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  1. Linda Demissy June 20, 2017 at 8:34 pm

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    — Mind Mistress

  2. stephanie_cummings23 June 22, 2017 at 3:02 am

    Hi everyone! First off I want to say thank you so much to Mind Mistress Linda for taking time to trance with me and allowing me to have fun being in trance with her. I will say trances with her are the best thing I ever invested in and I want MORE!!

    First off, I came to this website over a year ago looking for erotic hypnosis involving hypnotism and feminization stories and captions. Never did I realize I could experience the real thing here. As like many I’ve read who have come here and ventured into the website, I read all the stories and captions of what Mistress Linda had to offer her potential slaves and enslaved girls. I still couldn’t really believe that this place was what it says as advertised in actually really transforming guys into girls by hypnosis, so I eventually checked into the chatroom. The chatroom was more active than I thought it would be and also full of very nice and quite friendly people. It mainly consisted of people with girl names, as I understood because people were mostly all girls and girls to be in there. I got to know some people and some hypnotists there who had been in the room for years which was beyond interesting that people were that into this website and as they claimed “addicted”.

    I eventually met a hypnotist, who was one of the top hypnotists in the chatroom, named Miss Selene. I challenged her that she couldn’t hypnotize me and make me into a girl. A challenge that I would eventually fail. Not only did I experience a girl body in trance a bit, but also received some incredible pleasure along with it. In doing so made me want to buy girl clothes. Something I had not worn since I was 18. Now I’m 24. Alas, after a short while of trancing and conversing with Miss Selene, she seemed to had disappeared from the chat, due to personal reasons I assumed to work. I missed trance so much I needed more and needed it to feel more real as I was addicted now too. This led me to contact Mind Mistress as she had such nice rapport with all her clientele on the website and in the chatroom.

    We set up trance session so I could learn her triggers and experience what it’s like to fall deep into trance with her. Before trance I was thinking in my head “did I really just waste $100”, but at the end it was beyond anything I had ever felt or experienced. It felt like I was in a dream but yet I was sort of awake. Sometimes I still can’t even tell. She played with me a bit, had me forget a number and even confused me to a point where I agreed I was a girl biologically and not a boy. I even forgot my own name. I would eventually want to experience 5 more trances at least because it was that good!!

    In trance 2 it was more about seeing the girl I would become. I had requested MM to help me experience fully of feeling and experiencing being a girl in trance, but I would want it that I could leave the feminization stuff in the past and be a male to focus on my music. Of course this now didn’t seem as likely after trance 2. Mistress Linda helped me see and drift into my girl body helping me need to be back in her and experience having my long black hair, big tits, moist pussy, and smooth sexy body all over again. At the end of the trance I was conditioned to crave being a girl again in trance and was conditioned to need to wear panties as often as I could. It was to a point I couldn’t stop wearing panties for 3 days.

    In trance 3 with Mistress Linda I experienced one of the most amazing things ever!! A female orgasm. It was the most intoxicating thing ever!! It hit me from my head to my toes and made me shake all over, it’s too addicting, even as I type this I’m craving a female orgasm again, cock too but I’ll get to that later. She made me suck cock also and get fucked in trance. I don’t remember how I got so into cock but combined with the website, Miss Selene and Mind Mistress’s wonderful words it got inserted in my head that I love it, and now I so do!! At the end I was conditioned to crave female orgasms, to be fucked and to suck and also more panties cravings too. And craved everything I did for a whole week.

    Trance 4 consisted of an adventure story, something I highly recommend anyone reading this to get into with Mistress as her adventure trances are the best. In this trance, I was put into a machine by a mad scientist in which she was testing an “experiment” to show the world that her machine works and that being a girl is better than being a man. If one were to revert back in the story, they would get a million dollars. So in the story I would become a girl through the machine as MM threw trigger after trigger to reinforce my transformation in trance back to the girl I had become in trance 2 and 3. I saw, felt and experienced my sexy wonderful female body even more real than ever before. I saw my long brown hair, big tits, and smooth body with my pussy again. This time I was dying to suck a cock again but before I could do that, I had to dress as a girl and get made up, which led to trances 5 and 6.

    In trance 5 I was in my girl body as Mistress guided me to a clothing store where I had to choose between the guy section and girl section. But as I tried to say guy, inside something said girl section. To which I needed and tried on panties, a bra, a skirt, blouse, pantyhose, and heels! After this trance I was conditioned to want all these clothing on so much more! Especially panties as I at this point couldn’t stop wearing panties. If I did, it wouldn’t be too long before they were on again.

    In trance 6, this really consisted more brainwashing as I felt so much of my will and old self let go. We drifted to a beauty salon where I had mindless shampoo and conditioner rinsed in my head and hair. I had my legs smooth from waxing and make up done from blush, to mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, and having my eyebrows arched. I also had my nails done as well. At the end of this trance I craved all of what was done to me, at the same time, was conditioned to be smooth always, and wear make up when I could.

