my finger inside my wet hot pussy, even was able to masterbate myself that way. Feeling my hand inside myself was pretty intense too!!!

i can not wait for my next session to further develop myself and to make these transistions last alot longer. i only wish i was rich to be able to have a session once a week.... i can only dream.

For anyone who has not tried this, please do, it was the best thing i have done in a long time and as i have said above many times


Hugs all


densie <denise@carroll.com>
NJ USA - Friday, March 15, 2002 at 18:45:20 (CST)

Feeling happy, this site is taking me to new places, every day, we all need more , lol Mind Mistress you are wonderful !
- Friday, March 15, 2002 at 17:40:46 (CST)

>I don't care what people do, you make your own choices. I find this site intrigues me, but I don't always feel it is positive and a sense of why? intrigues me. I have my own female side of me that drives me mad on a daily basis. But I have to control her and although it could be *fixed* it would be fixed by others in ways I do not want. So I am stuck with her spoiling my life and not letting me meet the females I want to as she is always there annoyed and spoiling how I see things.

>I find this site an exquisite mix of pleasure and frustration. I'm as far along towards femininity as I can get on my own (not very) and part of me longs to go all the way to shemaleness, and part of me knows that isn't even remotely practical.

No it isn't. I've done some experiments here (should they be named experiments) partly to see what could be done to me. I've made one man feel totally feminine, but on the inside. He asked and had a stupid nick so was really easy. In fact he wanted more of his fantasy and because of practicality I didn't. I don't want him to lose his job, lovelife etc. But then deep down their is a slight evil side of andrea. More than in me. So I do tease a bit and push a little - I am exploring through him kind of which is a bit mean. Therefore I've been nice. :) It can also backfire - you grant a wish and next minute you are blamed. I believe you can accept what you want to and not - but having said that it may be able to fool. I've tried that too. You can make them think it were their idea. Now we go very deep and I don't. I have only done temporary so far apart from the guy that is a woman inside when alone. Around others he is still deeply fem inside, but has to act male to hide it. Which he likes...

So what I then tried was seeing what would happen if I took it all away, see if he would do that...mind you he does have to obey. I told him he would be before I made her and would find over next 20 mins would slowly become his new self. As he was. I told him he would fight it and slowly give in as she took him. That it would feel a little scary and get less as he accepted it. Another of my fantasises... I have to do it this way as through my eyes I am the most important person in the world. I have one mind. But she is damn pain as so crafty here.

Anyway when awake said was a joke...didn't really want to be fem, because said that partly...and wanted to go...not talk to me. But slowly it took hold and I left him to it...

Today I have a nice begging e-mail to speak with him again. Hypnosis is so intriguing. But I hate the side of me I have created. I know why I did, know how she got better, but hard to turn her off on my own. Sometimes I have to let her do some things in order to not have her get me back.

It's difficult to explain maybe MM can understand.

I envy all of Mind Mistress's willing "victims" who can afford Her services, and I read the guestbook avidly and imagine myself feeling the way they feel. The only difference is that I don't want to end up submissive. I'm a tame man who wants to become a Wild Woman (how sad is that?!).

MM is good at what she does no doubt. I have a skill in that I can see how people think in their viewpoint. Found that always easy to do. Now to me she is doing what I do - solving her own problems through others. Getting her revenge at certain areas whilst not punishing herself for her failings. I have done that - punished myself for failings by becoming her and part escape from me too.

I also like how females think and the way they manipulate. I've learnt that program. Easy for me. When in the right frame, but rules prevent her. I like that more than the dressing. I like the sexy side, but I like the idea of made to like panties and hose. I have areas I'd like to play with a woman. Like being trapped in hers to feel her all day when away and other lovey dovey stuff. But I also want to be a strong bone for her too. I know some women like that and I want to not fail but succeed. So I want that more for her. And others. Like family who would see me different to me in hypnosis. And I don't want my job jeopadised - I work with nice people for myself and some idiots at the front we all hate. I cannot let my side show. I have only told three women so far I know and 1. Was ok, but that is because she is lesbian. 2.Girl that was raped and I understood her but still can't say anything as won't. Also done it her own way (bi now as a result). 3. girl I fancied who nearly made me look an idiot and then understood. But I wouldn't play with her now. She was very unkind considering support I gave, but that is her way of dealing. I do not accept that.

That's ok. Interesting...

Zaphod Beeblebrox
- Thursday, March 14, 2002 at 19:50:58 (CST)

I find this site an exquisite mix of pleasure and frustration. I'm as far along towards femininity as I can get on my own (not very) and part of me longs to go all the way to shemaleness, and part of me knows that isn't even remotely practical. I envy all of Mind Mistress's willing "victims" who can afford Her services, and I read the guestbook avidly and imagine myself feeling the way they feel. The only difference is that I don't want to end up submissive. I'm a tame man who wants to become a Wild Woman (how sad is that?!).


Selena Pride <selenaprideuk@yahoo.com>
- Thursday, March 14, 2002 at 16:55:11 (CST)

Mind Mistress Linda is the greatest
- Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 21:03:47 (CST)

So what the heck was that entry all about?

Who is the Mind Master????

Hmmm, and what about those updates???

