Colleen’s Gothic Horror Adventure Part 9

Gothic Horror part 9

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log


<Mind_Mistress> and the mansion…
<Mind_Mistress> and be happy forever…
<Mind_Mistress> so gorgeous….
<Mind_Mistress> you love your body…
<colleen> then ill have Richard and the masion
<Mind_Mistress> your looks…
<Mind_Mistress> you are so vain…
<colleen> i’m beautiful
<Mind_Mistress> so vain…
<colleen> yesss
<colleen> 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> your looks are everything to you…
<Mind_Mistress> you can get anyone to do anything…
<Mind_Mistress> because you’re such a pretty girl…
<colleen> look are very important!
<Mind_Mistress> wrapping them around your little finger…
<colleen> 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> your looks are everything
<Mind_Mistress> everything
<colleen> looks to manipulate..
<Mind_Mistress> to feel good…
<Mind_Mistress> must be the most beautiful
<colleen> to feel sexy
<Mind_Mistress> so vain, but you don’t care…
<Mind_Mistress> that you’re superficial…
<colleen> no i dont
<Mind_Mistress> and all you care about is being more beautiful…
<Mind_Mistress> looks are everything…
<colleen> beautiful    yess
<Mind_Mistress> sexy and feminine…
<Mind_Mistress> all the time…
<Mind_Mistress> but…
<colleen> all the time
<Mind_Mistress> suddenly you feel a draft…
<Mind_Mistress> a chill…
<Mind_Mistress> Brrr!
<colleen> WHAT?
<colleen> cold
<Mind_Mistress> Something…
<Mind_Mistress> is here
<Mind_Mistress> Fear1
<colleen> i turn
<Mind_Mistress> in your sanctum of beauty
<Mind_Mistress> how do they DARE!
<Mind_Mistress> The door is open…
<colleen> WHO ARE YOU!
<Mind_Mistress> a long kitchen knife is floating in…
<Mind_Mistress> held by an invisible holder…
<colleen> i rise
<colleen> looking at knife
<colleen> what do you want
<colleen> GET OUT OF HERE!
<Mind_Mistress> A woman’s voice says: “So you think you’re pretty Coleen?” the voice dripping with venom
<Mind_Mistress> Fear2
<colleen> yes i know i’m pretty
<Mind_Mistress> Slowly the knife approaches…
<colleen> get away!
<Mind_Mistress> “All you think about is your looks…
<Mind_Mistress> Angelina!
<Mind_Mistress> Closer…
<colleen> Angelina get out of here!
<Mind_Mistress> “Maybe I should teach you humility…
<Mind_Mistress> Her voice is hateful…
<colleen> i back away
<Mind_Mistress> “Maybe if you weren’t so beautiful…
<Mind_Mistress> the knife approaches…
<Mind_Mistress> “Maybe a few scars….
<Mind_Mistress> closer…
<colleen> Angelina you dont want to hurt me
<Mind_Mistress> backing you against a wall…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear3
<Mind_Mistress> She wants to disfigure you!!!
<colleen> Im your sister
<Mind_Mistress> Take away your beauty!!!
<colleen> put the knife down
<Mind_Mistress> The knife gets close to your face….
<Mind_Mistress> Fear4
<Mind_Mistress> She wants to make you ugly!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Oh No!!!!!!
<colleen> i duck and run to the door
<colleen> BOB!
<colleen> HELP!
<Mind_Mistress> The door slams shut
<Mind_Mistress> the knife approaches again…
<colleen> I bank on the door
<Mind_Mistress> cornering you….
<colleen> NOOO DONT!
<Mind_Mistress> “Look at the knife, sister…
<Mind_Mistress> “I could make you sooo ugly….
<Mind_Mistress> the knife traces your cheeks…
<Mind_Mistress> you can feel it…
<Mind_Mistress> but not with its sharp edge…
<colleen> i turn my head
<Mind_Mistress> It goes to your throat…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear5
