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  1. sexxi_sasha December 2, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    I came to this site without any real girly inclinations, but fascinated by the idea of hypnosis and of having thoughts and feelings programmed into me. I got MM’s trance training CD just to give it a try, and quite quickly I found myself hooked. After a while, I found my way to Acceptance, and then a while after that, Elegance. This is where my life really started to alter. The urges Elegance gave would start out small, but the more I fought against them, the stronger they got, until I couldn’t resist any more. What I really loved though, was that because I couldn’t remember the trance sessions thanks to Acceptance, I had no idea what urge would strike next. It’s been a good few months of daily listening, but now, I’ve got regular standing salon appointments for waxing and eyebrow maintenance. I wear panties and pantyhose under my clothes every day. And as soon as I get home every night, I do my makeup, paint my nails and put on my jewelry. I can’t imagine going back to how I was before… now I just want more!

  2. seko771 January 9, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    I didn´t believe in forced feminization hypnosis. I tried CD 3 Elegance just for fun. I was just an ordinary guy. Next thing I am in the bathroom shaving my legs while my face is under tons of skin cream ( I had no makeup available after listening to the CD, I bought lipstick, mascara and perfum later). I bought panties too. Doing my nails and doing my makeup gave me so much pleasure, I wanted more from Mind Mistress, so CD6 (Bimbo) was bought. After listening I felt the urge to wear a bra, a dress, a wig (female style), earings, makeup and bubble gum in my mouth. I put on the dress and all the other things. Here, I felt how much power Mistress had over me. She had really put me into a pink dress. And I was so happy. The male shame was overpowered by pleasure. The sexual pleasure of feminization and submission was like a drug. I needed more of it. CD Schoolgirl followed. After listening to it once, I ordered a schoolgirl uniform. When delivered, I undressed and jumped into it, doing my hair in pigtails as told. A short skirt, tons of makeup and pigtails, but the worst part was my behaviour, just like a girl. I had to giggle, to move like a girl, sexy, slutty. It gave me so much pleasure. Putting on nail polish gives me pleasure. Boys, be careful with this site and these recordings. Mind Mistress really can turn you into girls, craving high heels and dresses. She is so powerful. I even want to thank her for feminizing me because this act of obedience gives me pleasure. I am now a prisoner in Wonderland. I tried to get away, stop dressing like a girl, I had to come back. I now crave the weakness, being submissive. Standing and walking with high heels, seeing my polished nails in the heels says I am weak, I am submissive. You can´t fight anybody while being on heels, you can´t run. You can´t claim to be male while wearing a short and tight pink dress and makeup. Thank you Mind Mistress for turning me into a good girl!

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