Colleenโ€™s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 6

Gothic Horror part 6

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log


<Mind_Mistress> Sucking….
<Mind_Mistress> sooo good….
<Mind_Mistress> precum….
<Mind_Mistress> yummy….
<colleen> sucking ummmmm
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.8
<colleen> yummy
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9.9
<colleen> ummmmmmahhhhh
<Mind_Mistress> Ohhhhhh
<colleen> yess
<Mind_Mistress> Love cock need cock!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Desire9.9
<colleen> love cock need cock
<colleen> love cockneed cock
<colleen> LOVE COCK
<Mind_Mistress> To fuck my mouth
<colleen> NEED COCK
<Mind_Mistress> my pussy….
<colleen> fuck my mouth
<colleen> my pussy
<Mind_Mistress> my ass…
<colleen> my ass
<Mind_Mistress> All the time!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Desire10
<colleen> all the time alwayS!!!
<colleen> yeeeeeesssssss
<Mind_Mistress> Sooo horny for men and their cocks!!!!
<colleen> ohhh godd
<Mind_Mistress> Gonna…. ahhh
<colleen> horny fo cock men’
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure10
<Mind_Mistress> AHhhhh
<colleen> yesssss
<Mind_Mistress> and…
<colleen> mmmmmmm
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure10.5
<colleen> yesssssss
<colleen> ohhhh yessss
<colleen> cummmm for meee
<Mind_Mistress> cumming…. like a wanton whore…
<colleen> sucking
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure11
<colleen> yesssss
<Mind_Mistress> he’s squirting!!!!
<colleen> ohhhh yeSSSSSS
<Mind_Mistress> Yummy salty sticky!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure11.5
<Mind_Mistress> cumming with him soooo hard….
<colleen> yummy salty sticky
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure12
<colleen> oooohhhh goddddd!
<Mind_Mistress> harder and harder…
<colleen> yesss ohhhh yessss
<Mind_Mistress> so addicted to cock….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure12.5
<colleen> ohhhhh my GODDDDDDD!
<Mind_Mistress> waves of orgasm….
<Mind_Mistress> cumming harder and harder….
<colleen> uhhhhhh uhhhhh
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure13
<colleen> yeesSSSS OHHH YESSS
<colleen> uuiga
<Mind_Mistress> sucking… can’t stop…
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Ahhhhhh yess….. suck…. suck….
<Mind_Mistress> hands on your head….
<colleen> ummmmmmmm more MORE
<Mind_Mistress> Soooo good….
<colleen> fuck my FACE
<Mind_Mistress> and….
<colleen> HARD
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure13.5
<Mind_Mistress> he’s fucking your face…
<colleen> ummmm ummmm
<Mind_Mistress> sucking like the slut you are….
<Mind_Mistress> Annnnd….
<colleen> deeep hard
<Mind_Mistress> OHHHHH
<Mind_Mistress> peaking….
<Mind_Mistress> seeing stars….
<Mind_Mistress> feeling sooooo amazing!
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure14
<colleen> DIzzzzyt
<Mind_Mistress> love cock need cock
<colleen> ooohhhh yessssss
<Mind_Mistress> all the fucking time!!!!
<colleen> love cock need cock
<colleen> all the fucking time!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> he’s going dry….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure13
<colleen> niooooo
<Mind_Mistress> softening…
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure12
<Mind_Mistress> want more…
<colleen> ohhhhhh
<colleen> want more
<Mind_Mistress> need more….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure11
<colleen> need more
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure10
<colleen> more cock
<colleen> ummmm
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure9
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “Ahhh… yess…..”
<colleen> need more cock
<colleen> ๐Ÿ™‚
<Mind_Mistress> can’t stop sucking….
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure8
<colleen> cant stop sucking
<Mind_Mistress> feels so right with cock in your mouth
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> Yesss
<Mind_Mistress> Pleasure7
