Colleen’s Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party

Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party


A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log

Session #11, 21 Nov 07

<Mind_Mistress> Hello πŸ™‚
<colleen> hi
<colleen> i was looking at ur cd’s earlier this week
<Mind_Mistress> Ah yes?
<Mind_Mistress> good
<colleen> some look very interesting
<Mind_Mistress> which ones? ;;)
<colleen> princess soft male charm
<colleen> that make me strange?
<Mind_Mistress> why would that be strange?
<colleen> goes a bit against the norm of society
<colleen> but those are the ones that really appealed to me
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> I wouldn’t make them if I didn’t think they were good πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> Soft is in the heavy department though…
<Mind_Mistress> didn’t think you wanted to go that far
<colleen> oh why?
<Mind_Mistress> to become impotent
<colleen> sometimes i think i do
<Mind_Mistress> how do you feel about doing penetrative sex?
<colleen> to just be able to cum that way seems exciting
<colleen> reciving or giving?
<Mind_Mistress> giving
<colleen> its ok
<colleen> been awhile
<Mind_Mistress> so why do you want to be unable to get it up? πŸ™‚
<colleen> i’m not sure
<colleen> i think i would enjoy sex more being in the womans role
<colleen> and not the mans
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ™‚
<colleen> not getting hard would make that choice easier
<colleen> i would just like to only be able to climax analy
<colleen> i think that’s why soft appeals
<Mind_Mistress> Okay, so we should get started πŸ™‚
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> so the triggers are set… how did you like last time? ;;)
<colleen> i liked it!
<colleen> alot
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ˜€
<colleen> i hope what i said about the cds didn’t throw u off
<Mind_Mistress> so where do you want the fantasy story to start?
<Mind_Mistress> not at all…
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<colleen> i’m not sure
<Mind_Mistress> dating… wedding… bachelorette party?
<colleen> how far back do u think i should start?
<Mind_Mistress> it’s your fantasy…
<Mind_Mistress> but the further back we start, the more sessions it will take
<colleen> thats ok
<colleen> bacherolette party?
<Mind_Mistress> Good plan πŸ™‚
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> Give Me some idea of what you’d expect for that?
<colleen> my girl friends around me a little drinking giggling etc
<colleen> i’ve never been to one
<colleen> not sure what all happends
<colleen> getting advice from my friends
<colleen> does that help?
<Mind_Mistress> sure πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> I’m thinking of the outline…
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> I’ve actually been asked to plan one… though it never happened…
<colleen> i’m sorry. πŸ™
<colleen> what were u planning?
<colleen> maybe it could happen here?
<Mind_Mistress> Oh it’s okay πŸ™‚
<colleen> ok
<Mind_Mistress> Do you have a favorite Disney animation?
<Mind_Mistress> little mermaid or something?
<colleen> yes i always liked “the Little Mermaid”:”>
<Mind_Mistress> cool πŸ™‚
<colleen> Ariel
<colleen> i love the story
<Mind_Mistress> Okay, I’m ready to start πŸ™‚
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> do you like bananas?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ˜€
<Mind_Mistress> ready?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> so as you’re sitting there…
<Mind_Mistress> staring at the bright screen…
<Mind_Mistress> you can feel the weight of your body…
<Mind_Mistress> and you can feel your breathing…
<Mind_Mistress> noticing how fast or slow your breathing is…
<Mind_Mistress> and you can feel…
<Mind_Mistress> how shallow or deep your breathing is…
<Mind_Mistress> That’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling your body more with every breath…
<colleen> yes deep
<Mind_Mistress> and you can start feeling…
<Mind_Mistress> the reddish liquid inside you…
<Mind_Mistress> everywhere inside you…
<Mind_Mistress> as if you were hollow and filled with it…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> that’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling it more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> light and sinking?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> yessss
<Mind_Mistress> very good…
<Mind_Mistress> and paying attention to the feelings…
<Mind_Mistress> inside the hands…
<Mind_Mistress> and inside the feet…
<Mind_Mistress> you can start feeling the tingling…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more with every breath…
<colleen> tingling
<Mind_Mistress> spreading…
<Mind_Mistress> so nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> so right…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more tingly…
<Mind_Mistress> with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> Mmmmmmm
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> and from the feet…
<Mind_Mistress> to the legs…
<Mind_Mistress> breathing…
<Mind_Mistress> and feeling the tingling…
<Mind_Mistress> from the hands…
<Mind_Mistress> to the arms…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> so nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> so right…
<Mind_Mistress> and as you let yourself go deeper into trance…
<Mind_Mistress> how far has the tingling spread now?
