Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 18

Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log

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Session 18


TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup

Part 2: The Trance

Part 3: The Adventure

Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


colleen: hello
mind_mistress: and how are you today?
colleen: You have a good week
colleen: I’m feeling well and a bit sexy
mind_mistress: I’ve had both highs and lows
mind_mistress: Not boring at least
colleen: you don’t appreciate the highs without the lows
mind_mistress: yeah πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: I’m not complaining
colleen: a ying/yang thing
mind_mistress: The current low is an opportunity to fix a long standing problem
colleen: but I do try to take things in stride.
colleen: life is too short to be taken seriously -Oscar Wilde
colleen: you’ll fix it
colleen: anything I can do to help?
mind_mistress: I’ve already got a plan
mind_mistress: Well, doing a good adventure today will raise my spirits πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚ Great!
colleen: I alwys look forward to this every week
mind_mistress: So do I πŸ™‚
colleen: A Plan!
mind_mistress: “I have a cunning scheme milord!”
mind_mistress: Or was that without the milord… hmmm
colleen: what’s on the menu today?
mind_mistress: No, that was Blackadder himself…
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Well, let’s see where we’re at
mind_mistress: Has Lucius come back?
colleen: I don’t think so
mind_mistress: So he comes back and it’s time to ride to York I believe
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and you forgave Brigit πŸ™‚
colleen: of course!
colleen: and I am now stuck being a girl
mind_mistress: Heh heh… πŸ˜€
colleen: maybe stuck is the wrong word
colleen: I did choose
colleen: and we have Clara and Melric
colleen: and of course Druidbane is out there somewhere
mind_mistress: Yesss….
mind_mistress: And what other random events might happen….
colleen: time will tell
colleen: will Cinnea have the power to use magic on metal with her knowlege of metalurgy
colleen: wil our intrepid heros make it safely to York and beyound…
mind_mistress: to do what?
mind_mistress: with the metal?
colleen: who knows?
colleen: just a thought…
colleen: to conceal…
colleen: to make it stronger…
mind_mistress: Didn’t she say she couldn’t with iron?
mind_mistress: Oh, Brigit, right
colleen: the magic doesn’t work on iron but the Goddess said something about smiths
colleen: is it a clue or a task
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
colleen: just something else for the mix
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: All right, let’s get started
colleen: ok

Part 2 – The Trance

mind_mistress: so as you’re sitting there…
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen…
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body…
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing…
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow it is…
mind_mistress: and you can feel…
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep it is…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and feeling your body more with every breath…
mind_mistress: you can start to feel the reddish liquid inside…
mind_mistress: kinda cool…
mind_mistress: and heavy…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and paying attention to the feet…
mind_mistress: inside the feet…
mind_mistress: feeling it there…
mind_mistress: getting tingly…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and letting the tingling spread…
mind_mistress: more with every breath…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: in the ankles…
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: and soon the calves…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: Mmmm…
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and while it’s spreading in the lower body…
mind_mistress: you can feel inside the hands…
mind_mistress: that reddish liquid…
mind_mistress: everywhere inside…
mind_mistress: and let it become…
mind_mistress: pleasantly cool…
mind_mistress: and heavy…
mind_mistress: and with every breath…
mind_mistress: noticing the tingling more…
mind_mistress: as it starts…
mind_mistress: and then spreads…
mind_mistress: inside the fingers…
mind_mistress: and the palms….
mind_mistress: and soon the wrists…
mind_mistress: and the lower arms…
mind_mistress: as it spreads…
mind_mistress: more with every breath…
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: and while it spreads in the arms…
mind_mistress: how far up from the feet has the tingling spread now?
colleen: toward the breasts
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and you can open the toes now…
mind_mistress: letting the feet drain…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: flowing out freely…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: draining the feet…
mind_mistress: and then the ankles…
mind_mistress: and the calves…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm….
colleen: mmmmmm
mind_mistress: and while the lower body is draining…
mind_mistress: you can open the palms…
mind_mistress: draining them…
mind_mistress: and the fingers…
mind_mistress: so they can be wonderfully blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: so nice…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: draining the hands…
mind_mistress: and then the wrists soon follow…
mind_mistress: and the forearms…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: draining away…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Very good…
mind_mistress: and what is left to drain?
colleen: back of head
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and opening the nape…
mind_mistress: you can drain the head…
mind_mistress: letting it all drain out…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: so nice…
mind_mistress: draining and fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Very good…
mind_mistress: and what is left of you now?
colleen: nothing
mind_mistress: drifting…
mind_mistress: as nothing…
mind_mistress: deeper and further…
mind_mistress: with every breath….
mind_mistress: that’s right…

