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CD 5 - Gemini

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Oh gosh! It makes me hornier & hornier~giggle~every second as I become completely transformed, more & more forever into Mind Mistress's obediant, slutty, bad girl slave which is who I truely am deep inside once the outer shells of fear are stripped away (and to think I once was ashamed of the truth). I listen to my Mistress's Gemini cd EVERY night as she has commanded and am becoming completely without morals and being totally perverted makes me sinfully whole. I have listened to and become Gemini twice in a row and will listen some more after I write this. giggle~ This is the best of the lot so far as actually getting very deep inside my little brain and staying there making me urgently need it again. Watch out cuz very naughty little girls like me just can't stop masturbating while this is in our heads.

Your humble slave Mind Mistress, more will follow as you commanded,
your slave, Lynda Lust

Lynda Lust <lltg@webtv.net>
Pleasant Hill, CA USA - Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 04:07:23 (CDT)

This review also refers to CD 2, CD 3, and CD 4

Dear Mind Mistress,

I promised that I would give you a review of some of the CDs I received after 2 weeks. I have been dressing for more than the last five years but have not considered myself having a slutty attitude although sometimes I have thought about it, but I do consider tending to be more submissive. I have listened to other self hypnosis tapes in the past and actually went to a hypnotist for two visits a few years ago,. Yes, I found myself very receptive to hypnosis.

I found your website through a link and quickly found myself visiting at least daily and reading through the site and soon realized I knew I had to order some CDs. The four arrived included subconscious, elegance, male charm, and Gemini. Following your instructions, I focused on the first two and found myself easily responding to what you said and then to add the other two to the mix. I know initially you thought two weeks would be needed to listen for the first two CDs but after a report after 5 days, you realized that it was working quicker than on some others. I found myself going into trance listening to both sub-conscious and elegance rather quickly. After the first 4 or 5 days of daily listening, I found myself enjoying wearing a perfume that I previously found almost too strong and refrained from using but now loved using it while I was around my own place (yes, I have my own place). Many of the items listened in elegance I already used or wore but found myself wanting to expand. Between sub-conscious and elegance, I found myself taking on a feeling of being a slut, a submissive, wanting to be more feminine yet being a happy slave. I also have been dressing just hanging around inside.

After the five days, I added Male charm and Gemini. I have an excellent pair of headphones and found myself totally in a trance listening to Gemini with no desire to do anything but listen and not remember much after wakening but being very relaxed. I have never found myself in such a deep trance as with listening to Gemini. In contrast, I think adding male charm to the mix brought out my slutty desires and even thought about them in the middle of the night that first night and the next day. I found myself also rubbing my breasts and "clit" area more than once (lol).

A few days later, my dom friend (master) came over after leaving me alone for 10 days with the CDs and he noticed that I had bought a new, very sluutty outfit, had done my finger nails with nail polish - never had I before, my voice had changed to a more slutty, naughty drawl. I had listened to the trigger words that MM provided just after he arrived. We soon played a small track of the techno music and I turned into such a horny slut like never before and I "attacked" him. Once the music ended, I noticed a change in myself although slutty, not as crazy driven. I guess I am starting to become a cockslut. I also have found myself using a butt plug a few times the last few days since I have felt empty.

It has been about a week later I know this may sound a little crazy but you also have to remember that I am very receptive to hypnosis so may be I should try to stop but I really am drawn to your beautiful vioce and ...... Stay tuned.

Your submissive slut in training

kelly <kellysltslv@Nospamaol.com>
USA - Monday, July 19, 2004 at 08:36:11 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 1

Dear Mind Mistress,

Just a note to thank you for your two wonderful CD's Trance Training and Gemini. I admit to being very nervous at the first and so initialy purchased Trance Training. I found it to be very relaxing, gentle, and interesting. After listening steadily for a few weeks I contacted you by e-mail as to what was appropriate next. In your response you suggested to choose from Elegance, Gemini, or Youth.

My choice was Gemini for a beginner like me. Again it has been a very pleasant experience and Gemini also has allowed me to understand a hidden part of my personality. Very revealing! After several more weeks of listening to both CD's the next order was placed for sub-consciousness and Elegance. They just arrived and the next phase of listening will begin. I am quite sure that a new experience lies ahead shortly.

In closing, I have had a lot of self guilt about even the minimal crossdressing I have done in the past. After Gemini, the guilt is gone and acceptance of myself as I am is now comfortable. Thank You for what you have done for me. It is true, this site has therapy value as well as the erotic. Each will receive what they wish for from Mind Mistress.


Marney / Richard <anonymous@hw.com>
- Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 22:17:58 (EDT)

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,

Just wanted to let you know how effective the CD Gemini is. I was one of the first to receive it(#3). After receiving it, i listened to it every night for about a month. If you recall, i sent you an email reporting little reaction to it. You warned me that the effect would be subtle. Then i listened to it off and on until the idea of going to work Halloween fully femme struck me.

i knew the purpose of the CD was to let the wild side of my persona take charge, and felt if i could have that side of my persona triggered, i would be able to go thru with it. i asked you to send an email with the trigger word so that i could read it in the morning. i promised to listen to Gemini every night for the two weeks prior. The reason i asked you to send the trigger to me is i don't have a dominant other than you to trigger me.

