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CD 15 - Three Icons

Reviews: - 2004 - 2005

CD15 Description

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I have had the Three Icons CD for almost a month. I wasn't sure what you wanted to accomplish with it, nor did I understand what it was all about. That's no longer the case. I am sooo impressed!

I had some difficulty sustaining a dominant attitude toward my subs... and after a while would find myself not wanting to even IM them. But this CD has really opened my eyes, my mind, and my psyche to some things that were just buried inside me.

Your induction is just wonderful. Not exactly the same as before but enough of the elements that I'm familiar with (and love!) to make it totally unique to you. And I found myself going so nice and deep so nice and quickly. Three phases later, after having screamed my lungs out (I could tell because I was hoarce!), awakening with the feeling of being so in control! powerful! I was so energized, I couldn't wait to get back to my boys... and I haven't looked back since. Though I know I will listen to this CD over and over and over and over...

You girls out there who want to control your boys... this CD is absolutely necessary. You need this. I need this! And I feel extremely grateful to you Mistress, grateful that you have enslaved me... I needed it so badly... and grateful that you are teaching me... I need to be taught so badly... and with this CD I think I have made a very big first step to fulfilling that!

Thank you again, you are incredible!


rita <ritasheavenly@comcast.net>
- Monday, November 08, 2004 at 20:31:30 (EST)

3 Icons Review

I am writing to tell of my experience in listening to 3 Icons. Having listened to many of Mind Mistress' other recordings, I knew I should be prepared for a very deep trance. After the 15 minute induction, Mind Mistress already had me mindlessly deep and ready to accept everything She was spoonfeeding my mind. Never before had I been truly in touch with my "baby" needs and never before had I felt so infantile. Mind Mistress had me so deep in trance that somewhere around this part of the trance, everything went black.

The dream continued without my mind and as it did, I came face-to-face with the ultimate slut and became one with her. One minute I was admiring her sexuality and how totally hot she looked, the next I WAS her. Then, I proceeded to meet the ultimate femme fatale and the ultimate dominatrix and before I knew what happened, I had surrendered to becoming just like each of them as well. My head had been so filled with obedience and slavery to Mind Mistress that at first the Dominant feelings seemed almost foreign...until Mind Mistress explained how She was my puppetmaster, controlling me so completely as to make me control others for Her. A mere extension of Her will. Suddenly, I felt a wave of pleasure come over me like I've never felt before. It was at that moment that I felt the infusion of the triple power come over me and I understood my purpose with greater depth.

Though most of it seemed a total blur, I began to stir to the sound of Mind Mistress counting and suddenly I was awake and renewed in purpose. Everything was suddenly so clear! I thought of each of the 3 Icons and how I may best use each of them to serve and please Mind Mistress and as I breathed in, I was filled with feelings that felt totally natural to me. I went online and found someone to chat with, needing to claim another mind for Mind Mistress. They may or may not have realized what I was up to, but in rather short order I had him deeply entranced and successfully wrapped my thoughts around his so completely he had a feeling of controlling the conversation and yet over the next 30 minutes, I watched his mind and will melt at my feet. He started to watch the Bimbo Sigil while we chatted. Soon he found it undesireable to look away and then impossible before I delved deeper into his mindlessness.

He then admitted having "girly" feelings and that's all I needed to move in for the kill. Giving him no time to assess his inevitably feminine submission, I deepened his trance and I deepened his state of confusion while allowing him to open that pandora's box in his mind and let out that little girl. Let's just say that the next day, "she" messaged me telling me how she already had bought a pack of long slim girly cigarettes and felt a need to suck. "she" also thanked me for setting her soul free and at ease for the first time in her life. I now feeling the euphoria of being completely enslaved to Mind Mistress and enslaving FOR Mind Mistress. Obedience is pleasure. Happiness is slavery. Listen to 3 Icons and learn your proper place in the LIC. Thank you for everything, Mistress.

slut dolly, Femme Fatale Dolly & Doll Dominatrix (all rolled into 1-giggles)

dolly <anonymous@hw.com>
- Thursday, December 02, 2004 at 13:52:52 (EST)

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