Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 17

Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log

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Session 17


TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup

Part 2: The Trance

Part 3: The Adventure

Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


June 10, 2008, 3pm
mind_mistress: Hi!
colleen: hi πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Now onto My favorite soap opera πŸ˜€
colleen: πŸ™‚
colleen: out of curiosity, what would have happened if I removed the amulet last time?
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: Well, that wouldn’t have made you a man as such
mind_mistress: but you wouldn’t have been gifted with powers
mind_mistress: and you could have changed back eventually
colleen: ah
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: so what is planned today?
mind_mistress: I have no idea πŸ˜€
colleen: cool
colleen: me either
mind_mistress: The goddess was a total surprise to me as well
colleen: me too
colleen: thanks for trusting me last week
mind_mistress: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: You’re welcome
mind_mistress: I know you’re reliable
colleen: thanks
mind_mistress: and have a great imagination ;;)
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: So where was that viking ship again?
colleen: At what is now York
mind_mistress: And what did we do with your iron?
colleen: iron still in false bottom of spices
colleen: I think
colleen: gold hidden
mind_mistress: the iron is with the vikings or at Londinium?
colleen: Most with Vikings. Samples with spices in Londonium
mind_mistress: Okay, so we’re leaving them in londinium?
colleen: at the moment
colleen: but we may be able to get them out
mind_mistress: Do you want to try ?
colleen: Brigit wanted but as far as I know Lucius and I are not suspected yet
colleen: not sure it is necessary
Quoted from Wikipedia (I believe)
mind_mistress: The City of York began life in the time of the Romans. The Vale of York had been inhabited quite intensively since prehistoric times, but it took the Romans, with their unerring eye for a good site to see the advantages of York’s position – the tidal nature of the River Ouse, which enabled ships to reach it by sailing in through the Humber estuary, York’s natural placing as the hub of routes crossing from all points of the compass and its elevation above the surrounding plain, which meant that it was dry, despite its proximity to the river, and easily defensible. They called their new settlement Eboracum, a latinized form of an old Celtic word probably meaning “Place of the Yew Trees”.
mind_mistress: In AD 70, nearly thirty years after the Romans’ initial invasion of Britain, a strategic alliance with a federation of Northern Celtic tribes, known as the Brigantes, began to break down. The Roman governor, Petillius Cerialis, was ordered to march north from Lincoln with the Ninth Legion Hispana and crush these potential enemies. The Brigantes were to fight hard, but futilely to expel the Roman intruders, who constructed their first fortress at Eboracum in AD 71, even before they had totally subjugated Yorkshire.
mind_mistress: Brigantes… reminds you of any name? ;;)
colleen: ah a history lesson πŸ™‚
colleen: I can’t imagine who? πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: They’re the people of Brigit
mind_mistress: or Brighid in Gaelic
colleen: nooooo! really? πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: This rectangular ‘playing-card’ construction consisted of a V-shaped ditch and earthen ramparts with a timber palisade, interval towers and four gateways. It covered about 50 acres of a grid-plan of streets between timber barrack blocks, storehouses and workshops. More important buildings included the huge Headquarters Building or Principia (whose remains are on view in the Minster Foundations), the Commandant’s House, a hospital and baths. The fort was designed to house the entire legion – up to 6,000 men – and remained a military headquarters almost to the end of Roman rule in Britain.
colleen: Have you ever been there?
mind_mistress: nope
colleen: very pretty city
mind_mistress: The fortifications at York were strengthened around AD 80 by a caretaker garrison while the Ninth Legion campaigned with the governor, Julius Agricola, in Wales and Scotland. The original fort was replaced, in AD 108, by a massive stone structure with walls that survived the centuries to be used as part of the defences of Viking and Medieval York.
mind_mistress: At this point, it’s still a timber pallisade, so we’re between AD 71 and 108
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: All right…
colleen: I think they make pudding there too
colleen: :
colleen: )
mind_mistress: Let’s see if Cinnea can change history πŸ™‚
colleen: cool!
colleen: ready when you are
mind_mistress: I’m ready πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚

