Linda01Who am I ?

I am a Hypnotic Seductress, a sophisticated lady in a black velvet dress at the bar, wearing long black gloves as I bring a cigarette holder to my lips for you to light… and my silver pendant watch catches your eyes… gleaming… so hard to look away… as you desire to please me more and more… and when I remove the pendant… letting it swing before your eyes… you realize… you no longer want to escape… I am an Evil Domme in black leather, knee high stilletoes boots, skirt and bustier… my eyes seem to glow fiercely… intimidating you… but as I tell you to look into them… to obey Me… and look deeply… you find yourself becoming weaker and weaker… your mind becomes cloudy… and only my words matter… more and more… as I tell you how to worship my feet… and you say : yes Mistress… I am a Mischievious Genie, summoned from my bottle to grant your wishes… a shape out of wet dreams… and as I do grant these wishes, exactly as they are stated… I laugh as you discover what those wishes imply! I am a Mysterious Enchantress, working my magic to transform you, to change you, and to send you into a world of dreams in altered form, as another being or person… I am a Professional Hypnotist, asking all the right questions, and adapting to you, so that you may get exactly what you want from my services.


  • Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology)
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Based Techniques
  • Certified HNLP Coach
  • Trained by: Master Trainers John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn

Certified as an NLP Practitioner by the C.Q.P.N.L since1996, and reaching Master level certification in 2002, Linda specializes in hypnosis.


  • I grant wishes exactly as they are worded, and respect all stated limits
  • The person must be happier after I’m done with them
  • I don’t lie


Category Description

Body transformation

I can make you into a blonde bombshell, a macho stud, or anything else you’d like… you’ll be able to feel your body, and see yourself in the mirror, just the way you want to…
Alternate Personalities
Would you like to be wild and uninhibited for a night? To be someone else… a sexy seductress wantonly smoking long cigarettes, a naive little boy or girl, the most popular kid in school…

Mistress Training

I enjoy training others to be Superior Women… teaching them as they selfishly indulge their every whim… to the extreme pleasure of their well trained slave…

Robot/Puppet Control

They are so much fun to work with… so very mindlessly obedient. Oh sure, sometimes sex robots malfunction, or run out of power, but that’s part of the fun…

Fantasy Realities

Join a harem in a world ruled by men… or by superior women! A world where as a wizard you can cast your spells on wood nymphs… or hapless villagers.


I’m rather fond of the big breasted bimbo look… bleached blonde, chewing gum, sex-obsessed and oh so dumb… I also do more realistic transformations… those are fun too.


Smoking fetish, high heel fetish, leather, latex or pvc fetishes… such yummy things! So tight and sexy… Enrapturing you with them, on you or on Me… inhale the delightful scent as I lean closer and say, “Would you light Me ?”

Erotic Fantasies

Almost anything goes… you’re only limited by your imagination… (this is not to be confused with “sexual fantasies”).


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as clearly knowing your purpose in life, without any doubts whatsoever… to please and Obey Me… and to live in a state of constant bliss as my slave…


Miss mommy’s milk ? Oral desires are very important to satisfy, and it’s nice to be a kid again, with no responsibilities… an adult baby…

Animal Transformations

Do you have any idea how pleasurable it is to be have your teats milked as a cow? A lot! But cows are really dumb… maybe you’d prefer to be a cat, with soft fur… Meow!

Light BDSM

I’m not really into pain, though I’ll do some if it’s part of a more complete fantasy. Likewise bondage… I find the mind a more effective type of restraint. Do not mistake Me for a physical dominatrix. My art is transformation and domination. S&M requests without interesting story scenarios to support them will be denied flat out.

Therapy (NLP)

I love helping couples enjoy each other more, there are just so many games to play with posthypnotic suggestions I’ve set. Personal sexual enhancements to pleasure, solving sexual problems and such, increasing self-esteem, finding yourself attractive, etc.

Behavior Modification

I can make you confident and courageous, get rid of habits, or pick up ones that please you… be less hungry for food to lose weight, while speeding up the metabolism…


Journeys, Past-life regression, shamanic healing, Astral travel, Guided meditations. If spiritual learning is your thing, boy will we get along!
One thing to remember in all this: I only accept requests I personally find arousing. This means that before getting into any fantasy or deep conditioning, one of these conditions must be met: 1) You are a woman, shemale or transsexual. 2) You are a man, and agree to be hypnotized into believing you are female or a shemale. 3) You are a Mistress / girlfriend / wife, and you are requesting that I train your male slave. If you are a single male and do not wish to be feminized, even temporarily, go see one of the other Mistresses in the links page. They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and I’ll be happy. Everyone wins.