<colleen> all around
<Mind_Mistress> very good…
<Mind_Mistress> and now you can allow the feet to open…
<Mind_Mistress> the toes…
<Mind_Mistress> opening and draining…
<Mind_Mistress> so the feet can become blank and empty…
<Mind_Mistress> hollow and numb…
<colleen> mmm
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> draining the feet…
<Mind_Mistress> and then the legs…
<Mind_Mistress> so very nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> going numb…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> and while the legs drain…
<Mind_Mistress> you can open the hands…
<Mind_Mistress> the palms…
<Mind_Mistress> draining…
<Mind_Mistress> as the hands become blank and empty…
<Mind_Mistress> hollow and numb…
<colleen> draining
<Mind_Mistress> so very nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> so right…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> the hands…
<Mind_Mistress> and soon the arms…
<Mind_Mistress> draining away…
<Mind_Mistress> Mmmmmmm
<colleen> mmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> deeper in trance…
<Mind_Mistress> with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> feels better and better…
<Mind_Mistress> and while the arms drain…
<Mind_Mistress> how far up from the feet are you blank and numb now?
<colleen> above the waist
<Mind_Mistress> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> draining the waist…
<Mind_Mistress> and soon the chest…
<Mind_Mistress> you can allow the nape to open…
<Mind_Mistress> and drain…
<Mind_Mistress> at the back of the head…
<colleen> drain
<Mind_Mistress> draining the head…
<Mind_Mistress> blank and empty…
<Mind_Mistress> hollow and numb…
<Mind_Mistress> so very nicely…
<Mind_Mistress> so right…
<Mind_Mistress> that’s right…
<colleen> hollowness
<Mind_Mistress> draining…
<Mind_Mistress> and fading…
<Mind_Mistress> into the blank empty place of trance…
<Mind_Mistress> letting yourself go…
<colleen> fading
<Mind_Mistress> *trigger word*
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress> and what is left of you at this point?
<colleen> just the neck
<Mind_Mistress> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> and you can feel it…
<Mind_Mistress> accept it…
<Mind_Mistress> and let it go…
<Mind_Mistress> *trigger word*
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress> drifting…
<Mind_Mistress> further and further in trance with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> drifting…
<Mind_Mistress> through the blankness of trance…
<Mind_Mistress> that’s right…
<Mind_Mistress> drifting…
<Mind_Mistress> to where you can find yourself as Colleen…
<colleen> mmm
<Mind_Mistress> sitting in the front passenger seat of your friend Maggie’s minivan…
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie is driving…
<Mind_Mistress> and in the back seat are your three other best girlfriends…
<Mind_Mistress> Anne, Sonya and Lorraine…
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> and can you see yourself there now?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> very good…
<Mind_Mistress> and what does Maggie look like?
<colleen> shes taller then me blond hair
<colleen> slim
<Mind_Mistress> they’re bringing you back home… after having decorated it for your bachelorette party…
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> Next there’s Anne in the back… what’s she like?
<colleen> dark brown hair busty
<Mind_Mistress> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> and Sonya?
<colleen> tall also blond
<Mind_Mistress> good…
<Mind_Mistress> and Lorraine?
<Mind_Mistress> is she asian?
