Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 10

Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log

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Session 10


TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup

Part 2: The Trance

Part 3: The Adventure

Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


colleen: it’s getting very interesting
mind_mistress: any plans for this episode ? πŸ™‚
colleen: a few thoughts need to try to get Brigit on my side, try to gain her trust
mind_mistress: yup
mind_mistress: got plans for that?
colleen: then a dinner date and…who knows what else
colleen: I think I have a plan, will see if it works
mind_mistress: Okay πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: do you need the daytime, or do your plans happen from the date onwards?
colleen: a little daytime to take Brigit to the warehouse
mind_mistress: When she’s working?
colleen: during a slow period, Clare can keep an eye on things
colleen: safer during the day, more activity
mind_mistress: okay
mind_mistress: So we can skip ahead to that time in the afternoon to start?
colleen: sure if you like
mind_mistress: We can go through annoying patrons from the morning on…
mind_mistress: not sure if that’s terribly interesting πŸ˜‰
colleen: I agree
mind_mistress: All right… so let’s see…
colleen: yessss πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Ready to start?
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: Are you up for a nightmare ?
colleen: sure, I think so…why?
mind_mistress: well then we’ll start with the night after your little solo outing πŸ˜‰
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: After that scare… a nightmare makes sense πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: So let’s begin…
colleen: I’m game πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚

Part 2 – The Trance

mind_mistress: as you’re sitting there…
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen…
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body…
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing…
mind_mistress: how fast or slow it is…
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep…
mind_mistress: and you can feel the reddish liquid inside…
mind_mistress: everywhere inside…
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow and filled with it…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: feeling inside the feet…
mind_mistress: the red liquid…
mind_mistress: getting tingly…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and letting the tingling spread…
mind_mistress: from the feet…
mind_mistress: to the ankles…
mind_mistress: calves…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and feeling the cool reddish liquid…
mind_mistress: inside the hands…
mind_mistress: while the tingling spreads up the legs…
mind_mistress: you can feel it starting to tingle in the hands…
mind_mistress: more and more with every breath…
mind_mistress: before it starts spreading…
mind_mistress: up the arms…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: going into trance…
mind_mistress: and how far up has the tingling spread from the feet?
colleen: tummy
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: so nice…
mind_mistress: spreading in the tummy…
mind_mistress: and soon the chest…
mind_mistress: going deeper into trance…
mind_mistress: feels good…
mind_mistress: and you can open the feet…
mind_mistress: letting the toes open…
mind_mistress: and drain…
mind_mistress: so the feet can go…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: letting the liquid flow out of the feet…
mind_mistress: and soon the ankles…
mind_mistress: and calves…
mind_mistress: feels good…
mind_mistress: and relaxing…
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: and while the lower body drains…
colleen: mmmmm
mind_mistress: you can open the palms…
mind_mistress: letting the hands drain…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: flowing out of the hands…
mind_mistress: and soon the arms…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: draining all out…
colleen: mmmmmm
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet are you empty numb now?
colleen: chest
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and letting the nape open…
mind_mistress: the head can drain too…
mind_mistress: and the neck…
mind_mistress: all flowing out…
mind_mistress: letting yourself go…
mind_mistress: further and deeper with every breath…
mind_mistress: draining and fading away…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: and what is left of you now?
colleen: almost nothing
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: drifting…
mind_mistress: and fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: deeply in trance…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: feels so good
mind_mistress: so free…
mind_mistress: and happy…
mind_mistress: drifting…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Mmmm…