Part 3 – The Adventure

mind_mistress: and going back…
mind_mistress: to the forest…
mind_mistress: where you are Cinnea…
mind_mistress: with your friends…
mind_mistress: having just broken the hug with Brigit…
mind_mistress: Clara and Melric close by
mind_mistress: and seeing yourself there…
mind_mistress: drifting closer…
mind_mistress: and closer…
mind_mistress: seeing more clearly…
mind_mistress: until you get soo close…
mind_mistress: you drift into your Cinnea body…
mind_mistress: seeing Brigit out of your own eyes before you
mind_mistress: and hearing the sounds of the forest birds…
mind_mistress: feeling your body…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: and smelling the scent of the forest…
colleen: mmmmm
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and you hear a horse approaching…
colleen: I turn my head
colleen: to look
mind_mistress: you turn to see Lucius on a horse, with the reins of the other horse
mind_mistress: he waves
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: wow, he missed a whole lot
colleen: I run up to him
mind_mistress: he dismounts
mind_mistress: opens his arms for you
mind_mistress: and takes you in
colleen: I go into his arms
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Well, I’m happy to see you too!”
colleen: “how did it go? any news?”
mind_mistress: “You’d think I’d been gone for weeks… ”
mind_mistress: “News of what?”
mind_mistress: He holds you
mind_mistress: warm safe happy
colleen: “of the escape”
colleen: mmmmmm
mind_mistress: He lets go of you
mind_mistress: “Well… sort of…”
colleen: “what?”
mind_mistress: The others come closer
mind_mistress: “Well, there’s talk of two Druids escaping”
colleen: “and?”
mind_mistress: “using dark druid magic”
colleen: “it’s not dark”
mind_mistress: “I’m not judging love,” he smirks, “Just relaying the news”
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: “The camp is in an uproar, with Druidbane getting everyone riled up”
colleen: “what are they planning?”
mind_mistress: “The quartermaster seems to be expecting most of the troops to be deployed to catch the escapees”
mind_mistress: “I’d say we better get a move on”
colleen: “Maybe we should go”
mind_mistress: “there’s just one problem
colleen: “what?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “They’ll be looking for me and Melric on the roads”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “and combing the forests with troops”
colleen: “we could make them invisible again”
mind_mistress: “Who?”
mind_mistress: “Oh… right”
colleen: “Brigit and Melric”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “We just can’t have any iron on us.”
mind_mistress: Lucius rubs his chin
colleen: “the rest of us could carry the iron… they won’t be looking for us”
mind_mistress: “It would be just you, Clara and me”
colleen: “yes”
mind_mistress: “But there’s the question of why I’m not with my legion”
colleen: “I forgot about that”
mind_mistress: “I told them I’d report for duty right after delivering the horses”
colleen: “we could disguise you”
mind_mistress: “If I don’t come back… then they’ll be looking for me too”
mind_mistress: “Disguise me? How?”
mind_mistress: Brigit blushes
colleen: “i don’t know….maybe a merchant?”
mind_mistress: Melric looks at her and frowns “Most certainly not. One is enough!”
colleen: “any ideas Brigit?”
colleen: “sssh”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Ummmm”
mind_mistress: Melric: “Further, Cinnea would NOT appreciate the results…”
mind_mistress: Clara: “Umm… Melric… not now”
mind_mistress: He harrumphs and crosses his arms
mind_mistress: Lucius: “What?”
colleen: “we got to get going…any ideas?”
mind_mistress: Brigit:”Nothing, it was a stupid idea”
colleen: “and not my medallion”
mind_mistress: Brigit looks away embarassed
colleen: “was that your idea?”
mind_mistress: she stares at her feet
mind_mistress: Melric looks up in thought
colleen: “well?”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I’m a diviner. Illusion is not my strong suit”
colleen: “if he gets caught he could just tell them he was looking for you two?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “I’m mostly a healer, and Clara’s my apprentice”
mind_mistress: Melric: “Speaking of which…”
mind_mistress: Melric sits down
mind_mistress: and covers his eyes with his hands
colleen: “well I can’t do anything.. I don’t even know what I can do”
mind_mistress: you see the purple flower in his forehead bloom
colleen: I focus on the flower
mind_mistress: and a bubble of purple expand from it rapidly…
mind_mistress: going through all of you
mind_mistress: and then gone
colleen: oooooh
colleen: “what was that?”
mind_mistress: and then the bubble goes through you again quickly…
mind_mistress: back into the flower
colleen: “OOOH”
mind_mistress: Melric removes his hands and his flower shrinks
mind_mistress: “We have maybe half an hour before they get here”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “You just did what?”
colleen: “let’s go we can figure it out on the road”
mind_mistress: Clara: “He sent his Sight to look for troops all around”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Right. Okay”
colleen: “LET’S GO!”
mind_mistress: “Well, they’ll send scouts on the roads to block us up further….”
mind_mistress: “So we’ll probably only run into them later.”
mind_mistress: “Why not, let’s go…”
colleen: “what do you want to do? Stay here!”
mind_mistress: He goes to the horse, pulls out some boots out of the saddlebags
mind_mistress: and hands them to Melric as he rises
mind_mistress: Melric: “Ah, my thanks Lucius…” and smiles πŸ™‚
colleen: “we need to get our gold too”
mind_mistress: he puts them on
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Right. Cinnea, hold the horses, I’ll get our gear with the rest of us
mind_mistress: He goes out and they follow
mind_mistress: to the hiding place
colleen: I hold the horses
mind_mistress: Lucius: “I can’t see these things”
mind_mistress: Brigit giggles
mind_mistress: says a few words…
colleen: “Clara show him”
colleen: “or Brigit”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Ah, there they are”
mind_mistress: They all pick up stuff…
mind_mistress: and bring it to the horses
mind_mistress: They’re all packed and ready
colleen: “should we make Brigit and Melric invisible?”
colleen: “maybe Lucius too”
mind_mistress: Clara: “We can, but that means you and I have to carry all the iron”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “I don’t want to lose my armor!”