<colleen> brunette my height
<colleen> no
<Mind_Mistress> good…
<Mind_Mistress> and the girls are giggling…
<Mind_Mistress> in the back…
<Mind_Mistress> whispering…
<Mind_Mistress> you see yourself there with them?
<colleen> whispering what?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> and you can drift closer to your body there…
<Mind_Mistress> seeing more clearly the closer you drift…
<Mind_Mistress> until you get sooo close…
<Mind_Mistress> you drift into your Colleen body…
<Mind_Mistress> all the way in…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> seeing the road out of your own eyes…
<Mind_Mistress> and hearing the whisperings…
<Mind_Mistress> and feeling your body, your breasts…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more with every breath…
<Mind_Mistress> you can’t quite make out what they’re saying…
<Mind_Mistress> you catch the word “surprise”
<Mind_Mistress> “tail”
<Mind_Mistress> “hunk”
<Mind_Mistress> What are those girls planning!? πŸ˜›
<colleen> what are they up to?
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie says: “So… excited about tonight? Or are you just thinking about your hunk of a fiancee?”
<colleen> both
<colleen> one last party
<Mind_Mistress> Someone from the back pulls on your hair…
<Mind_Mistress> Hey!
<Mind_Mistress> they giggle !
<colleen> oowe stop that πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> they’re acting like schoolgirls πŸ˜›
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> even though they’re grown women…
<colleen> having fun giggling
<Mind_Mistress> So you finally arrive in front of your home…
<Mind_Mistress> and Maggie parks
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> you go to get out…
<Mind_Mistress> but maggie presses the button to lock your door!
<Mind_Mistress> hey!
<colleen> ihey
<Mind_Mistress> the girls in the back giggle and all get out..
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie smiles and says
<Mind_Mistress> “the girls want to go in first” πŸ˜‰
<Mind_Mistress> they rush out…
<colleen> πŸ™‚ ok
<Mind_Mistress> you lent them keys…
<Mind_Mistress> they already decorated earlier today…
<Mind_Mistress> so what could they be up to?
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie sits there with you…
<colleen> i’m not sure something devious
<Mind_Mistress> “So… tell me what you’re looking forward to with your new hubby” πŸ™‚
<colleen> being with him being in his arms
<Mind_Mistress> “oooh… you’ve got it bad, girl!”
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ˜‰
<colleen> being his wife
<Mind_Mistress> she laughs
<colleen> i know πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> “are you taking his last name?”
<colleen> yes of course
<Mind_Mistress> “well, I guess we can come out now…”
<Mind_Mistress> she unlocks your door with a grin
<Mind_Mistress> and gets out…
<colleen> i open my door
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie follows you…
<colleen> to the front door
<Mind_Mistress> and when you open… you see fish shaped balloons hanging…
<Mind_Mistress> and fake seeweed on the walls…
<colleen> giggle
<Mind_Mistress> and paper starfish with smiles πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> and once inside…
<colleen> what have you done πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> the girls are wearing fishes taped all over them πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> they all say together…
<colleen> u guys are silly
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> “Welcome home Little Mermaid!”
<colleen> i laugh
<Mind_Mistress> There’s tropical fish mobiles hanging from the ceiling…
<colleen> i touch one
<Mind_Mistress> it spins…
<Mind_Mistress> they giggle…
<colleen> this is so cool
<Mind_Mistress> in the living room…
<Mind_Mistress> there’s sand and seashells on the table…
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine: “So how do you like this? ” πŸ˜€
<colleen> its neat like the movie
<Mind_Mistress> Someone starts the music…
<colleen> just don’t get sand in the carpet
<Mind_Mistress> it’s the little mermaid soundtrack…
<colleen> i love this music
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine: “Bah, you can vacuum later!
<colleen> πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> Anne bounces up and says: “It’s time to find the sunken treasure!”
<colleen> sunken treasure?
<Mind_Mistress> “Yess! ” she giggles
<Mind_Mistress> “If you want food, you have to pay for it in gold coins! Gotta find them!”