<Mind_Mistress> Still horny…
<colleen> must have cock in mouth
<Mind_Mistress> Bob is pushing back your head….
<colleen> very horny
<Mind_Mistress> the cock pops out…
<colleen> noooooo
<Mind_Mistress> of your needy lips…
<colleen> i want it back
<Mind_Mistress> Bob: “My sweet I must go… lest your sister finds us in illicit embrace…”
<Mind_Mistress> he puts it back in his pants….
<colleen> no bob stay!
<Mind_Mistress> and zips up….
<colleen> noooo!
<Mind_Mistress> you’ll have to do the gardener tonight…
<Mind_Mistress> still so horny…
<colleen> I’ll have to do the gardener tomight
<Mind_Mistress> Bob pushes you back…
<colleen> ver horny
<Mind_Mistress> kneels and kisses you….
<colleen> on floor
<colleen> ;9
<colleen> ๐Ÿ™
<Mind_Mistress> “I must go…”
<colleen> yes kisss
<colleen> dont go
<Mind_Mistress> he gets up… gets to the door….
<Mind_Mistress> opens it…
<Mind_Mistress> and steps out…
<colleen> nooo dont leave
<Mind_Mistress> closing it behind him
<colleen> alone
<Mind_Mistress> Fear3
<Mind_Mistress> The light of the oil lamp dims…
<colleen> bobbbb?
<Mind_Mistress> Fear4
<colleen> nooo
<colleen> BOBBB
<Mind_Mistress> the presence leaves your body….
<colleen> empty
<Mind_Mistress> you don’t even have the voice of the woman to keep you company….
<Mind_Mistress> Fear5
<Mind_Mistress> all alone…
<colleen> help
<Mind_Mistress> the light dims more…
<colleen> BOBBB?
<Mind_Mistress> can barely see anything….
<colleen> HELP ME BOB
<Mind_Mistress> need your man….
<Mind_Mistress> Fear6
<colleen> ohhhh nooo
<Mind_Mistress> empty without cock… alone
<Mind_Mistress> no man to keep you safe…
<colleen> i need bob!
<Mind_Mistress> and the howls outside… of the beasts!
<Mind_Mistress> Fear6.5
<colleen> any body
<Mind_Mistress> cold….
<colleen> hELPPP
<Mind_Mistress> shivering….
<Mind_Mistress> Alone and helpless….
<colleen> i curl up
<Mind_Mistress> Fear7
<colleen> help…. BOB?
<Mind_Mistress> curl up in fetal position
<Mind_Mistress> Crying
<Mind_Mistress> sobbing….
<Mind_Mistress> need a man…
<colleen> crying in fear
<Mind_Mistress> need cock….
<Mind_Mistress> to make it better…
<Mind_Mistress> safe and happy with man…
<Mind_Mistress> with cock…
<colleen> i need a man…a cock….
<Mind_Mistress> empty sad affraid without…
<colleen> make it better
<Mind_Mistress> ALL ALONE
<colleen> i need a man
<Mind_Mistress> howls outside…
<colleen> ALONEEE
<Mind_Mistress> they will get you if you don’t have a man…
<Mind_Mistress> THEY WILL GET YOU
<Mind_Mistress> you know it
<colleen> I must find a man
<Mind_Mistress> Tears….
<colleen> YHELL GET ME
<Mind_Mistress> sobs….
<Mind_Mistress> help…
<colleen> crying
<Mind_Mistress> ๐Ÿ™
<colleen> hELPPPP!
<colleen> ๐Ÿ™
<Mind_Mistress> Something knocks on the door
<Mind_Mistress> Fear7.5
<Mind_Mistress> three big knocks
<Mind_Mistress> It knocks louder
<colleen> whos there…?
<Mind_Mistress> Knocks again louder… the beasts!!!!
<colleen> i back towards the wall
<colleen> GET AWAY!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> breath ragged…
<Mind_Mistress> heart pounding…
<Mind_Mistress> musty air catching in your throat…
<Mind_Mistress> Pounding on the door
<colleen> scarred
<Mind_Mistress> NOOOoooooooo!!!!
<colleen> NOOOOOOOooooooo
<Mind_Mistress> And drifting out of this experience now….
<colleen>ย  i hide behind bed
<Mind_Mistress> back to the empty place….
<Mind_Mistress> remembering clearly what happened here….
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> Drifting out of this body…
<Mind_Mistress> *TranceTrigger*
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress> and awakening at 1…
<Mind_Mistress> remembering everything clearly…
<Mind_Mistress> and knowing you go deeper, faster in trance every time…
<Mind_Mistress> more enjoyably…
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> becoming coleen…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> 9
<colleen> coleen
<Mind_Mistress> 8
<Mind_Mistress> 7
<Mind_Mistress> 6
<Mind_Mistress> awakening…
<Mind_Mistress> 5
<Mind_Mistress> 4