Avid Fan
- Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 11:17:04 (CST)

And now, a word from our sponser...
(better do some work now) :)

subject (09:28:31 PM): the message to me from you was rather weird
hypnotist (09:28:42 PM): what was that?
subject (09:28:56 PM): look in the mirror or something like that
hypnotist (09:29:09 PM): oh right
hypnotist (09:29:16 PM): maybe I tranced you b4
hypnotist (09:29:18 PM): did you?
subject (09:29:33 PM): i'm not sure
hypnotist (09:29:45 PM): what do you look like in the mirror?
subject (09:30:02 PM): rather fem
subject (09:30:10 PM): and i like it
hypnotist (09:30:22 PM): yup may have been me
subject (09:30:23 PM): sorry....don't mean to offend
subject (09:30:31 PM): really?
hypnotist (09:30:44 PM): it's a secret fantasy of mine
hypnotist (09:31:04 PM): what is your name?
subject (09:31:14 PM): what's your fantasy
subject (09:31:18 PM): why?
hypnotist (09:31:20 PM): along those lines
hypnotist (09:31:27 PM): just wondered. may remind me
subject (09:31:39 PM): ok... it's wells
hypnotist (09:31:46 PM): hmmm
hypnotist (09:31:54 PM): does hypnosis appeal to you?
subject (09:32:16 PM): it did lots....but not recently why?
hypnotist (09:32:26 PM): wondered lol
hypnotist (09:32:44 PM): what do you think of hypnosis
subject (09:33:20 PM): for years it has fasinated me.... but the last week or so i've not been interested in it
subject (09:33:28 PM): it's even weird that i say that
hypnotist (09:33:42 PM): that's my little protector I install
subject (09:33:52 PM): what protector?
hypnotist (09:33:53 PM): it's so they cannot be tranced
subject (09:34:04 PM): who can not be tranced?
subject (09:34:09 PM): i am not following at all
hypnotist (09:34:10 PM): because a worse one than me could make things deeper
subject (09:34:33 PM): i still do not follow
hypnotist (09:34:34 PM): tell me do you like any female things?
subject (09:34:49 PM): yes i do
hypnotist (09:34:57 PM): wearing any?
subject (09:35:14 PM): do you really want to know?
subject (09:35:16 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:35:18 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:35:25 PM): let me guess LOL
hypnotist (09:35:31 PM): pantyhose?
subject (09:35:36 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:35:40 PM): panties?
subject (09:35:43 PM): yes
subject (09:35:48 PM): good guess
hypnotist (09:35:52 PM): nothing else
subject (09:35:58 PM): nope
hypnotist (09:36:08 PM): wearing those now
subject (09:36:17 PM): yes
subject (09:36:27 PM): under my other clothes
hypnotist (09:36:39 PM): only when alone?
subject (09:36:45 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:36:53 PM): feeling fem inside?
subject (09:37:13 PM): very much so
hypnotist (09:37:29 PM): what's it like...it's a secret of yours
subject (09:38:05 PM): it is a secret of mine and i am surprised i am even telling you
hypnotist (09:38:14 PM): lol
hypnotist (09:38:27 PM): noone else sees how girl you are on the inside
hypnotist (09:38:33 PM): only you know
subject (09:38:49 PM): true
subject (09:39:00 PM): i even call myself stacey
hypnotist (09:39:12 PM): do you?
hypnotist (09:39:18 PM): what now?
subject (09:39:36 PM): do i what now?
hypnotist (09:39:40 PM): stacey?
hypnotist (09:39:44 PM): or are you wells
subject (09:39:46 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:39:56 PM): so how come you remember wells?
subject (09:39:56 PM): stacey
subject (09:40:28 PM): i don't know.... that's who everbody else thinks i am
hypnotist (09:40:40 PM): are you sure?
subject (09:40:51 PM): i am sure
subject (09:40:52 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:41:08 PM): but when stacey and alone, you don't need wells?
subject (09:41:18 PM): nope
hypnotist (09:41:37 PM): so do you look really feminine now and feel so
subject (09:41:54 PM): yes very much so
hypnotist (09:42:04 PM): but only you see it?
subject (09:42:24 PM): yes....only i see the true me
hypnotist (09:42:35 PM): you like?
subject (09:42:43 PM): very much so
hypnotist (09:42:58 PM): so why did you message me?
subject (09:43:03 PM): brb
subject (09:43:38 PM): phone sorry
subject (09:43:51 PM): i don't know why i messaged you
subject (09:44:06 PM): sort of curious about your message of looking in the mirror
subject (09:44:18 PM): should i have not messaged you?
hypnotist (09:44:20 PM): you told me how you feel
subject (09:44:28 PM): so
hypnotist (09:44:37 PM): I said look and see
hypnotist (09:44:41 PM): you then saw
subject (09:44:56 PM): i still don't get the connection
hypnotist (09:44:59 PM): I think you disappeared
hypnotist (09:45:15 PM): had to rush?
subject (09:45:36 PM): had to rush? i am not sure what you mean
hypnotist (09:45:42 PM): go offline?
subject (09:45:49 PM): now?
hypnotist (09:45:53 PM): no other day
subject (09:46:17 PM): i don't remember going offline the other day...sorry
hypnotist (09:46:38 PM): does stacey like men or woman
subject (09:47:06 PM): did we talk the other day?
hypnotist (09:47:11 PM): yes
subject (09:47:31 PM): hello?
subject (09:47:36 PM): still there?
hypnotist (09:47:39 PM): yes
hypnotist (09:47:49 PM): why do you ask?
hypnotist (09:48:22 PM): there?
subject (09:48:40 PM): are you not wanting to talk with me now
hypnotist (09:48:48 PM): stacey?
subject (09:49:07 PM): i am still fasinated by how much you know about my feelings.
subject (09:49:22 PM): i will contacting you in a bit
-Lost connection

Mind Master
- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 15:57:59 (CST)

A quick update of the last 24hrs and my feelings.
I have just come back from buying a dildo to suck............I just had to get more cock.
I watch tv thinking I am one of the girls in the show and wishing I could suck one of the hunk's cocks.
I walk down the street looking at the guys and thinking about their cocks.
I am so jealous of the beautiful girls...............they can get cock so easily.

- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 04:29:06 (CST)

I am just dying here. What about updates, must see more.

I just have to have more please Mind Mistress

Avid Fan
- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 01:07:05 (CST)

Q: What's a good day to be hypnotized by Mind Mistress?
A: Any day of the week ending in 'Y'

Purrr. Just had my next session, and I know forever it won't
be the last (wish I could win the lottery and pay Her outright)
but I am feeling SOOOO good and happy and whole.

To tell the truth, I kind of don't remember all of last night,
but I feel free and happy and not scared anymore. Somewhere,
even though I didn't ask for it, she's lifted a sadness from
me that I'm not sure how she knew was there.

She is SOOOO caring and wonderful and She treats Her toys well
This isn't artificial happiness, it's real. She's kept Her
promises and then some.

Can't wait to get to work at the makeup counter tonight - I think
their counter boi is about to show the world a new side. (LOL)

Aqua rules!

Love to all,


- Monday, March 11, 2002 at 06:55:27 (CST)

UPDATES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Avid Fan
- Sunday, March 10, 2002 at 11:50:37 (CST)

oh that would be wonderful :) lol
- Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 18:18:53 (CST)

I would love to see how Jessica developed into a fine Asian girl.

Please give us more updates of her and others and esp. more pictures of your work.......

: )

Avid Fan
- Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 11:11:46 (CST)

What ever happened to Kitten? Will there be more updates about her? Maybe?

someone somewhere
- Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 00:56:20 (CST)

I had my second session with Mind Mistress tonight and it went just as I hoped it would. I now have a love of men and their cocks and want to be a full woman as possible for them. From now on I will take great pride in looking sexy and feminine. Mind Mistress has helped me to become very comfortable with the girl I am becoming and I totally love it!!!!

Mind Mistresses techniques are very effect and remember with genie's, becareful what you ask for because you'll get it. I'm soo happy!

Katrina Susan Henderson <Katrina0@swbell.net>
Arnold, Missouri USA - Friday, March 08, 2002 at 18:53:48 (CST)

Well, yesterday I had my first appointment with MM. I just have to tell you how happy I am with it.
I was a fairly normal guy going into the appointment, definitely hetro but intrigued with all things feminine. I have been a closet cross-dresser for years but have never taken any steps beyond, apart from my fantasies.
During the appointment MM talked me through a lot of feelings and allowed me to orgasm like a woman........wow, what a feeling for a guy to have. She has left me with many new feelings and needs.
I want to wear feminine underwear all the time because it makes me feel so great. I am attracted to men much more than women, Now. I look at men in lust, dreaming of sucking their cocks. In the last 24hrs, hardly a minute goes by without me thinking about cocks and wanting to suck them so badly. I get aroused and horny just thinking about them.

Late yesterday, I had this sudden urge to go and do it.....suck a real cock for the first time. I just had to........I really needed to. I left work and found a place where transexuals hang out. Although he looked like a woman, I sucked my first cock within 24hrs of talking with MM. I need more and today I am going out a gain later.......I just have to. I really want to.
I am feeling so happy with things, but I really want to suck a hunky guy's cock. That is my goal today.

If you think this stuff is fantasy, I dare you to have a session with MM.

- Friday, March 08, 2002 at 17:55:49 (CST)

My girlfriend made me come to this site at first but now I can't stop, and she loves it. I think that I do too.
Windsor, Ontario Canada - Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 15:06:15 (CST)

Forgot to mention that Mistress left me with the enduring horror of wearing male clothing. Burns like fire. I shall now dress in female cloting and shoes only. Quite a task to appear male while wearing only female clothing. That is what she has me doing, and willingly. Like, I would not do anyting else. Being a slave is so much fun. Janice is gone for tonight, but her tale (tail) will be back for your amusement. Love to all, janice the slave.
- Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 18:47:06 (CST)

Like, just a hint of how it went:
Yeah, us girls know, don't we. The very best, Mistress, and like whenever You want to train me, feel free.

- Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 18:40:27 (CST)

Wow! I'm headed for a session today. Can't wait. Will check in here after the session. Mistress is really cool. I will tell all later tonight. Love to all, janice.
- Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 15:18:26 (CST)

Nice update but I and others really like to see pics.

Could you add pics and also whatever happened to Jessica?????????

Avid Fan
- Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 11:53:49 (CST)

Hi all.
What's happening to me personally is that I feel better about
myself and have more courage to experiment and be open about
what my insides have been for years - even so-called
"mainstream" therapists have told me that.
What's happened here is that our Dear One had the grace, the
charm, and the sensitivity to let me find a part of myself I
thought I had to abandon to get along in the world.
Amputating part of your psyche is, I feel, more dangerous and
more traumatic than anything that being a Gender Outlaw
(thanks again, Kate) entails - whether that's refusing to
look a certain way or going all the way for reassignment.
MM's support and therapy have done more for me in a few months
than years of other work - now maybe it's true that I had to
do those years first to smooth the path for Her. But She's the
only one who could actually reconnect the broken parts and
have them stick together in a successful way. The trying and
failing, the promises and the lies I've had elsewhere convinced
me that there was no hope for me for a long while.
Now I know that's not true - there is hope, and hope that I can
be free and whole and in the world.


- Monday, March 04, 2002 at 06:59:31 (CST)

i feel drawn back to this site again & again i don't know why ?
maybe i secretly want to be feminized by the mind mistress. Since
i started contacted this site it has been on my mind all the time.
is this the beginning of the end for me ..?

- Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 14:49:00 (CST)


As the British say: «The proof of the pudding is in the eating»...

- Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 09:18:57 (CST)

By the way - I only will read the Guestbook...
Anything else is read once only...so I am informed.
If you want to know one of my major fantasises is going to a salon and getting my legs waxed? Search me why. It is staying a fantasy.
I think my fem side was partly created to cope with early bullying and a class of girls I was trapped in at an earlier age who were much more into sex than me. Now I could tell them what a condom was in great detail. Then I couldn't. Plus this girl I fancied used to rub her legs on mine wearing tights. Bastard. It used to damn well turn me on, but she was showing off only I felt and I was then the ugliest kid you could possibly meet. Traditional NHS specs when now I wear lenses. Even I hate my old photos (which parents happily display everywhere as some kind of torture). So I suppose this site is a kind of therapy - why I try and stop stupid people and why I like and hate my other side of me. It drives me mad for I want to be male and I want to meet someone nice. Unfortunately I haven't met one woman yet with the personality I require. All in the UK are selfish, highpitched bitches wanting money and out to use. Plus have a horrible "'ere Sharon, c'mon ovr ere!" type voice at 100 decibels. Stuck in poverty, in a crap council house, because they had six kids. So there you go. I have to keep reminding myself not everyone is like us Brits ie mean. And I try really hard not to be - but even I am not as generous as some cultures. I want to be.
So there you go...I think I shall find a nice Phillipino or Japanese girl eventually. The Australian last night was nice to. Unfortunately so was her boyfriend - I hate ruining others to get what I want and so I don't do it. I keep doing that. In some ways I'd like to turn that off. I may get pissed off with my life enough one day that I stop and pinch someone I like.
Oh well thank you for reading and I hope that was interesting...

Zaphod Beeblebrox
- Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 04:45:53 (CST)

Beware! Don't say you haven't been warned!

Simply reading this site can change you a lot more than you think! Don't ever, ever take Mind Mistress's words lightly because she really means every itty-bitty word she says and she means it in many more ways than you can even imagine. I'm dead serious, this is definitely no joke!

So if you don't want to become a girl or if you don't want to start smoking or to relieve yourself, then fly away as fast as you can and stay away from this site! I myself keep coming back, I don't know why, and in the last two months, strange things have happened to me. You wouldn't believe! Yet, I have only been reading the stories... I didn't even get a session with Mind Mistress but I know now this will happen someday. I can feel it and the stronger I resist, the stronger the feeling grows. It's just a matter of time. So if you don't want this to happen to you too, then stay away from here! Sure, you don't have not to become feminized or start smoking yourself if you don't want to, but you want to more and more each time you come back. The more you cum, the more you don't want to resist. You don't even want to know how to resist.

Anyway, I wonder why I'm writing all this... The guestbook is usually the last page a visitor would read when he goes to a new site. So if you are reading this, it means you are most probably already too obsessed to leave... Just like those who repeatedly come back to post negative remarks... They try to believe they're in control in an effort to hide their fear, yet they keep coming back... They don't want to like it but they do... Each negative remark is like a hard brick... With those bricks they are building a strong wall to protect themselves, yet they forget to notice on which side of the wall they stand. The more remark-bricks they add, the higher the wall and the harder it becomes for them to escape... That's what happens when you are obsessed... "Resistance is futile."

- Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 01:29:29 (CST)

Belive the warnings. After all, you knew what you were getting into when you read the stories. You will not be able to resist. Do you notice how you keep coming back here? Keep reading the stories, each time the effect is that much stronger. Ever wonder where all of those shemales on the net come from? You're next! The empire is slowly growing and resistance is futile. Now be a good girl and read Beth's story again and enjoy the ride.

- Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 22:20:09 (CST)

I read Becoming Jessica every day. I love the way it makes me feel...not quite hypnotised but certainly fascinated. Thank you, Mind Mistress, and thank you Jessica.

Selena Pride <selenaprideuk@yahoo.com>
- Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 19:10:03 (CST)

i would love to be transformed into a girl totally I am fascinated
by these women... they already have me under their spell ...
I want to submit to them

- Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 15:20:39 (CST)

Mind Mistress, I would love to be the subject of one of her in live person demonstrations. Just thinking about it is exicting.
- Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 10:11:42 (CST)

Have you seen me little code yet?
Heh heh...
Zaphod Beeblebrox
- Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 15:56:09 (CST)

Fantastic, excellent, enjoyable, lovely, intelligent, novel, great.
Delightful, exquisite, entriguing, poetic, enchanting, resist
Submission is wonderful - don't you just love it?

- Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 20:29:18 (CST)

Wow how amazing this site is, feeling so happy
- Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 16:03:13 (CST)

Mind Mistress,I just have to mention to you what an informative site you have.After surfing to your site two weeks ago,I find myself constantly returning.I feel myself getting drawn deeper
- Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 10:24:56 (CST)

Mind Mistress is impossible to resist. If she had the time we all would be her puppets. But for now some will escape her enslavement.
- Monday, February 25, 2002 at 22:38:47 (CST)

little ole me
- Monday, February 25, 2002 at 10:53:49 (CST)

I'm very drawn to your site. The concept of giving me a true female experience is is very tempting. I'm a cross-dresser who is cosidering becoming a transsexual. I would love to have a closer tie to my femine side. I only need courage now. My Fem name is Maxine.