Part 3 – The Adventure

mind_mistress: and drifting…
mind_mistress: to the Crow’s Rest Inn…
mind_mistress: to where you are Cinnea…
mind_mistress: and in bed for the night…
mind_mistress: having been tucked in…
mind_mistress: by Clara….
mind_mistress: and do you see yourself there in bed, lit only by scant moonlight?
colleen: yes
colleen: dark
mind_mistress: yess
mind_mistress: and drifting closer to your body there…
mind_mistress: seeing clearer…
mind_mistress: until you drift sooo close…
mind_mistress: you drift all the way into your female body…
mind_mistress: feeling the sheets around you…
mind_mistress: and the nightgown on your body…
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: your head on the pillow…
mind_mistress: your long hair spilled around your head…
mind_mistress: trying to sleep…
mind_mistress: after such a scare…
mind_mistress: it was terrible!
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: feeling your body still nervous…
mind_mistress: but yet so tired…
mind_mistress: and drifting…
colleen: trembling
mind_mistress: to sleep…
mind_mistress: in darkness…
mind_mistress: to dreaming…
mind_mistress: of walking down the street…
mind_mistress: feeling your naked feet on the pavement
colleen: cold
mind_mistress: wearing only your nightgown…
mind_mistress: and the cold air making the trims wave in the breeze…
mind_mistress: so cold…
mind_mistress: walking alone…
mind_mistress: cold feet on cobblestones…
mind_mistress: and hearing footsteps… behind you… unable to turn…
mind_mistress: walking at a slow pace…
mind_mistress: you want to run…
mind_mistress: but you can’t walk any faster…
colleen: trying to walk faster
mind_mistress: and the steps of men’s boots getting closer…
mind_mistress: unable to do more than step slowly forward…
mind_mistress: trying to look back but you can’t…
mind_mistress: and the steps getting to just behind you!
mind_mistress: Oh no!
colleen: nooo
mind_mistress: and you feel a hand grab your right shoulder…
mind_mistress: like a vise grip!
mind_mistress: you’re frozen on the spot!
mind_mistress: and another on your other shoulder
colleen: I try to scream
mind_mistress: no sound comes from your mouth!
mind_mistress: just a mist!
colleen: oh god
mind_mistress: and another hand on your left thigh
mind_mistress: and another on your right!
mind_mistress: and one grabs your boob
colleen: noooo
mind_mistress: and another goes over your mouth!
colleen: I try to struggle
mind_mistress: and a sinister voice says: “You are going to…”
colleen: hard to breath
mind_mistress: you try to struggle!
mind_mistress: break free!!!
mind_mistress: hysterical!
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and then you wake up!
mind_mistress: in a cold sweat
colleen: flailing
mind_mistress: in your bed, safe…
mind_mistress: pillow on the floor
mind_mistress: quiet all around
mind_mistress: oh gods!
colleen: breathing hard
mind_mistress: That was scary!
colleen: got to get a hold of myself
colleen: I’m shaking
colleen: very scarey
mind_mistress: yes,,,
mind_mistress: trying to go back to sleep…
mind_mistress: grab your pillow from the floor…
colleen: afraid of sleep
mind_mistress: πŸ™
colleen: but soo tired
mind_mistress: gotta sleep…
mind_mistress: sooo tired…
mind_mistress: finally you drift off again…
mind_mistress: to sleep…
mind_mistress: and then to waking up…
mind_mistress: as the sun is rising…
mind_mistress: over your window…
mind_mistress: a knock at your door
colleen: a new day
mind_mistress: “Cinnea, time to wake up” It’s Clara
colleen: I’m awake thank you
colleen: I rise out of bed
mind_mistress: She opens the door…
mind_mistress: “How are you doing hun?”
mind_mistress: she looks concerned
colleen: I look around I need parchment and a quill
mind_mistress: are you saying aloud?
colleen: just slept poorly thats all
colleen: not about the parchment
mind_mistress: there isn’t any around that you can see
mind_mistress: she walks in… she’s all dressed for work
mind_mistress: and gives you a hug
mind_mistress: “I understand hun”
colleen: “Clara would you have anything to write with and some parchment?”
mind_mistress: “I can get some. Why?”
colleen: “just a bad dream last night. It’s nothing”
colleen: “i need to write a bill of sale”
mind_mistress: “Okay… do you need those now?”
colleen: “if possible”
mind_mistress: “Okay, I’ll be right back”
mind_mistress: she leaves…
colleen: “thank-you, Clara”
colleen: I start getting dressed for the day
colleen: and brush my hair
mind_mistress: She comes back with 3 sheets, a quill and inkwell
mind_mistress: puts them on your dresser table
colleen: “thank-you”
mind_mistress: “Planning some business?”
mind_mistress: she raises an eyebrow
colleen: I start writing a bill of sale from Wode selling the rest of his goods to Cinnea
mind_mistress: Ahhh…
colleen: ” just a formality so I can get by the warehouse guards”
mind_mistress: Clara: “I’ll see you downstairs?”
colleen: “Be right down”
mind_mistress: “good”
mind_mistress: She leaves…
colleen: I fold the letter and find my signet ring
mind_mistress: yes…
colleen: and seal the letter
mind_mistress: You’ll need a local to vouch for you being Cinnea
mind_mistress: And now what?
colleen: Yes. Brigit or Clara or …Lucius! πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: going down?
colleen: I need to get Brigit to go down to the warehouse with me
colleen: I go downstairs
mind_mistress: it’s still empty so far
mind_mistress: Brigit is there cleaning a bit
mind_mistress: she seems tired
colleen: I go to Brigit
mind_mistress: not her usual lively self
mind_mistress: “Oh Cinnea… good morning”
colleen: “good morning”
mind_mistress: dark circles under her eyes
colleen: “Sllep well?”
mind_mistress: “Not really”
colleen: “Nor i”
mind_mistress: she sighs
mind_mistress: “It’s still quiet, you can get breakfast if you want”