    Unfortunately trances 7 and 8 didn’t happen until recently, due to myself getting a girlfriend who was not into me dressing up and did not know of any of this. Months went by as we eventually broke up for the better and I came back to MM. When I talked to MM I had not been girly in months, let alone dressed or shaved my legs.

    Eventually trance 7 happened except this time I had a wig along with my girl clothes, as I had purchased 1 two days before, and this time it was on Skype. Now for those who haven’t had a trance with Mistress on Skype, you don’t know what you’re missing!!! It’s her deluxe option for sure! Lol it was wonderful talking to her through my CPU instead of text like trances 1-6 and way more powerful.

    In trance 7, she reinforced everything I had done in trances 1-6 and eventually we continued the story to where I was made up and dressed to eventually meet some men who I sucked and fucked in a pool house. It was the most erotic thing ever taking in all those yummy sexy cocks for myself. And like a good girl as MM calls me I cleaned up every drop of yummy cum. At this point I was too addicted, as I am now, and forgot all about my plan of being male again in the story and now in life. At the end I was practicing my girl voice with MM as I admitted I needed to be more girly for her and myself. It’s too good being a girl and I could never ever think it is this good but it is. So much, pleasure, so much fun being sexy, and it’s so much more happiness. At the end I was conditioned to love cock more and to wear panties all the time along with doing my nails when I could and make up when I could. Also a special trigger, every time I put on my wig, I need to be stephanie more and more. There’s days where I almost can’t take my wig off. It’s so good to be a girl and be stephanie I can’t stop. And I live with family too so it’s a real struggle not getting caught.

    In trance 8 we wrapped up the story with me looking to be a cam girl in the story and getting sex and money as a girl for a living, as I am programmed to be by my wonderful Mind Mistress. Everything is reinforced and I need now bigger boobs and to be more girly all the time. It’s to a point now where I don’t want to be male anymore but I need boobs and want to be a girl 24/7. I recently threw out all my male underwear as requested by Mistress. I also threw out some male clothing as well. It’s becoming almost impossible to not dress everyday for at least 3 hours. I wish I could stay a girl all day, but that won’t be real until I move out of my current household predicament. I currently wear panties always and dress and practice my girl voice whenever I can. I still crave more trances with MM and want plenty more. Oh also, I plan to be a nice sexy slutty cam girl and pornstar with big tits. Thank you Mistress for all you have done with me, and continue to do, I can’t wait for more sessions.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Your slave girl,

    Stephanie Cummings xoxox

  3. britneycarroll27 October 30, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    God, where to start? Umm, well I’ve been a fan of mistress’s site for years and have purchased several of her CDs but never got up the courage to try her sessions. Scared I guess. I totally regret that now. I’ve had 3 sessions and mistress has been so understanding of my limits and has made me feel so comfortable…..and sexy and horny and feminine…lol. I’ve only had 3 sessions now and I’ve gone so deep and felt such amzing orgasms that I don’t want to stop. Thank you mistress!


    • stephanie_cummings23 November 14, 2017 at 4:10 am

      Oh Britney Carroll I sooo know the feeling girl! When I was 3 trances in with Mistress I couldn’t and didn’t want it all to stop. Wait until you get to 9 sessions. You’re gonna be begging for boobs of your own like I am. Hopefully my breast’s grow the time I too have my 10th session with wonderful Mind Mistress. <3 –
      Stephanie Cummings

      • britneycarroll27 November 26, 2017 at 12:01 pm

        OMG I know! I have like 2 weeks until my next session with mistress and I’m like counting down the days. Sooo far away. I actually read your story Stephanie and got sooo excited thinking about my journey. Can’t wait!!!

        Umm, this is a weird question, but I’d love to chat more. I have so many questions about my journey with mistress and I would love to chat with someone who understands me. Sorry if that comes off as weird, but I don’t have like anyone to talk to about this. Thanks!


        • stephanie_cummings23 December 2, 2017 at 6:21 am

          Hi Britney!! Wow 2 weeks? Omg that’s so long without Mistress I know. Sure thing go ahead and Yahoo message me, my yahoo is :). We can talk all about how lovely Mistress and what awaits you as a girl 🙂

          -Stephanie Cummings

          • britneycarroll27 December 3, 2017 at 10:23 pm

            Lol, well I’m not so good at math, so it was like only a week! Still though. Thanks for talking with me! I totally sent you a messsanger message. Hope your journey is going well!!!

  4. PennY_Lane December 26, 2017 at 1:04 am

    The trances of Mind Mistress are very special as you have found out. I enjoyed working with you in the chat room.

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