Not So Evil Hypnosis Section

Sometimes, I am Not So Evil. This section contains hypnosis logs, conversation logs and reviews that aren’t really Erotic Mind Control. They clearly aren’t therapy either. But they’re about hypnosis, or hypnotic adventures, light hearted, fun or educational. Hence, all My work that doesn’t register high enough on the Evil-O-Meter will go here, in the Not So Evil Hypnosis Section.

This section was started July 2008 for new material that fit this mood.

Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 1

This first session log is Colleen’s 17th session with me, happening weekly and starting January 22, 2008. Each trance session lasts about an hour, pre-chat and post-chat not included, and the trance induction about 7 to 10 minutes. The first trance induction took about 40 minutes, and was used to set a trance trigger word to make returning to trance faster and easier. I replace that word with *Trance Trigger* in these posted logs. Enjoy!

Free Online Ericksonian Hypnosis Training Seminar Log 1

Eriksonian Hypnosis - Free Online Seminar Training Log 1 What is the difference between Eriksonian and Classical Hypnosis ? What is Rapport? How to Create Rapport How to Use Rapport : Pacing and Leading Pacing with Sensory Statements We Never Make Mistakes Hypnotic Utilization Example This is the first log of free online training in my [...]

Lip Licking Good Hypnosis!

Lip Licking Good Hypnosis ! Ericksonian Hypnosis: A Demonstration of how rapport can create amusing hypnotic effects hotblondegirlh: i have been looking at your site after my friend told me about you mind_mistress: ;;) hotblondegirlh: and enjoyed your logs hotblondegirlh: i think you are very good at Erikson hotblondegirlh: i could never figure it out [...]

Feminized Cheerleader Part 2

Hypnosis Logs: Feminized Cheerleader Hypnosis part 2 Part 1, Part 2 StephM Session #4 We're skipping ahead in the story, to the forced feminization fantasy. The idea is to come back later, and fill in the details with flashbacks of returning memory that our poor dear has forgotten. 🙂 Part 1: Setup Part 2: The [...]

Feminized Cheerleader Part 1

Hypnosis Logs: Feminized Cheerleader Hypnosis part 1 Part 1, Part 2 StephM Session #3 Steph has finished her two sessions of basic training, and is starting her first hallcinated hypnotic adventure. Click on the link to part 2 if you want to skip our initial discussion, and get to the story. Click on Part 3 if [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 11

Gothic Horror part 11 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress> He goes into the corridor, looking around <colleen> i chase after him <Mind_Mistress> "Well, come along or stay there..." <Mind_Mistress> need a man <colleen> need a man <Mind_Mistress> can't handle things without your man <Mind_Mistress> your man decides for you <colleen> i grab bob by [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 10

Gothic Horror part 10 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log Session #7 :  27 Jan 2003 Chat Participants: Mind_Mistress ,coleen-cetil <Mind_Mistress>  Hi! <colleen>  hello <colleen> it's been sooo long <Mind_Mistress> So have you noticed any changes since we feminized your mind? <colleen> a few, i think.... <colleen> i seem to be more tidy <colleen> i look [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 9

Gothic Horror part 9 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress> and the mansion... <Mind_Mistress> and be happy forever... <Mind_Mistress> so gorgeous.... <Mind_Mistress> you love your body... <colleen> then ill have Richard and the masion <Mind_Mistress> your looks... <Mind_Mistress> you are so vain... <colleen> i'm beautiful <Mind_Mistress> so vain... <colleen> yesss <colleen> 🙂 <Mind_Mistress> your looks [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 8

Gothic Horror part 8 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress> "Let's get a look at you... <Mind_Mistress> He goes to grab the oil lamp... <colleen> please dont call me missy <Mind_Mistress> and brings it next to you... <Mind_Mistress> Looks you over <Mind_Mistress> "Shit <colleen> what? <Mind_Mistress> "Wade, you look like a girl <Mind_Mistress> "Like, a [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 7

Gothic Horror part 7 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log Session #5 : 09-Dec-2002 Was a Mindscaping Session, to change the unconscious mind so Colleen dreams as a woman. That session log will be posted later... as I'm sure you want to know what happens next in the hypnosis adventure.   Session #6 : 12-Dec-2002 Chat [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 6

Gothic Horror part 6 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress> Sucking.... <Mind_Mistress> sooo good.... <Mind_Mistress> precum.... <Mind_Mistress> yummy.... <colleen> sucking ummmmm <Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.8 <colleen> yummy <Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.9 <colleen> ummmmmmahhhhh <Mind_Mistress> Ohhhhhh <colleen> yess <Mind_Mistress> Love cock need cock!!! <Mind_Mistress> Desire9.9 <colleen> love cock need cock <colleen> love cockneed cock <colleen> LOVE COCK <Mind_Mistress> To fuck [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 5