<colleen> u guys are crazy πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> Anne: “Yarr! Shiver me timbers! Find me some treasure!”
<colleen> i start looking around
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya looks under a seashell… “Oh, here’S a gold coin! I get food and you don’T” πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> it’s a chocolate gold coin
<Mind_Mistress> where are you looking?
<colleen> someone get me a drink i can’t hunt for gold without rum
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya goes to the kitchen to get you a drink πŸ™‚
<colleen> i look under the table and sofa
<colleen> between the seat cusions i always find money there
<Mind_Mistress> Ahah!
<Mind_Mistress> Treasure!
<Mind_Mistress> you got one
<colleen> gold!
<Mind_Mistress> she brings your drink…
<colleen> ty
<Mind_Mistress> “Gotta pay for it girl!”
<Mind_Mistress> she snatches the gold coin from you!
<colleen> how much?
<Mind_Mistress> “Thank you very much!”
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ˜›
<colleen> now i can’t afford to eat πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine went to get drinks for the girls…
<colleen> i look again in the cushions
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya says: “Then you better look for more gold, shouldn’t you?
<Mind_Mistress> nope… no more gold there
<colleen> i dig in the sand on the table
<Mind_Mistress> you have your drink at least
<Mind_Mistress> aha! another coin!
<colleen> yes and i sip it
<Mind_Mistress> mmmm
<colleen> more gold me mateys
<Mind_Mistress> Lorrain brings back drinks…
<Mind_Mistress> and everyone gets one…
<colleen> more drinks
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine: “To the future bride!”
<Mind_Mistress> everyone: “To the future bride!”
<colleen> :”>
<Mind_Mistress> and drinks
<colleen> ty
<Mind_Mistress> they’re all grinning
<colleen> why are you all grinning like that?
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie says: “Want some shrimp?”
<colleen> oh yes i love seafood
<Mind_Mistress> she snatches your second coin !
<Mind_Mistress> runs off… giggling…
<Mind_Mistress> and brings back a tray of cocktail shrimps πŸ™‚
<colleen> i better get more then one shrimp for that
<Mind_Mistress> She laughs…
<colleen> i take a shrimp
<Mind_Mistress> “as many as you want…”
<colleen> mmmm
<Mind_Mistress> “but the crab finger sandwitches will cost you another gold, yarr!”
<colleen> ur evil
<Mind_Mistress> Anne: “Yeah, you better keep searching for treasure girl!”
<Mind_Mistress> they giggle
<colleen> ok
<colleen> i look in the fish tank
<Mind_Mistress> nope…
<Mind_Mistress> but behind it!
<Mind_Mistress> got one!
<colleen> you would yhink there would be sunken treasure there
<colleen> aha!
<Mind_Mistress> there IS something in the tank though…
<colleen> yes what is it?
<Mind_Mistress> some little thing…
<Mind_Mistress> can you see what it is?
<colleen> it’s behind the seaweed
<Mind_Mistress> it’s a little plastic treasure chest…
<colleen> i reach in
<Mind_Mistress> yer gonna get wet πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> you grab it…
<colleen> oh well! πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> wet… cold….
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> Anne: “Hey, she found the chest…”
<colleen> i found it!
<Mind_Mistress> they clap
<Mind_Mistress> “Didn’t think you’d find it so fast…”
<colleen> well it was obvious
<Mind_Mistress> “Well, okay, then you can open it…”
<Mind_Mistress> it has a mood ring inside…
<colleen> i open up the lid
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<colleen> a mood ring? where did u find that?
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie says: “This is your official permission to be as moody as you want with your hubby” πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> Someone brought out the crab sandwitches…
<colleen> i could never be moody with him
<Mind_Mistress> Anne offers you a sandwitch…
<colleen> crab yum
<Mind_Mistress> and steals your third coin! That bitch πŸ˜›
<colleen> i give her the coin
<colleen> lol
<Mind_Mistress> she giggles…
<Mind_Mistress> “More treasure… yarr!
