Trance & CD problems and solutions

Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re not getting the results you want from the trance CDs, these answers may help. They are some of the most common complaints about hypnosis CDs. These are also helpful for some trance session problems.

The first section deals with issues that occur only with CDs, such as technical problems.

The second section applies to trance issues, which can occur with CDs and in hypnosis session.



CD only issues
It’s been over a week since I sent an email, or made an order, and I got no reply Check that you typed in a valid email address. Email Me other ways of reaching you, such as yahoo, ICQ, or an alternate email address. I can’t answer if I can’t reach you.
It’s been 3 weeks since I ordered, and I still don’t have my CDs Be patient.
It’s been over 6 weeks since I ordered, and I still don’t have my CDs Inform Me by email, and I will send you another copy.
My CD arrived, but it’s broken Inform Me by email, and I will send you another copy.
Some of the tracks on the CD aren’t playing properly all the time. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it skips or repeats.

If it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t, that means your CD player is having difficulty reading a burned CD.

Try making a copy of the CD, and using that. Computers have no problems reading burned CDs, but some CD players occasionally have problems with them, especially in the case of cheaper CD players. Burning your new copy at very slow speeds (i.e. 4x) also improves the chances that the CD player will read it properly.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, or you don’t have access to a CD burner, inform Me by email, and I will send you another copy.

Some of the tracks on the CD aren’t playing properly, or playing at all, even when I try to play it on the computer

Inform Me by email, and I will send you another copy.

I listen to the CD before going to bed, and I’m not sure if I’m falling asleep, or going into trance. I don’t remember what happened afterwards. If you listen when you’re very tired, chances are the relaxation part of the induction will put you to sleep, and if you’re asleep, You’ll get minimal benefit from the CD. Try listening to it earlier when you’re not as tired, and still able to focus.
CD and session issues
I do the opposite of what the CD tells me to do

Some people react like that. If you tell them they have to do something, they immediately want to do the opposite. This sort of situation can be fixed, but only with sessions.

One to three sessions is generally sufficient to resolve that.

I’m not going into trance

Read the FAQ and check whether you’re getting any of the signs of trance that are listed there. You may be going into a light trance, and simply not realizing it’s trance, which makes you doubt it, and wakes you up. Just go along with it, and let it deepen.

Trance is just a state of increased receptivity. It’s an amplified version of something totally natural.

I checked the signs of trance, and I’m not getting any of them with the CDs Then you need personalized attention with a hypnosis session to learn to go into trance.
I’m getting the signs of light trance, but no matter how hard I try to go deeper, it doesn’t work

You’re trying too hard. Have you ever tried to force yourself to fall asleep, because you really needed to go to sleep right away? You probably realized it doesn’t work that way. That’s because willing is tensing.

The way to fall asleep is just to let it happen. That’s because accepting is relaxing. The harder you try, the less it happens. So don’t try. Just allow it to happen. You may want to get a session to help you learn to do that.

I’m definitely not going into trance. I’m conscious through the whole thing! Of course you were conscious. Everyone who goes into trance remains conscious. If you’re not conscious, it’s called “sleep”. Trance is just a different kind of consciousness, similar to daydreaming (light trance) or real dreaming (deep trance).
I wasn’t in trance, I remember everything!

People generally remember what happened during their trance. In fact, it’s normal to remember everything when you’ve been in light or medium trance. Amnesia only happens in deep trance, and even then not always. It’s like dreams. Some people remember them, some don’t, and most remember them hazily.

That’s because memories are associated with states of consciousness, so you need to go back to that state to remember it fully. The same thing is true with moods, which are slightly different states of wakefullness. When you’re upset with someone, you tend to remember all the unpleasant things they did, and when you’re happy with them, you tend to remember all the good things they did.

Similarly, when you’re awake, you remember the other things you did while awake, and when dreaming, you remember the other things you did while dreaming. But it’s harder to remember dreams while awake, and reality while dreaming.

I’m getting some signs of light trance, and I’ve tried to relax into it, but it’s not working. CDs are not the best way to learn trance. They’re less expensive than sessions, and they work for a lot of people, but not for everyone. CD1-Trance Training is specifically designed to help people learn trance, using multiple methods of induction. That usually does it for people. But if not, then sessions are the way to go. Usually, one session is sufficient.
I’ve tried some free hypnosis mp3s, and I’ve had hypnotists try to hypnotize me, and nothing works.

Were they amateurs, or professional hypnotists? Not all hypnotists are equally skilled. With a very receptive subject, very little skill is required to induce trance, and produce spectacular results.

Stage hypnotists have it easier, because they just pick the most receptive subjects, and send the rest back to the audience. Hypnotherapists have to get everyone into trance.

I’ve listened to the CDs, and I don’t have any difficulty resisting the suggestions.

You may notice the word “suggestion”. That’s all they are, suggestions. No matter how deep in trance you go, you always have the choice to accept or reject any suggestion. There are two things to note here:

1) With each suggestion you choose to accept, you go deeper into trance. Every time you reject a suggestion, you come a bit up out of trance. So if you choose to reject all the suggestions you hear, nothing will happen, and you’ll just be wasting your time.

2) Each state of consciousness gives you abilities and limitations. They’re just *different* abilities and limitations. So the deeper you go into trance, the more you can accept and successfully carry out unusual suggestions, such as hallucinating something.

I’ve listened to the CD, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a game that’s gonna last a few hours, it seems like it’s going to change my life forever, and I don’t want that, so I resist the suggestions. No matter how deep in trance you are, you can always accept or reject any given suggestion. Suggestions don’t work without consent. However, it’s ok to have limits. You can give conditional consent.You can decide to accept the suggestions, but just for the rest of the evening. Or decide to accept them, but just when you’re alone. That’s fine. Decide what your limits are before listening, and accept the suggestions on those terms.
The CD tells me I’m a woman, but I know I’m not, so I tend to snap out of it. No matter how hard I try, I can’t manage to believe it.

Don’t try to believe it. That’s pretty pointless. Rather, use the fastest trance induction in the world: “Let’s pretend…”.

As a kid, you did it, playing cow boys and indians, or playing superhero, or star wars, playing house or doctor.

If I tell you, let’s pretend you’re a cop, and I’m your partner on a stakeout,… you don’t say, “hey, I’m not a cop,” do you? You just pretend. You start thinking the way you imagine a cop does, and talking the way you think a cop does, acting that way, and even start feeling like a cop, more and more as you play the role. So it’s the same here. Just pretend.

I feel like I’m rebelling against everything we’ve accomplished. I did not do what the CD says. I can remember leaving trance when you talked about me needing to be feminized. I think that hit a sensitive cord. I don’t want want to become a woman, I just want the fantasy, so boom I came out of trance. If you don’t want to be feminized, that’s fine. Just think of those suggestions as something you will accept only for the time you’re in trance. For that time, you *do* want to be a woman. So accept it for then only, and go on so that you can experience being a woman, but only during trance sessions with Me, or the CDs.

by Mind Mistress


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