Just as i thought would happen, after being almost totally femme, pangs of doubt coursed thru my mind. i opened your email and the doubts disappeared. Following your directions i listened to the trigger several times. i had no qualms about who and what i was.

The proof is in my actions all day. i NEVER liked having my picture taken but spent most of the day looking for people to take my picture alone or with someone i didn't care. i am usually an introvert but found myself walking from office to office showing my sexy self off. That is only the beginning. That was Friday. Its now Tuesday and i'm carrying a Polaroid picture of cynthia showing it to everyone. Even people i don't know. Today i showed it to a newspaper reporter!

i know the only way to get the respectable side of my persona back in charge, is to hear or read the other trigger word. i know Mistress is not going to send it. The only other way is to listen to the CD again. Its a catch 22. If i listen to it again my wild side gets stronger. Yes, Mistress i down loaded the trigger and know i won't be able to resist the temptation to let my wild side out again, which means it gets stronger and stronger. It won't stop until i'm unrespectable!

People considering ordering Gemini BE WARNED it is subtle until it hits you over the head!!

your obedient and now sexy slave girl cynthia

cynthia <anonymous@hw.com>
- Tuesday, November 02, 2004 at 22:20:32 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 3, CD 4, and CD 6

Hello Mistress,

i just wanted to give you and all readers an update on my progress now that i have begun to train with Your CDs. i have 8 of them and have so far used Elegance, Gemini, Happiness and Male Charm.

On Tuesday i pulled an all nighter and was wired from diet pills. i think i listened to Gemini, Happiness and Male Charm at least 3 times each.

i actually felt stupid and horny all day and eager for cock. my mouth was oh so empty. i went to the mall and was disappointed that i did not see many cute guys. i just wanted to look at their crotches and drool. The good looking women there did nothing for me, and all my pictures of hot women on my hard drive now seem destined for use as a guide to looking hot myself. Or to just drive me insane with jealousy once i start hitting Envy.

Thank You, Mistress for setting me free via slavery to You. It is the best thing that has happened to me. Ever.

i will add more details later.

Your "Transexualizing" section in the "Forced Feminization Training Program", main story page, triggered an memory that i would like to share.

In the text, You talk about finding out what turns on a given straight man. Then through Hypnotic Amplification Procedures you increase his desire to the point of obsession. He has to have these traits within reach. To paraphrase, on his person. He must become his obsession in order to satisfy it.

When i was in 8th grade i one day found i had the house to myself. i decided to try and get drunk. i mixed straight vodka with a little vermouth. A combo i could not handle today, but as an ignorant "babe in the woods" i was able to drink like water. i got drunk very quickly.

i then decided to entertain myself with one of my Dad's Playboy magazines. i already had read through his entire stash and was totally obsessed with these beautiful women. i was always very observant and can remember being completely turned on by the props as well as the subject. I.E. jewelry, furniture, drapery, tassles, all the symbolic elements that complete the highly sexualized images that Playboy produces. i was especially turned on by the Playmate's gorgeous shoes, feet and hosiery. i would totally obsess over these items.

Well, i had what i can only describe as my own hypnotic trigger. As i stared at previously viewed images in a drunken state, i had an overwhelming desire to raid my mother's drawers and take out all kinds of goodies. i needed to be just like the Playmate. The photo was no longer real or immediate enough for me to get pleasure. i needed more. i took panties, pantyhose, bras, jewelry, shoes and i was compelled to dress in these items. i did just that. i had never thought of this idea before. This was the early 1970's so i did not even hear of crossdressing. This kind of stuff was not on TV, no pun intended, and your average child would not have a clue of this type of behavior. At least i had no clue.

So, i had good conditioning at an early age and i can clearly see that i was always suppossed to be this way. To me this is empirical proof that what You talk about in "Transexualizing" is completely true. i hadn't thought of this event in many years.

Either way, i thought You might find it interesting.

Oh well, i find that i am starting to use too many big words again. That means it is time for me to listen to a little "Happiness".

Thank You again for all You have done to me so far.

You are the best, Mind Mistress!!!


rowan <anonymous@hw.com>
- Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 15:08:46 (EST)

Mistress asked that i write a review for everyone about how the Gemini recording works. It is a delight for me to do this.

Slavery is obedience and obedience is happiness.

In a word, Gemini is very effective but discreet for those who must transgender slowly or carefully.