 On a Personal Note

There have been interesting speculations in the guestbook about why I am into women, and why I like feminizing men. Supposedly, some terrible experience made Me swear off men, and turn to a life of Evil (how cliché…) I’m sorry to dissapoint, but no such thing ever happened. I havn’t been abused as a child. I don’t hate men, or anyone else in particular, though I do occasionally get annoyed at religious fanatics who go and blow up other people. I’ve been sexual with a few men. They have all been really nice fellows, and some are dear friends. Their touching was nice and enjoyable, and proper touching can arouse anyone. However, the male body as such doesn’t turn Me on. Butch women don’t do anything for Me either. I don’t particularly care what kind of genital plumbing a person has. Fems attract Me, whether they have a vagina or a penis. I like feminine faces, long hair and nice breasts. I occasionally find boyish guys attractive. But mostly, I like feminine women, as far as looks are concerned. As for the mind, that’s a separate matter which has little to do with gender. I don’t want to destroy men. I just enjoy making them sexy and beautiful… at least by My standards, which means looking like gorgeous women… I’m probably not going to take over the world and have it populated only by sexy women and shemales… but then again, why not give it a shot? Free C-cup bras or bigger for everyone ! Government enforced breast augmentations, estrogen treatment and body hair removal! Mental “Adjustement” Centers for objectors! Mouahahahaha…


I like contrasts… changing a smart executive into a dumb big breasted hooker… Mmmmmm… personality changes are my favorites… wether it’s during the fantasy, or more permanently… as you prefer. Be sure of what you ask, because I’ll give you *exactly* what you ask for… “What is your wish?”, asks the Genie of the bottle… I also love coaching shy young women into becoming bold seductresses… or even Mistresses… so confident and sexy! Expanding horizons for the bi-curious is great fun… Original requests are rare, but I enjoy them a lot: like becoming an elf in a magical land… and having adventures there… Most importantly, I like to make people happy. Through Dominance, I like to please… to give people the changes they want and need to live their life to the fullest. However, as a mind control fetishist, there are things I enjoy more than others.

What I Won’t Do…

[custom_list style=”list-3″]

  • Very gory stuff
  • Scatophilia
  • Heavy pain

[/custom_list] If what you want is a pretty voice forcing you to masturbate, please look somewhere else. What I do is erotic mind control, not forced phone sex. The difference between erotica and porn, is that erotica has a story in which there is a buildup and justification for the sex. And the tension of buildup is usually more interesting than the actual sex. In porn, there are flimsy excuses for fucking. And while I respect those who practice that art, I do not do porn. If you even *think* you will be masturbating during sessions with Me, you need someone else. While I may instruct you to caress yourself at some point, it will be after a long buildup, it will make sense in the story I weave, and it will be when I decide it’s appropriate. The pleasures you feel will come from hypnotic hallucinations, not from your hand.

Changing people: The mind control fetish

Changing people… what do I like changing? Here is a list of what comes to My mind… Their sexual orientation, favorite color, what they like to eat, what they like to wear, how they talk, how they think, what turns them on and what turns them off, how they feel about someone, a group, or a type of people, how submissive or dominant they are, what they believe, their memories, who they think they are, what they see when they look at their body, that they feel when they touch their body or get touched in a certain way, their mental gender, their mental age, making them forget things or remember things that never happened, make them obey everything I or specified people ask for, make them believe they are an animal, a robot, a doll, a mythical creature, programming certain behaviors they can’t resist, programming certain reactions they can’t resist, making them believe they are a different profession, or someone else entirely, making them want to bring more people to their mind controller to be changed, making them more or less inhibited than they normally are, making them do things and forget they have done them, creating an alternate personality, having an alternate personality replace their old personality, giving them an addiction, making them crave to be changed and controlled more, having them act like they have a different personality while having the old personality aware and helpless on the inside, making them do things they don’t want to do, making them want things they didn’t want before and remember or not that they’ve been changed, making them do things that embarrass them, make them go blank and motionless in the middle of a sentence, making them the opposite of what they were, hating what they loved and loving what they hated, see them trying to fight the suggestions and fail, have them believe they’re successfully resisting when in fact the “freedom” was created for the amusement of the mind controller, have them thing they’re dressed a certain way in public when they’re in fact dressed quite differently or naked, reduce or increase their intelligence at will, have them develop new fetishes and obsessions, have them try to subvert their friends, have them return briefly to their old personality to realize what they’ve done.


Sexual Preference: Lesbian
10% Men bar 90% Women
(I do find domination arousing with both sexes, and will do hetero fantasies)
Hypnotic Technique
90% Ericksonian bar 10% Classical
40% Altruistic  bar 60% Dominant
80% Accomodating bar 20% Strict
90% Creative bar 10% Traditional

What is Mind Mistress Like?

Mind Mistress has worked as a teacher and still works as an NLP therapist… but for years, she has enjoyed granting wishes online… all kinds of wishes… for the pleasure of her subjects… and her own. Though she loves doing therapy, the online requests are almost always for pleasure… and she’s become one of the very best at providing *that*.

Her skills in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis are so great, she has yet to meet someone she can not hypnotize… either by design, or right in the middle of a conversation! She’s quite amazed at the new professions and outlooks of her former skeptics… *laugh* who said she could do anything she wanted with them if she could hypnotize them… since hypnosis doesn’t exist. You might even meet one of them on a street corner one day…

She grants wishes exactly as they are worded, and always keeps her word. Just be sure you are specific in your request… a genie in a bottle can be tricky! *laugh*


This website is “adult oriented”. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. By accepting admission to this site, you do hereby willingly agree to the following terms & conditions:


    1. This site is for “Entertainment Purposes” only. Therapeutic hypnosis can be found here.
    2. I am responsible for my requests to and the resulting actions of the hypnotist of this site.
    3. I understand that I may become hypnotized, even if I did not intend to be.
    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
    5. The information gathered by my hypnotist is private, as is the content of sessions, unless I choose to make some of it public.
    6. I am entering this site of my own free will, and I agree to hold harmless the hypnotist and owner of the site. I will not hold them liable for anything that occurs as a result of my session.


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