Part 2 – The Trance

mind_mistress: So as you’re sitting there…
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen…
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body…
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing…
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow your breathing is…
mind_mistress: and how shallow or deep it is…
mind_mistress: and you can start feeling…
mind_mistress: the reddish liquid inside…
mind_mistress: cool…
mind_mistress: heavy…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: and feeling inside the feet…
mind_mistress: how it’s starting to get tingly…
mind_mistress: feeling that reddish liquid,..
mind_mistress: tingling…
mind_mistress: and letting the tingling spread…
mind_mistress: more with every breath…
mind_mistress: deeper and further…
mind_mistress: in trance feels good…
mind_mistress: as it spreads in the ankles…
mind_mistress: the calves…
mind_mistress: that’s right….
mind_mistress: Mmmmm….
mind_mistress: and paying attention to the hands..
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: you can feel inside the hands…
mind_mistress: that reddish liquid…
mind_mistress: so nicely…
mind_mistress: so right…
mind_mistress: tingling…
mind_mistress: spreading…
mind_mistress: in the wrists…
mind_mistress: in the lower arms…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: soooo nice…
mind_mistress: and while it spreads in the arms…
mind_mistress: with every breath more…
mind_mistress: how far up from the feet has the tingling spread?
colleen: to the breasts
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: very good…
mind_mistress: and you can allow the feet to open…
mind_mistress: in the toes…
mind_mistress: so the feet can drain…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: draining the feet…
mind_mistress: and soon the ankles…
mind_mistress: and the calves…
mind_mistress: draining away…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: and while that’s happening…
mind_mistress: you can open the hands…
mind_mistress: in the palms…
mind_mistress: allowing them to drain…
mind_mistress: and become…
mind_mistress: blank and empty…
mind_mistress: hollow and numb…
mind_mistress: that’s right…
mind_mistress: so good…
mind_mistress: draining the wrists…
mind_mistress: and the lower arms…
mind_mistress: and while they drain…
mind_mistress: how far up from the feet are you empty numb ?
colleen: neck
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and letting the feet and legs…
mind_mistress: fade away…
mind_mistress: and dissolve into the blank empty place of trance…
mind_mistress: fading…
mind_mistress: more and more…
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: And what is there of you at this point?
colleen: nothing
mind_mistress: That’s right…
mind_mistress: sooo good…