<Mind_Mistress> they’re all munching and drinking…
<colleen> ok i look under the plant
<Mind_Mistress> Another gold coin… and a starfish!
<colleen> i look in the plant
<Mind_Mistress> a paper one
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine says: “Since she got the starfish, she gets the gift too…”
<colleen> what do i get for a starfish?
<Mind_Mistress> Anne pulls out a wrapped gift… it’s shaped like a long kleenex box…
<Mind_Mistress> wrapped in sea motif paper
<colleen> i start to open it
<Mind_Mistress> “Come on… open it already! ” πŸ˜›
<Mind_Mistress> it’s a doll…
<colleen> i open the box
<Mind_Mistress> it’s My Little Mermaid!
<colleen> Ariel!
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie says: “Who da princess?”
<Mind_Mistress> Everyone: “She da princess!”
<colleen> stop it! :0
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie asks you “Who da princess?” πŸ˜€
<colleen> me so there:P
<Mind_Mistress> “come on… Who da princess?” πŸ˜‰
<colleen> i am
<Mind_Mistress> “That’s right!”
<Mind_Mistress> “You get to be moody, AND be a total princess”
<Mind_Mistress> “So he better treat you right…”
<colleen> yes πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> “Or we’ll send the sea monsters after him!”
<colleen> that would teach him!
<Mind_Mistress> you spend time eating… drinking… chatting…
<Mind_Mistress> having fun!
<colleen> mmm
<Mind_Mistress> what a blast!
<colleen> this is great
<Mind_Mistress> you also got some clams bites…
<Mind_Mistress> and girls are getting rowdier and tipsy…
<Mind_Mistress> as the evening goes on…
<Mind_Mistress> So they decide it’s time to give you advice…
<Mind_Mistress> everyone sits in a sort of circle on the floor…
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine says: “Okay, ask each one of us for our advice!”
<Mind_Mistress> “Pick someone”
<colleen> Sonya
<Mind_Mistress> They each have a little gift bag…
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya: “My advice is….
<Mind_Mistress> Always know where your banana is!”
<Mind_Mistress> and she pulls out some banana flavored lube πŸ˜›
<colleen> Banana!
<Mind_Mistress> and hugs you
<colleen> and i hug her
<Mind_Mistress> “Next!”
<colleen> Maggie?
<Mind_Mistress> everyone’s tipsy by now…
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie: “My advice is…
<colleen> having fun
<Mind_Mistress> get him to eat you every day!”
<Mind_Mistress> and gives you edible undies!
<Mind_Mistress> giggle
<colleen> ooooh good idea! πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> “Next!”
<colleen> Lorraine
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine: “My advice is…
<Mind_Mistress> always wear sexy underwear, cause you never know when you’ll get unwrapped!”
<Mind_Mistress> and she gives you sexy underwear !
<colleen> oooh he’ll like this
<Mind_Mistress> and kisses your cheeks
<colleen> i kiss her cheek back
<Mind_Mistress> “Next!”
<colleen> who hasn’t given advice yet?
<Mind_Mistress> Anne
<colleen> I forgot about Anne
<Mind_Mistress> Anne says: “My advice is…
<colleen> yes?
<Mind_Mistress> sex is the best cure for a headache!”
<Mind_Mistress> “But if that doesn’T work, here’s aspirin so you can have sex!”
<Mind_Mistress> everyone laughs…
<colleen> and i get alot of headaches
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> she hugs you…
<Mind_Mistress> and everyone joins in the hug…
<colleen> and i her
<Mind_Mistress> “I hope you’re happy with your husband…”
<colleen> i love u guys
<Mind_Mistress> Lorraine “Yeah, be happy girl, we love ya…”
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie : “We’ll kick his ass if he’s not good to you”
<colleen> i know well be happy
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya: “I hope this wedding is the best day of your life!”