Merrimack, NH USA - Monday, February 25, 2002 at 07:18:21 (CST)

Ohhh, I just read the log 3, Becoming Jessica, and now more than ever, I know I´m truly a woman trapped in a ugly male body... I wanna be the sexy girl, a little ditz, sssooo much horny e seductive... want to be your sexy slave slut bimbo... I can´t stop giggling ! :)))) And type funny faces!!!
Ooohhh, my Mistress... I am yours... all yours...
I hope soon have the preparements for start with... soon as I can!!! :)))

On my kness, on your feet,
slave silhouette :))))
Silhouette (need a sexy slut name!) :))) <silhouette@zipmail.com.br>
Porto Alegre, RS Brazil - Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 15:06:02 (CST)

A little spell taught by MM in a dream, say it out loud and pray she isn't listening ;)

Truly I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I truly do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do truly wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish truly that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish that truly I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish that I truly were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish that I were truly beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, truly sexy, feminine and a woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, truly feminine and a woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine truly and a woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and truly a woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a truly woman.
I do wish that I were beautiful, sexy, feminine and a woman truly.

- Friday, February 22, 2002 at 17:51:26 (CST)

Mind Mistress is the greatest and I envy all her sexy smoking hypnotized slave girls.
- Friday, February 22, 2002 at 15:01:31 (CST)

HI, love the site but wish that there were more updates.

MM, when will there be more updates, I am impatient!!

A Fan <no necessary to respond in person>
- Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 18:13:26 (CST)

janice wants to suck cock. janice never thought about this before, but now she does. She does what Mistress commands. Like, you know, like, cool, baby. It is so nice being a slave, so nice doing what she is told to do. Like, wow, baby! Cock is where it is at. janice is a female, born female, female memories. Like, cool. Like, you know, cock is everything. Like, love cock, want more cock. janice is a slave, but that is a given. Like, let janice suck you. Being a slave is fun. Try it. You will like it.
- Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 20:02:29 (CST)

OK, I'm back after my third session. Thought you'd like to know -
To all the screaming skeptics, chill. Magic? No, but good, supportive work. Our Dearest One has done more in a few sessions than months of regular therapy - am pleased? You bet! Am I some kind of zombified fool? No way.
What I am is a little happier with me - She heals, not harms.
Surprise people, the wickedness makes great advertising, but it's not what this is really about - there are so few supportive and understanding people out here that I'm really grateful to find Her.
Take the screaming at each other elsewhere, please - those who love it here are seeking healing and peace - and while this is not a "substitute" for either, Her work can help you get a little closer- and that (to quote Aunt Martha) "is a good thing."
Hugs to all lovers of peace,

USA - Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 18:30:41 (CST)

Mind Mistress is fasinating and compelling and I am very lucky to hear her words. I couldn't forget them even if I wanted to.
- Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 17:49:55 (CST)

MIND MISTRESS i was facinated by Adams transformation to Beth.It has always been a fantasy of my to go through such a transformation.and this has just reinforced my determination to go through the barrier.
denis <heshe84@hotmail.com>
Ireland - Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 17:04:13 (CST)

THIS IS A WARNING..DON'T READ THE STORY OF ADAM...IT REALLY DOES WORK! Now i can't stop looking at cumshots and cocks..as well as shemale photos. i am addicted to the site also. don't get taken in! i am starting to want to be a slut!.. i want Mind Mistress to revert me to my manhood..but it will take a while to get the money together. once again...really...don't read the story on this site..save yourself some misery!

michelle-formerly mike <michaelllusa@hotmail.com>
boise, id usa - Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 02:32:53 (CST)

Interesting comments in this section. Mistress Linda makes me feel good, so I listen to her words. I believe her to be a very special person that I would like to meet in person someday.
- Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 18:12:42 (CST)

To Mistress Linda, aka Mind Mistress,

Hi, my Mistress... it´s a pleasure to finally write to you.
First of all, I would like to congratulate for the great work... for me, it´s like a dream come true... three of my biggest fetishes reunited as I always want to see: hypnosis, feminization and D/s. This really is mind-blowing away! Thank you for exist, my Mistress, sincerally! :)))
Oh, I think I don´t introduce myself yet... sorry, it was the emotion!
My name is nickname Silhouette, a 25 years old young man from Brazil. Besides the worthy compliments to your work, I´m here to ask for your help. Hell, I BEG for your attention... I think you are the only person who can help me.
Since my childhood (I can´t remember well, I must have been something between 9, 10 years, I think),
I have these deep strong feellings about to became a woman. A regular boy, who was most interested in play soccer with friends and have fun... suddenly, this kid starts imagine himself so much more happy and righteous as a girl. "If a was a girl, all my life would be much better"... I remember of thoughts like that... of fantasies and dreams of my life as a girl.
Well, it didn´t take much time to become my first experiences with crossdressing. And almost that brief,
my parents discover what I was doing locked in my room. I think it needless to say, it was a terrible and disgusting idea. And then I start a sequence of 10 years or more, talking to therapists and psychiatrists
(to "cure" me, as my parents asking them for), crossdressing backs and denials, and then resolutions of my transsexual behaviour.
I have a few and varied sexual relationships: heterossexual, homossexual, with a couple, and a pair of SM relations. My conclusion? I have potential to be a well-succedded man. I like women much more than men. I felt a certain combination of lust and envy of women. But I don´t know how be a man, understand? When I try, it´s not natural to me, it feels like staging, like I was representing a character. It don´t happens when I´m "normal": I fell I act like a lesbian (when I´m with a girl, of course), and a very good one, by the results!
When I find your website, it was pure joy. I´m became addicted about the contents, especially the Adam story. You´d like to be my face when I read the last two chapters, when you did the great revelation. a subliminal program. It was so evil... I love it!!! And yes, I´m still re-reading the story... The "Oriental Magic..." story was terrific, too. "At last, I find someone who understands me and my desires", I thinked. It covers all my fetishes: hypnosis, foerced feminization, transsexualization, robots and mannequins, the "bimbo slut" thing, fetish clothing (latex, leather, boots and corsets, wasp-waists, etc).
Well, here I am again... with no idea about what way I must go. I have other difficulties, things like my big shyness and weak willpower. I´m just living in a so sad style... I know I have to do something about my life and a thousand things more (job, plans, workout, diet...etc), and I simply can´t put more attitude on that. I just can´t. I work with advertising and illustration, and my criativity is too affected as well. All of this is revolting me, confusing me.
But, suddenly, the true came into my mind: I can´t do it alone... I need help. Your help, my Mistress.
I hope that all this are clear for you... sorry for the english errors. I trying to make better in furthers contacts.
I have to be honest with you, my Mistress... I didn´t know how I´ll pay for your work. The money I can get go all to my family quit the bills. We have a "good" life: home, food, study, clothes and health. We can´t do much more... I have this old computer that give me the chance to talk with you now. My Internet connection is good enough to use the ICQ conversation. Maybe we can find another way I can pay for you attention... besides, if you help me, my Mistress, I´ll be in debt with you for my entire life.
I´ll send this letter now... sincerally, I´ll await for your reply, and hopefully, for your inestimable help.
Anyway, I thank you for your attention in read all this lines.