Part 3 – The Adventure

mind_mistress: drifting deeper with every breath…
mind_mistress: and drifting back…
mind_mistress: to that place in the forest…
mind_mistress: where you are Cinnea…
mind_mistress: near the stash, with your friends…
mind_mistress: seeing yourself there in Lucius’ arms…
mind_mistress: and drifting closer…
mind_mistress: seeing clearer…
mind_mistress: until you get sooo close…
mind_mistress: you drift into your body…
mind_mistress: all the way in…
mind_mistress: seeing him and the trees behind…
colleen: yesss
mind_mistress: with your own eyes…
mind_mistress: and feeling your body…
mind_mistress: with his arms around you…
mind_mistress: more and more with every breath…
mind_mistress: and hearing the sounds of the forest, the birds…
mind_mistress: and smelling the earthy forest smell in the air…
mind_mistress: with every breath…
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
colleen: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: Lucius: “I’m amazed we all made it out alive!”
mind_mistress: “Not that I’m complaining”
colleen: but we did
mind_mistress: Clara: “Aye, we did well”
colleen: “What now?”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “And I like the welcome back kiss” he smiles
colleen: “me too”
mind_mistress: Brigit lets go of Clara and says: “We head North”
colleen: “now?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “What else do you want to do here? Feed the boars?” she smirks
colleen: “do we have everything we need?”
colleen: “we have horses and gold, but we’re one horse short”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I need some boots, or at least sandals”
mind_mistress: “Not to sound ungrateful for the rescue, but I’m tired of stubbing my toes” he sighs
colleen: “we need more supplies
mind_mistress: Lucius: “And we only have four horses. We didn’t expect an additional guest”
colleen: “yes”
mind_mistress: “And we could use some introductions. Brigit?” he turns to her and lets go of you
colleen: “they will be looking for Brigit and Melric, but I think Lucius and I can travel safe enough”
mind_mistress: Brigit blushes a bit: “Ah yes… I forgot… Melric, this is Clara, my apprentice, Lucius, a countryman who has been in the legion, and Cinnea who is… ummm…”
colleen: “yes?”
mind_mistress: “Lucius… has decided to side with us… to support Cinnea”
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: “and Cinnea is… ummm… well it’s a bit complicated”
colleen: “I’m her sister”
mind_mistress: Brigit brightens
mind_mistress: “Yes, she’s my sister, and a trader…”
colleen: “Lucius and I can get more supplies in Londinium”
mind_mistress: Melric raises an eyebrow at Brigit
mind_mistress: Brigit:”I’m still unsure of what it all means… but the Goddess our people swear by has made her my sister…”
mind_mistress: Melric’s eyebrow raises even further
mind_mistress: Lucius: “What?”
colleen: “what’s wrong Melric”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I’m just curious”
colleen: “about what?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “And everyone, meet Melric, Druid elder”
mind_mistress: he bows slightly
mind_mistress: Melric to you: “It’s not often the Goddess our people swear by takes such actions”
colleen: “welcome Melric”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “What do you mean… made you her sister?”
mind_mistress: you can see transparent ribbons of yellow swirling around Lucius’ head
colleen: “it’s a Druid thing, ah um you wouldn’t understand” πŸ™‚
colleen: yellow swirling?
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: it’s fading now
mind_mistress: Lucius: “Ummm… okay… if you say so. We have other things to worry about. So we’re going back to get another horse and some boots?”
colleen: “I think we need to, don’t you?”
mind_mistress: Lucius frowns: “Perhaps, but I don’t want to stay any longer than we absolutely have to. I’ll have to explain why I didn’t report for work today”
mind_mistress: “Let me take care of that, and you all stay here”
colleen: “we will only take one horse that way we won’t draw suspicion buying a second”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “While he gets a horse and boots… I can show you about some of the Gifts Cinnea”
colleen: “yes”
colleen: “will Lucius be alright alone?”
mind_mistress: Lucius: “All right. I’ll take one horse to get there faster. I’ll be fine love”
mind_mistress: and he kisses you smiling
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
colleen: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: warm fuzzies…
mind_mistress: what were we talking about?
mind_mistress: I can’t remember…
colleen: tingly
mind_mistress: and then he goes to the horse
mind_mistress: and untethers it
mind_mistress: Clara, Melric and Brigit come closer…
colleen: “be careful Lucius…we don’t want to have to rescue you”
mind_mistress: Brigit to Melric: “She’s been Awakened by the Goddess, and has no training”
mind_mistress: Lucius waves and leads the horse back to the road…
colleen: “bye”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I see… so we’re to cover the beginnings”
mind_mistress: he turns to you