mind_mistress: “We’ll need it in York”
colleen: “how close to the iron can they be?”
mind_mistress: Clara: “Just no touching”
mind_mistress: Lucius:”The horses will have to be invisible too”
colleen: “we hired Lucius to escort us to York”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “I’m a legionaire, not a mercenary… it won’t fly”
colleen: “damn”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “and mercenaries usually have leather armor”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I hate to point this out, but the horses are not used to being invisible… they may spook”
colleen: “ok, let’s go and think along the way…maybe we could travel off the road”
mind_mistress: “We have specially trained mounts at home… but here…”
mind_mistress: Lucius looks up at the sun…
mind_mistress: thinks a moment
mind_mistress: then points “That way”
mind_mistress: They all start going in that direction, leading their horses
colleen: I follow
mind_mistress: Lucius: “What would momma think… her boy, a fugitive”
colleen: “she would be proud”
mind_mistress: he smiles back at you
colleen: “i am”
colleen: “thank-you”
mind_mistress: You hear the howl of hounds in the distance behind you
mind_mistress: Melric: “Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my Seeing…”
colleen: “ummm … dogs”
mind_mistress: Clara: “Oh gods”
mind_mistress: Lucius sighs: “Hounds… just great… walk faster people”
colleen: “no… dogs”
mind_mistress: Clara: “What’s the difference?”
colleen: “Brigit any magic to throw them off?”
mind_mistress: she frowns in thought
mind_mistress: “Clara?”
colleen: “Melric? Clara?”
mind_mistress: Clara: “I think I have something…”
mind_mistress: “If I can just remember…
colleen: “do it!”
mind_mistress: Melric: “The hunting charm?”
mind_mistress: Clara: “Yes… but I was just a girl… it’s been so long… ”
mind_mistress: “What is needed to make it work?”
colleen: “try I… anything”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I don’t know… not my specialty”
colleen: They’re getting closer”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Come on Clara… think fast…”
mind_mistress: Clara: “I’m trying!!”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Faster…”
mind_mistress: you’re all going as fast as you can with horses in a forest…
colleen: “I focus on Clara’s forehead”
mind_mistress: you see her flower start to bloom slowly…
colleen: “focus Clara”
mind_mistress: Clara: “It’s on the tip of my toungue…”
colleen: “I focus on her bloom”
mind_mistress: “It’s to protect sacred harts from hunters… it’s…”
colleen: “and then her mouth”
mind_mistress: “Bear…”
mind_mistress: “Honey…”
mind_mistress: “Wax…”
mind_mistress: “Anyone got wax?”
colleen: “look for a hive”
mind_mistress: you look…
mind_mistress: everyone does…
mind_mistress: “We need something that scares dogs…”
colleen: “anyone got bear?”
mind_mistress: “Wolf droppings!”
colleen: “up there is a hive” I point
mind_mistress: “ah yes…!”
mind_mistress: Clara: “so… who wants to go raid a beehive?”
colleen: “not me… bees scare me”
mind_mistress: everyone’s silent
mind_mistress: the howls are getting closer
mind_mistress: you all stop not too far from the hive
mind_mistress: Melric: “the cure is almost worse than the disease”
colleen: “How do we get it down?”
mind_mistress: Clara: “I’ll do it I guess”
colleen: “careful”
mind_mistress: she hands you the reins of her horse
mind_mistress: and she gets closer…
mind_mistress: looks on the ground…
colleen: I back up a little staring at the hive
mind_mistress: “Ahah!
mind_mistress: “A fallen piece”
mind_mistress: she picks it up…
mind_mistress: and rushes back
colleen: “any honey?”
mind_mistress: “This will do”
colleen: good
mind_mistress: “Bees clean the wax clean if a piece falls”
mind_mistress: “some bear probably knocked it off”
mind_mistress: “Which is perfect”
colleen: “yes!”
mind_mistress: “Okay, stand close…
colleen: we stand close to Clara
mind_mistress: she closes her eyes…
mind_mistress: chanting softly…
mind_mistress: and you see a point below her breasts… glowing yellow…
mind_mistress: and her hand with the wax…
mind_mistress: glowing yellow as well…
mind_mistress: as she chants…
mind_mistress: going to you…
mind_mistress: and rubbing some wax below your sternum…
mind_mistress: making it glow like hers but dimmer…
colleen: warm
mind_mistress: then your horse… under its belly
mind_mistress: and then Lucius…
mind_mistress: and his horse…
mind_mistress: Melric…
mind_mistress: and his horse…
mind_mistress: Her own horse…
mind_mistress: and herself…
mind_mistress: she puts the wax in her pouch
mind_mistress: and stops chanting
mind_mistress: you all have that glow…
colleen: “what about Brigit?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Hey, what about me?”
mind_mistress: Clara: “Oh. Sorry!”
mind_mistress: She takes it out again…
mind_mistress: resumes her chant…
mind_mistress: does Brigit,
mind_mistress: and then her horse
colleen: “oops”
mind_mistress: Clara: “This will lead the dogs away…”
mind_mistress: “but we’re not invisible. We just smell like bears to the hounds”
colleen: “let’s keep going then”
mind_mistress: You all start again going quickly
mind_mistress: Lucius: “We should get onto the roads, since the hounds won’t be going there”
colleen: “Lucius, the scouts”
mind_mistress: “We can deal with them when we run into them. Can anyone fight?”
colleen: “if we have to”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I can, but I don’t have a weapon”
mind_mistress: “I’ll find a staff here somewhere”
colleen: “we have some iron”
mind_mistress: “In weapon form?”
colleen: “no but we could try to sharpen it”
mind_mistress: Lucius laughs: “it takes a lot more than sharpening to make a weapon… unless you have a few hours to rub a rod on a stone”
colleen: “but we don’t have time”
mind_mistress: “Exactly”
mind_mistress: Melric: “Right. Staff it is”
mind_mistress: “ah, here’s one…”
mind_mistress: He picks up a broken branch
mind_mistress: “I thank the spirits of the forest for their help. May the goddesses and gods bless you”
mind_mistress: “Not bad…”
mind_mistress: he weighs it, tests it
mind_mistress: “It’ll do”
mind_mistress: “Road then?”
colleen: “road”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Road”
mind_mistress: you all head towards the road
mind_mistress: and for now…
mind_mistress: it’s time to go back…
mind_mistress: remembering this experience vividly…
mind_mistress: and awakening at 1
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful…
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1

