Adult Hypnosis – Trance Request Form

What do you look like? Weight, height, hair color and length, how feminine or masculine your face and body are... women's dress size and shoe size. This is not strictly required, but I like to know how easily you could pass for a woman... if we get you all dressed up...
Do you primarily think in words, talking to yourself in your mind, or do you primarily think in mental images? If it's mostly internal dialogue, is it a constant mental chatter?
How vivid are your mental images, when you imagine or remember things, people, places?
Describe your fantasies. Be as explicit as possible. I get a lot of feminization requests. "I want to be a girl" isn't enough. What kind of woman? How do you get transformed? And most importantly, what do you do once you're a girl? Sit around and do your nails? Give me scenarios. If you have a strong fetish for something or a powerful memory, name it and describe what kind of scenario would make you so aroused you feel weak.
This is where you tell Me what you actually want DONE during sessions. Knowing your fantasies is good, but I want to know if you want to be conditioned to act and feel a certain way, or just live out fantasies during trance (Conditioning versus Fantasy Adventures). Important note: Don't just say your wish is to be My slave and do whatever I want. I have no interest in slaves or need for them, though I am willing to have you live a fantasy where you are a slave to a Mistress. I am a Trainer more than a Mistress. I grant wishes... as long as they're interesting enough. Conditioning /Hallucinated Transformation & Fantasy Adventures / Something Else ? If your wish is for a transformation, you should have a clear mental image of what you will look like. So unless you already have a very clear mental image, I ask that you find a woman's picture somewhere as the image of what you will look like once transformed. A good full body picture makes transformations much easier, because it helps you practice visualizing what your feminine body will look like. You can find some good ones at Medusa's pics by visiting And yes, the more you practice visualizing your new body clearly, the better it will be during trance.
I've been doing hypnotic domination and feminization since 1998, and requests to "make me a bimbo slut who gets fucked by lots of men" have gotten really old. In fact, I practically ignore those requests out of boredom. These fantasies should be fun for both of us. Not that I mind making bimbo sluts, but I want to do it in the context of an interesting story, something people would be willing to pay to see, because it has plot, intrigue, action, adventure, romance, comedy, etc. This allows Me to be creative and have fun with it, and please trust Me when I say I can use any story universe as a basis for forced feminization.
Premise of the story
The premise of a story is the initial situation that generates the plot. This is what you'd read in the TV Guide, the initial situation for a TV show. It doesn't reveal everything, which is the point, and gives opportunities for the viewer to be surprised by the story. I'm going to give a long list of examples, so you can pick one, or make your own.
What would be the premise of your story?
Describe your previous experiencee of trance, BDSM experience & sexual experience.
The first is to create a trigger word for intense desire and arousal. It should be one where you want someone very badly, but can't have them just then, so it is purely desire, not pleasure. It should be a time when desire has time to build up, without immediate release (it doesn't matter if you have sex with them LATER, just that you couldn't at that time). Good Examples:
"I saw this lady on the bus last week, she was so hot, and I really wanted to have sex with her"
"I was hosting a party with my girlfriend Joanne, I wanted her, but we couldn't do it while the guests were there. We only had sex after they all left."
"There was this girl Anna in high school, I wanted her so much, and one day, I was sitting in the student paper club room with her, and we were talking, and I was so horny for her."
The second trigger is for sexual pleasure and orgasms on command. I need a memory of you having sex with a great orgasm, preferably in the missionary position, and to know where it was and who was on top (If you're a virgin, I can use a memory of masturbation instead). Good examples:
"I had sex last month at my girlfriend's place, she dressed up as a cheerleader, and I had a great orgasm. She was on top".
"In college, I was dating Amy, and we had great sex while camping in a tent. I was on top."
The third trigger is for euphoric feelings. It should be a very happy memory, where you felt great. Good examples:
"When I graduated, and got my diploma, I felt so proud and happy there on the stage."
"I'd just won the soccer match, and people were cheering. I was tired, but I felt like a million bucks!"
"I was playing a song on guitar a few weeks ago, one I'd been working on for a while. And then it was just flowing, and I felt amazing as I played and belted out the words of the song. I was totally in the zone."
Do you Smoke?
What BDSM fetishes do you have or want?
What would you like to experience?
Traits you desire in your Mistress/Hypnotist.
What attitude(s) do you want your mistress / hypnotist to have?
Describe the limitations you want on your request. Things you don't want, phobias, allergies, and session availability limits.
What areas do you agree to be forced to perform or want certain things? Only check the options in which you agree to have this done.
Who do you agree to be forced to interact with?
What are your hours and days of availability for the next two weeks for an appointment?
Are you living with other people?
Do you have children or other dependants who might need your immediate attention during a session ?
Do you currently have a sexual partner or spouse ?
What can you afford ?
If your session ends at a critical moment, and it would be better to continue a bit longer for better results (in trance, you probably won't be in a state to decide), would you agree to your session being prolonged by
How did you hear about me?
If you have not filled out all the sections, I will ask you to fill out the form again. Please do it right the first time. It is better to write more than not enough. By sending this, I freely agree to have the changework done as requested by Linda and I understand what that implies.

This website is “adult oriented”. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. By accepting admission to this site, you do hereby willingly agree to the following terms & conditions:


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    2. I am responsible for my requests to and the resulting actions of the hypnotist of this site.
    3. I understand that I may become hypnotized, even if I did not intend to be.
    4. If hypnotized, I may do or say things that I might not think I would do or say normally. As a result, I hold no one responsible for my actions but myself.
    5. The information gathered by my hypnotist is private, as is the content of sessions, unless I choose to make some of it public.
    6. I am entering this site of my own free will, and I agree to hold harmless the hypnotist and owner of the site. I will not hold them liable for anything that occurs as a result of my session.


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