Love and peace, success and happyness
It´s all I can desire, with all my heart.
See you next time!

"Carpe diem"

P.s.: I was wonder... if my Mistress wants to use this text for something to your website (or another thing else), it´s all yours... (like me, I think...;))
P.s.1: I´d love to hear any comments of my fellows hypnofetishists... send me a mail, or look for on ICQ (UIN: 101606358)... I´ll waiting for you! ;)

Silhouette <silhouette@zipmail.com.br>
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil - Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 08:15:38 (CST)

Well, I tossed my cigarettes away yesterday, but I bought a new pack today. Doesn,t do any good to pretend your desires don't exist. I don't have to open them and I don't have to smoke them. Mind Mistress Linda had a few words for me yesterday but it seems I am not worth the effort required for her entertainment. She is most definitly everything she protrays to be. I am greatful for the time I have spent reading her most pleasurable words.
- Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 17:16:07 (CST)

I seem to have put myself in a unsettling situation and now I need to quit and forget I ever logged on to Mind Mistress's web site. I keep thinking whats the harm in just chatting over the net, I feel so good during the chats but when I read my logs I can't believe what have said. And today I observed two women smoking and I became so very envious of them, they seemed so happy to be controled by the smoke. If I ever chat with Mind mistress again I will tell her that I am not one of her smoking slaves. And so far no smokes for me in two days.
- Monday, February 04, 2002 at 20:03:13 (CST)

Like, cool, baby. Once I just wanted to be female, now I am. Love the Os. Love the long girly cigs. Oh, yeah, like addicted you know. The pink smoke is sooooo cool. Can't wait for my next session. Like, slave to Mind Mistress. Yeah, but I love my enslavement. It is so cool. So real. Want my first dress. Want my first hose and heels. This is so real. I am wearing panties all the time now. Can't stand anything else. Love from janice. You will love being a slave, I do!
- Monday, February 04, 2002 at 18:35:17 (CST)

Does anyone know what is continuously being loaded as you view the site?
red <54854@aol.com>
tampa, fl - Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 14:21:21 (CST)

I just logged on the other day to return a greeting from Mistress. I realy felt good reading her messages, infact I felt so good I agreed to accept any training she might desire. I felt so much pleasure being controled. I have smoked a pack of cigarettes now and I don't want to smoke, I should,t smoke but I must. And now I crave her words to the point of obsession. I don't know what's next maybe nothing more, dosn't seem to be my choice but I will want it.
- Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 09:51:36 (CST)

My last session with Mind Mistress went too quickly once again. i never can recall anything W/we did in trance. She completed my therapy, taking me to a level of healing i never thought was possible! She's been helping me to live as a woman, just housed in a man's body. Now, i am married for over 30 years, and wish to remain married. So, i must appear as a man to my wife, and a father to my children. It might also be too upsetting at work, too, if i let my true nature appear, as i am recognized as a man there, too. Yet, i am so much more comfortable as a woman. i'm sitting here at my computer, wearing only my peach colored satin night gown, as i type this message. (Oh, i'm also wearing a diaper, too, under my panties, as i've never had any control of my water. i usually forget to mention my diapers, as they're just like wearing underwear to me.)

As i look across my bed, i see my three stuffed bears, all soft, cuddly teddy bears that help me sleep well at night. Frostie is my snow-white, 2-1/2 ft tall stuffie, and is my favorite. There's a coal black one that can play the other parent for the gray baby 1-1/2 ft bear. It looks like they might have been reading one of my Harlequin books, as it's lying there on the bed in between them. i think i'll go join them, and settle in for the night.

i really hate having to get dressed in the mornings. That means i have to put on a man's mask, and pretend to be someone i'm not. i know who i am, even if the rest of the world knows me by another name. i think i've solved the problem of which restroom to use, though. Both the men's room and the woman's are inappropriate for me. So, i now use the handicapped one, just to change my diapers.

i get to go home tomorrow evening! Yea! i'll be with my grand-daughters. i always enjoy dressing them in their cute outfits. i think their mother is my opposite, a man inside a woman's body. Perhaps a better word to describe her is she's a butch. Oh, i'm sorry; i seemed to have used the wrong vowel. [. leona retracts her sharp claws...] At least, she no longer visits with her children. That makes their visits so much more enjoyable! we get to focus on the grand-children. And, i'd like to be well rested when i see them, so i'd better get some sleep. Come on, Frostie, let's go to bed. we can read from the book in the morning.