<Mind_Mistress> 3
<Mind_Mistress> 2
<Mind_Mistress> and…
<Mind_Mistress> 1
<Mind_Mistress> Hello ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> hi
<colleen> im shaking
<Mind_Mistress> How do you feel?
<Mind_Mistress>ย  ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> still a little scared
<colleen> what a place to stop
<Mind_Mistress> Heh heh…
<Mind_Mistress> A good cliffhanger ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> you can be a bit cruelย  ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> my heart is still pounding
<Mind_Mistress> Well, it is supposed to be horrifying ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> it is!
<colleen> FUN
<Mind_Mistress> If you’re not pissing your pants, I’m not making it scary enough ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Mind_Mistress> Good!
<colleen> wow
<Mind_Mistress> I enjoy doing this genre, a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> im breathing easier now
<colleen> im glad. its great being your subject init
<colleen> where will it go next?
<Mind_Mistress> Say, how do you feel about cock?
<colleen> love cock
<colleen> need cock
<Mind_Mistress> and men?
<colleen> i like men
<Mind_Mistress> in what way?
<colleen> not as much as woman but i like men
<colleen> i like mens cocks
<Mind_Mistress> ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> im happy you approve , Mistress
<Mind_Mistress> So any thoughts on the adventure?
<colleen> Where we’ve been or where we’re going?
<Mind_Mistress> What happened today ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> intense. very exciting, erotic
<colleen> i like the possession aspects
<colleen> the being not in control
<colleen> prbobly why i like tese sessions
<colleen> nice spelling coleen
<Mind_Mistress> And how do you feel about not having cock right now?
<colleen> very erotic setting
<Mind_Mistress> not being with a man…
<colleen> i miss it ๐Ÿ™
<colleen> i need a cock
<colleen> i need a man
<Mind_Mistress> a little insecure?
<colleen> to fullfil me
<colleen> yes insecure
<colleen> a little
<Mind_Mistress> Girly and weak?
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> Notice this week how you feel when you’re with men…
<Mind_Mistress> and when you’re without ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> weak
<colleen> ok
<colleen> i will
<Mind_Mistress> This is fun ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> close attention
<colleen> i yhink so too
<Mind_Mistress> Anything else before I go?
<colleen> very fun
<colleen> in the next session can you encourage my dreams. make them more vivid, real?
<Mind_Mistress> Sure, remind Me then
<colleen> so i remember them/
<colleen> i will
<Mind_Mistress> but they’ll naturally go with what we’ve been doing…
<Mind_Mistress> more and more…
<Mind_Mistress> even now
<colleen> i will
<Mind_Mistress> your unconscious is assimilating this…
<Mind_Mistress> and will use it in your dreams…
<Mind_Mistress> making them more and more vivid…
<Mind_Mistress> and reinforcing our work…
<colleen> im glad
<Mind_Mistress> by going over it again and again…
<colleen> ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> next monday?
<Mind_Mistress> Same time?
<colleen> 1:00 pm ur time
<Mind_Mistress> good
<Mind_Mistress> send payment to reserve ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> till then, i’ll miss you.
<Mind_Mistress> and you notice there’s a whole story unfolding… you can guess at from the dialogue…
<colleen> i’ll get the payment out
<colleen> yes i see
<colleen> where will it end?
<Mind_Mistress> ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> this is sooo much fun. thank-you
<Mind_Mistress> you can put another entry in the guestbook in the meantime ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> i will! of course
<Mind_Mistress> Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚
<colleen> you also good bye
End Chat Session

Continued in Part 7


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