<Mind_Mistress> Sonya starts crying
<colleen> it will be
<Mind_Mistress> but she’s smiling…
<Mind_Mistress> everyone’s getting weepy
<colleen> i get a bit misty
<colleen> well still see each other
<Mind_Mistress> Maggie: “Aww… cut it out girls… this is supposed to be happy”
<Mind_Mistress> “Yeah..,. we will… we’re your posse :)”
<colleen> yes lets have fun
<Mind_Mistress> Anne: “Let’s watch Little mermaid and cuddle on the couch!”
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> everyone gets a seat….
<colleen> i get the cd
<Mind_Mistress> and cuddles…
<Mind_Mistress> with a drink…
<Mind_Mistress> you pop it in…
<Mind_Mistress> and they make a spot for you to sit…
<Mind_Mistress> and you sit back…
<Mind_Mistress> and start it…
<Mind_Mistress> Mmmm
<Mind_Mistress> opening scenes….
<Mind_Mistress> this is great…
<colleen> the music begins
<Mind_Mistress> with your friends…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling loved…
<Mind_Mistress> so happy πŸ™‚
<colleen> loved
<Mind_Mistress> Mmmm
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> and this feeling you can take with you…
<colleen> mmm
<Mind_Mistress> remembering this experience vividly…
<Mind_Mistress> and awakening at the count of 1
<Mind_Mistress> feeling the warmth and love…
<Mind_Mistress> and taking it with you…
<Mind_Mistress> 9
<Mind_Mistress> 8
<Mind_Mistress> 7
<Mind_Mistress> 6
<Mind_Mistress> 5
<Mind_Mistress> 4
<Mind_Mistress> 3
<Mind_Mistress> 2
<Mind_Mistress> 1
<Mind_Mistress> Hello πŸ™‚
<colleen> hello
<colleen> i so want to watch the Little Mermaid now
<colleen> are you still here?
<Mind_Mistress> yes πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> Was waiting for your reaction πŸ™‚
<colleen> i was enjoying it
<Mind_Mistress> That was fun πŸ˜€
<Mind_Mistress> and very sweet…
<colleen> very fun:)
<colleen> and touching
<Mind_Mistress> yeah…
<Mind_Mistress> warm fuzzies ;;)
<colleen> giggle
<colleen> fun gifts
<colleen> fun senerio
<colleen> i’d like a bachhhhhhhhhelorette party
<Mind_Mistress> πŸ˜€
<Mind_Mistress> I’m glad you enjoyed it
<Mind_Mistress> so when do you want to continue?
<colleen> very much
<colleen> next week?
<Mind_Mistress> yes
<colleen> same time?
<Mind_Mistress> I have something Wednesday at this time
<Mind_Mistress> Tuesday and Friday are open at this time
<colleen> Tuesday
<Mind_Mistress> Done πŸ™‚
<colleen> anything else i should do before then?
<Mind_Mistress> not that I can think…
<Mind_Mistress> next would be the wedding I think
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<colleen> i look forward to it
<colleen> :”>
<Mind_Mistress> what’s his name? πŸ™‚
<colleen> Sean
<Mind_Mistress> last name?
<colleen> McGuire
<Mind_Mistress> cool
<colleen> πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> anything else? πŸ™‚
<colleen> not that i can think off right now
<Mind_Mistress> Any questions about the CDs?
<colleen> i’m still thinking about those 3 any others i should consider?
<Mind_Mistress> depends what you want to get…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> those are good if they’re what you want πŸ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> CD16 is good also as a deepener…
<colleen> πŸ™‚ thank you
<colleen> cd16
<colleen> i’ll look at it
<Mind_Mistress> you may also like CD22 memories…
<colleen> cd22
<colleen> ok
<colleen> see you on tuesday
<Mind_Mistress> Have a great week Colleen ;;)
<colleen> ty u do the same πŸ™‚
<colleen> bye


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