mind_mistress: and looks at you
mind_mistress: you see his eyes get more glowy
colleen: I’m looking at Lucius ride off
mind_mistress: and a purple light come from the middle of his forehead…
mind_mistress: almost like a flower opening
colleen: “what’s happening?”
mind_mistress: Melric: “Very interesting… what HAVE you done to this child Brigit?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “You mean me? Or Her?”
mind_mistress: Melric reaches for the medallion and touches it gingerly
colleen: “I’m not a child”
mind_mistress: Melric: “I mean you… what made you think turning her was a good idea?”
mind_mistress: Brigit blushes furiously : “It seemed like a good idea at the time”
colleen: I whisper “he knows?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Umm… he can See… I don’t have to tell him… and he recognizes the medallion”
colleen: “oh”
mind_mistress: Melric: “We’ll deal with you later, Brigit… for now… Cinnea… what do you see when you look at me?”
colleen: “a purple flower from your forehead”
mind_mistress: “Interesting…”
colleen: “a light”
colleen: “what does it mean?”
mind_mistress: “and what about when you look at Brigit?”
mind_mistress: you see transparent scarlet ribbons flying wildly around her upper body
colleen: “a friend glowing scarlet”
mind_mistress: He chuckles
mind_mistress: “So she is, so she is… she’s embarassed”
colleen: “why?”
mind_mistress: he glances at her “Because what she did isn’t allowed…”
mind_mistress: he sighs: “Or at least, it wasn’t before the Romans came…”
colleen: “What?”
mind_mistress: “Now we do what we have to”
colleen: “which is…?”
mind_mistress: Brigit: “He means making you a woman, when it’s not for making babies for the clans”
colleen: “oh”
mind_mistress: Melric: “Be that as it may… let’s continue your training… look at my right hand” he raises it
mind_mistress: and it starts to glow… and pulse…
colleen: “so what happens now?”
mind_mistress: from the center of the palm…
mind_mistress: like a white flower opening in the palm you see
mind_mistress: but the whole hand glows
mind_mistress: “Can you see that?”
colleen: “yes”
mind_mistress: “Good. Now focus on your right hand and do the same thing”
mind_mistress: “You’re right handed?”
colleen: “yes”
colleen: I focus on my palm
mind_mistress: “Look at your hand, feel the energies inside…”
mind_mistress: “Let them bloom…”
mind_mistress: your hand starts getting tingly…
mind_mistress: and warm…
colleen: I stare at my hand
mind_mistress: you notice a thin pale blueish glow surrounding your hand…
mind_mistress: “Good, good… that’s your lifeforce”
mind_mistress: he’s staring at your hand too, while keeping his hand up and glowing
colleen: “my life force?”
mind_mistress: “Yes…”
colleen: “it’s blue”
colleen: “yours is white?”
mind_mistress: “Well, yes… that’s how it normally shows up”
mind_mistress: “I’m doing something more than you…”
colleen: “ah”
mind_mistress: He stares at his hand…
mind_mistress: and you see the flower… unbloom…
mind_mistress: and fold back in…
mind_mistress: and his hand is just glowing slightly blue
colleen: “its gone”
mind_mistress: like yours… but his band of blue is a bit thicker than yours
mind_mistress: “Now, look at what I’m doing… focussing on the palm… and opening it up there”
colleen: I watch
mind_mistress: and then you see the white center bloom once more and unfold like a flower…
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: you also notice a smaller version on the back of the palm
mind_mistress: “Now you do it”
colleen: I raise my palm and stare at it
mind_mistress: You feel like a point in the middle of the hand
mind_mistress: like a seed
mind_mistress: in the middle of your palm
mind_mistress: and a circle around it
mind_mistress: “Make it bloom”
colleen: I concentrate on my palm
mind_mistress: you see something expand a bit from that seed… a rosy white
colleen: palm getting hotter
mind_mistress: “Good… but let it unfold…”
colleen: I focus more om the palm
mind_mistress: it feels like a white ball that goes through the middle of your palm
mind_mistress: but it isn’t opening
colleen: trying to open the rose
mind_mistress: “Hmmm… think a happy thought while you focus there”
colleen: “it’s not working”
colleen: I think of Lucius
mind_mistress: and what with Lucius?
colleen: of being in his arms..
mind_mistress: your palm gets more rosy…
colleen: of touching him
mind_mistress: and starts blooming
mind_mistress: into a small flower…
mind_mistress: smaller than Melric’s…
mind_mistress: but nicely glowy
mind_mistress: “Very good!”
mind_mistress: and you notice a smaller version of that on the back of your palm
colleen: “wow!”
mind_mistress: “Now let’s use that…”
colleen: “how?”
mind_mistress: He sits down, extending his stubbed toe
mind_mistress: “Hover your hand above my reddened toe”
colleen: I look at his toe
mind_mistress: “Let the flower tickle my skin”
mind_mistress: It’s red and bruised in a few places
colleen: I place my palm over the toe
mind_mistress: he must’ve stubbed it a few times
mind_mistress: you…
mind_mistress: it’s weird…
mind_mistress: it’s like you are touching his foot with your palm flower