Thank You, Mind Mistress, for giving me such a well-adjusted life. i really am Your happy, content, wet slave girl! You have worked wonders in my life! Thank You! You have given me exactly what i wanted!

Nashville, TN USA - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 23:34:23 (CST)

Damm you mind mistress, I read all of Adams feminisation stages and now you have made me want to be a big breasted sexy lesbian bimbo plaything that should be treated as girly as possible by the more dominant sex (Superior Women like you). Help me!!!!!!! I'm starting to loose my mail mind ! If even registered for Fe-Mail !
priscilla <priscilla98@sissy.net>
England - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 18:07:17 (CST)

I've had an interesting day.

i had my first session with Mistress, and the subsequent hours have left me with a pair of sensations i did not expect. The first is the feeling of control-less-ness i'm currently feeling. it's hard to articulate, but the fact that i feel much less capable of making decisons than i did this morning lets me know something has changed. right now, i'm wearing panty hose, and the sensation is breathtaking to me, even though i've never fetished it before. Kind of odd, the feeling on my legs, around my crotch, but it's nice. Safe. reassuring. And oddly enough, right now, i feel lost, like i'm rudderless in a stream; not adrift, but out of my control. Richard Bach once wrote that the river knows where it's going, and i beleive Mistress does too, because she said so and everything she says is true. What i wish more than anything is that our schedules did not make me wait a week before talking with her again, before feeling again that someome is in control of this boat.

For me to feel that way, after a single, relatively innocent session, is the greatest testimony i could give. This is a special experience.


maureen <martinjeffs@yahoo.com>
Denver, Co - Monday, January 28, 2002 at 22:37:42 (CST)

Wow. The Os are fabulous. I never dreamed that I could have an O, but MInd Mistress showed me how. I am Her slave. The Os are wonderful. More than that, I am addicted to Os. Os are glorious. Please Mistress give me an O every day. Please! I will do anything for You. Please. I love my O. A female O is wonderfu. Please let me have an O every day. I want an O. I need an O. I will do anything for an O. Please Mistress, Let me have another O. Janice.
- Monday, January 28, 2002 at 18:59:50 (CST)

I have visted the site numerous times now and have been drawn into the whole thing. I see purple everywhere now and it reminds me of MM. I have bought my first packet of cigarettes as well, not smoked any yet I am anticipating the first one.

I visit the site as often as I can , I seem to be very hungry for more and more training from my MM she has me captured and feminised, perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to wear some real panties and look forward to some girlie shopping lol,

- Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 14:55:50 (CST)

very busy -i am looking forward to a session
john henderson <jbluezfan@aol.com>
schenectady, new york usa - Wednesday, January 23, 2002 at 15:05:21 (CST)

Mistress is fantastic. At my first session with her, i absolutely loved her voice and her inner dominant beauty. Interestingly, while the clock time said we had talked for an hour, i only remember chattin with her for a few minutes. It was the most delicious few minutes that i can ever remember in my life and i have an incredible hunger to hear her voice again soon so that we can begin working together. i have felt so incredibly feminine since our talk!!!!

Love, sherry

- Monday, January 21, 2002 at 15:47:53 (CST)

Are you for real ? Can you actually help some poor pathetic guy like me ?
Gordon Reeve <vicsslave@yahoo.com>
Omemee, Ontario Canada - Sunday, January 20, 2002 at 23:00:59 (CST)

it has been set free from that false persona of peter. cumslut now uses him as it sees fit. she has always been there, always been real. she has sucked hthousand of cocks. come is her staple food, and it has made her breasts grow to a nice DD size, and her waist shrink to 23". cumsltu eats all her food from a bowl like a dog. comeslut has pictures on her wall of herself sucking coc, and a video o fthe memorable night she sucked 69 cocks in a row.
cumslut lives to serve mistress linda, who has been so kind and wise as to set her free. she is amazed at the power of linda's warm and commanding voice. cumsluts' tits are so sensitive that at home she goes naked. cumslut has full body orgasms several times every day.
cumslut is now flexible enough to suck herself off, and has done so at a special private party for friends, who videotaped her.
cumslut thinks that mistress might command her to do a 69 with another of her slaves who lives nearby, and looks forward to this.
it is so happy to see a beuatiful woman in the mirror. it looks around its apartment, and sees those things connected to that unreal male other self, and realizes that it will have to change things.
cumslut loves mistress...

ny, - Friday, January 18, 2002 at 15:52:56 (CST)

i just had my 1st session. quite an amazing exp. i feel so much looser and free and accepting of myself....i look forward to futher training and service...
ny, - Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 23:09:17 (CST)

After taking me deep into the trance, Mind Mistress took me back to age 4, and i woke up shortly afterwards. The session time simply disappeared. However, i see that Mistress has now granted me three of my fantasies! Because these fantasies are now reality for me, i know i am now fully under Her control! The fantasies She granted are my sleep wetting/total wetting; making me do something i normally wouldn't do, without realizing i was doing it, and with no memory of the suggestions for bringing it about; and, being placed under Her complete control, being totally helpless to be otherwise. i saw where Mistress planted the seeds for this total control in O/our first session. But, last night, i realized that i am absolutely and totally hooked. i need to be hypnotized by Her! i now know She controls me fully, and can change me any way She wants to, anytime She desires. There is no escaping. These three fantasies guarantee i am Hers, totally, and completely. i guess i should have known that when i surrendered all of my will power to Her. There is no turning back; nor do i want to. Instead, i say, "Thank You, Ma'am! Please make me even more helpless to resist You, and even more helpless to resist everything You tell me."