Part 4 – Debriefing

mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Hello
colleen: Hi there
colleen: so were on the lam
colleen: πŸ™‚
colleen: awaiting our trials and tribulations on the road to York
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
colleen: it’s fun
mind_mistress: Good!
mind_mistress: Not quite as exciting as last time, but still fun πŸ™‚
colleen: and I wasn’t kidding about the bees
mind_mistress: really…
mind_mistress: fears abound in this adventure then πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: and you’re getting a hang of the magic
colleen: I kicked a hornets nest when I was six (accidently) got about 30 stings scared silly of them since
mind_mistress: yeah. Hounds or bees… tough choice
colleen: tring to figure out the magic
colleen: I’ll take on the dogs
mind_mistress: lol
mind_mistress: are we good for the next two weeks?
colleen: you missed my little joke
mind_mistress: Ummm… I did…
mind_mistress: what was the joke
colleen: Yeah, I said dogs, Clara said Gods and I corrected her with no…dogs πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: oh
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: ok not very good
mind_mistress: she said “What’s the difference…”
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: maybe she got the joke even if I didn’t πŸ˜›
colleen: next 2 weeks good
mind_mistress: Good πŸ™‚
colleen: getting more ideas?
mind_mistress: I’m a bit distracted today
colleen: thats ok. I hope you have a very good week and get your problem solved
mind_mistress: should be resolved by next week
mind_mistress: Thank you πŸ™‚
colleen: till next week then?
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: have a great week Cinnea πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚ thank-you
colleen: see you then
colleen: bye
mind_mistress: bye!
17jun2008 3pm


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