mind_mistress: you can feel him…
colleen: the flower twitches
mind_mistress: even though your flower can penetrate his skin…
mind_mistress: the flower turns yellow…
mind_mistress: “Think happy thoughts…”
colleen: lucius
mind_mistress: his arms…
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
colleen: mmmmmm
mind_mistress: his kiss…
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: finding him safe after your escape…
mind_mistress: happy thoughts πŸ™‚
colleen: safe
mind_mistress: your flower has turned rosy white again…
colleen: being with him
mind_mistress: and you can feel… like your flower is tickling his foot…
colleen: giggle
mind_mistress: and like it’s… something like… dripping into his toe
colleen: nectar
mind_mistress: “Excellent,… excellent… it’s feeling better already”
mind_mistress: you look at the toe… and it’s not red anymore
colleen: “really”
colleen: “But how?”
mind_mistress: “Really. Thank you. ” He smiles
mind_mistress: “You can let the flower close now”
colleen: I look at the rose
mind_mistress: it shivers a bit…
mind_mistress: and then unblooms
colleen: “wow”
mind_mistress: into a rosy ball, part of it poking out in the middle of your palm…
mind_mistress: Melric gets up
mind_mistress: Clara grumbles: “I coulda done that”
colleen: “How?”
mind_mistress: Melric turns to her: “Of course you could… but she needed to learn”
mind_mistress: Clara shrugs and smiles
mind_mistress: Melric: “So what is your question Cinnea?”
colleen: I stare at my palm again
colleen: “how did that work?”
mind_mistress: He puts his hands together in front of him
mind_mistress: “There are are many centers of magic in the body, that server various purposes.”
mind_mistress: “The purple one on the forehead is for Sight. I used it to inspect you”
colleen: “several?”
colleen: “inspect me?
mind_mistress: “The ones in the palm are multipurposed… but healing is an easy application…”
colleen: “and the palm for healing?”
mind_mistress: “Yes, like you used Sight to See that flower on my forehead, and the scarlet on Brigit”
colleen: “ahh”
colleen: “what others?”
mind_mistress: “The hands can harm or heal… but thinking happy loving thoughts makes them healing… they go from a neutral white glow to a more specific one”
mind_mistress: he smiles “Does that make sense?”
mind_mistress: “Then you dripped some of your lifeforce onto my toe to heal it. It’s the Healing Dew.”
colleen: “what if the thoughts aren’t so happy?”
mind_mistress: “Then you can harm. Magic is neutral.”
colleen: “yes ..I think so”
mind_mistress: “You have the choice of the way of the open palm… or the closed fist. As we all do”
colleen: “so the hands and the head”
mind_mistress: “There are many more… but these are good places to begin… so you can See and act”
colleen: “yes”
colleen: “what else can I do?”
mind_mistress: “Pay attention to the flower in the middle of your forehead”
mind_mistress: “Focus your attention there”
colleen: I focus on my forehead
mind_mistress: You feel something there…
mind_mistress: sticking out a bit…
colleen: I scrunch my eyes
mind_mistress: you imagine it’s like his forehead flower
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: Brigit laughs: “Not so hard sister”
mind_mistress: “Relax and let it bloom”
colleen: I relax a bit
mind_mistress: you take a breath…
mind_mistress: let it go…
mind_mistress: and you feel your flower unfolding…
mind_mistress: and all the colors you were seeing…
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: become brighter…
mind_mistress: in fact, the physical things fade a bit…
mind_mistress: and you see the glows…
colleen: vibrant
mind_mistress: and ribbons about everything more…
mind_mistress: it’s very pretty!
colleen: the world is filled with ribbons
mind_mistress: yess….
mind_mistress: and Melric smirks and says
mind_mistress: “Now, do you remember how you were affraid at the camp?”
colleen: “yes”
mind_mistress: as you remember the feeling…
mind_mistress: the fear…
mind_mistress: the world takes on a reddish tinge…
mind_mistress: and you start seeing dark spots…
colleen: I tremble a bit
mind_mistress: There’s a dark spot on Melric’s right knee…
mind_mistress: and a dark gloomy blue cloud around Clara’s chest…
colleen: I look at his knee stare at it
mind_mistress: and Brigit’s hands are a disturbing scarlet…
colleen: I’m getting more frightened
mind_mistress: Melric: “That’s an old injury on my knee… it’s much better now, but still hurts a bit when it’s damp”
colleen: “what does it all mean?”
mind_mistress: Things go redder even…
mind_mistress: and your friends start looking sinister…
colleen: I start to back up
mind_mistress: Melric: “That’s enough… think something happier”
colleen: happier
colleen: Lucius
mind_mistress: you see Brigit’s eyes glow an evil red before you start thinking happy thoughts
mind_mistress: and then it fades back to more normal colors
mind_mistress: and they look okay and glowy
colleen: I fall backwards staring into her eyes
mind_mistress: you still see a rim of that scarlet
mind_mistress: Brigit: “Umm… Cinnea… I think you should stop now…”
mind_mistress: she seems upset
colleen: “i can’t”