<colleen> no dont please
<Mind_Mistress> “Or… I could kill you….
<Mind_Mistress> “For taking MY Richard! You bitch!!!”
<Mind_Mistress> “LOOK AT ME!!!”
<colleen> he came to me!
<Mind_Mistress> you turn towards the knife…
<Mind_Mistress> the knife goes down..
<Mind_Mistress> to your lovely breasts…
<colleen> looking..
<Mind_Mistress> NOT the breasts!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Fear6
<colleen> nooo!
<Mind_Mistress> “I could cut off your breasts!
<Mind_Mistress> “Do you think men would like you then????
<colleen> Please dont
<Mind_Mistress> Scared…
<Mind_Mistress> not of dying…
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> but of being disfigured…
<Mind_Mistress> losing the beauty…
<colleen> noooo
<Mind_Mistress> beauty is everything to you…
<colleen> beauty  yes
<Mind_Mistress> The cold knife’s side…
<Mind_Mistress> touches your breasts…
<colleen> nooooooooo
<Mind_Mistress> sending chills of fear through you…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear7
<colleen> dont
<Mind_Mistress> fear of being ugly
<Mind_Mistress> unwanted
<colleen> please dont
<Mind_Mistress> “How about I cut off that cute nose?
<Mind_Mistress> the knife touches the nose…
<colleen> nooooo!
<Mind_Mistress> caressing it evilly with its side
<Mind_Mistress> “A bitch with no nose… ugly… shunned…
<colleen> i’m sorry!
<Mind_Mistress> “Or…
<Mind_Mistress> the knife lines up with your left eye…
<Mind_Mistress> “How about a blind beggar? in rags?
<Mind_Mistress> Fear8
<colleen> please dont hurt me
<Mind_Mistress> NOOOO!!!!
<colleen> nooooo
<Mind_Mistress> a fate worse than death… to be ugly and unfeminine!!!!
<Mind_Mistress> The knife goes down…
<colleen> NOT THAT anything but that!
<Mind_Mistress> and starts slicing your pants…
<Mind_Mistress> hacking away at them….
<colleen> noooo
<Mind_Mistress> Fear8.5
<colleen> PLEASE!
<Mind_Mistress> She’s going to mutilate you!!!
<Mind_Mistress> make you ugly!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Looks are everything!!!
<Mind_Mistress> Beauty is everything to you!
<Mind_Mistress> your pants fall apart in tatters…
<Mind_Mistress> you’re naked…
<colleen> Beauty is everything!
<Mind_Mistress> except for shoes…
<colleen> naked
<Mind_Mistress> “Yesss…. It is…
<Mind_Mistress> “And I can take away that beauty any time I want…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear9
<colleen> dont hurt me PLEASE!
<colleen> I”ll do anything, ANYTHING!
<Mind_Mistress> “SO DON’T FUCK WITH ME LITTLE SISTER, YOU HEAR???” she thunders
<colleen> i’m SORRY
<Mind_Mistress> “RICHARD IS MINE!!!!”
<colleen> yes yours
<Mind_Mistress> The knife drops to the floor
<Mind_Mistress> Fear5
<Mind_Mistress> She’s gone
<Mind_Mistress> Fear4
<colleen> thank GOD
<Mind_Mistress> You’re still beautiful!
<Mind_Mistress> 🙂
<colleen> im still beautiful
<colleen> 🙂
<colleen> yes
<Mind_Mistress> Threatening your beauty like that…
<Mind_Mistress> beauty is everything to you…
<colleen> yes 🙁
<Mind_Mistress> Angelina must die
<colleen> beauty is everything
<Mind_Mistress> you’d kill to be beautiful…
<colleen> yesss
<Mind_Mistress> to be sexy, beautiful…
<Mind_Mistress> and have your man…
<colleen> Angelina threatened my beauty
<colleen> must be sexy, beautiful..
<Mind_Mistress> nothing’s more important than being a beautiful girl
<colleen> must have my man
<colleen> must be beautiful
<Mind_Mistress> what is your worst fear?
<colleen> loss of my beauty
<Mind_Mistress> Yes
