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Use the power of Erotic Hypnosis!
to turn ANY man or woman into:

a devoted sex slave (CD2), a giggling horny bimbo (CD6), a French Maid who gets aroused by housework (CD23), lose sexual inhibitions (CD5), become addicted to cock (CD18,19), addicted to dressing feminine (CD3,14), and much more!

Choose between temporary hallucinated transformations and permanent personality changes !

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Captioned Pics

Wanna see men forced to become sexy women ?

Men turned into women by hypnosis and magic
Brainwashed, enslaved, and mind controlled,

into gorgeous sex slaves, and
Free Hypnotic Brainwashing Animations

Free Gallery of Forced Feminization

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Mind Mistress

Who is this devious hypnotist
who turns men and women into hypnotized sluts?

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Erotic Hypnosis Story Gallery

Hypnosis logs of Real Hypnotic Transformations !

Fantasy stories of Erotic Mind Control

Main Story Gallery: Hypnosis stories, forced
feminization, & training programs

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hypnotic feminization

Come on...,
does this crap really work?

Don't believe us ? Read the Guestbook and see what other visitors and clients have to say about Mind Mistress' Hypnosis. Sessions, effects of the hypno-animations and CDs, and how they got trapped into becoming Shemales by reading the site. Not that you shouldn't read it... you're certainly too strong minded to be affected... mouahaha...

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Awww, everyone knows hypnosis is bullshit, you just made up all those fake testimonials!

All right, still don't believe us? Then go to the HypnoticWishes Yahoo Group and ask people for yourself!

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Yahoo Groups HypnoticWishes

All right, MAYBE it works on some weak willed idiots, but it sure won't work on ME!!

Have you ever heard of "Famous Last Words" ? Mind Mistress' time isn't cheap, and it's certainly not free. And no, there are no Free Trials. All the content of this site is free. But for a session or professional quality CD, you have to pay. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

But if you want to see some amateur hypnotists work their magic (and maybe get a sample if they like you), or ask some questions about how it feels to be hypnotized, then go to the AdultHypnoticWishes CHAT ROOM
(SorceryNet on IRC)
with our convenient Java IRC interface

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Mind Mistress hypnodomme

Okay, I want a session to sex up my girlfriend / wife
(and maybe me too)

That's nice. But just because *you* want a session doesn't imply that *I* want to give you one. Erotic hypnosis is supposed to be fun, and if it's not fun for Me, then it won't be fun for you. To get a session, you must read the first session instructions, and fill out a Trance Request Form.

I probably won't be interested if it's already covered by CDs, or is just pure porn. For hallucinated fantasy adventures, try for an original story with more plot than sex. And for conditioning, don't ask Me to enslave you and do what I want. I've tried all My fantasies many times, and I want something different.

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So what's okay to ask for?

You can be male in the fantasy adventures, but there will be no sex involved. To have sex, you must be a shemale or female in the fantasy (or become one).

Women can have any kind of fantasy they want. It's not fair, but that's just the way it is. I'm a lesbian, and I specialize in Feminization fantasies for males. Subversion and Mind Control are fun, and can be part of such fantasies as: High School Romances, Mad Scientist Plots, Dungeons & Dragons Adventures, Dominatrix Conspiracies, etc. Be creative.


    Spanish Fly

Stop in and Visit
The Mad Scientist’s Lab

This is where Mistress Alice (The Mad Scientist)
& Dr Natural
create all of the Mind Mistress Original
Lotions & Potions for the Queendom

The Mad Scientist’s Lab, Mistress Alice,
Mind Mistress & the Queendom


NLP Therapy & Hypnosis

What CHANGES do you
NEED in your LIFE?

Confidence, Weight Loss, Sexual Inhibitions, Social Fears, Reaching Goals, etc.

Mistress is a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitionner, and is an expert at creating positive life changes, especially in sex and gender issues. All this at half the price of Adult Sessions.
See Her Therapy site for details!

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I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of My Magic Queendom. For many of you, this was a visit into a realm weirder than you could have imagined. Take the blue pill, and when you wake up in the morning, it will all have been a strange dream.

But if you take the red pill... you'll discover a world where a kind of magic is real... where who you are is not who you thought you were... where you can accept parts of you that were locked away,,, Where you can be who you NEED to be. Yes, like Alice (who runs for Me), you can take the red pill...

And see how far down the rabbit hole goes...



Whether you’re looking for that Perfect Something
To Dress You Up for that big night on the Town.
Or just something respectful for your next stay in the Dungeon.

Accessorize! Check out our Bling and Make a Statement!



Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

Mind Mistress

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