mind_mistress: the red expands again…
mind_mistress: to envelop her…
mind_mistress: Melric steps up and shakes you by the shoulders
colleen: I try to crawl bckwards
mind_mistress: “That’s ENOUGH”
mind_mistress: “Stop it”
mind_mistress: “Close the flower of the forehead”
colleen: I shake my head wildly
mind_mistress: Brigit starts crying
colleen: I try to think of lucius
mind_mistress: you feel your flower wilt a bit…
mind_mistress: and things returning to normal
mind_mistress: “Close it for now…”
colleen: of being happy with him
mind_mistress: you feel a bit better
mind_mistress: Melric: “Cinnea… are you all right?”
colleen: my breathing slows
colleen: “yes I think so”
mind_mistress: he sighs: “That was silly of me, I’m sorry”
colleen: “what Happened?!”
mind_mistress: “You saw with the Eyes of Fear”
colleen: “Fear?”
mind_mistress: “If you think happy thoughts into your hands, you heal… unhappy ones harm”
mind_mistress: “If you think happy thoughts into your Sight, you see the good in people…”
colleen: “But Brigit was… ”
mind_mistress: “But if you think dark thoughts… you see the darkness in people.”
colleen: “I understand… I think”
mind_mistress: Clara is holding Brigit’s hand…
mind_mistress: and Brigit is still sobbing
mind_mistress: Clara is trying to comfort her
colleen: “I’m sorry Brigit”
mind_mistress: “Cinnea, you have to understand… we ALL have darkness inside…”
colleen: “I didn’t …”
mind_mistress: “And some of it is actually useful…”
colleen: “I’m sorry”
mind_mistress: “But if you use Sight to find darkness… and then you FOCUS on that darkness…”
mind_mistress: “Then you amplify it and bring it out”
mind_mistress: Brigit whimpers: “I’m sorry Cinnea… this is all my fault…”
colleen: “I can bring out darkness?”
colleen: “it”s not your fault”
mind_mistress: Brigit:”my own selfishness brought us to this situation… I was… using you… ”
mind_mistress: “I was just thinking of how I could use you to my benefit… not thinking about how it could hurt you…”
colleen: “and I was trying to use you”
mind_mistress: Brigit:”I’m so sorryyyyyy….”
mind_mistress: and she sobs even harder
colleen: “for my trading”
mind_mistress: Clara looks up at you
colleen: “it’s ok”
mind_mistress: Melric lets go of you
colleen: I go to Brigit
mind_mistress: she’s hiccuping as she sobs
colleen: “it will be alright…Sister”
mind_mistress: and staring at the ground
mind_mistress: she glances up a bit
colleen: I smile
mind_mistress: “How can you ever forgive me?”
mind_mistress: “after what I’ve done to you”
colleen: “nothing to forgive”
mind_mistress: Clara lets go of Brigit’s hand
colleen: “what have you done?”
mind_mistress: Brigit:”I made you a girl… used you to work for me… blackmailed you…”
colleen: “i chose… remember?”
mind_mistress: “put your life in jeopardy with the Roman inquisition…”
mind_mistress: “you… yes… you did”
mind_mistress: she looks up…
mind_mistress: a big tear slowing going down her cheek
colleen: “well it hasn’t been boring” smile
mind_mistress: she chuckles through her tears…
mind_mistress: “no… it hasn’t”
mind_mistress: she needs a hug
colleen: “remember we make choices”
colleen: I hug her tightly
mind_mistress: She hugs you back…
mind_mistress: fiercely…
mind_mistress: “th-thank you…”
colleen: “Thank_YOU”
mind_mistress: “I’ll… try to be a better sister for you…”
mind_mistress: you can feel the love…
mind_mistress: she has for you…
mind_mistress: and you for her…
mind_mistress: and you can feel…
mind_mistress: in your heart…
mind_mistress: another flower opening…
mind_mistress: green…
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: and feel the one in her heart…
mind_mistress: blooming like yours…
mind_mistress: wow…
mind_mistress: so warm…
colleen: mmmmmm
mind_mistress: and ribbons…
mind_mistress: extending from each flower…
mind_mistress: to the other one…
mind_mistress: connecting them…
colleen: of green
mind_mistress: connected…
mind_mistress: loving…
mind_mistress: not alone anymore
mind_mistress: loved…
colleen: loved
mind_mistress: her warm cheek against yours…
mind_mistress: her hair tickling a bit…
mind_mistress: and when she breaks the hug and looks at you smiling now
colleen: I kiss her cheek
mind_mistress: you can still feel the green ribbons connecting you
colleen: so nice
mind_mistress: Melric: “And THAT is another one of the centers… the heart… and the ribbons of friendship and sisterhood”
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Brigit turns her head to him and sticks out her toungue playfully
mind_mistress: and giggles
mind_mistress: holding onto your hands now
mind_mistress: and then looking back into your eyes and smiling
colleen: I look her in the eyes
mind_mistress: her eyes sparkling…
mind_mistress: the red is gone…
mind_mistress: replaced by pink
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and for now…
mind_mistress: it’s time to savor the moment just a bit longer…
mind_mistress: before we go back…
mind_mistress: to awaken at 1
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful…
mind_mistress: and remembering your experiences vividly
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1