<Mind_Mistress> you see the little penis there… between your legs… marring your perfection
<colleen> must be beautiful all the time
<colleen> yes penis
<Mind_Mistress> if it were gone…
<Mind_Mistress> Bob would want you…
<colleen> yessss
<Mind_Mistress> there’s a knife on the floor
<colleen> Bob would want me
<colleen> knife?
<Mind_Mistress> you want to be perfect for your man…
<colleen> must be perfect
<Mind_Mistress> beauty is everything
<colleen> yes beauty is everything
<Mind_Mistress> but cutting it off would be messy and unfeminine…
<colleen> yes must be another way?
<Mind_Mistress> the little penis will probably go away anyway…
<Mind_Mistress> changing like the rest of you…
<colleen> yes it will..
<Mind_Mistress> into a perfect woman coleen…
<colleen> it has to!
<Mind_Mistress> but you’re cold now…
<Mind_Mistress> you need a dress
<colleen> cold
<Mind_Mistress> you love dresses!!!
<colleen> yes a dress
<colleen> i love dresses
<Mind_Mistress> need to wear beautiful dresses…
<Mind_Mistress> Fear0
<Mind_Mistress> to feel good… safe…
<Mind_Mistress> happy…
<colleen> dress for Bob!good safe happy
<Mind_Mistress> need to wear skirts and dresses…
<colleen> need to wear them
<colleen> skirts and dresses
<Mind_Mistress> and remove those godawful ugly shoes and socks!
<colleen> remove my shoes and socks
<Mind_Mistress> are they gone?
<colleen> yes kicked across room
<Mind_Mistress> Yes… naked and gorgeous
<colleen> naked beautiful
<Mind_Mistress> and remembering clearly this experience…
<Mind_Mistress> you can drift out now…
<Mind_Mistress> out of this body…
<Mind_Mistress> knowing you can return later…
<Mind_Mistress> needing to return…
<Mind_Mistress> beauty is everything…
<Mind_Mistress> *TranceTrigger*
<colleen>  beauty is everything
<colleen> i obey
<Mind_Mistress> and returning…
<Mind_Mistress> awakening at 1…
<Mind_Mistress> feeling wonderful…
<Mind_Mistress> feminine…
<Mind_Mistress> 9
<Mind_Mistress> 8
<Mind_Mistress> 7
<Mind_Mistress> 6
<Mind_Mistress> 5
<Mind_Mistress> 4
<Mind_Mistress> 3
<Mind_Mistress> 2
<Mind_Mistress> and…
<Mind_Mistress> 1
<Mind_Mistress> remembering it all clearly and vividly
<Mind_Mistress> Hello 🙂
<colleen> hi 🙂
<colleen> i feel great
<colleen> so sexy
<colleen> and vengful
<Mind_Mistress> Yes?
<colleen> yes, what a great senerio!
<colleen> it feels so wonderful
<colleen> i cant thank you enough!
<Mind_Mistress> 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> Really getting into the character? 🙂
<colleen> very much so! i’m loving it
<colleen> i am so looking forward to next time
<Mind_Mistress> 🙂
<colleen> you paint such realistic pictures in my mind
<Mind_Mistress> Next Monday I might not be back in time… is tuesday good?
<colleen> i feel i’m there!
<colleen> ino im going out of town next tues morn. 🙁
<colleen> Monday After?
<colleen> 2 weeks i know
<colleen> i might be able to delay my leaving, i’ll check
<Mind_Mistress> Any other day good next week?
<colleen> perhaps, can i e-mail you?
<Mind_Mistress> Sure 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> and maybe add an entry to the guestbook 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> You know I like that a lot 🙂
<colleen> i will then. and yes i’ll add an entry. ive alot to tell.  🙂
<Mind_Mistress> Excellent…
<Mind_Mistress> I’ve got to go… this was fun 🙂
<Mind_Mistress> Tah tah dahling! 🙂
<colleen> thank-you you are so great to be arround
<colleen> bye bye
<Mind_Mistress> 🙂
End Chat Session

Continued in Part 10


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