colleen: “Brigit I know you don’t trust me yet but I want to show you something”
mind_mistress: “Hmmm…what?”
colleen: “what we were talking about last night”
mind_mistress: she blinks
mind_mistress: “Okay… let’s have a seat”
mind_mistress: she pulls out a chair and slumps down into it
mind_mistress: “Well?”
colleen: “I’m taking a risk showing you this as you could easily betray me. But I will give you a sample that you can send to the north to verify my product”
mind_mistress: “Okayyy… sample of what?”
colleen: “Of the steel”
mind_mistress: “you have steel? I thought it was all spices?”
colleen: “hidden under the spices”
colleen: in the containers”
colleen: “samples with more to follow”
mind_mistress: “You’d think they’d notice the weight difference”
colleen: “they do, but I tell them it is old iron for balast in case of piracy we can dump the lot over the side”
mind_mistress: she sighs
mind_mistress: “but it makes no difference. I have no way to send steel to the North”
colleen: surely you know someone who can send it north?”
mind_mistress: “I can send many things… just not steel”
mind_mistress: “or iron for that matter
colleen: “we will keep it in spices”
mind_mistress: she leans forward
colleen: “or make it into jewelry”
mind_mistress: “you don’t understand… I really CAN’T send steel”
colleen: Why?
mind_mistress: her face scrunches
mind_mistress: as she struggles for wording
mind_mistress: “Let’s say this…”
mind_mistress: “we’re not using roads”
mind_mistress: “we use… otherworldly means”
mind_mistress: “and these means do not work with iron”
colleen: I don’t understand?
mind_mistress: “No, I suppose you don’t”
mind_mistress: “Okay… let’s say it’s magic…”
mind_mistress: “and I can somehow send almost anything to the North in one night… but not iron”
colleen: “AHHH. send it by foot with someone you trust”
mind_mistress: “Who? If you remember, I needed to hire you to work for me”
mind_mistress: “Because everyone else is gone for the week”
mind_mistress: “My sisters will only be back in 5 days”
mind_mistress: “until then, there’s no one whom I trust, and who can make that kind of journey”
colleen: “ok, but you would know steel if you saw it?”
mind_mistress: “Probably.”
colleen: “Then look at it and send a message to the north”
mind_mistress: “And what would the message be?”
colleen: “that you can get them Damascus steel”
mind_mistress: she blinks
colleen: “Tons of it”
mind_mistress: eyes wide
mind_mistress: shakes her head
colleen: “enough for an Army”
mind_mistress: “even if I can get it here… I have no way to get it THERE”
colleen: “I can get there. From the Norselands”
mind_mistress: “You mean to sail around the Roman areas directly to the Northlands?”
colleen: “yes, if your people are interested”
mind_mistress: “You work with the vikings?”
colleen: “Yes”
mind_mistress: she puts her hand in front of her mouth
colleen: “They hate Rome as much as you”
mind_mistress: pondering
mind_mistress: “That… could work”
colleen: “It will work”
mind_mistress: “so what do you want from me?”
colleen: ” Connections, an introduction. The Caldonians don’t trust outsiders. We need you or someone to keep us from harm”
mind_mistress: “I could do that… once my sisters return”
colleen: “we have time”
mind_mistress: she smiles “Let’s eat…”
colleen: ok πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: a customer walks in…
mind_mistress: she sighs… “Or not…”
mind_mistress: she gets up…
colleen: “So much for breakfast” sigh
colleen: I rise
mind_mistress: do you have anything you need to do before your date tonight? The sale can probably wait another day.
colleen: nothing but work
mind_mistress: Do you want to do the sale this afternoon or wait?
colleen: “the sale is complete. I just need the letter to get into the warehouse to show Brigit the steel. If she wants to wait we’ll wait
colleen: She now knows my plans
mind_mistress: yes…
mind_mistress: well, time for breakfast…
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and more Roman arses…
mind_mistress: a whole group comes in…
colleen: naturally
mind_mistress: oh… Lucius! 😑
mind_mistress: he waves at you and smiles
mind_mistress: going to sit with his buddy
colleen: I go up to Lucius “Good Morning”:)
mind_mistress: he smiles up
mind_mistress: “Good morning gorgeous”
mind_mistress: “Sleep well?”
colleen: “ok a little restless though”
mind_mistress: “That’s no good…”
colleen: “Well a new bed and all”
mind_mistress: he reaches up to caress your arm… barely touching
mind_mistress: shiver! πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: mmmm
colleen: I shiver a bit
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: man does he have an effect on you!
colleen: I don’t understand why though
mind_mistress: you feel a bit warmer and better
mind_mistress: just being near him
mind_mistress: chases away the bad dreams
colleen: strange thoughts about him
colleen: I mean he’s a man
mind_mistress: “I look forward to our supper… without interruptions from your work” he smiles
mind_mistress: yeah… handsome…
colleen: “so do i”
mind_mistress: another shiver
mind_mistress: mmmmm
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: “Well, we’ll have the usual… I don’t want to keep you from work”
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Octavius grunts
colleen: “right away” πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: he smiles
mind_mistress: and you go…
mind_mistress: reluctantly…
mind_mistress: but for now…
mind_mistress: it’s time to drift out…
mind_mistress: to awaken at 1
mind_mistress: remembering your experiences vividly…
colleen: “is he always grouchy in the morning”?
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful…
mind_mistress: “Yes he is…”
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1
mind_mistress: Hello πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚ Hi

Part 4 – Debriefing

mind_mistress: The hour went so fast!
colleen: yes it did
mind_mistress: I sometimes go overtime…
mind_mistress: but starting the next parts would have taken a lot of time
colleen: I know
mind_mistress: next time πŸ™‚
colleen: ok
colleen: so did you like it?
mind_mistress: yes πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: I wanted a bit more to happen…
mind_mistress: but I’m a lot calmer than before the session
colleen: but we covered some bases
mind_mistress: it was a good distraction for me πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: yes we did
colleen: πŸ™‚ I thought the letter was a good idea
mind_mistress: yup
mind_mistress: I should get food…
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: I’m not sure how you plan to call in the vikings to do your transport…
mind_mistress: communications are sooo slow in those times
colleen: Arrangements have already been made. I’m to meet them in York in 2 weeks time
mind_mistress: how far is that?
mind_mistress: are we in york? I forget πŸ˜›
colleen: But how to convince them I’m me will be more difficult now
mind_mistress: righhhht…
colleen: In London
mind_mistress: Maybe Brigit has an idea πŸ˜‰
mind_mistress: okay
mind_mistress: All right….
colleen: York is about 80 miles north 150km
colleen: Maybe?
mind_mistress: not too bad…
colleen: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: can probably do it in a day’s riding
colleen: Trying to keep it interesting
mind_mistress: if you’re not with a wagon
mind_mistress: yes πŸ™‚
colleen: maybe two
mind_mistress: At least three if you have the wagons
colleen: true
mind_mistress: okay… I’ll see you next week My dear ;;)
colleen: who knows what will happen on the road or we could sail there
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
colleen: see you then. have a good week
mind_mistress: thanks, you as well! πŸ™‚
colleen: bye
mind_mistress: bye!


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