Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 5

Gothic Horror part 5

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log


<Mind_Mistress> woman’s whisper: “Oh yes… ravish me,… make me yours…
<Mind_Mistress> You need to move near the bed
<colleen> i”BOB i think we should go
<Mind_Mistress> you hear yourself saying “make me yours”
<Mind_Mistress> Need to move towards the bed….
<Mind_Mistress> Fear4
<Mind_Mistress> scary anywhere else…
<colleen> i back towards bed
<Mind_Mistress> looks safer towards the bed….
<Mind_Mistress> Bob moves closer towards you…
<colleen> LETS GO BOB
<colleen> LETS leave
<Mind_Mistress> man’s whisper: “I have dreamed of this…”
<Mind_Mistress> Bob : “I have dreamed of this… ”
<Mind_Mistress> his breath is ragged….
<colleen> i get on bed to crawl to other side
<colleen> stop it bob
<Mind_Mistress> woman’s whisper: “Come Richard, join me on the bed….
<Mind_Mistress> Bob comes to the edge of the bed… his eyes… filled with lust…
<colleen> bob stay away
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Coleen, I was born to be with you…
<colleen> i rise on other side of bed, against wall
<Mind_Mistress> Desire5
<colleen> no bob its not you talking
<Mind_Mistress> You’re feeling waves of desire…
<Mind_Mistress> horniness….
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “Does this fair form please you?”
<Mind_Mistress> you notice your hands roaming on your body seductively…
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Oh darling, you know it does…
<colleen> “does this fair form please you?
<colleen> whats happening !!
<Mind_Mistress> Desire6
<colleen> o  h bob
<Mind_Mistress> Bob kneels on the bed with one knee
<colleen> i knell on bed
<Mind_Mistress> man: “I take many risks to be with you…
<colleen> i know
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “I take many risks to be with you…
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “I know”
<Mind_Mistress> You want him….
<Mind_Mistress> want to feel his touch…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more badly….
<colleen> yess
<Mind_Mistress> need him…
<colleen> i need him..
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “My body is yours to take…”
<colleen> my body is yours to take
<colleen> i move closer to bob
<Mind_Mistress> man: “if your sister knew, she would do terrible things…”
<Mind_Mistress> Bob repeats that
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “but my sister is old and I am young and far more beautiful…
<colleen> bob are you okay?
<Mind_Mistress> your hands are cupping your small breasts…
<colleen> shell never know
<colleen> ummmm
<colleen> caressing myself
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: ‘My loins burn with as much desire as my heart for you….
<Mind_Mistress> Desire6.5
<colleen> i know
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “and my body is on fire… let me please you Richard….”
<colleen> let me please you bob
<Mind_Mistress> You want to push bob against the wall…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> feel yourself getting up…
<colleen> i rise
<Mind_Mistress> your mouth… watering….
<Mind_Mistress> licking your lips….
<colleen> yes lust
<colleen> licking
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Coleen, you kindle within me an insatiable hunger….
<Mind_Mistress> Desire7
<colleen> oh bob 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> your eyes are on his crotch…
<colleen> ohhh
<Mind_Mistress> you feel something inside you…
<Mind_Mistress> a presence…
<Mind_Mistress> guiding you….
<colleen> umm
<Mind_Mistress> talking for you…
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> saying what you really think…
<Mind_Mistress> your mouth feels so empty…
<colleen> oh bob i need you
<Mind_Mistress> moving to push bob against the wall…
<colleen> my hand moves down
<colleen> closer to bob
<colleen> push bob
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “My lips will make you forget her…
<colleen> to wall
<Mind_Mistress> dropping to your knees
<Mind_Mistress> eyes on his crotch…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire8
<colleen> dropping t o croutch
<colleen> mmmm
<Mind_Mistress> you find yourself saying what she says… are yout thoughts… your words…
<colleen> my words
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “My lips will make you forget her…
<Mind_Mistress> unzipping his pants….
<colleen> my lips will make you forget her..
<colleen> i un zip his pants
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “I am in heaven, my angel…”
<Mind_Mistress> woman:” not angel… I am not her…”
<colleen> not angel..I am not her…
<Mind_Mistress> His cock is bulging…
<Mind_Mistress> need it…
<colleen> need bob…
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “no you are not… you are far more luscious…
<colleen> ummm
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “forget Angelina…. let my lips drain away all thoughts of her…