Part 4 – Debriefing

mind_mistress: Hello πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚
colleen: that was lovely
colleen: fun
colleen: I got power
colleen: πŸ™‚
colleen: but don’t know what all it can do
colleen: an apprentice
mind_mistress: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: That was very fun !
colleen: very!
colleen: getting mystical
colleen: though part of me wanted to go with Lucius
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: I thought it would be better to let that kind of commonplace thing be done by him so the story could progress
mind_mistress: and give you some basic training
colleen: good idea
mind_mistress: horse trading isn’t the most exciting thing
colleen: true
colleen: but he better not make a better deal then me
colleen: πŸ˜€
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: dying to see what’s next πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: heh heh
colleen: off to york I suppose
mind_mistress: Me as well!
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: Next two weeks at the same time?
colleen: the number of our group is now five like a pentagram
mind_mistress: yes πŸ™‚
colleen: yes next two weeks are good
mind_mistress: Good
colleen: until then?
colleen: I really am enjoying being Cinnea
mind_mistress: Yes, it’s a good story
mind_mistress: speaking of which…
colleen: I get these great and strange feelings
colleen: yes?
mind_mistress: how would you feel about your last adventures, the wedding one, being posted on the site?
colleen: its fine by me
mind_mistress: Or the gothic horror one before that
colleen: either one is fine even this one if you like
mind_mistress: Thank you. What alias would you want to use for those logs?
colleen: male or female?
mind_mistress: Female would probably be better
colleen: Colleen
mind_mistress: I want to show folks of the site what a GOOD story is like…
mind_mistress: so they’ll be more original in their requests πŸ™‚
colleen: πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: Perfect, thank you πŸ™‚
colleen: glad to help
colleen: see you next week then πŸ™‚
mind_mistress: I appreciate it ;;)
colleen: my pleasure
mind_mistress: See you next week… Cinnea ;;)
colleen: πŸ˜€ BYE!
mind_mistress: bye!


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