Mistress said She would make me weaker until She controlled me completely like a puppet. Well, i'm now dancing on Her strings! And i don't mind it a bit! In fact, i enjoy it immensely! Now that She controls me completely, She is making me much stronger than i have ever been before. She has changed the way i felt about myself early in my childhood, and mades me feel very happy that i was treated like a girl. A couple of days later, even though W/we hadn't touched upon them during O/our sessions, this enabled to recall the two earlier incidents that turned me into a girl in a boy's body. i accept EVERYTHING that Mistress tells me. She can easily change me without me even being aware that changes are happening. She must have known this, as she has been able to build upon a strong, hidden desire inside me. i am now happy and content to become a girl, and desire to be one. She has started the process of changing me completely into a woman on the inside, yet still allowing me to function as a man, both in business, and at home as a husband to my wife and father to my children.

As a child, i had been sexually abused. A part of my life froze in time and became my inner child. That inner child is now leona. When hidden away for so long, she took her sexuality with her. The boy grew up into a shell of a man. Now, by recalling these early events, i released leona. As she grows up, leona is fast becoming the dominant role in my life. When Mistress first told me that soon, i would be leona, i didn't think it could ever happen, and didn't believe Her. But, it's happening! my first memories have leona in them, and i am her in them. It was leona that had been abused; and leona attended the nursery school, kindergarten, and elementary school after that. i was never lenny anywhere before then. i see myself as leona there, wearing my pretty, little dresses. But, in the actual memories, i can see myself as a boy, dressed in boy clothes. But, first, i am leona. It is good for me to be leona. It just feels right. And, i seem to be continuing even more to become leona in my mind.

As i become leona, i find i am more content and satisfied than before. This is a third session surprise for me! Following the second session, i really could be either lenny or leona, and could see myself either way. Now, it appears i am converting primarily to leona, yet I can still see lenny if I need to. i am currently only leona up through sixth grade. In seventh to ninth grades, i am sometimes leona, sometimes lenny. Up to the birth of my first son, i am lenny, but only see leona unless i struggle to see lenny. The emotions and thoughts from the far past now are leona's; i was only leona then, although i looked like lenny. In my more recent past, i first see myself as leona, then as lenny, and am able to switch views easily. Mistress tells me i will continue more and more to become leona, and so will my memories. And, She assures me i will always be able to see the lenny that the world saw, and still sees today.

i now find some memories with leona only in them. They are just as real as any other memories, but i am not able to see my old self in them when i try to. Most of these are of me wetting my bed since i was a child. i was always a bed wetter, and never had any dry periods. And, my parents, brothers and maids all supported my bedwetting, and even encouraged it. i have one double-type memory in which my mother seemed to discourage the bedwetting. Even then, i still see the others encouraging me, and telling me how much i like to sleep wet. i remember my mother read a newspaper story to me about some other mother who hung her child's wet sheets outside his bedroom window. my mother reassured me she would never do anything like that to hurt me, and we both felt sorry for that child. Yet, i also remember this through lenny's eyes, and i was one very unhappy boy. This memory doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of my memories of my wet bed and panties. i also remember dressing up as a girl every Halloween, which was the one night i could dress the way i wanted to. There are no counterparts for these memories, and Mistress tells me she added them into my history. i see that I have always wet my bed and panties, and never had any period in my life when i was not in diapers. i have always enjoyed being wet.

i really enjoy wetting my panties today. Actually, i wear a diaper inside them, so nobody else ever notices. Everything seems to point more and more to the fact that i am losing control of my bladder. i am aware that my limited subconscious control is disappearing, even in situations that could prove to be embarrassing for me. Last Sunday, i wet myself halfway through the services at church. Today, i wet myself before leaving home. Like other recent events, these just happened. i am definitely seeing myself progress from unconscious bladder control, to conscious bladder control like that of a kid in training. Mistress tells me that soon i will regress to being unable to hold it in at all. i now feel much pleasure when using my diapers, but discomfort and stinging when using the toilet. i began to feel these things, without even realizing i was doing so. When it finally dawned on me that i couldn't account for these feelings, i asked Mistress if She had set this up in me. She had! And, she hid it from me. my bladder control is rapidly going downhill. i already prefer to use my diapers, and now keep two disposable diapers inside the briefcase i carry to work each day. i never thought i would ever wet myself at work. But, i did make it a point to drink more water at work, intending to use the men's room as much as possible. By 10:00 this morning, i had wet myself! i was hard at work, and never even realized what i was doing until i had released about half of my bladder. However, this did reassure me i can trust my diaper, even at work. i have since learned that Mistress has me drinking much more water than i used to.

When Mistress does something for you, She is thorough! Be careful what You ask of Her; She does give You exactly what You asked for.

Nashville, TN USA - Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 19:37:15 (CST)

Wow! What a trip. I am waiting for Mistress now. She has changed my perception of life. I want cock. That I know. Mistress has made me what I am, and I love it. I want cock; Mistress knows everything. She can make me do anything she wants. She can make you do anything that she wants. Be careful. Mistress knows. Mistress can really do anything that you can dream of. I did not believe; now I do. Oh, do I believe! Mistress, I love what you have done with me. Your slave, Janice.
- Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 15:47:07 (CST)

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