Gothic Horror part 5 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress> woman's whisper: "Oh yes... ravish me,... make me yours... <Mind_Mistress> You need to move near the bed <colleen> i"BOB i think we should go <Mind_Mistress> you hear yourself saying "make me yours" <Mind_Mistress> Need to move towards the bed.... <Mind_Mistress> Fear4 <Mind_Mistress> scary anywhere else... [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 4

Gothic Horror part 4 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log Chat Participants: Mind_Mistress ,colleen 02-Dec-2002 Session #4 <colleen>  hello <colleen> i cant seem to get you off my  mind <Mind_Mistress>  Hi 🙂 <colleen> 🙂 <Mind_Mistress> So do you have any ideas about what might happen? <colleen> about what? <Mind_Mistress> in the story <colleen> some not sure [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 3

Gothic Horror part 3 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <colleen> no go back for bob <Mind_Mistress>  Tears welling up <colleen> find something to block door <Mind_Mistress>  breaking down.... <Mind_Mistress>  "Fuck, what are those things!!!??? <Mind_Mistress>  They're banging on the door... <colleen> i dont know <Mind_Mistress>  scratching... <Mind_Mistress>  moaning.... <colleen> up the stairs we can hide [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 2

Gothic Horror part 2 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log <Mind_Mistress>  *TranceTrigger* <colleen> i obey <Mind_Mistress>  That's right... <Mind_Mistress>  and as you drift... <Mind_Mistress>  you can see yourself... <Mind_Mistress>  driving a pickup truck down a dark country road with your buddy bob <colleen> yes <Mind_Mistress>  And as you get closer... <Mind_Mistress>  and closer to your body... [...]

Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 1

Gothic Horror part 1 A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log Colleen had two sessions of basic trance training, and her first transformation into a woman in trance during the second session. At the third session, we started on a fantasy adventure. This will give you an idea of how storylines are negotiated and carried out. Chat [...]

Colleen’s Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party

Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log Session #11, 21 Nov 07 <Mind_Mistress> Hello 🙂 <colleen> hi <colleen> i was looking at ur cd's earlier this week <Mind_Mistress> Ah yes? <Mind_Mistress> good <colleen> some look very interesting <Mind_Mistress> which ones? ;;) <colleen> princess soft male charm <colleen> that make me strange? <Mind_Mistress> why [...]

Mindscaping Part 2

Hypnotic Mindscaping <Mind_Mistress> and are these trees going directly into the house building... or as lumber first? <colleen> lumber <Mind_Mistress> Yess.... <Mind_Mistress> and how much of the male trees have been uprooted and turned to planks in the pile? in % <colleen> 25 <Mind_Mistress> Pleasure2 <Mind_Mistress> Yess... <colleen> mmm <Mind_Mistress> you can feel the maleness... [...]

Mindscaping Part 1

Hypnotic Mindscaping Chat Participants: Mind_Mistress ,colleen Session #5 : 09-Dec-2002 <colleen>  did you have a good week? <Mind_Mistress>  Hi, yes <colleen> i'm glad <Mind_Mistress> 🙂 <Mind_Mistress> So what's been up with you since last session? <colleen> work mostly <colleen> i did what you asked, and tried to notice men more <Mind_Mistress> And how was that? [...]

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 2

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 2 of 2 Part 1 Chat 1: How Can I Convince My Corporate Wife To Be More Feminine ? Chat 2: I Dressed Up As A House-Wife To Shock Her: The Results Part 2 Chat 3: Sealing the Deal: The Man Becomes The Wife Chat 4: Negotiating A New Happiness   [...]

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 1

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 1 of 2 As women get more high paying corporate jobs, men find themselves more and more in the role of the supportive wife, or even housewife. It's hard on the male ego, and they whine about how their wife isn't feminine anymore. This chat log is one example of what [...]

How to Pick a Strapon Harness

How to Pick a Strapon Harness ? Strapon Harness Reviews and Recommendations - plus butt plugs and dildos to go with it Mind Mistress gives her advice No matter which kind of strapon harness you want, I suggest you read through the entire page, as I point out the various advantages, disadvantages and features of [...]

Hypnosis Feminized on Acid?

Hypnosis on Acid Is it possible that my friend was hypnotized while on LSD? Facebook picture of the male friend after he was hypnotized.   My friend tried lsd for the first time a couple of weeks ago. For some ridiculous reason he and his girlfriend thought it would be a funny idea to see [...]


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