<Mind_Mistress> feel his cock…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire8.5
<colleen> forget Angelina…let my lips drain away all thoughts of her
<Mind_Mistress> Can you feel it?
<colleen> ireach in and feel bobs cock
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure4
<Mind_Mistress> It feels so right in your hands…
<Mind_Mistress> pulling it out…
<colleen> yes sooo smooth
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure5
<colleen> ummm pull out
<Mind_Mistress> need to kiss it…
<colleen> so nice
<colleen>  i kiss the tip
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “my love is yours my sweet, I shall think of no other…”
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure6
<colleen> ummmm
<colleen> nice
<Mind_Mistress> want to lick it…
<colleen> i want to lick…slow
<Mind_Mistress> feeling Bob’s hands on your head, stroking your hair…
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure6.5
<colleen> ummmmm
<colleen> so good
<Mind_Mistress> Yesss…
<Mind_Mistress> so right…
<colleen> ummmm
<colleen> so natural
<Mind_Mistress> woman: “my lips are made for your tool…”
<colleen> my lips are made for your tool
<colleen> i open my lips
<Mind_Mistress> licking it… fondling it… so hard….
<Mind_Mistress> can’t resist it….
<colleen> soo hard
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> So hard for you…
<colleen> for me
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “My tool is for your pleasure….
<colleen> for ME
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> suck…
<Mind_Mistress> need to….
<colleen> i lower my head
<colleen> need to suck
<Mind_Mistress> suck
<colleen> i wrap my lips around him
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure7
<Mind_Mistress> So right….
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.1
<colleen> i begin to suck
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure7.5
<colleen> yeesss oh bob
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Ahhh…. you are bliss beyond words my beauty….
<Mind_Mistress> sucking….
<colleen> ummmm
<Mind_Mistress> Sooo good….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure8
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “words… ah… fail… ah.. me….
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.2
<colleen> wraping my tounge around his cock….sucking
<Mind_Mistress> your body is on fire for him….
<colleen> ohhhhh
<colleen> im so hot
<colleen> want him
<Mind_Mistress> feeling sooo womanly…
<colleen> yes sexy
<Mind_Mistress> Sucking….
<Mind_Mistress> Sooo good….
<colleen> ummmmm
<Mind_Mistress> head bobbing… his cock….
<colleen> yessss
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure8.5
<colleen> up and down
<Mind_Mistress> love it….
<Mind_Mistress> need it…
<colleen> love it
<colleen> need it
<Mind_Mistress> he’s so sexy…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.3
<colleen> yes sexy soooo sexy
<Mind_Mistress> love his cock….
<colleen> ummm
<colleen> love his cock
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9
<Mind_Mistress> love sucking cock….
<colleen> ahhhhhh
<colleen> love sucking
<colleen> cock
<Mind_Mistress> need cock
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.4
<colleen> need cock
<Mind_Mistress> love cock…
<colleen> more cock
<colleen> love cock
<Mind_Mistress> love men….
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.5
<colleen> love men
<colleen> love cock
<colleen> long hard cock
<Mind_Mistress> Silly Richard thinks he’s the only man…
<colleen> yesss silly
<Mind_Mistress> but no man can satisfy my lust for cock…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.6
<colleen> no one man can
<colleen> i lust for cock
<colleen> ahhh yesss
<Mind_Mistress> All cocks are yummy
<colleen> ummmm
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.5
<Mind_Mistress> sucking… Mmmmm
<colleen> all cocks are yummy
<Mind_Mistress> Need cock all the time…
<colleen> mmmmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.7
<colleen> yes must have cock
<colleen> ummmmmm
<colleen> soooo goood
<Mind_Mistress> I am such a loose woman…
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.6
<colleen> i am such a loose woman
<Mind_Mistress> sucking any cock I can…
<colleen> sucking any cock
<colleen> i can
<Mind_Mistress> Not like my stupid sister….
<colleen> not like my stupid sister
<Mind_Mistress> I can have anhy man I want…
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.8
<colleen> i can have any man i want
<colleen> ummm yesss
<Mind_Mistress> I want all the cock I can get….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.7
<colleen> i want all the cock i can get
<Mind_Mistress> Ohhh…. going to cumm….
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Oh… my darling….”
<colleen> ohhhh…going to cummmm

Continued in Part 6


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