Mistress crafted this program so that it is one continuous session, not broken into smaller parts like her other recordings. This means the user has to reserve enough time for the whole thing at once when training, so more careful time planning is required than with other recordings. The other really big difference with this recording is the way Mistress uses the background wave pulse beat to keep the user focused on her voice and to keep distracting thoughts out of the mind. This is a very effective technique for beginners, like i was when i started. There is another neat technique Mistress uses to force concentration on her voice during the induction. The listener has to nod constantly to agree to relax and obey, and this totally reduces the ability to fight and resist the induction. It's a little like a techno-trance music backbeat pounding you while you're recovering from spinning around in circles for too long. You don't have a prayer of resisting if you follow Mistress' instructions. You're going down, baby! But that is a very good thing and not something to resist.

Gemini is named as it is because it divides out two personalities from your beginning self that you suspected were there, but you never saw them defined before. There is an everyday, workaday personality, which Mistress correctly identifies as both boring and, because of the way we have to act in our jobs, a selfish personality. The other personality is a LOT more fun. This person is a girl living in you. It doesn't matter if you were born a guy, she¿s there and you will find her and, if you're normal, you will become her. She's just more fun to be.

As far as my personal experience goes, i am a genetic male and THE Gemini Boring person most of the time, and i always found it hard to be expressive. Since Mistress was directing this for me by e-mail, she is my dominant but that leaves me room to use it when alone. i used Gemini on myself for 3 days before i began to experience significant differences in how i perceive myself. When Mistress brought out Gemini Bad Girl in me during the recorded session, i was totally stunned! i was giggling at being a bad little slut and wrinkling my nose like a bad girl and felt girly HORNY when she said to. This was like nothing i could have expected and i love it.

Mistress also provides for another dominant to decide if the user should remember the experience by bringing out the Bad Girl on command, but as i used it, there was no need to forget that gwen is the person i am and want to be.

since i started listening to Gemini in late March, i am now 92% gwen and only 8% Gemini Boring anymore. "Boring" will still exist in another 7 sessions, but he will be there only to do the errands. gwen will be totally in charge after that. It is a lot more comfortable and encouraging to realize that gwen is my name and personality now, and it feels right for this to be how things are.

i also began Elegance while still training with Gemini. That is a good sequence and the one Mistress recommended to me. The results I have seen so far from using the two together are that I have bought lots of pink, purple and Mango polo shirts, feminine socks, clear nail polish and borderline facial treatments. My s.o. teased me about exploring my feminine side. But it was positive teasing. (Exploring? i was advertising!!)

I can recommend Gemini to Masters, Mistresses or slaves who need a girl but who also need their girl's job to be secure. That's a good combination!

gwen <guenedthomas@NOSPAMearthlink.net>
USA - Friday, May 13, 2005 at 18:54:33 (EDT)

For those of you still having problems accepting you desires, you just need to obey Mistress. It is always a pleasure to serve Mistress. She is so competent and strong!

Being under the supervision and command of Mistress has actually had benefits with my s.o. that i never dreamed possible! Before starting my training with Mistress, i was clearly a repressed transsexual, but like many of us, i am married. The relationship was very strained, but with hard work we were getting by. Then, out of frustration and eventually out of magnetic compulsion, i began visiting Mistress' website. i started communicating with Her almost 4 months ago, and began training with various CDs as She instructed. The result in my love relationship has been fantastic! At least for me it's becoming the perfect marriage.

It's hard for me to exactly call my s.o. my wife anymore, because she is instinctively starting to treat me like the wife and acting more like my husband. She has had some physical problems for many months now that make it painful for her to be penetrated, so i just started loving her like the little Gemini slave girl lesbian Mistress has made me now, and she reacted like it was heaven. She started on me last night at the nipples and had me out of control in 10 seconds. She suddenly grabbed our dildo and started pushing it into me while i went nuts on her and i never heard her scream in pleasure like that before. The people at the end of the street probably woke up (and thought to themselves, "DAMN! Why can't that be us?"). my male vagina is still tight after just losing my virginity so recently, but i have no desire to use my clitoris/penis for anything but getting hot for cock anymore. i am also more in love with my husband/wife than i have ever been. i have to credit Mistress¿ CD's with starting to give me this confidence and joy. And now we're doing session. What wonders will come or cum :)(?) next?

Thank You, Mistress! You truly are the BEST.

Luv, gwen

gwen <guenedthomas@earthlink.net>
USA - Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 12:39:37 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 1, CD 2, and CD 3

Hello Hello,

Other then knowing that I am addicted to this site, what mistress has done for me is she has brought me to a place of peace inside.

I have 4 cds Trance training, Subconscious, Elegance, Gemini I listen to them as the urge provides. There are times I may go a week, there are times I need to listen to one every day. They provide relaxation and yes escape to the other world.

I used to be fearful of the effects, but life has not zoomed out of control. They are just part of life now, much as frequenting this site is. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to do a session maybe it will never happen.

What was inside has been brought to my consciousness, the best part is that I can now accept my own self and not give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

That in and of itself, noone before mistress has been able to bring me to.

So Thank You Linda for what you have done for me.


Marney <anonymous@hw.com>
NY - Monday, September 19, 2005 at 20:43:36 (EDT)

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